Fantasy Football Week 9 Start Em, Sit Em Advice & Projections

Before we get to the Week 9 fantasy football start/sit advice, I want to add a couple more thoughts on my Tebow article from yesterday. (And don’t worry; I’ll analyze his fantasy prospects for Week 9 too.)

tim-tebow-fantasy-football-week-9-start-sit-adviceFirst, thank you to everyone who understood my main point: that it’s simply too early to say whether or not Timmy will be good or bad yet.  In no way was I trying to say that Tebow will be better than Elway, Marino, and Manning; my point was how do we REALLY know after only five starts?

Second, while Tebow’s struggles have been magnified because Cam Newton, Andy Dalton, and Christian Ponder have looked so good thus far as rookies.   I think we can all agree that all three of those guys have MUCH better weapons around them than anything the Broncos have this season.

  • Cam Newton has FOUR offensive weapons that are better than anyone on the Broncos: Steve Smith, DeAngelo Williams, Jonathan Stewart, and Greg Olsen.
  • Andy Dalton has three: AJ Green, Cedric Benson, and a fantastic defense (seriously…Dalton threw for 160 yards, 2 TDs, and 2 INTs this week…and his team won by TWENTY-TWO!!!! The only way Tebow and the Broncos are doing that anytime soon is if they play Vanderbilt).
  • As for the Vikings, Christian Ponder has the best non-QB offensive player in the game on his team (Adrian Peterson) as well as a receiver (Percy Harvin) who is better than anyone in Denver now that Brandon Lloyd is gone.

Once you factor in the defenses (Denver’s is second to last in the league when it comes to scoring defense and worse than Cincinnati, Carolina, and Minnesota in every single category), it shouldn’t surprise anybody that both Tebow and Orton have struggled in 2011 so far with the Broncos.

I guess what’s so troubling to me is the unforgiving stance everyone is taking with Tebow.  Look at the following two stat lines and tell me which QB you would rather have.

  • QB #1 – 57 of 118 for 891 yards.  48% completion. 7.55  yards per attempt. 7 TDs, 3 INTs.
  • QB #2 – 64 for 137 for 638 yards.  47% completion. 4.65 yards per attempt. 4 TDs, 2 INTs.

Though neither QB is all that desirable, anyone in his or her right mind would take QB #1, who has thrown for more yards, a slightly higher completion rate, and scored more TDs as well.  This is all before taking into account the fact that QB #1 outrushed QB #2 by a margin of 302 to 43 in those games as well.

In this example I’m comparing Tim Tebow to Blaine Gabbert – a guy who was drafted higher than Tebow and who has, so far, gotten through the media scope almost completely unscathed.  In fact, articles have been written explaining why he deserves a free pass for his entire first year.

Once again, I don’t necessarily think Tebow WILL make it as an NFL QB…but shouldn’t we at least make him earn our judgments either way?  Let’s extend to him the same long rookie leash that we give everybody else.

Onto this week’s start em, sit em picks!

fantasy football week 9 start em sit em advice

Fantasy Football Start Em, Sit Em Advice for Week 9

Last Week’s Picks: 21 for 35 (60 %)

Note: last week’s top-line picks were made by Jerod

  • Hits: Eli Manning, Cam Newton, Matt Hasselbeck, Tim Tebow, Philip Rivers, Darren Sproles, Peyton Hillis, Montario Hardesty, Knowshon Moreno, DeAngelo Williams, DeMarco Murray, Brandon Lloyd, Antonio Brown, Michael Crabtree, Steve Breaston, Eric Decker, Demariyus Thomas, Reggie Wayne, Brent Celek, Fred Davis, Owen Daniels
  • Misses: Joe Flacco, Andy Dalton, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Chris Johnson, Mark Ingram, Ryan Torain, Bernard Scott, Sidney Rice, Deion Branch, Jake Ballard, Vernon Davis, Dallas Clark, Heath Miller, Scott Chandler.

As a quick reminder, the following teams have a bye during week 9:

  • Detroit
  • Minnesota
  • Carolina
  • Jacksonville

Fantasy Football Week 9 Start Em, Sit Em: Quarterbacks

Start Em QB: Matt Ryan, Atlanta (v Indianapolis)

Ryan is currently ranked as the 14th overall fantasy QB, meaning in most leagues he should be a backup.  Fortunately for Matty Ice owners, the Falcons are traveling to Indy this week, where they will face one of the worst pass defenses in history.

Start Matt Ryan with no regrets in week 9.

Matt Ryan fantasy football Week 9 projection: 275 yards passing, 2 TDs


Less Obvious Start Em QB: Tim Tebow, Denver (v Oakland)

Don’t laugh.

The Raiders have the 24th ranked pass defense in the league this year and have gotten into several shootouts with teams already.  I understand the lack of weapons in the Denver passing game may scare you, but Tebow performed pretty well against Oakland last year (150 passing yards, 80 rushing yards, and 2 TDs).

If you have a top 8 QB, you shouldn’t be starting Tebow, but if Matt Stafford or Cam Newton is your starter and thus is on a bye, don’t sweat starting Timmy in week 9.

Tim Tebow fantasy football Week 9 projection: 140 yards passing, 60 yards rushing, 2 total TDs (and probably two total turnovers also)

Other start ‘em QBs for Week Nine:

  • Tony Romo – This week, the Romo Coaster goes back up against the Seattle Seahawks…before throwing his fans and owners off a cliff in week ten against the Bills.
  • Philip Rivers – The Chargers will probably be playing from behind, and the Packers’ secondary has been very average so far.

Sit Em QB: Joe Flacco, Baltimore (v Pittsburgh)

Don’t be fooled into thinking that since he lit up the Steelers in week one, he will do it again.  He won’t.

I said it a few weeks ago, but I’ll say it again. If you didn’t think Dick LeBeau was a genius before this year, just consider that for over a decade the Steelers have been impossible to run against yet in 2012, as soon as the NFL became a full-fledged passing league, he transformed the Steelers’ defense into the league’s #1 ranked passing defense, allowing opponents a paltry 5.1 yards per attempt.  Unbelievable.

Stay away from Flacco this week.

Joe Flacco fantasy football Week 9 projection: 175 yards passing, 1 TD, 1 INT

Other sit ‘em QBs for Week Nine:

  • Ryan Fitzpatrick – Playing the Jets who are coming off a bye…yikes.
  • Ben Roethlisberger – I think this week’s Steelers/Ravens game will be a true throwback affair.

fantasy-football-start-sit-week-9Jerod’s thoughts

I love the Ryan pick, and I think he is a guy who owners need to keep an eye on as we move into the second half of the season. He hasn’t been a great fantasy quarterback so far this year, but with a lot of dome games and some favorable matchups coming up, he could be a top-10 QB from here on out, which is all that matters.

As for Tebow, he certainly has more potential value this week than he did last week against the Suh and the Lions, but I think there is a lot of risk there. I want to see him play a decent game from start to finish before I trust my one QB slot to him. What if he’s awful and gets pulled at halftime? Without the backing of his own coaching staff, and how poor he’s looked, I can’t justify starting him unless I’m desperate.

And yes, sit Flacco. He couldn’t get a pass in the end zone last week versus Arizona, and now has zero TD passes in three of his last four games (and in the other game he had just one).

Fantasy Football Week 9 Start Em, Sit Em: Running Backs

Start Em RB: Beanie Wells, Arizona (v St. Louis)

While I don’t necessarily love Beanie Wells’ prospects for the rest of the season due to his lingering injury issues, I really like him this week against the Rams.  St. Louis has proven to be vulnerable on the ground this season, and Beanie is coming off of a fantastic game against a very good defense in Baltimore.

Despite his lingering knee issues, look for Beanie to have one or two more good efforts before he tails off to end the year.

Beanie Wells fantasy football Week 9 projection: 95 yards rushing, 2 TDs


Other start ‘em RBs for Week Nine:

  • Michael Turner – Against the Colts…okay this one is too obvious, so let’s just ignore it and move on.
  • LeGarrette Blount – At this point, it’s still a little early to completely trust Blount, but I really like the Bucs’ running game this week against a suddenly reeling Saints team.  New Orleans just got lit up on the ground against St. Louis, and the Bucs will be looking to keep Dreww Brees off the field as much as possible.  Give Blount your complete trust this week.

Sit Em RB: Fred Jackson, Buffalo (v New York Jets)

I actually like Fred Jackson, who has yet to have a really bad day, a lot for the rest of the season.  However, now is as good a time as ever for that first clunker of 2011 with the Jets coming to town fresh off a bye.

Rex Ryan’s team hasn’t been as consistently good against the run this year as in years’ past, but it was a point of emphasis for their defense all week.  Look for Jackson and the entire Bills offense to have a tough time on Sunday.

Fred Jackson fantasy football Week 9 projection: 40 yards rushing, 30 yards receiving, 0 TDs

Other sit ‘em RBs for Week Nine:

  • Redskins’ Running Backs – I think Ryan Torain and Roy Helu can be good backs, but I also think that with John Beck starting the 49ers defense, which is already good against the run, will be able to send an 8th man into the box. This is not good news for the Redskins in real life or fantasy.
  • Ryan Mathews – Just trust me that when the Chargers are down 21-0 with 12 minutes left in the second quarter, or Mathews is dinged up again, you will wish you had left him on the bench.

fantasy-football-start-sit-week-9-jerodJerod’s thoughts:

Beanie Wells is a very inviting start this weekend, and I would not be surprised to see him finish as a top 5 overall player this week. Except that I would…because I also wouldn’t be surprised to see him scratched from the starting lineup at the last second or removed midway through the game because of an injury. Such is life with Beanie Wells. This is a week to definitely have him in your lineup, but just remember to take nothing for granted on Sunday morning.

And while I agree with your basic premise that Fred Jackson could struggle this week, he’s not sitting on any of my rosters. The Jets have not been their previously dominant selves against the run, and Jackson has earned every-week start status for his ability to run and be a receiver out of the backfield. How many true lead backs are there anymore in the NFL? FJax is one. You better have two or three elite 2011 options if you’re even thinking about sitting him.

And I agree on Blount. A great option for this week, and a solid buy low candidate if you’re looking to make a trade.

Fantasy Football Week 9 Start Em, Sit Em: Wide Receivers

Start Em WR: Julio Jones, Atlanta (v Indianapolis)

At this point, you all know how I feel about Julio Jones.  I think he’s overrated.  I think AJ Green is 4x better than him.  I think Jones drops a lot of balls, and I think he’s a poor route-runner.

And that’s all well and good, but he’s still super-duper talented athletically…and he’s playing the Colts this week.  I expect at least two home run plays from him in yet another Colts blowout loss.

Julio Jones fantasy football Week 9 projection: 125 yards receiving, 2 TDs


Other start ‘em WRs for Week Nine: 

  • Plaxico Burress – He’s already a great target in the end zone, and I have a sneaky suspicion that he and the Sanchize got even MORE acquainted over their bye week.  Even if they didn’t, they are still playing the porous Buffalo passing defense.  Good day for Plaxico.
  • Antonio Brown – Ed Reed will be shading towards Mike Wallace all game, and while that won’t completely shut down the speedster, I think that Antonio Brown will rise to the occasion like he did last week and catch a lot of balls underneath, as well as pick up another TD or two.

Sit Em WR: Stevie Johnson, Buffalo (v New York Jets)

Revis Island.  Off a bye week.  Oh boy.

Stevie Johnson fantasy football Week 9 projection: 45 yards receiving, 0 TDs

Other sit ‘em WRs for Week Nine:

  • Nate Washington – Cincinnati has been surprisingly great against the pass, ranking fifth overall in passing defense.  Look for Washington to be bottled up, especially since the Titans lack a really reliable #2 option now that Chris Johnson has passed away.
  • Patriots’ Wide Receivers not named Wes Welker – Uh oh…the Steelers just showed us that the Pats have absolutely no deep threat.  Needless to say, it’s not Welker’s, Hernandez’s, or Gronkowski’s fault.

fantasy-football-start-sit-week-9-jerodJerod’s thoughts:

At this point in the presentation, I can deduce two things: you think Atlanta is going to roughshod over Indianapolis (safe prediction) and you trust Rex Ryan and the Jets’ D to shut down a Buffalo offense that has been pretty good this year (a riskier but not outrageous bet). With that said, I agree with you on sitting Stevie Johnson, assuming someone has strong depth at WR. Stevie is not devoid of value, because he has a nose for the end zone, but Darrelle Revis has certainly locked down better receivers.

I also like Julio Jones this week. I don’t love him, because I think the Falcons have moved away from trying to force-feed him the ball. His targets will now come more in the flow of the offense, and if the Colts jump out to a big lead over Indy – a likely occurrence with Atlanta’s ability to run the ball – then they won’t need to take as many shots down the field. I think it’s a good matchup for Jones, but without the upside you seem to think.

One guy not mentioned that people need to keep their eye on is Michael Crabtree. He is healthy, and having Braylon Edwards opposite him will “take the top off the defense” as they say. Alex Smith looks at Crabtree first in the passing game. In PPR leagues especially, he will be golden for the rest of the year.

Fantasy Football Week 9 Start Em, Sit Em: Tight Ends

Start Em TE: Jake Ballard, New York Giants (v New England)

After seeing Heath Miller step out of the time machine and look like a young Tony Gonzalez on Sunday, I’m willing to say that the Patriots have a VERY difficult time stopping opposing tight ends.  I fully expect Eli Manning to take note of that, and use Jake Ballard a lot, especially early on in Week 9.

Jake Ballard fantasy football Week 9 projection: 5 receptions, 60 yards, 1 TD

Other start ‘em WRs for Week Nine:

  • Dustin Keller – He’s having a solid year so far, and Sanchez loves him nearly as much as Plax in the red zone.
  • Vernon Davis – He will have a nice bounce back week against a Washington defense that is actually pretty good.  Look for Alex Smith to check down quite a bit to the big tight end.

Sit Em TE: Scott Chandler, Buffalo (v New York Jets)

There’s no way he scores any more TDs this week against the Jets.

Scott Chandler fantasy football Week 9 projection: 1 reception, 10 yards, 0 TD

fantasy-football-start-sit-week-9-jerodJerod’s thoughts:

I’m now officially beginning to wonder if Rex Ryan wrote this article. You chose a Bill as your sit em RB, WR, and TE, and you mentioned the Bearded Wonder in your “other” section under the QBs. Jon, bro, we get it: you think the Jets’ defense is going to have a strong effort coming off the bye.

I love Ballard. Eli Manning always seems to turn his tight end into a fantasy relevant commodity as the season goes along. Same thing is happening here.

As for Chandler, he made me eat my disparaging words last week, but I agree with you that starting him would make me very nervous this week. He has value, because he’s always a TD threat, but it’s all or nothing with him. Just know that when you start him (and know that none of us can predict with any certainty when he will or will not find openings in the end zone).

Fantasy Football Week 9 Start Em, Sit Em: D/ST

[Editor’s Note: because we would not allow Jon to pick the Jets’ defense as his “start ‘em” defense/special teams unit, he decided to boycott this last section of the post. What a baby. So these picks are made by Jerod.]

Start ‘em D/ST: Oakland Raiders (v Denver)

Every year I try to target specific offenses that are so inept as to make even mediocre defenses valuable for one week. The Broncos made the Dolphins’ rag-tag defense very valuable two weeks ago, and an already strong fantasy defense in Detroit become out-of-this-world valuable last week.

This week, the Broncos and struggling QB Tim Tebow face Oakland. The Raiders are physical up front, which is the same formula the Lions used to pressure Tebow last week. Until the young QB proves he can avoid sacks and fumbles, I’m starting any D going up against the Broncos.

Also working in your favor if you nab the Raiders: Jacoby Ford. He’s a weekly threat to get you a bonus TD.

Oakland D/ST fantasy football Week 9 projection: 17 or fewer points allowed, 4+ sacks, 2+ turnovers, 1 TD

Other start ‘em D/ST units for Week Nine:

  • I like both the Pittsburgh and Baltimore defenses this week. I agree with Jon that this game will be an old school battle. (If by some chance you have to pick one or the other, go with Pittsburgh. Joe Flacco is playing far worse than Big Ben right now).
  • I’d want to stay away from Washington offensive players this week against San Francisco, but the Washington defense isn’t a bad option. The 49ers have to travel cross-country and play an early game, which is rarely a good recipe for success for West Coast teams. And with San Fran already being more of a running team than an explosive passing team, it limits their potential to put up big scoring numbers, especially against a solid D like Washington’s.

Sit ‘em D/ST: Seattle Seahawks (v Dallas Cowboys)

I don’t know how many people have been employing the Seahawks D, but there was a groundswell of support for them a few weeks back because they are decent against the run. While that remains true, and the Seahawks have some decent matchups moving forward, I don’t like their chances against an angry, embarrassed Cowboys team that gets to lick its wounds at home this week.

The Cowboys’ offense isn’t nearly as good as everyone thought it would be coming into the season, but it’s much better than it showed last week. The poor Seahawks will feel the brunt of it this weekend.

Seattle D/ST fantasy football Week 9 projection: 27+ points, 2 or fewer sacks, 1 turnover

Other sit ‘em D/ST units for Week Nine:

  • I wouldn’t want either the Giants or Patriots defenses going this week. That game just smells like one that gets into the 30s on both sides.
  • The Jets’ D is not as obvious a start candidate as Jon would have you think it is, and I do not say this just to needle Jon. While I like the Jets’ D is general, they simply have not been a dominant unit this year, and the Bills have been a pretty consistent offense. I would not at all be surprised to see this game played in the 20s, which means the Jets would need a defensive TD or a bunch of sacks/turnovers to turn in a great day. It’s possible, but I don’t consider it likely.


Best of luck to everyone in Week 9.

Make sure you also take a look at Andy’s waiver wire wire pickups for Week 9, and then load up the comment queue with questions. We’ll be around all week to answer them, and of course we’ll be here on Sunday morning to help out with those difficult last minute start/sit questions.

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Jon Washburn grew up in Indianapolis, IN and as such, is a diehard Pacers, Colts, and Cubs fans. When it comes to college, he cheers for Notre Dame football fan and Purdue basketball. Yes, this sounds shady, but since he grew up without cable, he learned to love Notre Dame - the only team on TV. Glenn "The Big Dog" Robinson was at Purdue when Jon was in his formative years, so he latched onto them as well. Did that make him a fair-weather fan at the time? Sure. Give him a break...he was 8...and he has stayed with those teams ever since. Currently, he lives in Charleston, SC with his wife who grew up in Cleveland. Although he is no longer physically in the Midwest, his heart will always be there. Jon goes by the name "Twitch" because he has Tourette's Syndrome. Hit him up on his twitter @jwtwitch.


  1. Jon/Jerod,

    I've got Stafford on a bye this week, so should I go with Eli or Matt Ryan at QB?

    Also, would you go with Ballard at TE over Fred Davis or Gronkowski?

    Thanks guys!

    • thedrtwitch says:

      As random as this is, I might wait until Saturday Night or Sunday morning to decide who to start at your QB spot. I, like Jerod, am SLIGHTLY higher on Eli than Ryan (although I think both could have great weeks)…but if the weather is terrible in New England, Ryan might be a safer play in the dome at Indy.
      Also, I would stay with Gronk and Davis…much more consistent threats than Ballard, even though I like Ballard's matchup this week.

  2. Hey Jon,

    You can't have it both ways bro – Start Tebow because of poor Raiders' pass defense…. and start Oakland defense because of strugging Tebow/Broncos. Make up your mind already. :) I think I would stay away from both of them and play it safe…

    Other than that, great analysis as usual. I agree with most of your calls.

    • Mike, read a little more closely. Jon didn't do the defensive picks. I did. So you can let him off the hook :-)

      I will say this: you can like a QB to be a decent fill-in start (as Jon does) and still like the defense they are going against too (as I do). Even if Tebow accounts for a couple of TDs and 200 yards, which would make him startable, it doesn't mean the D couldn't put up nice numbers too holding the opposition to 17 or fewer points and getting some sacks and turnovers.

  3. AA_Fantasy says:

    I have been offered CJ0K for m.lynch. my other RB is r.rice and have waiver scrap as flex. deal? Which is the better of 2 evils? I am leaning towards going with CJ0k because how much worse can he get compared to lynch? right?

  4. Ben-Jam-In says:

    Hey Jerod, what do you think of Kevin Faulk? He had a pretty good game and more touches than the other Patriot backs. I have Sproles in my flex spot but I did just pick up Faulk. Do you suggest I keep Sproles in the flex spot or put Faulk in it this week?


    • I suggest putting absolutely zero faith in whatever you THINK will happen with the Patriots backfield from week to week, because it almost always goes in a direction different than what you think.

      We've seen enough of Faulk in his career to know he's not an every down/every week option. Don't trust him. I don't even know what it would take, other than a very deep PPR league, to make me even consider starting him.

    • thedrtwitch says:

      I agree with Jerod. I also think that Sproles is fantastic and I would keep Sproles in the FLEX.

  5. Thoughts WK9: Rivers/Wallace-Holmes/Blount-Battle/Sproles/Gates. BN Brown,Tebow, Decker, Harvin, FJones

  6. Good or bad idea – sit D.Jax and V.Jax (since they both get me a combined 10 points each week) and play A.Brown, V.Cruz or Manningham, and Jordy Nelson? I’ve had enough of starting the Jacksons and getting so little points!! Also, Reggie Bush or Brandon Jacobs?

    • thedrtwitch says:

      Wow. You might have the greatest "hit or miss" WR lineup I have ever seen. Every single one of your WRs has potential for a massive day…but they can also bust out each week too. You really just need to play the matchups that you like for that week.
      This week, I like Philly and San Diego's matchup more than I like any of your other guys. I like Brown a little, but I would actually stick with both Jacksons for another week…trust that they will have big days against favorable matchups.

  7. Have MJD,Forte, megatron, Wallace and roddy. Should I trade shady McCoy for ajohnson, hillis and benson?

    • thedrtwitch says:

      This question realistically comes down to whether or not you should trade McCoy straight up for Andre Johnson…Benson is hit or miss and Hillis is awful.
      Anyway, With Megatron, Wallace, and Roddy already on your roster, I think this is a bit of a risky trade for you. Andre is potentially a monster, but I would rather maintain your depth at RB (a position that's hard to be great at) then make your WR corps marginally better.

  8. I need some advice on who to start along side my Number 1 RB Turner. My choices are Between K.Moreno, BenJarvis Green Ellis, Magahee if healthy. Thanks

  9. hey everyone,

    I have a few questions… My fantasy tea has been plagued by injuries and my record is pretty bad. I'm trying to salvage my season……….. I have Strobe/Ponder at an….. Should I continue to play Tebow this week or pick up Dalton or painter off free agent market? Also, at wr I have d Jackson, s Holmes, j Baldwin, DHB, s breaston and David nelson. Holmes and Jackson disappoint me every week but I hate to sit them. I am starting wells and turner at RB with battle and Starks on bench. We use 2 WR, 2rb, 1 flex………… Advice?

    • *Team and *Tebow (not strobe) damn auto correct

    • I would definitely grab Dalton. He has been a consistent fantasy QB the last several weeks. At WR, I'd still play Jackson and Holmes. They provide your best upside and the least risk for targets. But see how Baldwin progresses and if DHB and Palmer have any chemistry.

      I would, however, get Battle in your lineup at flex.

      • thedrtwitch says:

        I also would grab Dalton and drop Ponder. He has been good, but you want your backup QB to have a lot of upside, and I think that Tebow would represent that more than anybody else.
        For WRs, I would definitely play Jackson and Holmes as well…although I think Breaston has some sneaky upside.
        I think your flex comes down to Breaston and Battle…Battle wins by a hair, but I think Breaston could have a great game as well.

  10. What 3 wr's to start? I have Maclin, Bowe, Nate washington, and Greg jennings. Washington has been consistent and Jennings always performs. Thanks guys, you all are the best!

  11. What's cracking everybody!!
    Quick question.. standard league.. got michael turner and ray rice starting at my RB spots, I got VJAX, Aj Green, B marshall, and Antonio brown as my WR's.. I'm thinking VJAX, Green and Antonio brown as my flex and sitting marshall..What do you guys think? I also have CJ2K, Torrain, and Starks which I think are irrelevant this week but I am curious on your thoughts.Also got big ben and matty ice…should i go with matty, everytime i seem to put some faith in him he's totally screwed the pooch? And just as Jon feels, I too believe heavily in the Jets D this week!! haha

    • Chris, I'd start Marshall over VJax. Jackson just isn't doing anything and at least Marshall is still getting catches and yards.

      At QB, I'd go with Matty Ice. Safer matchup v Indy.

      • thedrtwitch says:

        At QB, i would trust Matt Ryan one more time…but at WR, I would play VJax over Marshall. More than likely, the Chargers will be involved in a shootout against Green Bay, and they will need to throw the ball alot to stay in the game. Rivers' completion percentage is actually better than it's ever been…he's only been struggling to get the ball in the end zone. I think this could be a little bit of a breakout week for the Chargers' offense, and I like VJax to have a good game.

  12. Hi Guys,
    I was able to get a much needed victory last week and I'm still in playoff hunt.
    10 team PPR League..and Stafford is on a bye
    QB Schaub or Tebow?? I think Schaub may be the safer choice here…Tebow's upside is tempting though and he had a good game last yr against the Raiders.
    WR I can't decide on my third starter out of S. Holmes/J Jones or D. Nelson..I think Holmes may be safer and Buffalo gives up alot of points but w/ A Rogers throwing the ball James could probably get 4 catches 70 yards and a TD with ease.

    I also need to pick 3 out of the following for my flex spots and last RB position: S. Greene/D Murray/J Battle/J Addai or P.Thomas. I think D Murray can have a good chance to get 100 YDS and a TD against Seattle. He's also averaging close to 10 yrds per carry. Greene and Battle may be the other safe plays but if Ingram sits maybe Thomas has a decent day?

    Finally what D? KC or Bengals? Bengals have been great lately BUT young team on the rd??maybe a letdown in Tenn??

    Thanks for the insight as always!!


    • I can also pick up Freeman or Cassel off of waivers to start as a bye week filler. They both have good matchups. Is Schaub still better to start over these guys?

    • At QB, I'm playing Schaub. I think he's safer AND has the highest upside. Tebow needs to have a solid game that is more than just garbage points in the final minutes for me to trust him as my QB.

      At WR, I'd go with James Jones. He's been getting to the end zone w/ more regularity and Holmes is ceding red zone looks to Plax.

      Final three: Murray, Green, and Battle.

      On D, I'd go KC. Love the matchup v Miami.

      • thedrtwitch says:

        Man. It seems like a LOT of people have both the Kansas City and Cincinnati defenses…
        For your QB, i would play Schaub IF Andre Johnson is healthy. However, if Andre is still out, I might roll the dice with Tebow. I think he has far more upside and not only is Oakland's defense suspect, Denver just might get a lot of short fields with Carson Palmer throwing the ball…
        At WR, I agree with Jerod. Plax and Dustin Keller get all the looks in the red zone, and while Holmes is still a threat to score on some longer plays, Sanchez just doesn't seem to look to him much near the goal line.
        I would give Jackie Battle a slight edge over DeMarco Murray and Green, but if you have a hunch on one of them, I would go with it.

  13. need help at qb for this week.

    currently i have Palmer starting with Stafford on bye

    my other options are:
    and a few other below average qbs based on matchups i think McCoy, Palmer or Bradford are my best options who should i start?

    also at WR Jordy Nelson or D.H.B

  14. Hey who do i roll with this week, Demarco Murray or Jackie Battle? its a ppr league.
    Also, do i go with Pittsburg D or Cincinnati?its hard to sit Cinci after how good they've been


    • I'd go with Battle. Seattle stops the run pretty well, and I think Dallas really wants to get Miles Austin and Dez Bryant going.

      On D, I'd play Cincy. Tennessee doesn't do much offensively to scare you, and though I like Pittsburgh and think they'll do well, you just never know which Baltimore offense/team is going to show up.

      • thedrtwitch says:

        I would agree with Jerod on both fronts, although I probably like Murray a little more than he does, and it's not as clear cut of a choice as he makes it sound. If you have a hunch about Murray, don't hesitate to play him.

        • thanks i feel like going with Murray simply because of his potential to catch the ball and make big plays… but i can also play Battle over Fred Davis in my flex… i was planning on starting Davis but now that he's not practicing I'm unsure… what are your thoughts?

          • I would like to reiterate my affection for Battle over Murray here. Not only is Felix Jones back to steal some carries, but Dallas will be throwing a lot this week because a) that's how you beat Seattle, which has a very good run D, and b) because they aren't winning the NFC East unless Romo to Austin/Bryant becomes dynamic weekly. This is a great chance to get some momentum going. Also, though Miami's run D is decent, Kansas City is likely to have a lead and be running in the second half, and they give Battle the ball in the red zone. He's much more likely to get a cheap TD than Murray.

            I would keep Davis in there. He's must-start right now. Murray is not.

          • yeaaaaaa about that… hahahhaa

          • Yep, that didn't work out so well. Not so well at all. What is it they say about best laid plans?

            I underestimated Murray and overestimated the Seattle run D. Never again.

  15. Bengals or Chiefs?

  16. Heath Miller or Vernon Davis?

    • Right now you have to go Heath. VD just isn't getting the looks in the SF offense. I think that'll change with Braylon back, but I want to see it first.

      • thedrtwitch says:

        I agree. I think Vernon is the better option for the rest of the year, but Heath should have a better game THIS week.

  17. My Team:

    QB: Tim Tebow, Eli Manning

    RB: Matt Forte, Jhavid Best, Beanie Wells, Kevin Faulk

    Wr: Hakeem Nicks, Mike Wallace, Steve Smith, Michael Crabtree

    Te: Vernon Davis, Heath Miller, Greg Olsen

    Defense: Bengals, Chiefs

    K: Dan Bailey

    What positions do I need? Who do I start this week?

    • QB: Eli
      RB: Forte, Wells
      WR: Wallace and Nicks (assuming he's healthy)
      Flex: Crabtree
      TE: Miller
      D: Chiefs

      I'd try to get some RB depth if I were you. Package Smith (whose value is VERY high right now, but who has an injury history) with one of your TEs and try to get a solid RB like Jackie Battle.

      • thedrtwitch says:

        I also think you need some running back depth, but I wouldn't trade Smith. I would trade Nicks or Crabtree before I traded Smith. Nicks has had his own injury problems this year, and Smith has always stayed healthy when he's had a reliable quarterback.

  18. Hey guys,

    I need to start 3 of the 7 WR's this week: Nicks, Cruz, VJax, Julio Jones, Crabtree, DHB or Doug Baldwin?


    • thedrtwitch says:

      Wow. Lots of hit or miss potential here.
      I would go with VJax, Jones, and Hakeem Nicks. I think they give you the chance for the biggest day.
      However, if you wanted to go safe, Nicks, Cruz, and Crabtree are probably your three SAFEST plays.
      You can make the decision and decide how much risk you want to put in your lineup this week.

  19. Slapmaxwell says:

    all my RB are bang up, Keep B. Tate vs Cle or P/u Ogbonnaya

    Jackie Battle, Ahmad Bradshaw, Ahmad Bradshaw, Felix Jones which 2 to play

  20. In a td format would u start sproles vs tampa or murray vs seatle?

    • thedrtwitch says:

      Wow. Very intriguing. I like Murray against Seattle. Great matchup, and he's been on fire lately. However, Sproles is a threat to score a TD every single week, so you can't go wrong with either guy.

  21. non ppr league do you start pitts or atlanta d this week and do you start kevin faulk delone carter javon ringer or ogbonnaya as week fill in pick one

    • thedrtwitch says:

      I would start Atlanta's defense, even though Pitt is better…you just never know if Baltimore has Pitt's number at this point in the rivalry.
      Your RB question is VERY tough. I actually might start Delone Carter…I think he's the only guy that is going to get consistent touches.


    Greg Little or Jon Balwin. PPR league, standard scoring otherwise…

  23. RB-Battle or Blount


  24. krazyjhawk says:

    Good morning guys,

    So this week you have both Ryan and Romo on your start list. Who would you rank higher, I have both. Also any faith in Mendenhall this week against the Ravens, or should I Move in Know-Mo or make a move to pick up Bush to slash up KC's D. Mendenhall seems to be the question every week, I hate it. Also My Wr this week are Wallace, Jones (GB), and Breaston. With Jonathan Baldwin Taking catches from Breaston Monday night I thought about picking up a different WR. Doug Baldwin and Doucet are both available. Should I get one of those guys and plug them in?

    Thanks for the advice

    • krazyjhawk says:

      Also any faith in Housh with Palmer having two weeks to learn the offense?

    • I think Romo is the safer pick against Seattle, but Ryan has more upside (and downside if ATL gets up big early). So I'd play Romo.

      I don't have much faith in Mendy, but I have more in him that Know-Mo. He's terrible. I'd pick up Bush over Know-Mo regardless.

      At WR, I'd probably go with Baldwin at this point. He seems to be the most consistent of those dudes.

      • krazyjhawk says:

        Would you play Bush over Mendenhall? Also I was just offered a trade Rivers and V Jackson for Stafford. I dont really want to do it but it would make my receivers Solid top to bottom. WHat do you think?

        • If Michael Bush starts (looking probable), then yes I would. I would rather have Rivers and VJax for the rest of the season than Stafford.

          • krazyjhawk says:

            Really? Just out of curiosity, why? Do you think Rivers will turn this around? Its just so hard to commit to a trade like that when Stafford is putting up such good numbers right now and Rivers looks like hell.

          • I don't trust Stafford's health, and yes, I do think that Rivers and VJax will get it going. It is no sure thing of course, and I urge you to trust your gut, not mine, because there is not an obvious answer, but I'd trust Rivers for his health and consistent track record.

          • krazyjhawk says:

            I have never trusted Staffords health either. I guess my main concern on that would be that Rivers has been so durable so far, could this be that year that he finally gets hurt??? I dont want him to go all Manning on me. But Stafford always seems dinged up. Not too mention VJax and the lingering issues. This was offered to me Sunday and I have been thinking about it all week.

          • I think you've weighed it out properly. Now time to just trust your gut, whichever ever it's telling you to lean.

          • krazyjhawk says:

            Cool, will do. I appreciate the advice. Its good to have someone to toss around ideas with. Thanks

          • No prob! By the way, congrats on starting the longest nested comment thread in MSF history. You win.

  25. Hey there, I'm currently in first place in my league but I probably don't deserve to be. Some of my players have been duds this year so I wanted to get some of your help for my lineup.

    QB: Brees
    WR: DJAX
    WR: Bouldin
    RB: C Johnson (?)
    TE: O Daniels (should I grab Celek off waivers?)
    W/R: J Battle
    K: Janikowski
    DEF: BAL

    BN: MJD (bye), J Jones, L Tomlinson, Romo, Harvin, N Novak (K)

    I kept Novak in case Sebas doesn't make it this week, but will dump him if it looks like he will play.

    Thanks for your help!

    • Brendan, repeat after me: I am what my record says I am. If you're in first place, you deserve it. End of story! Now let's get you setup for the stretch run.

      I like Brees over Romo since NO is at home. I would play Battle at RB and get Julio Jones (or James Jones) in the lineup over Johnson. Make Chris Johnson prove he's not totally worthless before you start him. You're in first place! Use the bench as a discipline tool!

  26. Hey Mr. Twitch
    Should i start Texans D/ST or Jets, yeah i know you had the Jets in your "sit em" but didnt mention the Texans. Another problem, i have Ryan Matthews, Mike Tolbert. any of those worth starting? Im currently starting Steven Jackson, Shonne Greene. Here is my worst situation. At my RB/WR im going back and forth with Anquan Boldin and Sidney Rice. Which one? anybody please lol, Boldin is going against Steelrs D who shut down all Patriots Wide Recievers last week. And Sideny Rice is going against a weak Cowboys secondary. thanks for the help

    • Mind if I take a stab at this one? ;-) Twitch can chime in too. (Plus, I'm the one who put the Jets in the sit 'em category…but only to make a point and say not to overvalue them. Their D is still very good. So yes, I'd start the Jets D over the Texans.)

      Mathews is worth starting if he plays. But will he? Wait until tomorrow to see. I would only play him at flex though, not over SJax or Greene this week.

      I like Rice over Boldin because TJax is playing and because, normally, you beat the Cowboys through the air. He should have a solid day.

    • I have the Jets D/ST as well, and to be honest I'm torn…they are coming off a bye, however, the Bills are for real. If it helps, I agree and think this game will score high for both teams. But I don't see too many interceptions being thrown by Fitz. In desperation I grabbed KC Chiefs defense . If I were you, I would choose Houston.

  27. Ben-Jam-In says:

    Hey guys, I have DeMarco Murray in my #2 rb spot this week. But I did just pick up Brandon Jacobs because Bradshaw will be out. do you suggest replacing Murray with Jacobs this week?

  28. Hey Guys,

    Great analysis as always. Need your opinion on my flex spot this week. Brandon Jacobs @ NE, James Starks @ SD, or Reggie Wayne v. Atlanta.

    I'm leaning towards Jacobs with Bradshaw being ruled out but he has been disgusting this year. What are your thoughts?

    Thanks again

    • Thanks Dave!

      I'd go with Wayne. He is starting to get more targets and Indy will have to throw a lot each game to keep up. I know Jacobs is "the guy" in New York right now, but I don't trust him. And Green Bay's backs just don't offer much value.

  29. I have some serious issues this week. For RBs I have McFadden, R. Mathews, Hillis, DeMarco Murray, and Javon Ringer. Hillis was my third round pick and has lived up to the Madden curse, however McFadden and Ryans have been stellar for the most part, but both are considered questionable. So I am starting Murray and Ringer as of right now. By the FANTASY GODS, can I expect either McFadden or Mathews to play????

    Quarterback: Rodgers (nuff said).

    Wide Recievers I am starting AJ Green, Maclin, and V. Jackson( I have Decker sitting on my bench but do not trust him due to Gaybow, and DHB, but again I do not trust Palmer). Tight end, I have Hernandez and Daniels, so covered there. Defense I have Cowbays and Cininnate, which one to start???? I am leaning toward the Cowboys.

    Any help on my RB issues would be pimp!!!!

    Thanks John

    • When you draft DMC and Mathews, you know what you're getting: weekly questionables. Just hold tight until the injury reports tomorrow (because the Friday practice is when you need to see a guy get on the field if he's going to play),

      On D, I'd start the Cowboys. At the least you get DeMarcus Ware's 3 or 4 sacks. And Seattle isn't great on O.

  30. Need 2 WR's: Antonio Brown (Big Ben is my QB), Jeremy Maclin, Darrius Heyward-Bey, Deion Branch, Sidney Rice
    Need 1 TE: Kellen Winslow or Jermaine Gresham

    • I'd go with Maclin and…Sidney Rice. It's true. Seattle will have to throw to move the ball on Dallas and Rice has good rapport with TJax. Brown has to face Baltimore, DHB has Carson Palmer at QB, and Branch has not been as consistent as Rice has been with Jackson at QB.

      At TE, I'd go Winslow. Gresham so up and down right now.

      • Thanks…for my flex? DHB, Antonio Brown, Deion Branch or Jackie Battle? Leaning towards Jackie Battle.

        • or the more I think about it….Antonio Brown…the guy I'm playing has Mike Wallace…but then again…I am famous for "overthinkage"!

        • I'd go with Battle. I always like taking RBs at flex, and I'd do it here even against Miami's improving run D because Battle gets goalline touches and there are question marks about all three of the other guys (DHB's QB, Brown v Baltimore, Branch inconsistency)

  31. I've been offered DeMarco Murray for Jeremy Maclin. I have a pretty strong reciever core with AJ green, Jordy Nelson, Victor Cruz, Percy Harvin. Short at RB with Torrain & S. Green & B Jacobs… thoughts?

    • I would love to sell high on Murray and get Maclin, and he does immediately become your #1 WR…but you have depth issues at WR. Still, I'd do it. Maclin is proven whereas the jury is still out on Murray, especially with Jones coming back. Then try to maybe sell high on Cruz or package Jacobs and Harvin for another RB. But try to trade Jacobs soon…before he falls flat on his face and DJ Ware becomes the guy in New York

  32. with bradshaw out do you like Jacobs?
    my other options are: Mcgahee, Ogbianny? and Starks (who i have offered in a trade that is pending with Nate Washington for Boldin and Helu)

    • I don't really "like" Jacobs because he's been so poor lately, but you have to like him for the touches he should get. That said, don't sleep on Ware. Jacobs may not be cut out for 15-20 carries anymore, and if not, the Giants have someone to step into Bradshaw's old role.

  33. With recent developements for mcfadden and bradshaw I have a lot to think about here. I have to fill two wr spots 2 rb spots and 1 flex. I have jennings, d.bowe, v.cruz, maclin, m.bush, jacobs, sproles and murray

    I am in a td format league. Any advice u could give would be awesome.

  34. Packers or Eagles this week? Thanks

  35. Good Morning gentlemen,

    In a little bit of a pickle here. PPR League (1 pt/rec), start 2 WR: Welker, Nicks, Manningham, Nate Washington

    Obviously leaning on Welker. But what about the Giants receivers? How injured is Nicks?

  36. Eli or Big Ben this week? At WR I have Marshall, VJax, And Colston with DHB on my bench. Marshall and Vjax have been very disappointing in terms of points. Crabtree, plaxico, Branch, breaston, Moss, and Rice are available on waivers….would you keep things as they are or make a switch for one of the available players?

    Thanks gentlemen:)

    • I like Eli. Great matchup v NE and Ben's numbers could be blunted a bit facing Baltimore.

      I would add Crabtree immediately. I'd drop DHB, who I'm just not sure about, especially with Palmer back. And I'd start Crabtree along with Marshall and Colston. VJax needs to do something positive to get back into the circle of trust.

      • Thanks… great suggestion. Let's hope my two can't drop players pick up the pace. Oh and I forgot to ask your opinion on my kicker situation. I had to drop Sebastian because of his foot issues and then bye week. I picked up bailey, who had great numbers until last week of course. Would you drop bailey and pick Sebastian up even with the risk of him not being 100% or wait another week?

  37. need 2 in a PPR Format


    • Forte on bye, so make sure you sit him.

      If it's MIchael Bush, I'd play him along with Greene. If it's Reggie bush, I'd play Greene and Thomas…unless Thomas is hurt, then I'd go with Murray.

    • Crap. Forte isn't on a bye. I'm an idiot. He plays Monday night.

      Play Forte and Michael Bush, or Shonn Greene if you have Reggie Bush.

  38. krazyjhawk says:

    I was just offered a MJD and Garcon for Megatron trade, I was thinking of countering with a Mike wallace for MJD and Garcon. Or He has Steve Smith, I was going to counter with Megatron and Rasharded for MJD and Steve Smith. Your thoughts?

    • I would not trade Megatron. Or at least, not for that. So tuck him aside.

      If you want to sell high on Smith (who I think is the third best of your WRs) I'd be okay with that, especially if MJD would start for you. Actually, ONLY if MJD would start for you and if you have RB depth problems. He's no slam dunk anymore with how bad their offense is.

      • krazyjhawk says:

        So do you think Mike Wallace and Mendenhall for Steve Smith and MJD is a reasonable offer. I currently have Wallace and Mendenhall and could use another Solid RB. My other RB is Fred Jackson which has been a steal, but I am concerned about his long term health.

        • Hmm…I still don't know that I'd do it. Smith's injury history worries me and MJD's lack of TD opportunities because of his D. I'm not sure I could pull the trigger on it if you had to give up Mendy too.

  39. Hi guys, trade question here:

    I would be giving up Mendenhall and receiving Shonne Green. Good move, bad move or they are same caliber player?

  40. Looking for help with my Flex WR/RB position. I am going back and forth between J Battle and Julio Jones. Any thoughts?__Murray, DeMarco DAL RB vs SEA – Starting_Benson, Cedric CIN RB @TEN – Starting_Battle, Jackie KCC RB vs MIA – ?_ _Bowe, Dwayne KCC WR vs MIA – Starting_Heyward-Bey, Darrius OAK WR vs DEN – Starting_Jones, Julio ATL WR @ IND -?_Johnson, Andre HOU WR vs CLE – Bench

  41. Need 3 WR out of these: Aquan Boldin, Antonio brown, Mike Crabtree, Eric Drecker, nate washington, james jones.

    Also need a replacement for DMC. Should I go Jackie Battle or BJGE

    • If it were me, I'd go with Boldin. He's been solid in all three regular season meetings v Pittsburgh since coming to BAL. I'd also play Brown and Crabtree.

      At RB, I'd play Battle. I don't trust the NE running back situation. At least you know Battle is getting 15 carries minimum.

  42. Am I nuts because I’m honestly contemplating starting Carson Palmer vs. Denver over Schaub vs. Cleveland and Roethlisberger vs. Baltimore??

    • No, you aren't nuts. But I do think it's mildly foolish to consider Palmer in his first full start of the year. This is the equivalent of his second preseason game. I would start Tebow over him. With your options, I'd go with Big Ben. Schaub's numbers will be limited by no AJ and Cleveland's decent secondary. I know Big Ben has the touch matchup v Baltimore, but the Steelers are a pass-first team now and they are good enough to put up yards/TDs on even the best defenses.

  43. Hey guys… really hurting without Nicks this week. Malcom Floyd healthy enough to go, or take a chance on Damian Williams? Also, V. Davis or K. Winslow at TE? PPR league.

    Thanks so much for the input, love this site.

    • Aren't we all! I hate it when Nicks is out.

      Floyd looks like he won't play, though nothing is certain yet, so you'll have to play Williams (unless there is a better option on waivers). I'd go with VD at TE. He's going to start getting more involved in the offense, and Washington gave up two TDs to the TE last week.

  44. PPR League and I am stuck at RB – Need 2, unfortunately my options are limited due to A. Bradshaw being out this week. I'm thankful that I have my 1st RB spot filled with Michael Bush…having trouble with RB2… My options:

    C. Brinkley, SD – I know he suffered a concussion last week but was cleared to play this week. He will be the back up RB to M. Tolbert if R Matthews sits, though Matthews is still listed as questionable and is predicted to score 12 pts in my league…and Brinkley is still projected to score 0 pts. They are playing GB who has allowed plenty of points to opposing RB's this year and he looked decent last week (18pts in my league)…

    C. Ogbonnaya, Cle – Hillis has been ruled out along with Hardesty, which leaves Ogb to carry the load…having only been with Cle for 2 weeks, he has the opportunity to play against his former team…the team that allowed him to basically warm the bench. I think he will be on a mission to show his abilities, but can he handle the workload and Houston's D???



    • Tammy, you should absolutely by Ogbonnaya, who is Cleveland's only healthy running back. And he'll catch passes, which makes him especially valuable in a PPR league. It's an easy decision over a guy like Brinkley who will just spell the starter Tolbert.

      A lot of times you'll see me tell people to go with their gut; not here. Start Ogbonnaya!

      • Thanks Jerod! : ) That makes sense… but wait, aren't you a Cleveland fan??? Favoritism?? LOL j/k
        Have a great weekend… GO BROWNS!!! (So much easier to say than GO OGBONNAYA!)

        • I was a Cleveland fan, but no more. I have a family who works in the NFL, so my pro football allegiance follows that person. Cleveland's not so high on my list of faves anymore. ;-)

  45. I'm a disgruntled Bradshaw owner. Do I start Jacobs or Starks?

    • I think you have to go with Jacobs. He's going to get a chance to be "the guy" and surely he'll be motivated to shut some people up. Right now, there just isn't much value for either GB running back.

  46. I got offered Dwayne Bowe for Miles Austin ( I have Miles), do I accept it?
    Also, Do I start Jon Baldwin after that MNF breakout, or do I stick to Deion Branch in my flex spot?

    • At this point, I think you have to. Austin has just not been able to get going. Bowe has. I would still play Branch over Baldwin. Let the rookie prove himself as consistent, not just an every-so-often flash in the pan.

      • Thanks man, yeah I think Im gonna pull the trigger on that trade. Probably going to wait until after tomorrow's games to see if Dallas gets Miles involved this week. The first two weeks of the season before his injury he was a beast which is making me hesitant

  47. I got offered Dwayne Bowe for Miles Austin ( I have Miles), do I accept it?
    This week: Tebow or Freeman? Also, Do I start Jon Baldwin after that MNF breakout, or do I stick to Deion Branch in my flex spot?

  48. Hey guys,

    I'm considering playing Cassel over Schaub this week. What do you think? Also, which WR for the ROS, DHB or Crabtree?


    • I think Cassel over Schaub would be fine. Schaub is probably safer, but the upside is definitely with Cassel playing Miami with no Vontae Davis. Rest of season: Crabtree.

  49. Hi Jerod,

    What are your thoughts; Javon Ringer or Daniel Thomas at flex…I always have Addai too, lol. Thanks as always for the advice!

    Adam in NJ

    • Assuming Daniel Thomas plays – always a question mark – I'd play him. He's the one guy out of those three who should get 15+ carries, and he's the best runner out of the three too.

  50. Hey guys, great advice, thank for the help:

    Standard ESPN 10 team league. Need to fill 2RB, 2WR, and a FLEX with these options:

    RB: M Forte, B Jacobs, M Tolbert, J Battle, C Johnson
    WR: Welker, Fitzgerald, Manningham

    Also I need to choose between Jets D or Raiders D.

    I'm leaning towards:

    RB: Forte, Jacobs
    WR: Welker, Manningham
    FLEX: Tolbert
    D: Jets

    Hard to think of benching Fitz, but I think I'd rather have Eli throwing to Fitz against NE secondary vs Skelton to Fitz, even though it's against the Rams secondary.


  51. If my opponite has peterson and harvin, should I pick up ponder to counter ?

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