Philip Rivers is trying to tell us something…

Late in last night’s Monday Night Football game, Philip Rivers was caught muttering something on the sidelines.

Here is animated GIF of Rivers’ mumble. Let’s watch it and then see if we can use our lip reading and context clue skills to figure out what he said.

rivers-worst-day-everGIF source: Mocksession via Reddit

My first thought was that Rivers is a Modern Family fan and was having flashbacks to the “Moon Landing” episode in which Ed O’Neill’s Jay would have undoubtedly agreed that Cameron was the “worst gay ever” for allowing this to happen in the men’s locker room.

GIF source: Tumblr

But why would Rivers be thinking about Modern Family during the 4th quarter of a pivotal division game? Surely he wouldn’t be, so this probably is not a reasonable explanation.

Hmm, but maybe he was thinking about TV. Everyone’s favorite pop star Justin Bieber was the guest on The Tonight Show. Perhaps a teammate asked Rivers about his late night viewing plans and Rivers was letting said teammate know that he wouldn’t be watching the “worst Jay ever.”

GIF source:


Maybe Rivers thinks that Yankees’ announcer Michael Kay is the “worst Kay ever”?

YOU SHOULDA BEEN GONE...Knowing how I...made you feel...AND I SHOULDA BEEN GONE...After all your...words of steel...

Okay, that’s definitely not it.

I feel like I’m getting further and further from the actual explanation. I’m focusing too much on the lip reading as opposed to context clues.

Hmm…perhaps something happened in the game that would have made Rivers say “worst play ever”?

philip-rivers-fumbleGIF source: Mocksession via Reddit

Wait…this happened with under two minutes to play?

And the Chargers were already in field goal range?

And the Chiefs had no more timeouts?

So the Chargers and Phil Rivers were literally just preparing to center the ball for their kicker to boot a relatively easy field goal to get a tough road win and move to 5-2 and maintain sole possession of first place?

And instead Rivers fumbled, the Chiefs won in overtime, and now there is a three-way clustermuck at the top of the AFC West?

Ah, it all makes sense now.

“Worst day ever.”

Yes Philip, yes it was.


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  1. I’m pretty sure he’s saying “That was the worst thing ever”.

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