A little Love for frustrated sports fans everywhere

Lockout. The Colts. Sandusky. BCS. Stevie Williams. Leinart.

With so many disappointing and/or despicable stories currently making headlines in the sports world, it’s a pretty tough time to be a sports fan. Unless you’re a cheese bra-wearing Packers fan enjoying a 9-0 season or a grass-munching super coach, chances are that your sports world is not all touchdowns and daffodils.

Which is why I’ve decided to take a few minutes to brighten up every sports fan’s day with a little bit of Love on this Tuesday afternoon.


The photo above comes courtesy of friend of MSF Bob’s Blitz thanks to some expert tweeting by another friend of MSF, Thunder Treats. Well done fellas.

And that wasn’t the only pic. Here is another:


According to “reports,” Hewitt (who is now on Twitter) was attending the premiere of the latest Twilight film when these pictures were taken. That’s great. I wasn’t there so I can neither confirm nor deny this speculation.

I’d prefer to think that she was preparing to attend tonight’s Michigan State-Duke game – dressed in Spartan green, clearly supporting the Big Ten, and hence the Midwest, and hence this site, and hence me  – though each of you is free to draw your own conclusions.

Update: Well crap. Apparently the lovely Miss Love was at the premiere and is not a Michigan State (hence Big Ten, hence Midwest, hence me) fan. This video from Bob’s Blitz proves it. Drat.

In honor of Ms. Hewitt’s clear love for the Spartans (and hence all things Midwest…clearly), I’ve decided to post a few of my favorite pictures of her below. Take a few moments to marvel, then proceed on your then more merry sports way.






And finally, for anyone who is thinking about asking a silly question like What is this post doing on a sports blog?, I present this picture:


Yep, that’s right. Basketball. (But I wonder if she prefers college or pro…)

Okay, now back to your regularly scheduled sports lives. Or click here if you’d prefer more pleasant distractions.

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