SNL: Tim Tebow Skit on Saturday Night Live Falls Flat

I’m sure Brandon will be around later to provide a recap of this week’s SNL, like he did last week, but I figured I’d kick off the festivities with the skit that many will be talking about and watching today.

Naturally, it involves Tim Tebow.

Watch the video below so you can form your own opinion, then I’ll break down my thoughts.


Tim Tebow SNL Skit

Frankly, I wasn’t a big fan, because for some reason I continue to expect more from SNL despite continued evidence in recent years that they are not capable of it anymore on a consistent basis.

Though some may have a general problem with the basic idea of the skit itself from a religious standpoint – especially having Jason Sudeikis portray a sarcastic, sports-loving Jesus – I take no issue with that aspect of it. As far as I’m concerned, anything and everything is fair game for humor or satire. I actually think that, when done right, ironic representations of religious or historical figures can be funny and even illustrative…but they need to be well done, and this one really wasn’t.

Sudeikis did what Sudekis does, and he did have a few clever lines. I think my biggest issue with the skit is the portrayal of Tebow, who Taran Killam portrays as basically a buffoon who acts around Jesus like a prepubescent girl might around Justin Beiber. I get that Tebow is very forthright with his religion, and I’ve read many an account of him “behind the scenes” that describes him as somewhat goofy and giggly, but he is also a well-rounded, composed young man who is far more deserving of respect and admiration than mockery or criticism. Even in a four minute skit there is ample time to give me a more 3-dimensional portrayal of Tebow than just a praying, cheesy-smiling, all-up-in-Jesus’ face caricature.

(That said, I did think the funniest line was when “Tebow” gets in “Jesus'” face and Sudeikis looks at him and says, “Leave a little room for the Holy Ghost.”)


Moreso than a rather flat and unimaginative portrayal of Tebow, I just thought the jokes themselves were a little flat. That’s really the most disappointing thing of all. I don’t know why, but I continue to give the show the benefit of the doubt and always think that this time it will be funny again. With a few exceptions, I continue to be disappointed.

Update: Thanks to friend of MSF @RevaFriedel for pointing out how awesome the Brady/Belichick jokes were. She’s right. Also, this sketch from last night – Christmas duets with Michael Buble – is very well done. Hang around for the end when the great Jay Pharoah makes an appearance as Kanye West.

However, I will grant that because we have published so much content about Tebow over the last month, I’ve probably read every point about him and seen every joke and criticism that it’s all starting to fall a bit flat. For non-sports fans who just know of “Tebow Mania” perhaps this all felt fresh. I’ll have to wait for someone with that perspective to comment, but I fully acknowledge that part of my reasoning for not really enjoying this skit is that it’s all been done/said before.

Also, I’m beginning to think that random, unexpected shots of Andy Samberg are a guaranteed way to make me laugh. When it cuts to Samberg as Matt Prater after “Jesus” gives him credit for the Broncos’ wins, I couldn’t help it. And then I was disappointed when he didn’t pick up his helmet and throw it on the ground.

What did you think of the skit? Comment below.

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  1. Well written, Jerod.

  2. I totally disagree! I thought it was hilarious and like you, I find SNL to be inconsistent.

  3. It's SNL for Christ's Sake, no pun intended. Do you Christisize.. er.. I mean crtiize every spoof they do, be it religin, politics, etc? Lighten up man!

  4. HILARIOUS! They got it PERFECT!

  5. Shelleyhannah says:

    This funny, but I love the one with Peyton Manning.

  6. a poor atempt to be funny by secular people who have no understanding of Christianty. Jesus say's in the skit; " Mormonisn is true." Not true. Mormonism is not Christian. Why was that inserted into the skit? Does someone at SNL have a adgenda? Mock Jesus all you want, He can take it. He was mocked, beaten, and crucified by pros and He loved every one of them and He loves the SNL gang too.

    • If you love God so much why are you on here and not reading the Bible

    • great comment Gary. Ignore the belo guys who don't know what they are talking about because they just don't know.

    • fenris ulf says:

      yeah lighten up gary and thats totally christian to take a mean spirited shot at mormons round x mas time

    • Uh-huh… So I guess that all people who aren't Christian are evil, huh? Stop being so serious about your religion. It's comedy, and everyone has a right to an opinion. You can't really mock anyone for trying to poke fun at Tebowmania. Nobody's making fun of Christianity, just Tebow. Some people need to stop looking at it as black-and-white.

    • Gary, I just wanted to inform you on something. I am LDS (Mormon) and I have been my whole life. Mormons are very much Christan. We are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We believe Christ is our Redeemer. Please just make sure you have the facts before stating something so niave.

      • Steven Hemmer says:

        Who is this Christ you speak of? I'm not trying to to be mean or anything, but your answer to that question (at least what I think your answer is) shows why the majority of the Christian community would not agree with you. I have always wondered – with such differing beliefs about who Jesus was (God and Man), the plan for salvation, and the inherent and complete Bible – why would a Mormon want to share a label with Christian? Our belief systems are really pretty different, arent they?

        • I'm not Mormon, but I took some religion courses in university and wrote a couple of papers about it. Feel free to correct me Kasey (or anyone else who knows more about this than I), but I'll take a stab at answering Steven's question. Mormons are undeniably Christian. Christ's name is in the title of their church for crying out loud! As for saying their Jesus is not the same as the Jesus of other Christians, I don't get where this idea would come from. Mormons believe in the Bible and as such all concepts of Jesus put forth in the Bible are accepted by Mormons. Perhaps you are confused by the fact that Mormons believe in other spiritual texts that have supposedly been written by prophets after the time of Christ. These writings might add on to the religion, but in no way do they replace or change the central tenants set out in the Bible. Maybe you're thinking of something along the lines of Judaism or Islam, where they acknowledge the existence of Christ but do not accept him as atoning for man's sins and acting as the redeemer of mankind?

    • gary, it pains me that you would shower your ignorance of Mormons so bluntly. If you knew anything about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, then you would know that they believe in the one true God and in his son Jesus Christ. As a fellow Christian, Tim Tebow is proving an excellent example of how any disciple of Christ should comport themselves.

    • Sorry that subtle humor isnt your strong point.

      They put that part in to play fun at Mitt Romney because Mormonism isnt true. Mormonism is about as true as Jesus running the Bronco's offense in the 4th qtr.

      Get off your soapbox and crack open that bible. You seem to need a few months of reading.

  7. Not really funny at all and the statement about Mormon's at the end…what in the world…come on SNL. I can do better than that mess.

  8. ulrike sweet says:

    I am sick!!!!!!!!!!of Tebow. I am sure God has better things to do than concern himself with Tebow. What an arrogant and UGLY throwback.I can't stand him. He ruins football for me. I bet his teamates hate him too.

    • Why do you hate him? Because he's a good person? Because he does and says kind things? Wow, what is this world coming to that they hate someone because they are "a good person" or "too nice". Shows how stupid you are and all the other haters. Guess it's just like how a lot of people hated Jesus when he did nothing but good for people too. I'd much rather live in a world full of people like Tebow than people who are full of hatred like yourself. And another thing I"m tired of is people constantly attacking Tebow for his faith. Not once, have I EVER seen or heard Tebow push his beliefs on anyone. He gets attacked for exercising his freedom of religion that we ALL have in this country. If you have a problem with someone being free, then you need to move to another country. Tebow is a very humble person and doesn't deserve all the negative press. He doesn't ask to be talked about on every channel. In fact, if you have ever watched and listened to Tebow, you would know that any time they try to make it all about him, he always says it was a team effort. I've NEVER heard him try to take glory or ask for the attention he's getting. Get a life and be thankful that young boys have a decent role model to look up to besides all these other role models who get arrested because they do dumb stuff.

    • Actually his teammates love him.

    • Actually, his teammates work harder with him and believe in him. Champ Bailey loves him- and he's been around for 12 years. Oh- and his teammates, who like him, actually know the guy, unlike any of you morons who "can't stand him."

  9. Very well done and so funny. Religious peeps need to lighter up a bit. After all, does Jesus really deserve all the thanks Teebo gives him for winning a football game. It's funny, deal with it.

    • I am a Christian who was looking forward to seeing what SNL had about Tim Tebow. I'm sure Jesus Christ is powerful enough that He can handle any sketch portraying Him. I just thought that SNL would come up with something more creative than what they had.

    • I didn't think it was funny enough; it seemed like a skit that one of my high school students would make up. And Jesus Christ is powerful enough that I'm sure He is not bothered by any skit portraying Him. His stated business is to love people.

  10. I didn't know the show was still on, last I saw the show was real bad, also whats the big deal w/ tebow, he's a pro q.b. the things he's doing is what he's supposed to do,every game he goes into the 4th 3-16 or 5of 18, this is by far the luckiest q.b. i've see in a long time!

  11. COME ON MAN. The author of the article either has a carrot up his bum, is living in the woods and never has been to NYC, or is devoid of any sense of humor. Jesus was great! The comment regarding Mormonism is not wrong because it is inclusive, and that is what the message is all about. Jokes cannot be a little flat. Perhaps Jerod and others need to remember that SNL is meant for those that smoke the herb, not dumb ass red necks who drink moon shine.

  12. i think people need to wake up and realize there is no god or after life…and quit lieing to yourselves….its all a hoax….religion

    • Kathy, I have to respectfully say you're wrong. God loves you so much.

      • Two points, if it wern't for death…there would be no religion. It's the lifeline of our ego to the other side. Even Tebow said god doesn't pick winners or losers, if there is one. Did you ever hear of the Christen Crusades? Some very bad stuff in Jesus's name.

    • Kathy,
      You need to wake up before you go to sleep permanently and realize that there is a God, a heaven, and a hell. When you die, your soul will go to either heaven or hell for all eternity. Based upon your comment, you are hell bound. Please read these scriptures from the Holy Bible: Luke 16:24-25 and John 3:16-17. God Bless you and I will keep you in my prayers.

    • Spud Koolzip says:

      This wonderful insight coming from someone who makes 8 (!) errors in a comment that barely spills into a second line.
      Help him, Lord, he's your child !

      • OrangePickle says:

        It's a blog, Spudder. That's how people type on these venues. Or is this your first time? Pointing out Kathy's punctuation only makes you look insecure, and it doesn't make her opinion any less valid!

      • OrangePickle says:

        BTW spud Kathy is a woman's name, yet you requested the Lord's help with (him).

        Your interjection is wrong on so many levels.

  13. i'm willing to bet that most of the cast of SNL is not secular – and mormonism is christianity. i'm starting to turn around on tebow as well (meaning that i'm starting to appreciate him as a person), but the fact remains that he's terrible at football, and he's in your face about religion. kurt warner was very religious as well, but he wasn't in everyone's face about it.

    the skit was funny……borderline very funny.

    • You are clueless if you think Tim Tebow is terrible at football. Are you a frickin' idiot or what? Two national championships and a Heisman Trophy. 7 wins in his first 9 games of a somewhat full season at QB in the NFL in the midst of all the doubters an naysayers in the media. He shut everyone with a brain up. But people like you that don't have a brain are just ignorant dumba_ _ _es.

  14. It's one thing to poke fun at someone's idiosyncrasies, but religion is another matter. Christians aren't going to "lighten up" when the secular world openly mocks their savior. People just don't realize how offensive these portrayals of Jesus are to Christians. How would you feel if the world mocked your beliefs? But most people just don't care because Christians don't typically get up in arms about it.

    • Thats the true irony!… Religous people mock my beliefs all he time… Creationism??!!!! Really? Darwin was wrong??? …. The Earths only 10,000 years old??? Us Scientific Athiests get a little miffed when our beliefs are mocked by Christians…

      We never asked christians to Explain Gravity… or why the grand canyon is the grand Canyon… We have been doing that on our own for Century's … But they just had to jump in and try to tell us why were wrong… Christians are Hypocrits.. plain and simple … oh the skit.. mildly funny… but ya its more about thta god and or jesus would have better things to do…


    • Shut_up_stupid says:

      Oh please. I've been dealing with people mocking MY beliefs all my life, and guess who they are? CHRISTIANS. And they DO get "up in arms" about it. They also have enslaved people of different races in the name of Jesus, and committed GENOCIDE of Jesus's people in his name! So grow up and shut up. Idiot.

    • How would I feel if the world mocked my beliefs? The world mocks beliefs every second of existence-by shoving the invisible man in the sky routine down everyone's throat. Thats why mocking religion and Tebow is perfectly tasteful. If you want to believe in fantasies, keep it to yourselves. As to your "Christians don't typically get up in arms about it" statement, Are you insane? Have you not heard or seen Christians starting fights and/or wars because of their faith? Keep watching Fox News bozo, so you can get the information needed to lead your life. One more thing, have you ever heard of the word dissonance? It's holding two opposing views at the same time. As in "Christians aren't going to lighten up…." and "Christians don't typically get up in arms…" Go back to the circus you clown and learn how to laugh or stick to your Alice and Wonderland world and STFU.

    • OrangePickle says:

      Christians mock science. They insult my intelligence. And they think I don't realize it.

  15. GIVEMEABREAK says:

    far more deserving of respect and admiration than mockery or criticism, give me break. He's a joke, he's being treated like one. Christ, some of you have no sense of humor. The whole point was about Jesus has MUCH better things to do than care about football games.

  16. 2012 is the end of the world, because that's when we finally find out that religion is just a hoax and that everything that they thought they believed in was a lie.

  17. Rick Gershman says:

    I largely agree with you, Jerod. This sketch was a little outside SNL's wheelhouse, and it felt like it. Sudeikis usually can make something out of nothing, and he succeeds occasionally here, but it was a bit underwritten and uneven. I was more bothered by Taran Killam's look than anything — he's skinny and round-faced, looking nothing like the hulking and square-jawed Tebow. (Heck, they should have had Sudeikis play Tebow, even if he's a bit too old.) I expect SNL's takes on real people to be broad caricatures — that's what makes them funny — but if Killam wasn't wearing the Tebow uniform, you'd never think that was supposed to be him. Couldn't the makeup department at least throw on a little neck beard scruff?

  18. polie olie says:

    horrible skit ,if they thought for one minute making fun of Jesus was funny think again it wasn't ,thats nothing to be played with. God have mercy on all who played a part and may they find and acept Jesus Christ as there lord and savior.

  19. FUNNY!


  21. johnjohn1979 says:

    Ok let me get this straight…Talking about Tebow, you said "but he is also a well-rounded, composed young man who is far more deserving of respect and admiration than mockery or criticism." Are you kidding? This is SNL and they have been making a Mockery of people and criticizing people for over 35 years! What makes Mr Tebow any diffferent than President Bush or President Carter or the Pope or Billy Graham or any other person of importance that the SNL crew has ridiculed over the past 35 years? You are delusional! You are drinking the Tebow kool aid! And what gets me is you are pissed because they made fun of Tebow, but you think it's funny when they make fun of Jesus and the Holy Ghost. Jerod I have totally lost faith in you as a reporter and have probably read my last article that you write.

  22. I thought this skit was hilarious. Tebow is a xtian moron like all those who think I deserve to be tortured for eternity for not believing the same unsupported claims that they do. Get a grip people, and live the one life you know you have to the fullest.

  23. shawn smith says:

    I didn't find it all that funny, I like Tebow And I love Jesus. I am a Christian I did kinda chuckle at " Leave room for the Holy Ghost " And I think mormans are not right, but thats another argument.
    What I did find interesting was in the skit Jesus says He wouldn't be with them against New England.
    New England 41 Denver 23
    Thanks to all for reading, I hope I offend no one because I love them and would hate to see anyone suffer an eternity of damnation, Shawn the Baptist

    • Spell Check says:

      I enjoy reading intelligent comments from intelligent people. However, this one does not qualify as intelligent. You can't even spell MORMON correctly.

      • Dear Spell Check, if one misspelled word is your deduction of intelligence, then I guess Christians aren't the only ones that are judgmental. No disrespect intended to you sir/ma'am.

  24. Would Tebow be wholesome if he were a Muslim like me? Screw Tebow!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

    • MuslimJo(k)e says:

      Hey Joe, No, a Muslim wouldn't be wholesome but everyone around him would likely be holesome. Screw Allah too. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

    • That's, a muslim like I, not "me". Man, you're an idiot!

      • OrangePickle says:

        Sike, You're a fag. Are you seriously making a better point by attempting to correct grammer. In this venacular "me" works just fine.

    • Spud Koolzip says:

      There's no such thing as a "wholesome" Muslim. They are murderous, violent, treacherous, totalitarian, women-abusing sub-human beasts bent on destroying our country, our culture, our values, and, indeed Western Civilization.
      Wake up people, people before it's too late! The only thing lower than a Muslim is a jew.!!!

  25. Not very well written, Jerod. First off, "Moreso" is not a word, and even if "moreso" were to be added to standard usage English tomorrow, "Moreso than" would still not be a gramatically correct beginning to any English sentence. I would think that "a proud graduate of Indiana University" who is also a "Managing Editor" would already know that without having to be told by a mechanical contractor. As for the SNL Tebow skit, I found it funny. Moreover, it seems you entirely missed the fact that the SNL writers called the New England/Denver matchup better than most of America's sports writers. That fact alone is almost as funny as the skit itself.

    • I appreciate the grammar lesson. I was actually unaware that "moreso" is not a word. But after your reading your comment and doing some cross-checking, you are correct. That said, your smugness is unnecessary. I wouldn't expect that from a "mechanical contractor" but I guess I was wrong.

      As to the skit, I didn't miss the point at all. I got it very well. I even acknowledge that others will likely find it funny and that there were funny parts. I just hoped for/expected more than the wooden characterization of Tebow and the same ideas I'd already seen elsewhere. This was probably a great skit for the majority of America, especially those who have spent less time reading about and writing about this than I have; I just still hold SNL in high esteem (for whatever reason) and especially enjoy when through the clever use of humor they give me a different perspective on a topic. This didn't, despite a few good jokes. Expectations too high? Again, probably yes. But I was simply unmoved by it, though I absolutely respect your opinion to have enjoyed it.

  26. To all of you Agnostics and/or Athiests posting here…you are the ones lying to yourselves. You keep telling yourself that we just evolved after billions of years from slimy tadpole that slithered up out of the mire to one day become man kind caple of love and all the other deep emotions that make up our humanity. The belief that there is no god is a religion in itself. You are truly kidding youself if you think all the systems that are around us from our bodies, (circulatory, nervous, digestive, immune) to those apart from humanity like the solar system, and laws such as gravity, relativity, mathematics just came about by chance. That is so mathematically improbale it takes a billion times more faith to belive that, than to believe in God.

    • clunderthoud says:

      Just goes to show you – if you can't explain it and don't feel like studying the courses necessary to understand it – God did it!

    • OrangePickle says:

      Why do you fundamental creationists insist that the existance of God precludes Evolution?

      Oh, that's right. The ENTIRE Bible is to be taken literally. Since the beginning of religion you fanatics have had to slowly bring your self up to speed with science and technology. And all along the way deface your own Bible. Making it look dumber and less significant with every charge against what man creates and learns.

      Just save your stupid remarks for your church.

    • Jesus never existed says:

      Hey Don Ho, at no point in your inane ramblings did you make one point on why anyone should believe in a god. You sheepishly believe in bronze age mythology without a single shred of evidence. Stephen Hawkings has proven that god doesn't exist. I'm inclined to believe an astrophysicist who happens to be the smartest man in the world, rather than a book that was written by multiple primitive minded snake oil salesmen preying on the ignorance of his fellow man. Keep telling yourself that you believe in jewish fairy tales. " Religion is the last refuge of a failed human being" – George Carlin.

      • And your quoting George Carlin, Please tell me how he can even be consider as an authority on anything but humor at best. The God I know is a loving God, He is the creator, he has come to save us from this world as the man Jesus, and then he left us with the Holy Spirit. It's Called the Trinity. As for Mr Hawkings, He may be one of the brighest minds in Astrophysicist. But that still does not prove there is no God. As for me and my household, I will Follow Jesus.

        • I say this to all bible thumpers.

          As an agnostic I do believe that their is a higher power but I also realize that it cant possibly be what we are taught as Christianity. Christianity is an offshoot of an offshoot, blah blah blah, of Judaism, which is basically the oldest Western monotheistic religion.

          But if there is a God figure and pearly gates I hope the creator has a sense of humor and forces me to watch the judgement of a few million of my fellow humans. I especially would like to witness the judgement of a few hundred Mormons, I think it will be funny to hear those conversations where God explains that the lost tribe of Jews werent American Indians…

          I also want to be there when most of our politicians, CEO's, and any other person who steals money in the name of business and then thinks a little prayer will absolve them of their sins…

          Yes I would really enjoy watching the hypocrites get dressed down by the Lord All Mighty!

        • I can't prove there are no Leprechauns and Unicorns either, so why worship them? I see no point in caring about a god that can't prove it's existence, either it doesn't care or it's not omnipotent, or very simply it doesn't exist to begin with like the Unicorn. Either way the idea that mankind KNOWS what happens after death is simply asinine. There is a reason Faith is called FAITH, because it's not KNOWLEDGE. And Stephen Hawking is a brilliant mind in general, not just in astrophysics.

      • Ignorant People Suck says:

        @Jesus never existed
        First, your name is laughable for the simple reason that even Stephen Hawking acknowledges that the man known as Jesus DID in fact, exist. That is generally accepted now by most intelligent people (so, I don't expect you to accept it). The debate is purely around whether or not His claims (i.e. He is the son of God) are true.
        Second, Stephen Hawking did not (and can not) "prove" that God doesn't exist. Much in the same way that nobody can "prove" the big bang theory or evolution theory.
        Your ignorance is palpable, and everyone that reads your post will waste just a little bit more of their life that they cannot get back. You suck.

        • Actually, the Big Bang Theory is proven and so is evolution. Pick up a science book once in awhile instead of your bible. It's just not a LAW yet. It takes a lot of evidence to become a scientific theory…which is why creationism is BS. There is simply no observable data to be had with it. But you are correct in that ignorant people suck, unfortunately your the one spouting ignorance.

          • Ignorant People Suck says:

            Really? It's been PROVEN? Holy hell, I must not have a television, or internet, or radio, or ability to reason because I missed that announcement. Which is weird, because you'd think that something of that magnitude would have gotten around at least via word-of-mouth.
            You're an idiot.
            Why do you think they are called "theory"? Used to be a theory that the earth was round. If you'll notice, we don't call it "the theory of a round earth" anymore BECAUSE it has been proven. You can't prove the big bang theory OR evolution. There's as much evidence supporting creationism as there is evolution… meaning NONE! You cannot answer these questions empirically on earth, so I'll just ask God when I see him.

          • Ignorant People Suck says:

            you probably still think that Al Gore was right about global warming, too, don't you.

          • Please provide scientific references and or links to show that Evolution has been proven (Natural selection or any theory). If it took over millions years fro Evolution to happen, how can it be proven or studied based on human life spans of 70-80 years. I would like to see this. Thanks by the way I am a Creationist/Christian. I will gladly discuss anything with anybody, short of name calling and condescending.

  27. Systems don't evolve. They are designed. If Earth were any closer to the Sun we'd burn up, if any further away we'd freeze. Evidences of a divine designer, a Creator are all around us and the Bible confirms just that. It also says no one will have an excuse to say "there is no God". So, to you fools that are hoping there is no God, you are pretending. If you are here today and gone tomorrow with no eternal future, then you should be living everyday as your last and just partying hard and groveling for all the money and power you can muster because you are running out of time. Good luck.

    • That just shows that you have to have a god hanging over you to be a good person. Carbon dating, the earth is not 5,000 years old. There were hundreds of gospels, four were picked by men to be the bible. Sounds a little bogus to me.

    • Microbio Mike says:

      Catholic Church burned Capernicus at the stake for saying Earth revolved around Sun, not universe revolving round earth like bible said. Science and facts change Bible thumpers views everyday. You say if its not literal than its just a metaphor. Try taking off your religious blinders and take up real intelligence and college level science courses if you can comprehend them. Look into 16s rRNA and oligonucleotides and carl woese 3 domain system if you would like some basic groundwork for comparative evolution.

      Yours truly, Microbiologist Mike

      • Then there are the things that Science cannot explain, even if Darwin were right why are we (humans still not evolving) what about the perfect axis of the Earth, the dark matter, or the dwarf galaxies. Science cant explain everything. In that same vein there is logical evidence on creationism as well. How many Christians have been killed for their faith i.e the Roman government and the Gladiator games. Evolutionary biologists assume, based on geologic interpretations, that there have been billions of years for this process to occur. But if long ages did not exist, the hypothesis cannot be true. Natural selection is faulty as well. This was learned i n 8th grade science.No disrespect Mike but nowhere in the bible does it say the sun revolves around the earth. If you quote the bible (for debate sake quote it right and Copernicus work was Hellenistic and he actually got recommendations by Pope Paul the III and Pope Clement VII. Any resource will tell you also Mike that Copernicus died with his last works in his hands. Just saying bro, he wasn't burned alive..See Mike you can still be educated and believe in a Power greater than yourself. Much love Mike.

        • You need to listen to yourself when you say humans aren't evolving. You are talking drivel that a man 100 years ago couldn't even begin to understand. The human mind is continually evolving thus we are not stuck in 1900. We evolve physically as well. Take the national football champion team from 1950 and put them up against a team from today. The players today are bigger, faster, have more endurance and are more talented than they have ever been. We live longer that at any other point in history and have it eaiser that our ancestors by far. Humans don't evolve? You can hide under your religion and ignore what is happening around you or you can wake up.

    • OrangePickle says:

      You are an idiot Don Ho bag. If the earth were further away like Mars, or closer like Venus, we'd never know and wouldn't have this conversation. How in the hell is our fortunate distance from the sun "evidence" of God.

      ps The bible doesn't "confirm" anything. It was written by contriving control mongers who wanted to brain wash morons like you. So give them your money and don't listen to any devil music and read some other books. Oh that's right, y'all devout types get it read to you. Never mind. Ignorance is bliss.

  28. Microbio Mike says:

    Whatever religion you are is just because of where you are born and what your parents are. Have some free thought and do investigating and usually science tends to have the best answers. Although the Church may not want you to acknowledge that. (Capernicus burned at stake for claiming heliocentric orbit). Take some college level science courses and have your mind opened to truths. 16rRNA oligonucleotide 3 domain theory for example. I find most people fall in the category of… If you cant explain it and don't feel like studying the necessary courses to understand it…then god did it.

    yours truly,
    Microbiologist Mike

  29. That was the dumbest skit I have ever seen. I usually like SNL skits, but that was tasteless. As far as Atheist go I am a proud Christian, I have nothing but love for them, yes some horrible things have been done in the name of Jesus, (the crusades, inquisitions, Ku Klux Klan the lists go on). But like anything else what about the good done in His name. In every major disaster, like hurricane Katrina, it was the churches that stepped up to the plate when FEMA could not, the civil rights movements started in the churches in the South, and most charities are denomination based organizations. Nobody would complain about Mother Teresa "forcing " her views down the throats of lepers in Calcutta, or "evil" missionaries bringing food to starving children in Somalia and war torn countries. Tim Tebow may not be the greatest quarterback, we can agree on that but, if you had a choice on who your kid emulated what would you choose, an athlete arrested for drug possession, dog fighting or domestic violence or a man tha believes in doing something positive and trusting in a Power greater than himself.

    • OrangePickle says:

      You forget, dee116, that people don't need to be religious to be good people. In fact, all the people that credit there good deeds to their respective religions are poor examples of human beings to begin with. Should I feel that I'm not good because I'm not religious? Of course not. I already know that I'm a great person, and far more generous of a human being than my religious counter parts. Propably because the Bible is flooded with judgemental and hypocritical fables and fairytales.

      • OrangePickle says:

        So where would all the do gooders be if not for the invention of religion? That's right, Man created God you twit. Other players behavior does not vindicate Tebow's faith.

      • Mr. pickle you may know some hypocritical Christians, sorry you met them. But fact remains, which you still have not conceded is where do most charities originate? Please define good Mr. Pickle? The bible is also God's love letter to mankind, His love, a person who is in love with God loves people, see Mr. Pickle even if you are not "religious" we all believe in something. But here is the issue, Mr. Pickle what would you have your kids doing? The whole fact of your anger in response in calling me a "twit" tells me you are angry about something. TO be honest Mr. Pickle I hate "religion" as much as the next person, because religion in itself is contradictory and hypocritical. But faith and a relationship with God(Jesus) is different. Dont know if you have ever been in love before Mr. Pickle, but when you love somebody there is nothing you will not do for that person, being your wife, kids, or family. So a true genuine love for God and his creations are what drive a true Christian. SO Mr. Pickle I know we good go on and on for days on this subject, but it its what it is Tim Tebow has not hurt anyone in his praying on field and to me the skit was clueless, and there are a lot of Saturday night live skits I usually like.

    • reafirmingtouch says:

      That was one of the most perfect answers I have read. In high school I was asked to answer the question, "Why does God allow such horrible things to happen?" My answer, was more detailed, but had the same idea. Thanks for posting it. It is so amazing when facts can be pulled into an argument for the positive side.

  30. OrangePickle says:

    That skit is hilarious!!!! I'm a huge Broncos fan, and I think Tebow is great. But that skit hit the nail on the head when it comes to my feelings on his post game preachings.

  31. OrangePickle says:

    The skit was and is great. They should have had Mit Romney show up after the Mormon comment.

  32. Actually, I had no idea that SNL was still on!! I stopped watching that stupid, moronic, pathetic, show years ago! Now that I know that it is still on, I do have a great idea for a skit for them to do!! Have Barry Soretoro, William Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn,, all sitting around in a sixties-style living room discussing the virtues of communism. I mean, would that not be hillarious!! That would be soooooo much funnier than that Tebow skit!!

  33. MyThoughts says:

    I am a Christian and I thought it was very funny. You must be able to laugh at yourself occasionally. The funniest part: Jesus telling Tebow to read the playbook. Tebow responded that the Bible was his playbook. Jesus tries to explain that we must use our abilities (God-given talents) to help ourselves, not just to pray and expect a miracle. God gives us the ability to do things for ourselves. Giving Him a little thanks is a good thing. This skit could have been a little funnier (SNL has been on a downward spiral for a few years now), but this was a good skit, overall.

  34. I would be very careful about doing an skit about God, but I suppose it could be funny. This one simpl wasn`t. There was one of two good lines but most of it condidted of the same moronic material used over and over by the idiots at SNL. Beavis and Butthead have more artistic value.

    • I would be very careful about doing an skit about God, but I suppose it could be funny. This one simply wasn`t. There was one or two good lines but most of it contained f the same moronic material used over and over by the idiots at SNL. Beavis and Butthead have more artistic value.

      Please forgive typos in original

  35. Stupid americans! you,ve eaten and are satisfied and thats a recipe for forgetting your God who gave your forefathers a resting place from the great irish faming and as sourjourners from europe. hear this and understand that when the Lord God lifted the rod of assyria slightly against you in the person of osama bin laddin, you cried and started chanting in God we trust! so soon youve forgotten again and legalised homosexuality. your doom is at hand. A nation that refuses to honour GOD is doomed forever.

  36. Effu Jesus says:

    Invinsible dude in the sky watching 6 billion people 24 hours a day? GMAB. You Religious freaks need to wake up. Aint nobody gonna meet you at no pearly gates when you pop your clogs…you're going in a big wet cold hole in the ground like the rest of us.

    • Ignorant People Suck says:

      First, it's 7 billion… educate yourself before making statements.
      Second, of those 7 billion, about 98% of them believe in a higher power and close to 95% believe in some form or another of afterlife. But you… well, you must have figured out the truth all on your own. Good for you. Now you can publish the most popular book in human history and tell your own story, since the Bible is now obsolete. Thank you soooooo much.

  37. Once again, we see that the PC police still overlook satire that deals with the Christian individual and religion. SNL today sucks with it's attempt at comedy. I used to watch SNL in it's early days with skits such as Jane Pauley and Dan Aykroyd with his comment "Jane you ignorant slut", or with Chevy Chase and Richard Pryor in their skit called "Word Association", actually using the N word. Gilda Radner, Belushi and Eddie Murphy were gut busters. Try similar skits today with these themes and SNL would be run right off the "telly". It's amazing, even in music on the radio. They blip out Pink Floyd's (Money) shit on "bull shit", but allow "goddamn" on The Eagles Fast Lane song. So in my opinion, as long as it's PC to use the Christian individual and religion to mock fun at, everything else that I have stated is also fair game. Just waiting for a TV or radio station that has the "balls" to bring back real comedy like we had in the past. Oh, one last thing, please don't mock the Muslims – They will promise to "Kill You" in the name of Mohammed/Allah……………………….

  38. PleasantPerson says:

    I saw let all the skit s run, talk about T Tebow all you want, as long as people are talking about religion then it is all good!! Merry Christmas everyone!!

  39. Derek_Smart says:

    Gov Perry should be careful of what he wishes for… Perry asked to be more like Tebow in the last debate. The Lord works in mysterious ways :)

    God bless the Patriots, God bless Tom Brady … and most of all lord, we thank you for delivering our savior Bill Belichick from the grasp of those evil New York Jet’s and into the hands of the New England Patriots… Aw men :)

  40. it was fine until – "mormonism all true". that was offensive.

  41. Don't even have to watch it to comment about SNL. I've tried watching it all the way through about a half dozen times in the last couple of years. Every episode was similar in that there were three or four fairly strong ideas, implimented very poorly, like they decided "hey, thats a great idea", we'll write the rest later, and then never quite got around to coming up with anything but an ameturish sketch of the skit. They've done some really embarassing type things with the guest stars, which could have been very funny, but only resulted in a few uncomortable nevrous laughs from the audience. It's like they got rid of all the funny writers, or the talented writers are all too busy on their own projects and they're just mailing it in every week. Rant Out!

    • actually not a bad skit, far better than most that I've seen them put out lately. I'm Christian and I don't mind the way Jesus was protrayed, the Mormon thing was a little wierd, I guess a swipe at South Park or something. I like to think that God has a sense of humor, just look around. Peace out all my Muslim, Jewish, and Hindu brothers. Hope I didn't leave too many out. This is a bit like bit about praying to win the lottery and God responds, "meet me half way, buy a ticket"….


  43. Here is the thing people SNL was not making fun of Jesus or Religion they are putting Tebag on blast with his nonsense. If this skit offended anyone because of Religion why are you watching SNL in the first place.

  44. I saw the skit and it only had one funny…the leave room for the Holy Spirit part. They should of did one on the New York school that suspended the students for doing the Tebow. Now that was just Stupid and should be poked at. I'm a "Jesus Freak" and anytime there talk about religion or Jesus, just make people want to learn more and if willing turn to God for help. Even asking Him to provide help in your football team win! Remember, He wants to be your friend…to share those thoughts with HIM..God Bless and remember laughter is good medicine for the soul.
    Last words: I've always told my Pastor that God was a Patriots fan….can I get an…AMEN! : )

  45. This skit was funny! SNL is meant to poke fun at anything and everything not to make a mockery or call out an individual. SNL has been a staple in late night comedey for years for the fact that they have no boundaries. For every person that didn't find this skit funny or amusing there is someone else that did such as myself. Thats what makes SNL so great! Their audience reaches among ALL races, ALL religions, ALL who is America!

    • Your right, only if the Americans are Republicans, White, and/or Christians. Sure, they use to joke everyone, including Clinton. However, with one of the most inept Presidents since Jimmy Carter, nothing. Maybe someday SNL will come back, I hope so.

  46. I am an athiest, but have no problems with allowing anyone their faith and their right to observe it however they want. I do not have a problem with xmas decorations in public places, or god we trust on our money, those who do are just intollerent folks. I am not offended at those who thank the lord when they win. I do not have any problems with Tebowing, just look at baseball players doing the cross thing on their chest each at bat or before they pitch a ball. What I do have a problem is the way everyone attacks Tebow and will not stop talking about it.

    I thought the skit was funny, but IMO it makes more fun at those who keep saying he should take it down a notch than Tebow himself. Everyone needs to lighten up and respect others. People spend way too much time worry about what others are doing, and looking for something to complain about or bash. People who spend so much time being like that should just "get a life", becasue you spend too much time trying to live someone elses.

    • I used to think that way too. Let people believe in what they want and just leave me out of it. Then came the suicide bombs from muslims and the Norway massacre by christians and I'm sure some of those killed felt the same way I did. Now I know religion is dangerous and what people belive in matters so watch out.

  47. Aw come on people…
    It WAS funny. I don't think they were making fun of Jesus. The whole point is that they were making fun of all the Tebow hype
    It's just a laugh at the situation.
    I'm a Tebow fan, and I think he is genuine in his convictions, but there's nothing wrong with laughing at yourself and especially with the way the media has been all over every move he makes. I mean, it's such fodder for satire. You gotta expect that kinda thing once you step into the public spotlight.
    It made me laugh when they talked about Brady being God's nephew(cause man, that guy IS a beast, as well as a surgeon on the field)…and it was kind of a prophetic prediction about the game yesterday.
    I would say…lighten up.
    The intent wasn't to slam Christians or Jesus.

  48. How come SNL never has skits about Jews or Muslims?
    Because they will be off the air in a New York minute…thats why!

  49. I'm a die hard Broncos fan and I thought it was hilarious

  50. The Waco Kid says:

    I though it was very funny. It's satire folks – they're supposed to be caricatures, not true representations.

    The best lines were how Tom Brady must be God's nephew and Bill Belichick is a demon, so they're coming at you from both sides! That was funny, I don't care who you are!

    For those offended, lighten up. The real joke is that there are people who really think, with everything else going on in the world, that the Almighty cares about who wins a football game! You're probably the same folks who quit watching Blazing Saddles in the first five minutes and never got that Sheriff Bart was the hero!

    From what I've seen of young Mr. Tebow, he seems to have an excellent sense of humor. He most likely chuckled at it himself. And who are we to say Jesus wasn't amused?

  51. Unaffiliated says:

    "I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ."

    If Christians were indeed more like Christ in their actions, they'd be a heckuva lot more tolerant and understanding. Christians can be as intolerant as any other so-called religious group, and whether they know it or not, mock those whose beliefs don't follow their own.

    Good and kind people are good and kind regardless if they're Christian, Muslim, Buddhist or Atheist.

  52. Stsclardy says:

    John 3:16. Praise God! Tim gets it.

  53. Stephen Jones says:

    You’re an idiot. It would not be funny if they portrayed a “3 dimensional Tebow”. It’s SNL not A&E.

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