Fantasy Football Week 16 Start Em, Sit Em Advice, Player Projections, and Roster Q&A

If you’re reading this post right now, one of three things is happening:

One, you are in your league’s championship round and looking for some advice as you try to make the most important lineup decisions of the season. We congratulate you, and we’re here for you. Skip ahead and start soaking in the analysis as you go for your league’s equivalent of The Shiva.


Two, you are in your league’s semifinal round, which means that you play your championship in Week 17. We’re still happy to help you make lineup decisions, but just know that we vehemently disagree with how your league is setup and blame you personally for going along with it.

Or three, you are devastated after a bad beat in Week 15 and engaging in the masochistic act of still reading fantasy football analysis even though you have nothing left to play for. This is pathetic and you should should be ashamed of yourself. Get over it man (or woman). Still though, we feel your pain. We’ve been there. So we welcome your wandering eyes as well.

I suppose you could also be in some kind of keeper league that uses the consolation bracket to help determine next year’s draft order (something we do highly encourage as a great idea) or a league in which money is doled out for third place (a less great idea). Either way, we group you with the first set of folks who still need advice even in Week 16.

Okay, onto this week’s Start/Sit picks…for anyone and everyone who may have stumbled upon this post today.

Fantasy Football Week 16 Start em, Sit em QBs

Start Em QB – Matt Moore

Matt Moor-ino has been very solid the past seven games for which he’s been healthy, putting up at least 13 points in six of them. He’s not at all a high-profile name, but if you don’t have a top 12 QB, or Tim Tebow, I would look at giving Moore the nod in Week 16.

His best WR, Brandon Marshall, has been a TD-machine as of late, and they will also be playing the porous New England passing defense.

If you don’t have another option, look at Moore. You might even be able to pick him up off of the waiver wire.

Matt Moore fantasy football Week 16 projection: 285 passing yards, 2 TDs, 1 INT, 30 yards rushing

Other Start Em QBs:

  • Tim Tebow – On the road in Buffalo…depending on weather…he may RUSH for 100 yards…and throw in a few TDs as well.
  • Mike Vick and Tony Romo – Let’s just say, I don’t think there will be a lot of great defense in this game on Saturday.

Sit Em – Ryan Fitzpatrick

Hopefully, you got off of the Fitzpatrick bandwagon in week six…but he is still the #12 ranked fantasy QB and presents a LITTLE value from week to week based on matchups.

Not this week.

The Denver defense is incredibly over-rated (They are ranked 22nd overall, Tebow-haters. That’s a fact. Don’t try to argue against it.), but they have been much better against mediocre offenses. Fitzpatrick should have plenty of trouble against Denver’s speedy linebackers. Most of Buffalo’s offense has come on the ground lately, anyways…don’t expect that to change in week 16.

Ryan Fitzpatrick fantasy football Week 16 projection: 225 passing yards, 1 TD, 2 INTs

Other Sit Em QBs:

  • Andy Dalton – This is not your “beginning-of-the-year-Cardinals-secondary” (stats forthcoming).
  • Carson Palmer – We should all just sit him out of principle at this point, don’t you think?

Fantasy Football Week 16 Start em, Sit em QBs

Start Em RB – CJ Spiller

Spiller has had GREAT days two of the last three weeks, including his monstrous 28-point performance last week. If the weather is bad in Buffalo this weekend, look for Spiller to have another breakout.

On wet/slippery/cold fields, the offense ALWAYS has the advantage – especially shifty playmakers like CJ Spiller.

CJ Spiller fantasy football Week 16 projection: 75 rushing yards, 4 receptions, 50 yards receiving, 1 TD

Other Start Em RBs:

  • Kendall Hunter – Look for Hunter (who has looked absolutely AWESOME at times) to carry a little larger load down the stretch run of the season as Jim Harbaugh tries to keep Frank Gore fresh for the post-season.
  • DeAngelo Williams – Favorable matchup against Tampa Bay, and plus, doesn’t he seem to KILL everybody in the fantasy playoffs like every single year?

Sit Em RB – Marshawn Lynch

Man. What a tough one. I absolutely LOVE Beast Mode. He’s been an absolute fantasy stud the past several weeks. This brings us to the age-old quandary, “Do you play the stud, or do you sit him because of the matchup?”


98% of the time, I would say you should always play the stud. But this year’s San Francisco run defense is FAR from ordinary. Through 14 weeks games, they have not allowed one single rushing touchdown all year!

It’s possible you have NO other options at RB and are forced to start Lynch, but if you have 2 or 3 other guys you like, don’t hesitate to sit Lynch against one of the best run defenses ever – that’s not hyperbole.

Marshawn Lynch fantasy football Week 16 projection: 60 rushing yards, 3 receptions, 12 receiving yards, 0 TDs

Other Sit Em RBs:

  • Mike Tolbert – I think Mathews gets most of the touches this week.
  • Ryan Grant – The Bears’ defense is great, and they will keep Grant blocked in all day.

Fantasy Football Week 16 Start em, Sit em WRs

Start Em WR – Plaxico Burress

A complete hunch…but I think this is one of those weeks where he has like 4 catches for 28 yards…and TWO touchdowns.

He’s been pretty quiet lately, and the Giants will definitely be focusing on stopping the Jets’ running game. I think the Jets will counter by trying to give Sanchez some easier throws…and as bad as he is at times, Sanchez can throw that fade on the sideline very well. Look for Plax to get several looks in the red zone this week.

Plaxico Burress fantasy football Week 16 projection: 4 receptions, 28 yards, 2 TDs

Other Start Em WRs:

  • DeSean Jackson, Laurent Robinson, Miles Austin, Dez Bryant – Yes, I’m predicting at least 10 points for ALL of these WRs this week.
  • DeMariyus Thomas – He’s actually the #1 WR in fantasy over the last three weeks. Tebow loves him, and he should have another good day in Buffalo this week.
  • Victor Cruz – Read below.

Sit Em WR – Hakeem Nicks

Darrelle Revis is an awesome CB…but he’s slightly less awesome when he has to move inside and cover the slot WR. I expect Revis to stay outside and try to shut down the Giants’ deep threat this week. Victor Cruz will be the primary beneficiary as Eli will have to check down to him constantly.

Nicks MIGHT get free on one or two deep balls, but if he doesn’t (or if he drops them when perfectly thrown, like he did last week), he will be a fantasy disappointment in Week 16.

Hakeem Nicks fantasy football Week 16 projection: 4 receptions, 45 yards, 0 TDs

Other Sit Em WRs:

  • Brandon Lloyd – Against Pittsburgh AND he’s banged up AND the Rams have QB issues.
  • Reggie Wayne – I’m finally turning on him…he’s just nothing without Peyton Manning. It’s a good thing it took me sixteen weeks…

Fantasy Football Week 16 Start em, Sit em TEs

Start Em Tight End – Greg Olsen

Cam LOVES his tight ends in the red zone, and look for Olsen to be the recipient this week.

Greg Olsen fantasy football Week 16 projection: 3 receptions, 40 yards, 1 TD

Sit Em Tight End – Owen Daniels

The big fella is banged up, and I expect Houston to pull him as soon as they can tonight against the Colts. If they get up big, look for all of Houston’s studs to sit.

Owen Daniels fantasy football Week 16 projection: 2 receptions, 25 yards, 0 TDs

Fantasy Football Week 16 Start em, Sit em D/STs


This is my game-changing pick of the week.

Did you know that the Cardinals defense has been improving all year, and that in the last seven weeks, they have only allowed EIGHT touchdowns.

I’ll let you guess where that ranks, league-wide.

Anyway, they will be playing a good Cincinnati team, but a team whose offense is definitely not “lights out” by any means.

If you don’t have one of the top three defenses, go ahead and swoop up the Arizona defense…to the surprise of everyone. And then dominate them this week to win your league.

Sit Em Defense – Detroit

All flash, no substance…especially against a rejuvenated San Diego offense. I would stay away from BOTH defenses in this game.


Best of luck in Week 16 everyone! We’ll be here all week answering questions in the comment section, and we will have our weekly live chat on Saturday this week. We’ll see you then!

About Jon Washburn

Jon Washburn grew up in Indianapolis, IN and as such, is a diehard Pacers, Colts, and Cubs fans. When it comes to college, he cheers for Notre Dame football fan and Purdue basketball. Yes, this sounds shady, but since he grew up without cable, he learned to love Notre Dame - the only team on TV. Glenn "The Big Dog" Robinson was at Purdue when Jon was in his formative years, so he latched onto them as well. Did that make him a fair-weather fan at the time? Sure. Give him a break...he was 8...and he has stayed with those teams ever since. Currently, he lives in Charleston, SC with his wife who grew up in Cleveland. Although he is no longer physically in the Midwest, his heart will always be there. Jon goes by the name "Twitch" because he has Tourette's Syndrome. Hit him up on his twitter @jwtwitch.


  1. Hey guys, made it to the semi-finals playing aaron rodgers this week so i need all the help I can get.
    QB: Stafford or Ryan
    RB: pick 2- AP, Felix Jones, Ryan Mathews, Brandon Jacobs, or beanie wells
    Pick on TE: Winslow or Pettigrew. Olsen and Gresham are on Waivers
    pick 3 WRs: Mike Williams (TB), Larry Fitz, Roddy white, and Brandon Marshall

  2. Thurman Merman says:

    Jones and AP
    Fitz White Marshall
    if u are playing a reciever at flex i would go with Mathews instead

  3. RB; Beast Mode, Benson?
    WR/TE; Vernon Davis, Jeremy Maclin?
    D; SEA, DEN?

  4. Final week, final question. Really having a tough time with these picks… PPR league. Need 3 WR's from Nicks, Harvin, Robinson, A. Brown….also Tebow or Rivers?

    Thanks for your all insight throughout the season. Great site, great people and advice. Thanks again and Happy Holidays!

    • Oops and 1 more: Deangelo, Felix, or K. Bell? Thanks!

    • QB: Rivers, no question
      WR: Sit Harvin. That performance last week worries me. Tough to trust Minny's offense right now and Washington is playing well.

      And thanks for the kind words!

      Your other question: DAW. Love the matchup v TB.

  5. Jon,

    I'm in a standard league, and I need to start 3 RBs from Ray Rice, Chris Johnson, Michael Bush, and Reggie Bush (I could pick up Khalil Bell off waivers as CJ and Michael Bush are both listed as questionable).

    I need 2 WR from Miles Austin, LoRo, Gaffney, and Antonio Brown (I have Jennings and Andre Johnson out).

    Which defense do you play this week from San Fran, Pitt, or Cincy?

    Also, at this point would I be foolish to drop Andre Johnson or McFadden due to them unlikely coming back for the fantasy season? I could pick up Bell, as I mentioned above. Thanks bro!

    • RB: Rice, Bush, and Bush – CJ can rot on your bench for the final round. He's earned it.
      WR: Gaffney (love the matchup v Minny) and Austin
      D: PIT v STL
      Yes, drop AJ and McFadden…it's the final week!

  6. I need to fill 1 wr and 1 flex. Touchdown format league

    T. Smith




    D. Brown

    I could also drop one of these guys and pick up k.hunter off the waiver wire. What do u think?

  7. Thanks Jon! fantasy analysis from this site has for the most part steered me to make the right decision! I have made the finals despite Vick, CJ0k, losing jennings and having Titus Young as my WR2! lol now to the most important questions:

    1. CJ0k / Kahlil Bell / Jamie Harper / Pierre Thomas for RB/Flex. My other 2 RBs that I am starting are Ray Rice & CJ Spiller

    2. I have stuck with Titus Young since Jennings got injured and he seems ok. I also have Randall Cobb, but am leaning towards starting Young hoping the DET v SD game will be a high scoring affair! Your thoughts? My other WR is Miles Austin.

    3. I have Gronk & Gates. Should I be worried about Hernandez and sit Gronk or roll with him as I have done most of the season? or am I over thinking this?


    • Yes! Great to hear. And wow, you've overcome a lot. Do it one more week!

      1. CJ (have to) and Bell
      2. I would roll with Young. Should be a lot of points in that game
      3. You can't sit Gronk. Can't. You'd shoot yourself if he went off and you sat him during your championship week. Roll with him.

      • Thanks I am going to go with Bell over CJ as it is only 1 spot.

        Also Vick or Tebow? I had been sticking with Tebow since Vick got injured early in the season. wondering whether I should play him now that he is back and healthy?


        • I would not start Bell over CJ. Let's not get TOO carried away with Bell. He is still unproven and has a terrible QB. CJ has at least shown flashes of goodness this year. I'd play him.

          I'd be very tempted to go Vick. He has a 112 QB Rating and averages nearly two passing TDs per game against the Cowboys. Tebow and the Broncos worry me a bit on the road in a trad game.

  8. Hey Jerod/Jon… I have some really good options to play at RB. PPR league; with McCoy as RB1 who should I roll with at RB2 – Michael Bush, Mathews, Lynch, Felix Jones or Helu?

  9. Jerod, MADE THE FINALS. You did not dissapoint, I started the Seahawks and got a whopping 34 points! Beat the second seed by 54 points!!!! WOOT

    This week I am out gunned and looking for some advice.

    I have Rogers for QB, normaly a solid start and 20 odd points, however everyone is saying he will be benched, should I worry?

    I have AJ Green, V. Jackson, Gaffney, and Maclin as WR options, starting Green and Jackson fo sho, Flex?

    RB: Hillis, R. Mathews, K. Smith, K. Bell, and Lance Ball. I am starting Mathews and Smith, Flex?

    I also have Hernandez and B. Celek for TE… Hernandez was a no show, so Celek???

    Defense: Cini or Seahawks??

    Hook it up again brother, THANKS!!!!!!!!

    • Yes!!! Great to hear.

      DO NOT BENCH RODGERS. There, that was easy.

      WR: Green and VJax, I agree
      RB: Mathews and Smith seems reasonable to be, since the workload for the other two is unknown
      Flex: Maclin – yes, he's struggling, he has the most upside of your remaining guys
      TE: Hernandez was a no show? When? He dominated last week! I'd stick with Hernandez myself.
      D: Seahawks

      Good luck!

  10. QB: Tebow or Romo??
    RB: Rice, McGahee, Smith, Bradshaw (need 2)
    WR: Maclin, Green, Marshall, Heyward-Bey (need 3)
    TE: Finley
    K: Kasay
    D/ST: Cinci, Dallas, or Denver

    Thanks guys.

  11. thursdaynight says:

    i keep goin back and forth health concerns me aj green or demaryious thomas non ppr td league. I am in the championship game as a 4 seed.

    • Hmm. Very tough call. I think I'd play Green. Thomas has had three straight good games, but I trust the more polished Green and his QB a bit more than I trust Thomas and Tebow on the road in a potential trap game.

  12. Santa owes me a win says:

    Hi, so I asked Andy already and now I'll take your advice and compare answers…

    WR: Megatron, Harvin, S Moss (Crabtree on bench)
    RB: Benson, Helu (or McGahee, K Smith, Bradshaw???)
    TE: V Davis or Celek? Davis is hot/cold, Celek is a crapshoot…
    Cincy or Seattle? Why?
    And I don't usually think about Kickers because I normally roll with NO kicker, but I also have Cincy's who been getting nothing but FGs and it's a big week. Thoughts?
    Thanks a lot. Happy Holidays!

    • Your RB question is tough. I'd want McGahee on the field somehow because of his offense and the matchup. If you have a flex, make it him; if not, I'd sit Benson who I just generally distrust from a fantasy perspective (but really because I think Helu's upside is higher).

      As for TE, I'd play Celek simply because it's easier to trust Philly's passing game than SF's.

      On D, I'd want Seattle. They're hot, at home, and facing Alex Smith, who is still very conservative even if improved.

      Sure, go with NO's kicker. Don't overthink it.

  13. Hi fellas! I somehow made it to the semifinals despite losing most of my RB's for the year(F Jackson, d Murray
    and J Charles)

    I'm having trouble w/ my final flex spots. I need to start 2: B Lloyd/James Jones/T Gerhart/D Nelson/M Morris/S Morris

    Also Wash or Tenn D this week?

    Thanks again!!

    • Wow, congrats! That means you made some savvy moves throughout the season.

      I'd go with Sammy Morris since Felix is hurt and won't get a full load even if he plays; and then I'd go with Lloyd by default because he's the best of the rest despite a bad matchup.

      On D, roll with Tennessee against Blaine and the Jags.

  14. Hi guys, made it to the Championship round! WHOOP!

    Need some final lineup advice for the season :(

    QB – Romo or Cam (Leaning towards Cam)
    WR – Steve Smith(Car), B Marshall, Julio Jones, J Gaffney, and Nicks. – pick 3
    RB – Shonne Green, Roy Helu, Kevin Smith and Frank Gore – pick 2
    DEF – Seattle or Dallas

    These players are available for pick up:
    WR – S Moss(was), D Thomas(denver)
    RB- DeAngelo Williams, Jonathan Stewart, Kahlil Bell and LeGarrette Blount
    DEF- Washington, Arizona, Denver, Jacksonville or Minnesota

    Thanks for the advice in advance and Merry Christmas.

  15. Hi, I'm in the playoffs and looking for advice on best possible lineup: Need 1 QB, 2 RB, 2WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex, 1 K, 1 Defense.

    QB: Tebow or Romo
    RB: AP, Turner, Grant, Gerhart (Will AP get more than 10 carries???)
    WR: Calvin Johnson, Welker, Dez Bryant, Laurent Robinson
    TE: Hernandez
    FLEX: should I start Bryant, Robinson, or one of the RB's?
    Kicker: Nugent or Hanson?
    Defense: Denver or Cincinnati?

    • QB: Romo is hot, but his career numbers v Philly are not. I'd play Tebow.
      RB: AP and Turner
      WR: CK and Welker
      Flex: LRob has earned it, hasn't he?
      K Hanson
      D Cincy

      • In terms of defense, you suggested Cincy, but when someone else posed the same question about D, you suggested Denver. Is it because one isn't necessarily better than the other? Thanks!

        • They are close, but my final answer is Cincy. The more I think about Denver, the more worried I get about a trap game for them in Buffalo. Cincy plays Arizona and John Skelton, which isn't a very explosive offense. They seem much safer to me.

  16. Please, Give me your best educated guess.

    I need to play one of these in my PPR flex spot.

    Marshawn Lynch
    Jeremy Maclin
    Nate Washington
    Laurent Robinson

    • Hmm…Maclin is the most talented, but he just isn't producing. LRob, despite his injury, is. I couldn't sit him in the title round. See if he can do it for one more week.

  17. krazyjhawk says:

    Good morning guys!

    Huge must have win last week. Lets do it again. Tell me what you think.

    QB- Stafford
    WR- Megatron, Mike Wallace, Laurent Robinson
    RB- Mendenhall, Reggie Bush
    TE- Aaron Hernandez
    DEF- Green Bay

    On my bench I have
    QB- Romo, Matt Ryan
    RB- Marshawn Lynch
    WR- Malcom Floyd, Reggie Wayne (who lit it up last night), Early Doucet, and Santana Moss
    DEF- Denver

    The Stafford or Romo question is every week, but Ryan is playing very well. Mendenhall has a great matchup but under performs and I really hate to pull Lynch but San Francisco is scary. Also, do you think I should plug in Floyd for wallace or Robinson? His matchup is very very appealing

    • You have three great options at QB. I'd sit Romo for this reason: in 9 games v Philly he has only 11 TD passes and 11 INTs. And since Ryan is away from home, that knocks him down a peg. SO go with Stafford.

      I like Floyd's matchup too, and he's been great 3 out of the last four games. With PIT's murky QB situation, and STL's awful run D, I could see the Steelers not throwing as much. Thus, I'd roll with Floyd over Wallace if you're feeling bold. It's not a surefire move, but I like Floyd's upside in what should be a shootout in Detroit.

  18. Hey guys – thanks for the help, it is much appreciated. Need some advice this week, need all the help I can get.

    QB – Brady
    WR – Vincent Jackson, Steve Smith, Demaryius Thomas
    RB – AP, Ryan Mathews
    TE – Hernandez
    Flex – Beanie Wells
    DEF – Tennessee

    WR: Bowe, Darrius Hayward-Bey
    RB: Deangelo WIlliams
    DEF: Eagles, Cardinals

    Do you think I should put Deangelo in my flex spot instead of Beanie? Also, for my Def – I read the post about the Cardinals, do you think I should play them over the Eagles and/or Tennessee?

    Anyways, take a look at my line up – I need my optimal line up to play this week to win. Thanks! You guys are seriously awesome!

    • Yes, I like DeAngelo over Beanie because of matchup; DAW gets to face TB's run D. And yes, I like Arizona over the Eagles and Titans on D. Otherwise, I like your choices.

  19. At RB I need to pick 2-Spiller, felix jones, and Frank Gore (sitting Lynch-rough)_At WR I need to pick 1-Vincent Jackson or Marques Colston (This one is killing me)-Colston has been producing as of late over Jackson.__Thanks as always.

    • Considering Felix's injury situation, I'd sit him. Gore and Spiller seem like fairly safe bets to be productive this week.

      At WR, here is how I make the decision: do you need the higher upside or the guaranteed production? Colston is far more consistent, but VJax has big time potential in what should be a shootout against Detroit. In most cases, I'm going with Colston, but if your opponent is just stacked then I might consider VJax.

      • That is exactly what I was thinking with Colston, he is definitly more consistant and gets an average of two more catches a game than Jackson, and Jackson is either beast or bust. Colston is already in my lineup and I think that is where he will stay. Thanks.

        As for RB, Spiller at this point is a lock for me, but Gore does kinda scares me because of how he performed the last time he played seatle. But then Felix seems to be frail and not a lock on carries, though call here.

  20. mavrick11000 says:

    Championship game and huge underdog. Pretty standard point league.. 1 for 40 at QB and 1 for 10 WR & RB – 6 for TD's
    Looking for a call on the following…
    QB – Flacco, Palmer or Moore (need 1) Have been sticking with Flacco all year
    WR – Cruz, Burress, Gaffney, D. Thomas, (need 2)
    RB – Is B. Jacobs even an option for a flex or bench him? It's jacobs or another one of the WR above.

    Thanks in advance!!! I'm going for my 5th title in 12 years and squeeked in to this championship due to injuries

  21. John Mostacci says:

    Morning Guys:
    I have 4 teams in the finals: I need some help. All STD:

    1A) Playing Foster and need 1 RB (Lynch, R. Bush, Benson, Spiller, Blount, K. Smith)
    1B) Colston, L ROB, Moss and S Johnson (with De Thomas on Wire) Need 3
    2) Playing Mendy & Mathews **Need Flex and 2 WRS **out of:
    K. Smith, Bell, Bryant, Marshall, Colston, De Thomas)
    3A) Hillis, Tolbert or Bell Need 1
    3B) Green, Colston, or S. Smith need 2
    4A) Need 3 ((A Peterson, Turner, R. Bush, Blount, Helu))
    4B) This one drives me crazy each week Need 2 unless I only play two RBs
    **(J. Nelson, CRUZ, Colston, Marshall, L. ROB and Julio Jones)
    Thanks for the the good advice this season.
    Have a Merry Christmas and I wish you a safe and happy New Year.

    • Wow…4 teams! That's great. I think we should all be asking YOU for help.

      1a) Reggie Bush…have too…best combo of consistency, upside, and matchups
      1b) Colston, LRob, S Moss

      2) Marshall, Colston, Dez

      3a) Tolbert – there will be a lot of scoring in that game, and he's scored in 3 straight weeks
      3B) Smith and Colston

      4a) Peterson, Turner, Bush
      4b) Wow…so many options. I'd go with Colston and Jones – great combination of upside, health, consistency, matchup .

  22. First and foremost thank you for all your help this year! I am now competing for the championship and am hoping for some advise so I can take down Drew Brees and Ray Rice and claim the crown for my own.

    I play in a PPR league and am pretty confident with my QB and WR picks its RB, TE and Flex that I'd like some reassurance.

    2 RB SJax, Beanie, Bradshaw, Grant and Kahlil Bell
    1 TE Witten, Hernandez
    1 Flex Any of the Above

    I'm currently starting SJax and Beanie with Witten at TE and Hernandez at my flex. I'm wondering if perhaps I should start Kahlil Bell at flex or instead of of one of my RBs? If I start him at flex do I consider playing Hernandez over Witten, he's been putting up more points the last couple of weeks?

    Thanks for your help and have a wonderful holiday.

    • Congrats Susan! We're happy to help.

      RB: SJax and Bradshaw
      TE: Hernandez has more upside, so I'd play him
      Flex: Beanie – I don't love him, but he does score TDs.

      I like Bradshaw because he ran well last week and is clearly better than Jacobs. In a must-win game, he'll get touches I believe.

  23. Couple of toss ups.

    QB- M. Ryan or M. Stafford
    WR- 2 from Nicks, T.Smith (Bal) and D. Thomas (Den)
    RB- P.Thomas or B. Green-Ellis

  24. Hello guys,

    I need one last bit of advice for the Championship. Thanks for everything you've helped me with this year.

    I don't know who to put in FLEX. 1 spot open out of…Helu, Felix Jones, Antonio Gates, AJ Green, Nicks.
    Please help.

    Also my starting WRs are Marshall, and Steve Smith (CAR). Would you start Green or Nicks over either of them?

    Thanks again,

  25. Hey Jerod, I need advice!

    Playing 3 WRs and I’m in a tough spot ’cause Jennings went down. Welker is an obvious start, but for the other two sp

  26. I am in the final playoffs were you play the same team for two weeks, this is week one. non ppr league

    Here are my choices:

    QB – Stafford/Vick
    RB – Gore, R. Mathews, Helu, Hillis
    WR – L. Robinson, M. Austin, Harvin, A. Brown
    Def – Chicago or Broncos
    TE – Gronkowski

    Need to play 2 RBs, 2WRs and 1 Flex.

    Options for pick – up Malcolm Floyd, Titans defense

    What kind of configuration would you go with – I want people that would get sure points (and it would not hurt if it were a lot of them).

    Thanks!! Appreciate any thoughts you have.

    • QB: Stafford
      RB: Gore and Mathews
      WR: LRob and Austin (yep, both Cowboys WRs) – if you want the bigger upside though, roll Harvin in there. Just beware that he was totally shut down last week.
      D: Broncos
      TE: Gronk

  27. Hey Jerod, I need advice!

    Playing in a 3 WR league and I’m in a tough spot ’cause Jennings went down. Welker is an obvious start for me, but for the other two spots I have:

    Plaxico, A. Brown, Demaryius Thomas, Mario Manningham

    I’m thinkin Plax and Demaryius. Thoughts?

  28. Finals!!!

    I picked up Bell because I have Marshawn Lynch. Should I start Bell over the beast now that it looks like Barber will be out for Sunday's game?

    Also, I thought about starting Tebow over Rodgers last week and he got 4 more points than Rodgers. Who should I go with this week?


    • I wouldn't do it. I'd still play Lynch. It's not a slam dunk, but I trust him more than the still-unproven Bell who has a terrible QB playing for him.

      I would NOT start Tebow over Rodgers. You can't sit ARodg for your championship, especially with the Packers sure to be refocused after their first loss.

  29. Brady Brady says:

    Ok…so I won my 1st playoff by 90 points. It was unbelievable! !!

    I already Jon’s opinion, really wanna see what you think.

    My team

    QB: Brady

    RBs: Steven Jackson, Lynch,

    3WRs or 2WRs:1TE -: Roddy White, Stevie Johnson, Demariyus Thomas

    DST : Seattle

    Bench: Kahlil Bell,Antonio Brown, Nate Burleson , Doug Baldwin, Washington DST , Tebow

    Do u think i should stick with the same team?

    Is Brent Celek worth picking up for my team?

    Which 3 wide receivers would you play? (Maybe include Celek? )

    My RBs have very tough match ups, What do u think?

    Do you trust Washington Dst over Seattle?

    Thanks for all your help this season

    • Congrats Brady Brady!

      The big question for me with your lineup is Bell. He is starting for the Bears and has a decent matchup v GB, whereas both SJax and Marshawn have tough matchups (PIT, SF). Do you trust the unproven Bell? … Tough. I wouldn't do it. SJax and Lynch are proven studs. I'd stick with them over the unproven guy with the seemingly good matchup. I would stick with your WRs over Brown because of the absence of Big Ben. Celek is okay, but he wouldn't start over your other guys.

      Washington faces Minnesota…but Seattle's D has been playing better. I actually trust Seattle's D more because Minnesota, for all their problems, has Peterson and Harvin who can explode at any time.

  30. John Mostacci says:

    Thanks Jerod
    Have a Merry Christmas and a Great New Year
    Stay Safe
    See you next week.


  31. In the title game this year mostly thanks to all y'all's help! Don't want to stop what's been successful so far. Needing some serious help this week.

    QB: Ryan, Newton, or Stafford. All 3 have killer matchups, but which guy absolutely blows up this week?
    Flex: Beanie Wells, Kahlil Bell, Laurent Robinson, or BenJarvus Green-Ellis
    TE: Hernandez or Gates

    Thanks for all of the help so far this year! Y'all rock!

    • Great hear!

      QB: Newton – I love the matchup at home v TB; Newton should go off
      Flex: Beanie – he scores TDs, even with his yardage totals are unimpressive
      TE: Hernandez

      Good luck!

  32. Carlton Webster says:

    Oh Man,
    I started Eli over Stafford, Gresham over VD, and watched my championship hopes get crushed by Mike Wallace chase around balls from Big Ben playing like a peg-legged pirate. I can still get 3rd place, so lets salvage this beast. 1 qb, 2 rb, 2wr 1 flex, 1 te – no negative points for turnovers. As always, thanks for the advice. I'm playing against A Foster, so I need to go for upside.

    QB – Stafford or Eli (I know which way I'm leaning on this one)
    RB – Rice, R Bush, K Bell
    WR – B Marshall, M Wallace, L Robinson, N Burleson, James Jones
    TE – VD or Gresham
    D – Titans or Arizona

    • Well damn Carlton. For what it's worth, I'd have made those choices too. No one could have seen that stinker coming from Eli. He screwed over a lot of people…including me, since I have him as a starter in almost all of my leagues!

      QB: Stafford, because to hell with Eli!
      RB: Rice, Bush
      WR: Marshall, LRob
      Flex: Wallace
      TE: Gresham (I just don't trust Davis, and Seattle has a very good defense)
      D: Arizona

  33. What's up gentlemen?

    PPR League Start 2: SJAX, Mendenhall, Felix Jones, Kahlil Bell, Jacobs, Pierre Thomas

    • Mendy for sure – because St. Louis sucks. Then I'd go with Steven Jackson. He'll get plenty of touches and can still be productive. I don't trust Jones' health, Jacobs' carries, Thomas' touches, or Bell's QB. So SJax wins by default.

  34. I think you are dead wrong on Beast Mode. I am telling you right now he goes for 150+ and two scores. The dudes that play beast mode win the title.

    And anyone considering sitting Stafford at home is crazy. Dude has too many weapons and is a winner. Look for four more TDs from the kid.

    • You could be right on Lynch, but realize that he had 33 yards on 13 carries the last time he played SF, the 49ers have given up ZERO rushing TDs this year and just over 70 yards per game, and Lynch has been racking up his numbers against subpar run defenses. So while he COULD have a big day, the odds are against it, and all you can do before the games start is use logic, trends, and your gut to guess what is most likely to happen. I think the safe money is on expecting a tough day for Lynch. But for those owners who do play him, I hope they get lucky and he does what no other back has done this year.

      And I agree. Stafford needs to be in lineups this week.

  35. Alright Jerod, I need you to help pull me through in the championship (standard league).


    QB: Stafford

    RB: R. Bush, Mendenhall

    WR: Colston, AJ Green, B. Marshall

    TE: Graham

    DEF: Ravens

    On the Bench I have:

    QB: Matty Ice


    WR: Mike Wallace, Crabtree

    TE: Tony G

    DEF: Titans

    Any suggested changes? I’m concerned about Green’s shoulder and considered starting Wallace, but then the whole change in qb also worries me, and I think they will run the ball a lot.

    • I've got your back Thomas.

      QB: I like Stafford. Should be a shootout in Detroit and Ryan is never a safe pick when not at home.
      RB: Bush and Mendy – easy choices and you made them
      WR: Colston, Marshall, and Green – Big Ben's absence tips it in favor of Green over Wallace
      TE: Graham
      D: Ravens

      So, in short, I agree with all your picks! Good luck.

  36. One question before it all starts today… Pick one for my FLEX in a std. scoring league. Blount, Spiller, Bryant.

    Thanks in advance!

    • I can't believe I"m saying this but…I actually trust Spiller more than Blount and Bryant right now. I'd play him. He should get the most touches and is explosive.

  37. Jim Stewart says:

    Would you start Laurent Robinson or Jeremy Maclin?

  38. OK. Today is the decider if I win our championship or not and I could use some advice. Do I start Kalil Bell or Pierre Thomas? Thanks in advance!

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