Viewer’s Guide: NFL Week 12 TV Schedule, Announcers, and Coverage Maps

As you wake up this morning, likely bloated from leftovers and lamenting tomorrow’s impending workday, don’t forget that after 72 straight hours of football that there is still one more day filled with pigskin on this Thanksgiving weekend.

Here is our weekly breakdown of the TV schedule and announcer assignments.

nfl-week-12-tv-schedule-announcersAs many have said, there aren’t too many games to get excited about today.

The Eagles and Patriots could play an entertaining game, but Philly’s awful performance through ten games has significantly lessened the importance of this matchup.

Any time Tim Tebow is playing it’s compelling, and this week he leads the Broncos against San Diego in an important AFC West battle. Both teams this game badly if they want to keep pace with Oakland, who gets to face a Jay Cuter-less Bears team.

Other games that could be interesting: Texans-Jaguars (the return of Leinart!); Saints-Giants on Monday night; and, of course, Carolina at Indy as the Colts try to get their first win of the year.

A couple of quick things to keep in mind:

  • No teams are on bye!
  • All announcer info courtesy of, where they have all the Week 12 coverage maps laid out nicely for you.
  • All times are ET.
  • All spread info as of Tuesday. If you want updated point spread info, or some expert advice as you make your weekly picks, below are a few helpful links.

Now here is the Week 12 TV schedule and announcer assignments for the latest slate of NFL games.

NFL Week 12 Viewer’s Guide – Thanksgiving Week

TV Schedule – Announcer Assignments – Coverage Maps


Minnesota Vikings at Atlanta Falcons

  • Vikings-Falcons Date: Sunday, November 27th
  • Vikings-Falcons Time: 1:00 ET
  • Vikings-Falcons TV: FOX
  • Vikings-Falcons Announcers: Thom Brennaman and Brian Billick

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Tennessee Titans

  • Buccaneers-Titans Date: Sunday, November 27th
  • Buccaneers-Titans Time: 1:00 ET
  • Buccaneers-Titans TV: FOX
  • Buccaneers-Titans Announcers: Dick Stockton and John Lynch

Arizona Cardinals at St. Louis Rams

  • Cardinals-Rams Date: Sunday, November 27th
  • Cardinals-Rams Time: 1:00 ET
  • Cardinals-Rams TV: FOX
  • Cardinals-Rams Announcers: Sam Rosen and Chad Pennington

Carolina Panthers at Indianapolis Colts

  • Panthers-Colts Date: Sunday, November 27th
  • Panthers-Colts Time: 1:00 ET
  • Panthers-Colts TV: FOX
  • Panthers-Colts Announcers: Chris Myers and Tim Ryan

Cleveland Browns at Cincinnati Bengals

  • Browns-Bengals Date: Sunday, November 27th
  • Browns-Bengals Time: 1:00 ET
  • Browns-Bengals TV: CBS
  • Browns-Bengals Announcers: Bill Macatee and Steve Tasker

Houston Texans at Jacksonville Jaguars

  • Texans-Jaguars Date: Sunday, November 27th
  • Texans-Jaguars Time: 1:00 ET
  • Texans-Jaguars TV: CBS
  • Texans-Jaguars Announcers: Kevin Harlan and Solomon Wilcots

Buffalo Bills at New York Jets

  • Bills-Jets Date: Sunday, November 27th
  • Bills-Jets Time: 1:00 ET
  • Bills-Jets TV: CBS
  • Bills-Jets Announcers: Marv Albert and Rich Gannon

Washington Redskins at Seattle Seahawks

  • Redskins-Seahawks Date: Sunday, November 27th
  • Redskins-Seahawks Time: 4:05 ET
  • Redskins-Seahawks TV: FOX
  • Redskins-Seahawks Announcers: Ron Pitts and Jim Mora Jr.

Chicago Bears at Oakland Raiders

  • Bears-Raiders Date: Sunday, November 27th
  • Bears-Raiders Time: 4:05 ET
  • Bears-Raiders TV: FOX
  • Bears-Raiders Announcers: Kenny Albert, Daryl Johnston, and Tony Siragusa

New England Patriots at Philadelphia Eagles

  • Patriots-Eagles Date: Sunday, November 27th
  • Patriots-Eagles Time: 4:15 ET
  • Patriots-Eagles TV: CBS
  • Patriots-Eagles Announcers: Greg Gumbel and Dan Dierdorf

Denver Broncos at San Diego Chargers

  • Broncos-Chargers Date: Sunday, November 27th
  • Broncos-Chargers Time: 4:15 ET
  • Broncos-Chargers TV: CBS
  • Broncos-Chargers Announcers: Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts

Pittsburgh Steelers at Kansas City Chiefs

  • Steelers-Chiefs Date, Time, and TV: Sunday, November 27th at 8:20 ET on NBC
  • Steelers-Chiefs Time: 8:20 ET
  • Steelers-Chiefs TV: NBC
  • Steelers-Chiefs Announcers: Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth
  • MSF: Steelers-Chiefs Preview

New York Giants at New Orleans Saints

  • Giants-Saints Date: Monday, November 28th
  • Giants-Saints Time: 8:30 ET
  • Giants-Saints TV: ESPN
  • Giants-Saints Announcers: Mike Tirico, Ron Jaworski, and Jon Gruden

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