Image: Chicago Bears fan’s one-fingered salute at Lambeau

I have to say this: at least Chicago fans make their presence known at Lambeau Field, maybe even more so than at home at Soldier Field – which is about all you need to know about that remodeled-but-still maligned facility.

In particular, it seemed like a lot of people in Bears garb grabbed those sacred front row/end zone seats, which go for major $$$ on the major ticket sites, because of the likelihood of a Green Bay player landing there on a Lambeau Leap. You might notice Packers players after scores taking their time before finding what they know will be a friendly landing spot in Row 1.

Which led to the scene Sunday night after the first of two James Jones TD receptions. Jones kneels in the end zone before doing the obligatory leap, and notice NBC immediately cutting away from the shot. I WONDER WHY??



Stay Classy Chicago, and don’t let those soon to be doubled toll-fares kick you on the way out…

PHOTO CREDIT: Henry Stern, who had this up on YFrog in warp speed after it happened.



I did a double-take seeing this picture… LAWSON, THAT U AT THE GAME???



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  1. YEAH LAWSON! DAT U? Dork.

  2. ROFLPOOPTER says:

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  3. Ha ha! Nope it's not me Kurt! But I have to admit, that's a pretty awesome sign!

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