Fantasy Football Week 13 Waiver Wire Advice and Pickups

With the fantasy playoffs just around the corner, every week is critical.

Unfortunately, at this point in the season there aren’t too many gems left out on the waiver wire with the exception of those who gain value because of injury.

Still, there are a handful of players out there who just might put you over the top based on their recent play, favorable matchups, or both.

As always, players listed here are owned in fewer than 50 percent of Yahoo! leagues.

Fantasy Football Week 13 Waiver Wire Pickups: QB

Matt Moore (13%), Miami

Moore has four touchdowns and no interceptions in the last two weeks and has tossed seven TDs over the last month for the resurgent Dolphins.

The biggest reason to like Moore is this week’s matchup with Oakland, who has allowed at least two touchdown passes in each of the past four games and nine of the last ten. If your starter is banged up, he is definitely a strong play based solely on the matchup.

Rex Grossman (9%), Washington

With five total TDs and 606 passing yards over the last two weeks, Grossman is again putting up solid fantasy numbers. I’m not quite crazy enough to recommend starting him against the Jets next week, but matchups with the Patriots in Week 14 and the Vikings in Week 16 give him high upside as a backup and potential spot starter.


Fantasy Football Week 13 Waiver Wire Pickups: RB

Roy Helu (45%), Washington

After running for 108 yards and a TD to go with seven receptions for 54 yards, even Mike Shanahan couldn’t dream up a reason not to use Helu as his workhorse going forward, right?

Obviously there is inherent risk in trusting Shanahan to do the rational thing, but Helu is absolutely worth adding to your roster if he’s available. He’s particularly solid in PPR leagues, and he’ll need to stay involved in the passing game with the Jets’ stout run defense up next on the schedule. Outside of that, his remaining matchups are better than average.

Maurice Morris (36%), Detroit

Depending on which reports you believe, Kevin Smith will either be back next week or will never walk again.  However, the Lions finally placed Jahvid Best on IR, so those holding out hope for a return can finally move on.

If Smith misses any time, Morris is a decent PPR league option and has solid upcoming matchups against the Saints, Vikings, Raiders, and Chargers, all of whom are among the bottom half of the league in points against fantasy running backs.

Toby Gerhart (33%), Minnesota

A short TD run against the tough Atlanta run defense salvaged an otherwise ugly fantasy day for Gerhart.  Adrian Peterson’s status for Week 13 is unclear, and the Vikings face a Denver defense that just got shredded by Ryan Mathews (again), making Gerhart worthy of a roster spot while you wait out AP’s availability.

Marion Barber (24%), Chicago

In standard scoring leagues, Barber has scored at least six fantasy points in five of the last six weeks. While that won’t blow you away, it’s also probably more consistent than other guys you have on your bench. And based on what Caleb Hanie showed on Sunday, the Bears would be well served to rely on the running game against Kansas City and Denver the next two weeks, both of which are decent matchups for the Barbarian.

Donald Brown (12%), Indianapolis

Even with Joseph Addai back in the lineup, Brown was the most productive Indy running back with 97 total yards and a score. Expect him to continue to get the bulk of the touches for the Colts, which makes him a potential flex play against the Patriots next week and the Titans in Week 15.

Fantasy Football Week 13 Waiver Wire Pickups: WR

Johnny Knox (30%), Chicago

While Caleb Hanie was rather erratic in his first game replacing the immortal Jay Cutler, it’s worth noting that he targeted Knox 10 times, which resulted in four receptions, 145 yards, and a TD.  The big-play ability is there, but even with some decent matchups left on the schedule, I want to see Knox do it again before I consider starting him. Still, there’s upside here.


Damian Williams (23%), Tennessee

With the exception of 107 yards in Week 10 against Carolina, Williams hasn’t posted gaudy yardage totals, but he does have three scores in the past four weeks and has established himself at Matt Hasselbeck’s favorite red zone target.

The Titans face a Buffalo secondary that made Mark Sanchez look like a viable NFL quarterback next week, and they also play the Colts in Week 15, both of which make Williams worth a roster spot.  Ok, maybe viable is too strong a word for Sanchez, but the Bills did let him throw for four TDs.

Greg Little (16%), Cleveland

If your leagues are like mine, Little has been picked up and subsequently dropped by about half of the teams.  On Sunday, he caught his first NFL touchdown against the Bengals and posted at least five receptions and 50 yards for the third straight week.  Little did have a few ugly drops, but he continues to get consistent targets.

With the exception of a Week 15 game against Arizona, the matchups aren’t exactly inviting (two games each against Baltimore and Pittsburgh), but Little is still worth a look in PPR leagues.

Jason Avant (9%), Philadelphia

With Jeremy Maclin banged up, DeSean Jackson getting benched late in Sunday’s game, and Philly’s season pretty much over, Avant caught eight passes for 110 yards and a TD.  Some of that production came in garbage time, but someone has to catch passes for the Eagles, and on Sunday, the sure-handed Avant did just that.

His value is highest in PPR leagues, and while I find it hard to envision a scenario where you’d start him this week, his performance and the potential for future production are worth noting.

Fantasy Football Week 13 Waiver Wire Pickups: TE

Jermaine Gresham (38%), Cincinnati

Gresham had one of his better games of the season with five catches, 68 yards, and a TD against the Browns.  Had it not been for a questionable call against the Ravens last week, he would have TDs in three straight games heading into next week’s matchup with Pittsburgh, against whom he caught a TD in Week 10.

Gresham is a tremendous talent who is starting to develop a strong rapport with rookie QB Andy Dalton. He’s a high-end TE2 at worst from here on out.

Brent Celek (36%), Philadelphia

Over the last six games, Celek is averaging 5.5 receptions and 64 yards with two touchdowns, so maybe there is something salvageable from Philly’s season after all.  The team’s next two opponents, Seattle and Miami, have both struggled to cover opposing tight ends, and a Week 16 matchup against Dallas is favorable as well.

Marcedes Lewis (17%), Jacksonville

This one is obviously a tough sell for anyone who watched Lewis drop one of easiest touchdown grabs he’ll ever have, but he does have 11 catches for 111 yards in the last two games.  He also has favorable matchups against Tampa Bay in Week 14 and Tennessee in Week 16, so file that away if you are thin at tight end.

Streaming Defense(s) of the Week

Denver (13%) at Minnesota

The Broncos have held their last three opponents to 13 points or less, and the Vikings are averaging just 14 points over the same span.  I like some of what Christian Ponder has shown, but that offense simply isn’t scary without Adrian Peterson (at least not scary in a good way).  Add to that the fact that Denver’s offense minimizes possessions for the opponent, and the Broncos are an interesting sleeper defense.

San Diego (37%) at Jacksonville

Perhaps ESPN is paying me under the table to get people interested in this God awful Monday night game, but the Jags have scored more than 14 points twice in their last 10 games and have yet to score more than 20 points this season.  The Chargers have been anything but impressive this year, so proceed with caution.  But even the level of apathy/ineptitude they’ve shown may not be enough to allow Jacksonville to do anything on offense.


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  1. Waiver question – is it worth dropping SJax for Reggie Bush (PPR league)? Rams' schedule looks unfavorable down the stretch, add to that their problems at the offensive line. So, I am tempted to make the change… just need a confirmation.


    • Andy Bottoms says:

      Wow, regardless of the schedule tough to drop him. Who else could you dump?

      • I have Mathews, tolbert, KSmith and Lynch that I can drop…

        • Andy Bottoms says:

          IF those are your other options, S-Jax seems like the best option to drop. Less upside based on the schedule and the offense.

        • Die Diskussionen, die sich die SPD zur Zeit liefert ist ja schon nett. Die SPD macht den besseren Wahlkampf, den sie bloggt. Nun ist es ja leider so, dass nicht alles was Neu und Toll ist, gleich den Wahlsieg bringt. Die Argumentationen wir sind be3s.r,&#82s0;e.

  2. Andy Cochrane says:

    Not overly keen on Helu’s next few matchups. He has at least 3 more tough outings to go.

    • Andy Bottoms says:

      I agree, but his involvement in the passing game helps to offset some of the poor matchups. That said, I would think twice before hitching my fantasy hopes to anyone playing for Mike Shanahan, but Helu should get the bulk of the work going forward. Definitely best in PPR leagues. The Week 15 game against the Giants looks like the best matchup on paper with New York allowing at least 1 TD to a RB in 6 of their last 8 games heading into tonight.

  3. What would be the top defenses overall, going into week 13? Also, will V. Young be playing in week 13?

    • Andy Bottoms says:

      As far as top defenses, the Bears, 49ers, Ravens, Cowboys, and Patriots should be among the best. Not sure on Young at this point, I am inclined to say yes based on the short week but nothing official yet.

  4. Trade question…

    Would you give up Calvin Johnson and Shonn Green for Eli Manning, Marshawn Lynch, and DeMarco Murray?

    I lost Schaub, Hightower, Charles, and oh yeah, Britt. My only trading power at this point is Calvin!

    Thanks for the help!

    Adam in NJ

  5. I am in a traditional (non PPR league). Honestly, my team does not seem that good but someone am guaranteed a playoff spot. I would be looking for who would be the best addition for week 14 and 15 – my must win weeks. I have Best and Bennett on my bench so have two spots to fill.

    My team is Stafford/Vick, Gronkowski, Gore, Matthews, Hillis, Antonio Brown, Austin, L Robinson, D. Moore.

    I am considering trying to grab Helu (and if not available Morris) and Crabtree or T. Smith off waiver wire. I am also considering dropping D. Moore for Knox? Chicago's schedule is pretty easy coming up.

    Any thoughts on how to improve my team long term are appreciated. Thanks!!!

    • Andy Bottoms says:

      Washington's schedule isn't the best, but I would go after Helu. Of the wideouts, I think if you can get 2 out of Crabtree, Smith, and Knox that you would be in good shape. As I mentioned in the post, Knox is hard to predict but the upside is worth it.

  6. eViL-PORCUPINE says:

    HI ANDY…


    FLEX:: S-Greene / Julio Jones / Colston / Gerhart / Sneling?

    I'm leaning Colston with Detroit CB Houston is out and FS Delmas is also out. Looking pretty slim in Pass defense don't you think? AND please don't say Julio Jones… he gave me a BIG ZERO IN 2 LEAGUES LAST WEEK.

    PS :: Who is the true backup to M-Turner (Jaquizz or J-Snelling)

    Thanks a bunch!

  7. eViL-PORCUPINE says:

    Here is another one :: Please tell me if my lineup is correct. 10 Team PPR also.

    QB :: Cam Newton
    WR :: Steve Smith / L-Robinson
    RB :: McCoy / M-Bush
    Flex :: MJD
    TE :: Finley
    K :: Kasay
    D :: Cinci (i will go to waiver and pickup either Denver or Chargers)

    BENCH ::
    Q – Stafford – Should I play him instead? Could be a shootout with Brees and this way I don't have Cam and S-Smith together in case of a bad game?
    WR – A-Brown / Julio Jones
    RB – Kevin Smith / Beanie / R-Mathews

  8. eViL-PORCUPINE says:

    Going to keep it coming if you don't mind :-)

    League #3
    Need a Flex :: Gerhart / Spiller or
    go to waivers?
    Vincent Brown / David Nelson / Breaston / J-Simpson / D-Thomas(RB)

    League #4
    Need a RB2 + FLEX :: Beanie / K-Smith / P-Hillis / S-Jax / CJ-Spiller / A-Boldin

    League #5
    Rivers or Palmer?!!! Am I screwed? Hahaha.