Chicago Bears WR Sam Hurd Arrested on Drug Charges, Allegedly Dealt to NFL Players

As if injuries to Jay Cutler and Matt Forte, losing three straight games after winning five straight, and watching the playoff hopes of the Chicago Bears become more and more distant with each passing week wasn’t enough…news just broke that Bears’ receiver Sam Hurd was arrested on drug charges.

This isn’t the “caught with a a gram or two of marijuana” drug arrest. This is a HUGE drug arrest (details here), one that not only includes marijuana but cocaine and LARGE amounts of both. Like $575,000 worth of cocaine. It’s become clear that playing in the NFL was secondary to Hurd, and it it will likely cost him and the league big time.

As a Bears fan this is just disgusting to me. It feels like a kick in the groin while my back is turned and I am on the ground. We’ve got enough to feel bad about already with the way the season is going. This only makes things worse. It adds a bad stench to the franchise – we are now responsible for signing and employing a drug dealer!

I never did understand why these athletes, who make A LOT more than normal Americans even if they receive the minimum wage in the NFL, decide to throw their life and talent away by trading in their cleats to make a pretty penny illegally. Greed and selfishness only gets you so far before the middle-plate holding you up is shot down.

Is hundred of thousands of dollars really worth what I am guessing is going to be a good amount of time in jail?

With news breaking that police have a list of names “in the double digits” of other NFL players Hurd was selling to, I assume more players are going to go down with Hurd and turn this into a big PR problem for the NFL. Whatever way you look at it, this is not going to end well for either party.

As for the Bears, the team is going to have to put this behind them in whatever way they can. The best way would be to go out against Seattle this Sunday and prove that this team still has some fire left inside and win a must-win game.

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  1. Midwest Sports Geek says:

    Can't wait to see his "customer" list.

  2. This info is priceless. Where can I find out more?


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