This graphic about the NFL in 2011 will blow your mind (again).

It’s like deja vu all over again.

Last year I posted a graphic similar to the one below. That was on November 23rd. It took about a month longer this season, but the same “any given Sunday” concept can now be represented in graphical form once again.


All credit for the graphic goes to Reddit user butterbuttz. It has 630 upvotes and counting as I type this.

Update: And just who is “butterbuttz” you may be wondering? He is Scott Hamilton of the blog Crabby Scott’s. Follow him on Twitter at @NYYSportsFan.

I would actually be curious to know if this concept has been applicable in every NFL season (other than 1972, of course). My guess is no, but I bet it does happen more often than it does not. I’m not about to take the time to figure it out, but if anyone has this knowledge offhand please comment below.

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  1. The Detroit Lions Lost every Game in 2008, so that year is out.

    • Yeah, and the Bucs when they went 0-14. I should have mentioned those too. I should have phrased the question this way: have there been any years in which no team went undefeated or winless where a graphic like this could NOT have been made?

  2. playinpossum says:

    Nice graph.

  3. I'd be surprised if it didn't work during any year without a undefeated or winless season with the current schedule format. Start with the teams with the fewest wins and losses and then with 12 games within the division and 16 games between pairs of divisions after you've done the teams with only 1 or 2 wins or losses there are enough games that there are many ways to connect most of the teams.

    Maybe there is a year where two 13-1 or two 1-13 teams in a division split their games but chances are it works for any year except the undefeated Dolphins and winless Bucs and Lions.

  4. Sorry, I'm the dummy. What the HECK does this thing show??

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