Jay Cutler Dominates: No Really…He Does

I’ve been writing my column “Jay Cutler Dominates” for some time now, and it’s been one of the most fun things to write because it lets me poke some fun at my favorite team’s quarterback in, admittedly, completely absurd ways; and I try to counter any anger you might get from reading the article by making it funny and pretty obviously sarcastic.

But in this week’s installment of “Jay Cutler Dominates” I am going to ditch the humor and sarcasm and try to get a legitimate point across.

I am a huge Bears fan. I watch them every week, and I’ve watched them every week for as long as I can remember. This whole “Jay Cutler Dominates” should not be seen as me crusading against Cutler, but instead as light humor.

I do in fact love that Jay Cutler is the quarterback for my Bears, and though there are legitimate criticisms you could say against Cutler, he undoubtedly gets bashed more than he should.

I will put up with people criticizing his leadership abilities, the fact that he throws off his back foot too much, and that he throws too many interceptions, because those are all valid points, but what I won’t tolerate is people criticizing his toughness, his desire to win, and his ability to make something out of nothing.

Cutler has been sacked a total of 108 times, and hit too many other times to count, in his two and half years as a Bear…yet he has only missed one start.

I’ve been waiting for that one time when Cutler doesn’t get up from the grass after a hit or sack, but it has never happened. He always gets back up. I’ve never seen such toughness and resilience from a quarterback, so it really pisses me off to see polls, like the new one on Sportsnation, where 40% of people say his toughness is still questionable.

Anyone who questions Cutler’s toughness is a complete idiot or is completely ignorant of the situation.

Bears fans should be the last ones to dislike Cutler.  He has clearly made this team a lot better. His ability to move out of the pocket and throw on the run, making what could be a sack into a positive gain, is something no Bears quarterback that I’ve been alive to see has been able to do. He has a cannon for an arm and an uncanny ability to thread the needle on passes. We saw that last Monday night against the Philadelphia Eagles, we’ve seen it in the past, and we’ll see it in the future as well.

These people who, day-after-day, continue to say that Cutler doesn’t have the abilities to win or make it in the NFL are clearly not watching his games. Who else would, week after week, play behind an O-line that can be downright atrocious and still be this successful? Cutler doesn’t have the wide receivers or the blocking that Rodgers, Bress, or Brady have, but he still manages to get the job done come game time.

The fact of the matter is that Cutler is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL talent-wise and he was one game away from leading the Bears to the Super Bowl last year. No, he hasn’t won a Super Bowl yet, but that’s not going to stop him from going into every week with a “win and nothing else” attitude, and it’s definitely not going to stop me from defending him.

Jay Cutler really does dominate.


About Tyler Juranovich

Tyler Juranovich is an Indiana native, a Ball State student, and a senior writer for MSF, where he's been writing about Chicago sports since 2009. His favorite teams are the Chicago Blackhawks and Bears. He's also a lover of reading, music, and movies. Follow him on Twitter (@tylerjuranovich) or email him at tyler.juranovich@gmail.com


  1. bronumber6 says:

    Haha this site is an awesome find. Pretty funny, and I agree with thi post: Cutler is without doubt the most underrated QB in the NFL right now.

    I run a site that also tries to get some laughs at Cutler's expense, http://www.shitjaycutlersays.com. By all means check it out!

  2. drewlange says:

    I love the sarcastic tone of this article. I find it hilarious that you are trying to be serious and say Cutler is a good and tough quarterback. Good one Tyler!


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