Matt Forte Injury Update: Leaves Game With Knee Injury

Matt Forte and any underpaid star athlete’s biggest fear – sustaining a serious injury before securing a contract extension – may have, unfortunately, come true earlier today.

matt-forte-injury-updateImage credit: Brian Cassella/ Chicago Tribune

Forte left today’s game against the Chiefs with a knee injury. He has already been ruled out for the rest of the game. I just hope it is not something like an ACL tear, or anything else that will keep Forte out of action or inhibit his ability to get a new contract.

This would just be awful, awful news. Any serious injury to an athlete is terrible, but it would be most unfortunate in this case considering how hard Forte has played despite being one of the NFL’s most underpaid players. He’s spoken publicly about wanting a new contract, but he clearly has never taken his frustrations on the field with him.

I’ll post updates on Twitter when I hear more. Hopefully it turns out not to be as serious as feared.


Update: As you can expect, MSF’s #1 Bears fan Tyler Juranovich is not taking the news of a possible Forte ACL tear very well:

@JerodMorris Rotowire says it’s a torn ACL. Kill me. Wasn’t I just talking to you about how I hoped this wouldn’t happen?? Dumb me.

Indeed, we were just discussing this. I checked Rotowire and all they said is that it might be an ACL tear. We’ll have to wait to find out for sure. I sure hope not, because if anyone in the NFL deserves to avoid injury this year, it’s Forte.

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  1. From what I saw it looks more like a hyperextended knee injury which can be very painful. It appears his leg wasn't on the turf during impact but rather in the air. The defender does appear to contact the knee while Forte was in the air giving the more likely possibility of a bruise or a hyperextention. Don't worry Bears fans the injury's not that serious. When your knee gets jolted like that IT HURTS!

  2. This is a financial injury as much as it's a physical one. Currently making a mere $555k base salary in the final year of his rookie contract, Chicago will almost certainly be reluctant to throw the big sophomore contract his way now, with a long offseason of recovery ahead of him. It's safe to say at least one franchise will take the risk though – but the numbers will be reduced.

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