Kudos to Ohio State Student Leaders For This Letter Requesting Respectful Treatment of Visiting Penn State Fans

You can’t see me right now because you’re just reading words on a screen that I typed several minutes, hours, or days ago, depending on when you see this. But as you read this, just know that I am figuratively standing at my desk applauding as the rest of this post passes before your eyes.

What can I say? I’m a sucker for class and good sportsmanship, and this is a quintessential example of both from the leaders of the Ohio State student body.



Bravo Buckeye student body. Bravo.

We have seen so many things recently that are absolute antithesis of what I always grew up believing college sports and sports in general are supposed to be about; it’s nice to see a pristine example like this that reminds us of those seemingly long lost ideals.

(Granted, let’s see if Ohio State student body follows these sage words of advice, but at least the intent is there from the leadership. And maybe letters like this are common occurrences on college campuses in these types of situations. I don’t know. Regardless, it doesn’t take away how impressed I am by this one.)

Big hat tip to MSF’s own Amanda Lawson, who found this and posted it on her Facebook wall. It makes me proud to know that I work with people here at MSF who appreciate class and sportsmanship as much as I do.

And as a fan and alum of the Big Ten, it makes me proud to know that these young people are among the future leaders of society who currently comprise the conference.

Again, well done OSU.

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  1. The big game will be Penn St./Wisconsin to decide the division next week, I take it a lot of BiG Ten people w/o a dog in the fight don't want Penn St. anywhere near the inaugural conference title game, which would be way too awkward right now…

  2. JPJPetit V says:

    I was moved to tears by this show of chivalry and class.

  3. Wow! As a PSU alum, this is extremely moving. Thanks OSU!

  4. catfish252 says:

    Very classy Buckeyes.


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