SNL Recap: Katy Perry and Robyn

I have always loved watching Saturday Night Live, and I thought it would be fun if I reviewed last night’s clips and told you what I thought of them.

(Hopefully this does not get lost in the shuffle on Sunday when MidwestSportsFans turn into MidwestTebowFans.  But I can’t blame anyone because I have as big of a Teboner as the next guy.)

Enough talk, lets get it started.

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This week singer Katy Perry was hosting and Robyn was the musical guest. I’ve embedded a few of the best skits below, but go here if you want to watch any of the others.

Warning: Spoiler Alerts!

Cold Opening: On The Record

SNL opened with former cast member Darrell Hammond doing his famous Donald Trump impression.  If you have not heard, Trump will moderate the next G.O.P debate, and has hinted that he might run as a independent.

The skit was mostly about Trump boasting on all the great things he has and how he is so much better than all the other Republican candidates.  Nothing really sticks out in this skit, and it does not help that I have watched Stewart and Colbert do Trump jokes all week.

Grade: C


Katy Perry came out wearing a Christmas sweater that looked just like a Christmas tree and opened with a bad joke on how she was dressed like the Christmas tree and that she was going to “fight that bitch.”

Later, she tells us that all the ideas for her costumes have come from people that she knew growing up.  Kristin Wiig dressed up just like Perry from “California Gurls”, Bill Hader was the guy from “Fireworks”, but may favorite was Andy Samburg as the girl from “Last Friday Night”.

All of them were trying to steal a kiss from Katy, and it looked like Wiig was going to get one, but they decided to save it for the after show. So close.

Grade: C+

J Pop America Fun Time Now

Taran Kilam and Vanessa Bayer play two Japan and amine loving fanatics, that don’t know as much about Japan as they think.  Okay bit, I don’t really care for the whole amine thing, but I loved Jason Sudeikis as their professor who constantly tries to correct their offensive ways.  Also, I liked how they thought Yao Ming was from Japan.

Grade: C+

The Apocalypse

A parody about the upcoming bomb “New Years Eve”.  I always love when SNL does celebrities impressions. The Back to the Future audition tapes come to mind. A few celebs that weren’t that funny were Christina Aguilera, Penny Marshall, and Cuba Gooding Jr., but I did enjoy Ashton Kutcher, Alan Alda, Kim Cattrall, and the Kid from Modern Family.  Solid parody, but I liked Funny or Die’s a little bit more.

Grade: B

Watch it:


When I first saw the Sweden 6 shot I was worried because I normally hate the foreign skits.  Kristen Wiig was playing wacky Swedish host and Katy Perry was playing herself.

Wiig’s character has a talent for finding video clips to teach her audience about the guest.  It looked like it was going to be bad until Perry told Wiig that she lost her luggage and they showed the exact clip of her talking with airport customer service about her lost luggage.  They went on to show a few more clever clips, including one that took place in the future where Kallie and Perry were laughing and having drinks that I liked.

Grade: B

Watch it:

Digital Short: Two Best Friends

Very up tempo song where Andy and Katy are two great pals who sing about some of their favorite things about the Holiday season.  They meet up with Matt Damon as a hobo and a crazy scientist, who I think was Val Kilmer.  To make a long story short, Andy and the the scientist make a time machine and a bunch of random historical figures show up.  Pretty weak Short, did not do much for me, but I did like Damon as a hobo.

Grade: C+

Doggy Duty

I really liked the original “Bunny Business” skit. This one had the same formula having a bunch of popular artist parodying their songs so they the have dog references.  They opened with the typical Randy Newman mumbling nonsense, but it started to get good when Andy Samburg dressed up as “that guy from the Spin Doctors.”  I also liked Clint Eastwood and Florence and the Machine.

Grade: B-

Weekend Update

STEFON!!!!!!!! Best Stefon in a long time.

Plenty of clever puns, awesome club names, Spud Webb, and Cosby Sweaters, what more can you ask for?  Alec Baldwin breaking the fourth wall as the airplane pilot was fun, and Wiig’s flirty character kinda sucked until she spread her legs for Seth Meyers.  Not to mention plenty of funny news headlines.

Best Weekend Update of the year.

Grade: A

A few clips:

Queen of England

Okay skit, I always enjoy anything that Fred Armisen and Bill Hader are in and they are both good in this one.  Katy Perry add some energy as Pippa Middleton, who had just as much sazzines as Fred and Bill did.  I also liked the William’s toupee joke.

Grade: C+

Politics Nation with Al Sharpton

I have never watched Al Sharpton show (My only news sources are SNL, Stewart, and Colbert. So what, sue me…) but apparently he isn’t the best host.  Getting guest names wrong, looking at the wrong camera, and saying random nonsense are some of his faults.  This skit could have been bad, and started off that way, but Kenan Thompson’s experience and talent turn made it come out pretty good.

Grade B-

Bad News Lovers

Yeah that title sucks, but I don’t know what to call this bit.  This is your typical late, late weird SNL skit that is either hit-or-miss.  Last week had Steve Buscemi telling us about his famous ornaments, which was insanely awesome.  I enjoyed this week’s too, where Bobby Moynihan and Katy Perry fall in love, but only all of it to ripped away because of tragic ending.

Grade: B-

Random Thoughts

  • Which one of Stefon’s clubs would you choose? I am going with Heyyyyyy!
  • Best line from Weekend Update, “New research suggest that humans have reached the limit of their mental evolution and will never be able to develop the super mind. ‘Yeaaaaaa’ says everyone who works at the E Network.”
  • I would go see “A Fish Called Kwanzaa” thanks Stefon.
  • Paul Brittain and Jay Pharoah were barely on this week.  Paul was great last week, but Jay has had trouble getting on.  Both are really funny and I would like to see more of them.
  • After watching promos for “Are You There Chelsea” a.k.a Whitney 2.0, I think I will kill Chelsea Handler if it would get Community back on the air. Especially after an amazing Christmas special episode. Uh, oh my Dark Passenger is setting in, Harry I need help!

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