Fantasy Football Week 12 Start Em, Sit Em Lineup Advice, Projections, and Roster Q&A

It’s go time.

The playoffs are dead ahead.  Now, more than ever, it is vital that you start the right guys.

We already advised you on the waiver wire. We’ve already outlined who you should start and sit on Thanksgiving. We’ve also told you about a fun Thanksgiving-only fantasy challenge.

Heck, we’ve even outlined the complete history of Thanksgiving Day football for you.

Now it’s time to look at the rest of Week 12.


Quick Piece of Advice

There is no room left for excuses.  At this point in the season, we have ALL dealt with injuries.  We have ALL battled through our bye weeks.  We have ALL left points on the table.

If I could give you one piece of advice before the stretch run, it would be something I have emphasized all year.  Listen to expert advice…but trust your gut first.

Again, none of us have the time to really study fantasy football full time.  It is impossible (well, for those of us who have real jobs) to completely keep track of every single player, every matchup, every injury, and every game.  If you don’t have a good read on a player or a matchup, you should definitely consult “the experts.”

However, so much of fantasy football comes back to gut feelings.

If you have a gut feeling that Danny Woodhead is going to run all over Philadelphia this week, and that gut is based on some stats or game play that you have actually seen, go for it!  Even if the expert disagrees, I would rather go down on my own terms.  Believe me, you will hate yourself if Woodhead goes off and you started Chris Johnson just because that’s what the expert said.

If you are ambivalent and have no opinion, seek counsel…but don’t be afraid to trust your gut on the tough calls.

If you haven’t read Jerod’s post focusing on fantasy players in tomorrow’s Thanksgiving Day games, you must.  Use both articles for a little more detailed information in week 12.

Last Week’s Picks: 17 for 22 (80 %)

  • Hits: Tim Tebow, Matt Moore, Matt Stafford, Mark Sanchez, Joe Flacco, Marshawn Lynch, Reggie Bush, Beanie Wells, KC Running Backs, Laurent Robinson, Mike Williams, Eric Decker, Dwayne Bowe, Jermichael Finley, Jax defense, Cle defense, SD defense.
  • Misses:  Cam Newton, Kendall Hunter, Michael Bush, Mario Manningham, Greg Olsen

Once again, “Start Em” guys are QBs/TEs outside of the Top 12 and RBs/WRs outside of the Top 25. “Sit Em Guys” include QBs/TEs that are in the Top 12 and RBs/WRs that are in the Top 25.

Fantasy Football Start Em, Sit Em Picks for Week 12: QB

Start Em QB: Josh Freeman

I know everyone is heartbroken that I’m not talking about Tebow this week.  I’m sure you will have a hard time finding a single article on him now…

If you DON’T start Matt Moore (whom I and Jerod both like this week), look closely at Bill Simmons’ ex-boyfriend, Josh Freeman.


He’s had a very “disappointing” season this year…and is still ranked 15th overall among fantasy QB’s.  He has a pretty nice matchup against Tennessee this week, who is in the bottom half of the league in every single passing category defensively.  Also, he and Mike Williams appeared to finally get on the same page last week.

Don’t be surprised to see Josh Freeman have a big week for the Bucs.

Josh Freeman Fantasy Projections for Week 12: 290 yards, 3 TDs, 1 INT

Other start ‘em QBs for Week Twelve:

  • Matt Moore – Great matchup against a Dallas secondary that is overrated AND banged up.
  • Both QB’s in the Detroit/GB game – For obvious reasons.
  • Cam Newton – Against the Colts…Yikes.

Sit Em QB: Tim Tebow

I still think he’s a winner, and I think he has a real shot to succeed in the league for a long time.  However, I don’t really like the matchup this week.

As good as Denver’s defense has been, it only takes two shots from Rivers for San Diego to get a lead.  If Denver does indeed have to play from behind, and Tebow is forced to become a drop back, pocket passer, that will be bad news for Denver and Tebow owners.

The good news about Tebow is that I actually think he’s a pretty low risk prospect from week to week.  Provided he doesn’t throw any interceptions (which he’s been great at so far in his career), he is a lock for at least 50 rushing yards and a TD.  You will probably get at least 10-15 points from him every week – including this week.

Unfortunately for him and his owners, I think there are a lot of QB’s with favorable matchups in Week 12, making Tebow a guy you should consider sitting.

Tim Tebow Week 12 Fantasy Projection: 130 passing yards, 1 TD and 1 INT; 60 rushing yards and 1 TD.

Other sit ’em QBs for Week Twelve:

  • Carson Palmer – The Bears’ defense is good…and they will be playing with extra fire this week while trying to lift up their Cutler-less team.
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick – He’s slumping…and an angry Jets’ defense is not really your ideal opponent to try and get out of a slump against.

fantasy-football-start-em-sit-em-week-12-jerodJerod’s thoughts:

I can’t quibble here. I also like Josh Freeman this week and am starting him over Ryan Fitzpatrick in a league where I have both. (Fitzpatrick, by the way, is pretty close to droppable now. Amazing how quickly things can change huh?)

Another I guy I like, for some unknown reason, is Sam Bradford. I know, I know…I’m being way too stubborn about him this year. But the guy still has talent, he finally has a receiver to make plays for him (Brandon Lloyd), and the Rams face a Cardinals secondary that simply is not very good. If he can’t produce solid numbers this week, I’ll give up on him. But until then…

I do, however, like Carson Palmer. While I agree that the Bears’ D will be fired up, the way you attack them is through the air, and Palmer has one of the highest yard per attempt averages in the league since taking over.

Oh, and anyone who doesn’t play Cam Newton this week is a damn fool.

Fantasy Football Start Em, Sit Em Picks for Week 12: RBs

Start Em RB: DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart

Something must have been in the water this summer for all of the running backs that signed huge contract extensions (minus Adrian Peterson of course…that guy is just a machine).  However, Williams has definitely shown a burst as of late, and an awful Indianapolis defense should be fantastic for him and his owners.


As for Jonathan Stewart, don’t be scared about the fact that he will be splitting carries with Williams.  The Panthers have two very distinct roles for both players.  Stewart has turned into Newton’s go-to threat out of the backfield.  I expect both players to put up double-digit points in Week 12.

Combined Stats for Williams and Stewart in Week 12: 180 rushing yards, 1 TD; 140 receiving yards, 1 TD

Other start ‘em RBs for Week Twelve:

  • Roy Helu – I hate Mike Shanahan too…but I think Helu will have a good week against Seattle
  • Chris Johnson – I have a weird feeling he’s finally going to have a big play or two this week.

Sit Em RB: Mike Tolbert

The best way to beat Denver’s defense is NOT on the ground.  Just ask Shonn Greene owners.

I think the Chargers will have a lot of success in the air though in week 12, and while Tolbert remains a constant threat to punch one into the end zone, if he doesn’t come through with a TD, you will be looking at a very poor day for the Human Bowling Ball.

Mike Tolbert Week 12 Projection: 30 yards rushing

Other sit ’em RBs for Week Twelve:

  • Brandon Jacobs – He’s washed up.
  • Kansas City Running Backs – No passing game whatsoever…and they are playing Pittsburgh.  Ugh.

fantasy-football-start-em-sit-em-week-12-jerodJerod’s thoughts:

I think it’s safe to say that all players going up against the Colts are solid plays every week. So I agree on the frustrating DAW and JStew.

I cannot, however, agree on Helu. Not only is the diabolical Mike Shanahan his coach, but Washington faces Seattle in Seattle, and the Seahawks have quietly built one of the league’s best defenses, especially against the run.

Chris Johnson? Good luck with that. He may well go off this week, but he’ll be doing it from my bench; and I won’t feel the least bit regretful about it. He deserves to ride the pine, and until he gives me reason to trust him I am not entrusting one of two valuable starting RB slots on his worthlessness.

Fantasy Football Start em, Sit em Picks for Week 12: WRs

Start Em WR: Mario Manningham

Manningham was nowhere to be found on Sunday night…and the Giants paid for it.

Look for Eli to target the speedster from Michigan much more than twice this week against New Orleans.  Super Mario has been very hit or miss this year, but I think he responds to the goose egg he put up last week by putting up some of his best numbers of the year.

Mario Manningham fantasy football Week 12 projection: 7 receptions, 120 yards, 1 TD

Other start ‘em WRs for Week Twelve:

  • Laurent Robinson – It seems like Romo picks a new random dude every year to become his go-to guy halfway through the season. As long as Miles Austin is out, expect Robinson to put up some good numbers. (Yes, I copied this from last week…I still feel the same way.)
  • Percy Harvin – The dude is just really good…we forget about him because his QB play the last two years has been atrocious.  However, he’s always a threat on special teams, and he has a pretty favorable matchup against a soft Atlanta secondary in Week 12.
  • Pierre Garcon – Carolina is terrible…surely SOMEBODY from Indy has to have a good week…right?  No?  They Don’t?  Let’s just move on…

Sit Em WR: Anquan Boldin

I will allow Jerod to briefly tell us about how awesome San Francisco’s defense is…

Anquan Boldin fantasy football Week 12 projection: 3 catches for 45 yards

Other Sit ‘em WRs for Week Twelve:

  • Bears’ Wide Receivers – While Devin Hester should ALWAYS at least be considered, I don’t like anyone else on Chicago this week.  Cutler has been making magic out of nothing for four weeks now…I just don’t think Caleb Hannie will be able to replicate what he has done at all.

fantasy-football-start-em-sit-em-week-12-jerodJerod’s thoughts:

You know, after finishing my Thanksgiving start/sit rundown, I thought about going back and adding Anquan Boldin to the sit list. He only has three catches over the last two weeks, and you’re right: San Francisco’s defense is punishing. I do like Torrey Smith, as he’s become the #1 guy in their passing game, but I think it’s perfectly find to sit Boldin, even though I do think he gets 4-5 catches this week. (Because you can’t – can’t – run on the Niners.)

I love all Giants receivers against New Orleans, and you’re right about Harvin. He’s underrated, but Christian Ponder is proving his intelligence by making sure Harvin gets the ball. With AD out this week, look for that to happen ever more.

Fantasy Football Start em, Sit em Picks for Week 12: TEs

Start Em TE: Kellen Winslow

Again, Tennessee is very mediocre against the pass, and Winslow should benefit from their soft secondary.  Look for a healthy Winslow to have at least 6 catches and a TD.

Kellen Winslow fantasy football Week 10 projection: 7 receptions, 80 yards, 1 TD

Sit Em TE: Jermichael Finley

I expect him to drop back into pass protection more this week in order to help out against Suh and co.  Even if he doesn’t, he’s way too inconsistent for my liking.

Be careful with starting Finley against Detroit on Thanksgiving Day

Jermichael Finley fantasy football Week 10 projection: 1 reception, 10 yards, 0 TD

fantasy-football-start-em-sit-em-week-12-jerodJerod’s Thoughts:

Can’t quibble here either. I like Winslow this week, and I already made my feelings known about Finley. He always has two-TD potential because he’s loaded with talent, but neither the targets nor the consistency has been there.

Another guy who is sliding down a bit is Fred Davis. He has not been able to maintain his early season production and probably isn’t a must-start anymore. See if Greg Olsen is out there on your waiver wires. I’ve picked him up in a number of leagues over the last couple of weeks, and that Colts matchup sure is inviting.

Fantasy Football Start em, Sit em Picks for Week 12: D/ST

Start Em Defense: Chicago

An angry Bears defense ready to show the world they can survive without Jay Cutler for a few weeks matched up against Carson Palmer.  Just think about it.

Sit Em Defense: Denver

I have been very impressed by them in recent weeks.  However, they also have played against Mark Sanchez, Matt Cassel, and Carson Palmer.  Be wary with them against a division rival that knows them well.

fantasy-football-start-em-sit-em-week-12-jerodJerod’s Thoughts:

Chicago’s D is a great choice, and they always provide the special teams upside that is nice. As for Denver, I don’t mind them either. Tim Tebow doesn’t turn the ball over to give opposing offenses short fields or easy scoring chances, and even if Denver does give up some points they get sacks with Von Miller and Elvis Dumervil.

Other defenses to keep your eyes on this week: Atlanta, which faces Christian Ponder, Toby Gerhart, and the Vikings at home; the Jets, which gets to face the now-bumbling Bills at home; and Seattle, which faces Sexy Rexy and this guy…whatever the hell he does on the sidelines.


The Week 12 Start/Sit picks are in the books. But of course, this is only the beginning. Now the real fun begins in the comment section, so load it up with lineup-specific questions and we’ll get to them throughout the week, culminating with our marathon Sunday morning start/sit live chat (bookmark this link, which will be updated Sunday morning), which will go off at 11:00 ET and run all the way up until kickoff.

And don’t forget about our friends at Daily Joust. They are hosting a Thanksgiving Day Turkey Shootout that uses only players playing on Thanksgiving Day in the player pool, has a $5 entry free, and $300 guaranteed prize pool. Plus, not only is it a Super Joust Qualifier, but you can submit multiple entries.


Good luck in Week 12 everybody! We’ll see you in the comments.

About Jon Washburn

Jon Washburn grew up in Indianapolis, IN and as such, is a diehard Pacers, Colts, and Cubs fans. When it comes to college, he cheers for Notre Dame football fan and Purdue basketball. Yes, this sounds shady, but since he grew up without cable, he learned to love Notre Dame - the only team on TV. Glenn "The Big Dog" Robinson was at Purdue when Jon was in his formative years, so he latched onto them as well. Did that make him a fair-weather fan at the time? Sure. Give him a break...he was 8...and he has stayed with those teams ever since. Currently, he lives in Charleston, SC with his wife who grew up in Cleveland. Although he is no longer physically in the Midwest, his heart will always be there. Jon goes by the name "Twitch" because he has Tourette's Syndrome. Hit him up on his twitter @jwtwitch.


    1 QB: Big Ben, Tebow
    2 WR: Laurent Robinson, Earl Bennett (Cutler out?), Antonio Brown, Deion Branch, Jeremy Maclin(Inj?)
    2 RB: Steven Jackson, Beanie, Ron Helu, Kendall Hunter
    1 TE: Jermaine Gresham, Kellen Winslow
    1 Flex: ?

  2. Is it safe to start Denarious Moore or would Gebhart/Helu/Crabtree/a Cleveland RB be a better start?


    • It's not safe to start him. I thought he was a great play last week and he had one catch. Damn rookie WRs. That said, I'd still start him over the guys you have listed…and then cross my fingers. You could make a case for Crabtree, but I think I still like Moore's upside better.

  3. Hey guys,

    Running back dilemma,
    pick 2 – Gore, DeMarco Murray, Blount, and Kevin Smith. I'm thinking Murray and Smith, because he will be involved in the pass game just like Best was.

    Thanks for the advice and happy Turkey day.

    • I like Smith too, but he's only had one game. That's not enough for me to trust him over Gore and Murray. I can see the argument, and I'd say go with it if you gut tell you too, especially since you can watch him Thanksgiving afternoon, but I like Gore too much and he's too big a part of SF's offense for me to sit him.

  4. Reggie Bush or Beanie Wells?

  5. Tough call on WR's I have Laurent Robinson, D. Moore, Brandon Lloyd, Antonio Brown, & Colston. I need to start 3… Help and thanks as always. I also have Crabtree and Austin. With your sit'em on Finley, should I cut one of the WR from above and pick up Ballard who is available… Olsen is owned.

    • Indeed it is a tough call. I would sit Moore because he proved last week that he can't be trusted, and your options are too good to putz around with a guy who might only catch one ball. Lloyd is a must-start to me because of the matchup (Arizona) and as much as I love LRob, the Dolphins' D is playing better and he simply isn't the player Brown and Colston is.

      So…Lloyd, Brown, Colston.

      I think I'd stick with Finley over Ballard. His upside is just so much greater and Ballard isn't a must-start.

  6. I'm set everywhere except for WR. I've got Greg Jennings, Mario Manningham, Andre Johnson, Torrey Smith, Jabar Gaffney, and Nate Washington. I've got to start 3…I figure Jennings and Johnson are for sure. Who do you think I should go with for #3?

    • Boy oh boy…yes, Jennings for sure. I would also go with AJ in your case, because the other guys have question marks. I think I'd also play Manningham. I think that game with NO will be a shootout, and he should benefit.

      • Thanks. It was pretty much between Smith and Manningham. Also, a guy in my league just dropped Cedric Benson. I really want to pick him up, but I don't know who to drop. At RB, I'm starting LeSean McCoy and Matt Forte…on the bench, I've got Darren Sproles and Reggie Bush. I already gave you my WRs. QB, I start Big Ben and I've got Tebow on the bench. I've only got one TE (Jimmy Graham), one kicker (Dan Bailey), and one defense (San Francisco). I just don't know if there's anyone worth dropping for him.

        • Personally, I'd drop Tebow. I don't think he's so spectacular from a fantasy standpoint that he has to be owned. Surely there are other QBs like Alex Smith out there who you could pick up if anything happens to Big Ben. I'd rather have the RB depth.

          • OK, thanks. That's if I can even get him, though. I'm currently last place on the waiver wire. Good thing I started Jennings, btw…what a beast! And I'm playing the team with Jordy Nelson, who did pretty much nothing, so that makes it even better!

  7. should i start chris johnson vs tampa or deangelo williams against the colts or both one at runningback one at flex my wide receivers i was gonna use was welker boldin and calvin johnson one of them were gonna go in my flex so help me :)

  8. Would you make any changes to this lineup (PPR League)

    QB- D.Brees
    RB- M.Forte
    RB- D.Murray
    WR/TE- J.Graham
    WR/TE- A.Johnson (assuming he plays)
    WR/TE- H.Nicks
    K- Bailey
    Def- Baltimore


    currently in first place (8-3 after starting 7-0) need this win to secure the first round bye so this is a huge week for me.

    • I would probably play Marshall over AJ, because I'd like to see a) if AJ is fully healthy and b) what his chemistry with Leinart is like. One bad game from Marshall doesn't worry me.

  9. Alright Crunch time, trying to lock up second place/ catch first place.

    Need to choose 3 WRs: Aquan Boldin, Antonio Brown, Denarius Moore, Nate Washington, Mike Crabtree

    Need 2 RBs: Legarret Blount, Ben Tate, BJGE

    • Brown, Boldin, and Crabtree – I really want to say Denarius Moore, but he's too inconsistent. And Washington is too. They both are explosive, but I trust the other three more. If you want to go for the high reward trio, it'd be Brown, Moore, and Washington…but I don't like that much risk.

      Blount and Tate

  10. Winslow or pettigrew at TE?

    • Pettigrew. I like him a lot this week. Plus it makes your Turkey Day more interesting.

      • Thank you would you pick up addai, jacobs, carter, helu ? to start over ryan mathews because he has not been productive lately. I have lost AP for the week and need to clinch desperately,

        • I don't mind Jacobs this week. He could be productive against the Saints even though he's struggled.

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        • Hang it all, mr. Rick! Haven’t you heard that it takes a village to raise the children? No matter what, no matter the cost, no matter the results, if it’s for the children, you MUST NOT question it! Man, how un-pc of you.

        • Keep it coming, writers, this is good stuff.

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        • Tony,I absolutely love it! I still think you need to consider bottling it – another new career option I actually passed it on to the real cooks in my family Blessings,Diane

        • . And I would cry my eyes out if Kylie picked Derek. Actually, I’m only on the second book of the shadow falls series and I KNOW that I will never change my mind on the whole team Lucas or team Derek. I will ALWAYS be TEAM LUCAS!:)

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        • Thanks, Jenny! I’m glad you understand the plight of realty. A home with the perks we want, in a safe area, for a good price…is that so hard? I’ve seen an episode or two of Northern Exposure, but I don’t remember much. I’m trying to get my husband to hunt it down so we can watch it! There are a ton of reality shows about Alaska that we’ve been watching too. So interesting!

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        • stefano,che la salvezza sia visibile e presente in una Chiesa come quella che anch’io scrivo maiuscolo,posso ritenerlo valido, ma non che sia presente,né tanto meno visibile in questa chiesa, ormai solo più politica e finanziaria proprio no; in quanto a Roussell, manca anche la prova che confermi che sta bruciando nell’inferno, a meno che tu sia il confidente diDio; caro stefano,tutte le cose religiose sono senza prove, ma solo parole di uomini

        • Wonderful news, Deanna. This is another area of life where we are similar as I worked for a similar organization some 20 years ago, too, and have been thinking about getting back into it as a volunteer. Let me know if you find a place I could help. I’m currently filling a baby bottle with change and have got Tom and the girls involved there, too. Precious babies and worried mommies and daddies are on our minds much these days. :) Happy for you all the way around!

        • pisze:O kurka, czadowo :DMam tate elektryka i dużo części od instalacji elektrycznych mam pochowane w szafkach z narzÄ™dziami. CoÅ› czujÄ™ że wreszcie przyszedÅ‚ czas na zabawÄ™ z nimi :)SwojÄ… drogÄ… – Łukasz, można liczyć na wiÄ™cej artów odnoÅ›nie takie praktycznego wykorzystywania elementów instalacji elektrycznej ? (Np. coÅ› jeszcze o zakÅ‚adaniu gniazdek, przechodówek etc.)

        • no, as long as u take it in moderation is ok…just make sure it doesn’t have ASPARTAME, which is an artificial sweetener and is considered toxic to the body. read the nutrition facts and ingredients.

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        • Pastor Moya, tengo una pregunta. ¿Qué elementos de juicio puedo considerar cuando funciono en tal o cual ministerio dentro del liderato de la iglesia local, pero a la misma ves comienzo a apasionarme por otra cosa, y reconozco que me falta para llegar allá?Queda usted en bendición.

        • fidaa, thank you once again for gracing MW with another of your always excellent (and often surprising) contributions. this time..a fighting poem! one of these days we will get your archives sorted out so of your writing here is organized.

        • en la parte 2:34:36 , el predicador se refiere a la era pre adamica, esto me suena a armando alducin, te repito, hay que escudriñar la palabra, a mi en lo personal no concibo esto de la era preadamica, porque Dios creo al hombre hace 6000 años, no hay una era pre adamica, no busquemos cosas que no estan en la biblia, me hace raro , cuando escuche un predicador que predicabacontra los falsos apostoels, contra la apostacia, etc. Pero que predican una doctrina errada, no me parece logico.

        • It was great to scroll down past the gulls and as I did so I remembered that imac was visiting Norway and I scrolled down further not to be disappointed.What a perfect place for a meeting.

        • I like to party, not look articles up online. You made it happen.

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        • Arawn: jos luet esimerkiksi tuon Tiede-lehden artikkelin, huomaat, että tuon todistaminen saattaa olla melkko mahdotonta. Tutkijatkaan eivät nimittäin vielä pysty selvittämään ja testaamaan kaikkia ihmisissä olevia bakteereja ja niiden vaikutuksia. Silti KAIKKIEN TODISTEIDEN VALOSSA, näyttää siltä, että Nooran väittämä pitäisi paikkansa..

        • Your post captures the issue perfectly!

        • Well done to think of something like that

        • Is this fate or what? A day after reading this post I found a used hardbound copy of “Mystery of the Red Carnations” by Mary C. Jane! !! Yow. Now how often does something like that happen? Max, thanks for the post! I love these kinda books. Oh hey, better late than never….congrats to your UMA-DSH blog! Blog on O Headless One!with much ado about something,Patty aka Most Horrible

        • I definitely agree most of fatherhood comes naturally!Curious though about how you and your wife managed getting the baby down for the evening (and night wakeups)…. I found that to be the area where I was least prepared and kind of lost.

        • Posted on This is great advice. Many new writers fall into the trap of using -ly words without realizing there is a better and stronger way of writing the sentence. I’m always surprised when I find these words have crept into my first drafts. We can all use the reminder. Thanks!!

        • I guess finding useful, reliable information on the internet isn’t hopeless after all.

        • I came, I read this article, I conquered.

        • I read your post and wished I’d written it

        • @victoria, @nicu: ba, voi simtiti romaneste numai cind vreti pasaport UE… da, armata a 4-a e in transnistria, dar raketii si mafia si toata populatia rusofona care va calaresc si va storc si de singele din tampoane, aia or sa pice in grija administratiei romanesti, la o adica, nu asa?

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        • Chris, I couldn’t agree more. Hybrids remind me of that saying “one size fits all means one size fits none”. In theory it combines the best of both power sources, but it does so at such a cost that it isn’t competitive with gas-powered cars.I think that based on where we’re at technologically at this point, gas powered is still the way to go, but the electrics on the horizon are getting a lot clearer than they were just a few years ago.

        • not very long ago, a man could go in the forest…chop his own tree…mill his own lumber and build his own house and call it HIS! and everybody would respect that…today nobody OWN anything (exept for a very few) it is all an elusion…the system,the bankers,the elites or whatever you want to call them…OWN YOU !

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        • “The route to a renaissance of the American fine arts lies through religion… Great art can be made out of love for religion, as well as rebellion against it.”Camille PagliaI really wonder where she is going with the above.

        • Ben, bien sûr Martin que j’écoute RFI ! C’est le devoir de tous les français de l’étranger, juste après parler fort dans la file d’attente, ricaner devant les monuments, montrer du doigt et grimacer devant toutes les spécialités locales. Plus sérieusement, « L’atelier des médias » est une très chouette émission, comme tous les programmes de RFI (sauf la rubrique dégoutante du docteur qui passe à l’heure des repas).

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        • Mira: Jeg slapp! :DSilje: Takk! Jeg setter veldig stor pris pÃ¥ sÃ¥nne kommentarer! Jeg svarte deg i bloggen din, hÃ¥per det hjalp ;D

        • Simply amazing!! You always just blow me away, Michelle! Thanks for another terrific tutorial! I’m always so impressed with the wonderful images you create with Pam’s stamps! The crackle moon is just phenominal! And I really need a set of those markers! ;o)Ursula

        • Say someone slipped and fell into the sign by accident, causing the loud bang and mass hysteria. Should that individual still be to blame for the resulting panic?

        • Touchdown! That’s a really cool way of putting it!

        • Здравствуйте, думаю раз никто не пишет значит сюда никто не заходит или нет не у кого проблем поэтому думаю бессмысленно что писать или отписываться.

        • vara trecuta, cand inca nu aveam curaj sa ma vopsesc calumea, mi-am cumparat si eu nuantator d-asta. eu sunt satena (saten deschis de fapt) si voiam ceva mai inchis la culoare, dar nu chiar negru. nu am gasit nimic de genul, asa ca am cumparat un saten ca al meu si un negru ca sa le amestec. am bagat un plic din fiecare si nu a iesit absolut nimic. m-am enervat si am bagat al doilea plic de negru (fara sa mai amestec cu satenul) si a iesit exact culoarea pe care o voiam. pacat totusi ca s-a dus la primul spalat….

        • Santa Maria (tror jag) hade för sisÃ¥där 20 Ã¥r sedan ett hickoryrökt salt i sitt sortiment. Jag var den enda i familjen som uppskattade det och dÃ¥ främst pÃ¥ grönsaker. En revival pÃ¥ gÃ¥ng?

        • Kristi – That is a difficult dilemma, in my opinion you made the right decision by putting the student’s needs first and not the bureaucracy of the school system. I do think it was unfair of the family to burden you with their dishonesty. Clearly it is a testament to their trust in you as their child’s teacher, advocate and mentor. Great work

        • Colored is not a Cali term. It’s Black, African American, or in the inland parts of the state, ******. Sad, but true.LiLo grew up in Long Island, so I’d blame her parents for the remarks.

        • Det er sÃ¥ bra at det har kommet sÃ¥ ekstrem stor fokus pÃ¥ brystkreft! Jeg tenker pÃ¥ det mer og mer dess eldre jeg blir at noen av mine kjære kan fÃ¥ det, eller at jeg skal fÃ¥ det. Ønsker deg en fin dag, Heidi!klem fra meg

        • holgababe – Just got back from a week in Boston and this piece is still there – couldn’t get a photo because of some dumb car parking against the wall.

        • Sep27Lily 4f8Remember when there’s nothing wrong with same sex attraction because lines in an old text dont constitute reality? Oh yes that elephant in the room. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU AND YOUR ATTRACTION ISN’T SINFUL. I can’t believe that amount of brainwashing that goes on still in the modern world.VA:F [1.9.20_1166](from 25 votes) 155

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        • Well, the article held my interest until they thought the FBI was behind it all. I am surprised that they did not implicate the Trilateral Commission and the Freemasons.But wait, another ) OK………..Tom

        • , you’re having fun which makes it fun for us. That was evident by how full the room was…..we were tripping over each other just getting a drink!! Looking forward to seeing you next time!

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        • Wow, the leaf is rather big compared to your rug, which I love by the way. Because of its colour and shape.Enjoy your blue flowers and have the nicest weekend dear Claudia!

        • Good point. I hadn’t thought about it quite that way. :)

        • Actually I do know how much crap someone can get over a hairstyle. One Sunday someone put in $50 with a note attached saying they wanted me to use it to get my hair cut.

        • CFROTFLMBAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Of course you didn't answer my question.You never do.It really would have been hard for me to be civil to you anyway.You pathetic buckdancin' Tom.

        • You have shed a ray of sunshine into the forum. Thanks!

        • Well put, Miss Early Bird… “When I am proud (or stubborn) I use the words me, mine and I. When I am frustrated or upset, I say him, his and you.” These words ring very true for me! Thanks for that!

        • I love that metaphor. It describes your book and blog perfectly. I totally buy it.Sadly, I can not watch a movie at home without falling asleep. Partially because they come at the end of a long, exhausting week. Partially because of the glass of wine meant to help me forget that long and exhausting week.

        • Tack för kommentarenTack för kommentaren & berömmet Lotten. Det har bara inte blivit av att ändra 'inlägg' till 'kommentar'. Nu är det fixat. P.S jag fixar till din länk också ( Du tycks ha skrivit in html i text-fältet istället för att använda länkknappen ) /Rickard, Tekniskt ansvarig

        • You’ve got to be kidding me-it’s so transparently clear now!

        • GomorronHoppas filmen var bra, Johnny Depp brukar vara bra. Jag är jättegärna med i din utlottning, tar 3 lotter.Ha en fin dagVarm kramAnnaMaria

        • Nie chodzi o to, ze wypadajÄ… ulepszone tylko, że Zombi Pigman’i używajÄ… ulepszonych mieczy(Knockback II i Fire Aspect II). A co do jabÅ‚ek to nie wiem czy byÅ‚y już w 1.3, szczerze to nie sprawdzaÅ‚em ^^”

        • Energybits are a complete protein like animal protein. They are filled with vitamins and minerals the body needs. They’re also a whole green food nonGMO. Our bodies absorb them with in minutes because they digest easily. I love them.

        • that your US version is on its way – you mean you ordered from the States, is that right? but how are you planning to make it work here? does it work simply with other telecom services?

        • Smack-dab what I was looking for-ty!

        • ” …. facce che traboccano solidarietà, facce da mafiosi che combattono la mafia, facce da servi intellettuali, da servi gallonati, facce da servi e basta … facce scolpite nella pietra, che con grande autorevolezza sparano cazzate …”(G. Gaber)

        • she looks so stunning and poised in these photographs. it’s hard to reconcile the girl we see here — and in the chanel ads and sitting front row with anna — with the vamp who wears versace couture and courts scandal. it’s like there exist two blake livelys.or perhaps she’s just a method actor

        • Kamile, berte to jako jakousi “daň za úspÄ›ch.” Stále více vyčníváme, a tím jsme víc na ránÄ› pro vÅ¡echny zamindrákované deprivanty a obhájce jediné Pravdy. ZÅ™ejmÄ› mluvíme k vÄ›ci a odkrýváme to, co mÄ›lo zůstat skryto. Proto na nás útočí, protože se nás bojí. Já bych to nijak neÅ™eÅ¡il. Nechceme si pÅ™ece budovat žádné gheto. Nebo ano?

        • Thank you. That was unpleasant and necessary. How ghastly these glimpses of the horrors of the past. Worse to consider those glimpses one day given us for the horrors we still don't see, for which we all bear guilt. How far we haven't come.

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        • You can always tell an expert! Thanks for contributing.

        • Golda was absolutely a feminist darling, decades ago. Golda and Indira Ghandi, the female prime ministers, were put onto shining pedestals so high you couldn’t see the ugly.

        • Yorum yazın Kullanılabilir HTML etiketleri: <a href="" title=""> <abbr title=""> <acronym title=""> <b> <blockquote cite=""> <cite> <code> <del datetime=""> <em> <i> <q cite=""> <strike> <strong>

        • I had a go at the split-second test, found it unnerving, and closed the window shortly after starting. I just can’t decide which is more interesting that quickly, so I was choosing randomly each time, which is just dumb. I need at least a minute.

        • I would be delighted to receive the pattern for your bag. Your thinking-ahead with the long zippers, using SILK, all the gorgeous colors, how you did the straps…sigh…a work of art!

        • There are a couple on this list that I haven’t read and should check out! I think sitting down with a cup of tea at night and a good book is long overdue for me.[] Reply:June 13th, 2011 at 2:12 amI always read when I was up with my kids when they were young. What a great way to clear your head to fall back to sleep.[]

        • hola administrador, disculpa por usar esta via para resolver una pregunta. seria interesante que hubiera un foro para preguntas y respuestas que tengamos todos y publicarlas y comentarlas, y disculpa si ya lo existe y no lo he encontrado : ) otra cosa es que si me pudieras a yudar a conseguir un numero atrasado de la Liahona puesto que me la presto el obispado y la extravie ?? o donde puesdo la de mazo del 2007. te agradeceria tu respuesta ya sea a mi correo o aqui mismo estare al tanto, y gracias por este gran recurso que es CUMORAH. jwm

        • I’m doing a project about spectators and am trying to find peoples opinions and feelings from the olympics (whether watching it in beijing or on the tv).. . I searched technorati for “olympics” and there are sooo many results that are much more recent and come up first, but aren’t what I’m looking for, I can’t work out how to filter out ones from the games…. . Anyone know how I can do a search for blog posts tagged olympics in say the month of August..

        • Ja… Men mÃ¥ske man kan fÃ¥ den til at være mere venligtsindet hvis man giver den lidt plads (dog uden decideret at fodre den..)

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        • It’s a fantastic game. I’ve been waiting for this one for 5 years when they 1st announced it. Glad to see you’re on board. You’ll really like the halloween event which will come up.

        • I was drawn by the honesty of what you write

        • Minä en ole lukenut McEwanilta mitään, enkä kyllä ole ihan varma haluanko edes. Austerilta olen lukenut vain Sattumuksia Brooklynissa, ja se oli kyllä hyvä, mutta jotain rosoa olisin kaivannut vähän lisää. Ehkä se New York -trilogia sitten…?

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        • I would not try it. I believe that autoimmune sensitivities are more complex than these scientists think. Genetically modified plants have their own issues. It’s much more healthful for me to just avoid what is toxic to me and simply eat good, wholesome foods.

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        • The starting rotation for the Cubs could be downright unwatchable, by Aug. Dempster will be gone, Garza could be (but I doubt it), Maholm is struggling, and Shark seems to be wearing down. Unless someone steps up, or we are able to get some close to ready arms back through trade, the second half of the season could get even uglier than it has been of late.

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        • Graham. Thanks so much for sharing!! That kind of debt is scary for sure. Have you gotten accepted or still applying? What kind of medicine do you want to practice?

        • What a beautiful and eclectic home! Love all the brass animal accents and antique furniture, especially when the house still feels very fresh and modern.

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        • One more comment about the essay and language. “Advocate” is a more positive term than “bias,” but it’s positive nature can depend a lot on the position the person holds. If he’s an advocate for Latino causes and is working for an organization that benefits Latinos, that’s a great thing. It could be seen as a bias, a negative thing, if he’s in a position of authority and is making the decision to favor a person from one group over another and that isn’t part of his job description. I think you’ve got to look at context in dicussions about choice of language as well.

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        • terima kasih anon 10:21 kerana buat aku ketawa sebelum aku balik dari pejabat kol 11pm ni sebab aku keja amik overtime, maklumlah barang naik terpaksa cari duit lebih.

        • No, the sun is getting hotter. That would heat things up a bit right? There is no evidence that our carbon footprint on the earth is affecting the globe. Al Bore is an idiot. The only reason they want us to buy into the idea of global warming is so that they can start a global, yes global carbon tax. The powers that be are already talking about it.

        • Oh my goodness this looks amazing and totally has been craving for Asian! I am definitely going to have to make this with some Jasmine Rice or Brown Rice! Thank You for sharing! I am a new follower, please stop by anytime and follow if you'd like!

        • I’m not sure what your target is with thisis it to convert people?is it to say we are aethiests and have a collective voice too?Personally i would go with just getting extremists of any group to just calm down a bit and stop being such dicks

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        • These are gorgeous pictures!!! I'm posting pictures of my family Thanksgiving later today, stop by and say hi! Hope your having a great day!:)xo,Molly

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        • Oh all ye naysayers!I say this is a blessing! A Blessing From God! cue Monty Python soundtrackBut honestly, everyone asks why third worlders are unable to accept European conventions on due process.. Well, in this country, they haven’t yet. In some cases at least.Yes it is troubling. But I’d rather see this country split in two than let something like this grow up to govern my children. – Sodra

        • 8-6-12romario spune: salut. am o problema asemanatoare: cand intru in full scren pe orce player youtube vk, pe teava, vlc, bs player mi se vede filmul sau videoul intrerupt dar cand ies din full scren merge la perfectie. ce ar trebui sa fac??? -8

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        • Gerry,Do you think I should upload the pictures directly to the blog?I’ve tried several times, but linking to your flickes site doesn’t work. I crated my account and tried to link to there, but it doesn’t work.

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        • Lisa OrtmanI promise this will be the BEST experience of your life. And years later when you have settled back down on the Central Coast with maybe a few kids you will remember every moment(good & bad) b/c they created an even better you. Enjoy!!

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        • Action requires knowledge, and now I can act!

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        • That’s the best answer by far! Thanks for contributing.


        • Todos sabemos que o campeão da Sul-americana disputa a pré-Libertadores. Se o Grêmio, por exemplo, for o campeão da Sul-americana e terminar o Brasileirão em segundo ou terceiro, o que lhe daria o direito de já entrar na fase de grupos da Libertadores, como ficaria tudo isso ??? Talvez, nem o regulamento poderia prever essa situação. Forte abraço de mais um do bando de loucos !!!

        • field, I swear you never cease to drop some shit that just blows my mind. This white girl is more savvy than some, but still, what I don't know about the realities of racism would fill a hundred libraries.shm

        • ces souffrances nous construisent et nous font prendre conscience que donner la vie est un véritable miracle. il ne suffit pas de le décider pour avoir un enfant, c'est bien plus complexe que ça. et quand enfin ce jour arrive, quand enfin notre bébé est là, dans nos bras, alors on réalise peut-etre plus encore que les autres, ces 2 femmes sur 3 qui sont restées sur leur nuage 9 mois durant, la chance que l'on a d'être maman…;-)

        • Very Sexy… I love watching your videos… Such a lucky guy!!! I really would love to see you bring some ladies into the bedroom Katie X!

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        • Hola:  Gracias por tu propuesta, pero este año el día de la madre ya no existe para mí.  Estoy pasando un año muy duro, desde que perdí a mi madre. Tienes un blog genial y me alegro te guste el mío.  Besos mil  

        • 還有甚麼說法算 formal,甚麼算 informal,都一樣要懂。有次和朋友說話,我說 "In my opinion, …",朋友說怎麼你說話這麼怪,後來聽她解說,才知道她們傾閒偈的時候,是絕不會說 "in my opinion" 這麼 formal çš„。應該說 "I believe …" 云云。霎時間,覺得自己好低能。另外,你說選字,我覺得選字之前,還要先知道有甚麼選擇。像我這些時常覺得詞彙貧乏的人,大概連煩惱如何選字的餘裕都無。

        • Your thinking matches mine – great minds think alike!

        • Melissa – Yay!!!!!Let’s not forget the SPECUL, and the STIRRUPS, and the casual conversation one has to have while a fellow or gal is swabbing the entrance to your womb with a stiff brush, and taking a peek at your nether-manicure in the meanwhile.I’d take a finger up the ass any day instead. Oh, the carnival of mundane sent me here. Have to give them the props.

        • That is really funny.. but I suspect that photo was Photoshop’d… look at the bicep on the left-hand side of the card (when looking at it) you can see where there is a bit of the arm that seems to have been smeared onto the sleeve.. or am I just seeing things?? But, it’s a good job if it is ‘shopped!

        • I’m really pulling for you guys. What are the other three appointments this week? Thank God for small favors, but I thought you were exempt from jury duty if you had small children at home?

        • Good morning Hamsters. Muglies return, 75 and working on air you can wear, no breeze. Can this be August in a time warp?I miss Edd Hendee, especially after he filled in for almost two weeks before Mack came on full time. I think that pairing him with Mack for a while would have enhanced the transition. Just my 2 cents.

        • Kewl you should come up with that. Excellent!

        • Du har fel teknik, tricket är att laga mat man antingen gör dagen innan, eller bara sätter in i ugnen och sitter och tittar pÃ¥. :)

        • November 25, 2012 I think these kinds of comments will unsettle voters. And they certainly give me pause when considering who to support for LPC leadership. But I just feel like, in isolation, they won’t make a huge difference 5 years from now. After all, Harper has been able to move past binders full of controversial and out-of-bounds quotes.I do, however, think if enough comments like this are spun together, it could definitely create a narrative that turns a lot of voters against JT.

        • OMG THANK U SO MUCH … OMG THANK U SO MUCH!! This has helped me so much. I actually beat the HUT team of the week today because of it!! Was this answer helpful?

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        • I’m not easily impressed but you’ve done it with that posting.

        • Knocked my socks off with knowledge!

        • Real brain power on display. Thanks for that answer!

        • Your cranium must be protecting some very valuable brains.

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        • This is such a great post! I think most people unfortunately try to be something they are not. It feels so good just being yourself, even though it sounds cliche

        • Heck yeah bay-bee keep them coming!

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        • A pleasingly rational answer. Good to hear from you.

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        • Ok, I agree – very nice shrimp pics. But who's looking at the shrimp? Recipe looks yummy and simple – perfect. And if you eat it while looking at Bridget your arteries should be just fine.

        • Thanks for that! It’s just the answer I needed.

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  11. chris johnson or kevin smith from the lions?

  12. Nicks or Robinson???

  13. This is gonna be a hard decision this week what would yall do?

    I know I'm starting Big Ben vs the Chiefs cause my other QB is Vick

    I have Michael Turner, Michael Bush, Steven Jackson, Darren Sproles, JStew, and Kevin Smith for RB (need 2 and a flex)

    and I know I'm starting nelson but who do you like better Antonio Brown or Laurent Robinson?

    appreciate the advice. thanks.

    • I hope you don't mean David Nelson, because I'd start both Brown and LRob over him.

      At RB, it does seem like a tough decision, but I'm not really sure it is. You have to play Turner and Bush, who are the most consistently strong RBs you have. As for flex, I'd go with Sproles. As tough as it is to sit SJax, Sproles gets plenty of touches and does it on the ground and through the air.

  14. Hey guys,

    Pick 2 RBs; R. Bush, B.Wells, or DeAngelo Willis. Beanie sucked that last time he played against them.
    Pick 3 WRs: VJax, Nicks, Cruz, or Decker
    QB: Freeman or Moore

    Thanks in advance.


    • RB: Beanie (I still like the matchup v STL) and DeAngelo Williams, since it's the Colts. Reggie Bush's production has actually been dwindling despite the TDs. Tough to predict rushing TDs against Dallas, so I'll take the other guys.

      WR: I'd sit Decker. Just too tough to trust Tebow's arm.

      QB: I like Moore, but I'd play Freeman. He throws more and compiles more stats.

  15. Which three recievers? vincent jackson, antonio brown, nate washingon, marques colston

  16. non ppr who do you start at rb kevin smith ryan matthews shonne greene gerhart start 2

  17. b lloyd or ant brown steelers non ppr

  18. Jon, I have a good problem. I have too many guys that are borderline plays.1QB,2RB,2WR,Flex
    QB-Stafford or Eli
    RB-Rice, DMurray, RBush, DMC, Donald Brown
    WR-Mike Wallace, Marshall, L Robinson, Mike Williams TB, Burelson

    Thanks dude!

  19. start 1 flex harvin b Lloyd ant brown or gerhart

  20. turkey day gobbler says:

    do you go with matthews or harvin for flex i am starting fitz and lloyd wr going with kevin smith and shonne greene that look good

  21. Romo/Tebow

    Can you guys make my picks in order?? Because of injuries.

    Thanks guys. Need help @ 6-4.

  22. Hey guys,

    Who do think has the most upside this week, VJax or Vincent Brown?

  23. blackfriday says:

    b lloyd or ryan matthews non ppr

  24. I got C. Benson & A. Foster in as Rb and J. Stewart & B.Wells on bench. Foster is usually a go, so I kept him in; but considering what you said about J. Stewart, would you substitute Benson for Stewart? As for Wells, I’m a little bit iffy on adding him into the question. Let me know your opinion Jerod. Thanks

    • Forgot to mention I also have B. Tate and B.Wells on bench.

    • While I like Stewart a lot against the Colts, I'd play Benson. He typically owns the Browns, and Cleveland is not stopping the run well at all. Plus he should get about double the touches that Stewart will get. It's not a slam dunk, but more signs point to Benson being the guy to play.

      • A priaocvtove insight! Just what we need!

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      • DanielThis is beautiful, brave and shatteringly honest. I won’t even attempt to deny that there were tears in my eyes while I was reading.I’m glad you made that choice (or it was made for you) or I wouldn’t know you now. For exactly that reason I’m glad that my courage failed me at a similar moment, eventually I discovered that there is light in the world after all.LoveMalcolm

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      • Sorry, I should have added that though I am American and am following our U.S. team, my friends are visiting from Italy and would like to watch the Italian game while they are here in NYC. Please help, if you can.

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      • Cool, share away! I hope to develop Part 2 of my thoughts on gratitude: learning *HOW* to get to a place of gratitude, especially when you’re naturally a very future-oriented anxious worry wart, like me! I’ll be experimenting with some practices in the weeks to come. Hope to stumble upon something good.

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      • Shwet: um, I did not write the post (or my counter-comments) as a “diktat” either. Incidentally, “To each one his own” is pretty much what I abide by in life too. But what’s your interpretation of this – that no one should (jokingly or otherwise) ever discuss the merits or demerits of anything? Doesn’t sound like a very practical way of living your life, unless you’re the proverbial hermit on the mountaintop.

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      • It’s not hard to tell who these liberal jokers want to eliminate. They’ve been out to destroy Christians and we Americans who choose to defend ourselves by arming ourselves since the late ’60s. Scum like Obama, Pelosi, the Kennedys and the Clintons belong behind bars like any other traitors.

      • Now I feel stupid. That’s cleared it up for me

      • Man, you’ve guys have gone off the deep end on this one. What are the “consequences” Shaun??? No one puts me up to do anything. I speak for myself. You’re jealous of young Vincent. Get over it.

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      • Lost in the hubbub is that it was an absurd point to begin with. The CinC didn’t invoke the magic words soon and often enough, so now Jesus can’t hold up his sword or something? W-T-F?When your opponent is obviously a hell of a lot better than you at something, the best you can do is say he’s doing it wrong. It’s like playing the role of a Soviet judge at the ’76 Olympics.

      • Erin – Everyone of our wedding pictures turned out wonderful (and bridal and engagement too!) We cannot thank you enough for everything. You did a wonderful job at capturing every moment of the day. These pictures are something we will cherish for the rest of our life. You are an amazing photographer and we will definitely be calling on you in the future!Love, Lindsey & Jason

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      • I reckon you are quite dead on with that.

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      • Jon- You too! Conversate- that is an awesome word! I couldn’t check your blog out- the link didn’t work. Any how… I did ZERO pics before midnight. Maybe today…. Definitely tomorrow.

      • 马英鹏2012 å¹´ 10 月 11 日  游戏渠道:梦宝谷版幻想精灵      区服:闪耀平原       账号:木鹰       ID号:73002      角色名:亚麻喋      我的建议:1,考虑增加玩家交易平台。2,增加宠物群体加血,或者给队友加血技能。3,每周六周日开放双倍经验。或者定期双倍,别老是突然给个措手不及。4,增加趣味性的连环任务。5,回血池的补给太伤了,请予以调整。这么晚想到的,爬起来写下,很辛苦噢谢谢 最后一点,本次提意见活动不要抽取人员发放奖励,只要是有用意见或者很用心的玩家都该发放。 感谢你们辛勤做下此款超棒的游戏,终极fans

      • Sorry, my last comment got posted before I finished. Whether you like the hot news right, or believe it does or should exist, is a matter of opinion, but it is clearly distinct from copyright and not hit by Section 16, which is the point I wanted to make.

      •   TVSuffda! hva har skjedd? tok du feil buss pÃ¥ Ruiz-varianten? men det viktigste er Ã¥ holde motivasjonen oppe. og det gjør du vel:Espen wrote:Men mer fristende Ã¥ løpe seg en rolig 30 mils tur.rolig 30mils tur høres ut som veeeeldig stor selvtillit….

      • "The ATP's CEO, Brad Drewett, invertebrately declined to take action."Love the adverb here. I was following this issue over on Beyond the Baseline as CN re-posted JW's tweets. I seem to recall (but am not certain) JW writing recently that tennis could use a commissioner of some sort. I'm not a big fan of the commissioner model in sports, but he may have a point.

      • Wow. The most amazing comments I've ever read.Thank you so much, Baljit & Kristina and to everyone who wrote something really lovely. Thank you!

      • I dont think there’s any uncertainty, why would there be, about what? From what I have experienced digital creatives are confident in their medium, that’s why they work in digital. I dont see how they can be to blame for the idea that ATL creatives are waiting to have their perceptions changed about online.

      • Η ελλαδα ενα πολυ κοντα στο πρωτογενες πλεονασμα δεν χρειαζεται να δανειστει για να πληρωσει μσθους και συνταξεις.Και βεβαια η ελλαδα εχει χρεοκοπησει 5 φορες με δραχμη και δεν επαθε τιποτα….

      • Ah, saying hi back to you!Didn’t know you worked in the news field ^^; Remember you saying back in the puchi that your photo got published, now it all makes sense…Lol half naked trooper at beach XD

      • Que gozada de cas …. Me parece preciosa!!!. yo viajé durante variso años con cierta periocidad a Suecia, y la verdad es que las casas son preciosísmas… Con otros colores, mucho más granates, azules y amarillos. Pero esta me ha parecido espectacular… y todos los detalles está impecable…Gracias por enseñarnos cosas tan bonitas y contarnos la historia, que nunca está de más saber el arquitecto, estilño, etc… Que rollo que tengo,Besos

      • Lenka Drábková napsal:Ahoj líbí se mi jeden kluk už jsem mu to i Å™ekla ale on chodí s jinou když jdu kolem nÄ›j tak na mÄ› kouká a smÄ›je se a já právÄ› nevim co mam dÄ›lat..ale když se potkáme tak mÄ› ani nepozdraví mam se o nÄ›j snažit nebo ne ??? :// ) ***

      • NOSSA!!! Se a pista é realmente como está neste simulador vai ser f…cara, alguém reparou que não tem um milímetro de área de escape??? Quando acaba a pista começa o aço!!! Nem Mônaco é assim.Conclusão para a corrida: 1 – fila indiana 2 – safety car.Espero que não ver brasileiro no guard rail (é assim que escreve?)!

      • just for fun, it appears that as Brian maintains, foxnews is once again having trouble competing against msnbcFOXNEWS O’REILLY 3,581,000FOXNEWS BECK 3,196,000FOXNEWS HANNITY 3,133,000FOXNEWS BAIER 2,624,000FOXNEWS GRETA 2,415,000FOXNEWS SHEP 2,187,000CNN BEHAR 949,000CNNHN GRACE 914,000MSNBC OLBERMANN 818,000CNN KING 796,000MSNBC MADDOW 726,000

      • Stacey, just fyi…mammograms are not usually very helpful for women under 30. This is because young women have fibrous breasts and mammograms are not very good to evaluate fibrous breasts. Ultrasounds are usually the test of choice to evaluate breast lumps in young women.

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      • Vix, I can always rely on you to brighten up a dull day with your colourful outfits. It's been just as grey here – Bristol needs you to bring a splash of colour! The mourning jewellery is great – so lovely to have these mementos of relatives. I used to work with someone who did her PhD on Victorian mourning customs, I'm sure she would know loads about the jewelllery.

      • Hello Megan!I aoeblutsly love your work! It is aoeblutsly beautiful! My fiance and I got engaged this past summer and would love to have a session with you! I live in Montreal,Canada and he goes to the Naval Academy so I would love to schedule a trip down if you photograph in the Annapolis area! Do you do shoots in the winter?Thank you so much, Kim & Jon

      • I will immediately clutch your rss feed as I can not in finding your email subscription link or newsletter service. Do you have any? Kindly let me recognise in order that I could subscribe. Thanks.

      • Ja z kolei napiszÄ™ tylko jedno zdanie: oby wytrwać do soboty Mam nadziejÄ™, że bÄ™dÄ™ miaÅ‚ okazjÄ™ zobaczyć z bliska cudo rodem z Savile Row

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      • Ich hatte das Problem immer nur bei einem Multisite-WordPress. Mittlerweile bin ich wieder dazu übergegangen, einzelne WordPress-Instanzen zu verwenden, da mir die MultiSite-Umgebung nicht gefiel. Seitdem ist auch das Permalink-Problem nicht mehr aufgetaucht.

      • about Pam Tebow – she really hasn’t fully disclosed just why her doc recommended she terminate her pregnancy. I wonder if her situation was truly life and death.

      • Since when did you get a blu-ray player you flash bastard?! did you get a PS3 or a proper player? You got a Plasma to appreciate it?How are things?

      • Thanks Terra, Good suggestions. Although, I am kind of reluctant to push the “Australia Pride” issue, not that I want to denigrate Australia or Australians, but if there is something about our environment, circumstances, culture etc, that leads to people being able to make contributions where necessary, I would be certainly interested in that. Although I suspect it is harder to identify what is right about a system than what is wrong. And one does identify what is right, then some group (for self-interested reasons) will no doubt seek to ‘promote’ these outcomes and most likely stuff everything up.

      • I never thought I would find such an everyday topic so enthralling!

      • Ugh. I bought a pair of Jeffrey Campbell boots last year and wore them to death because they were just perfect. I bought a second pair to replace my first loves and the sole cracked completely in half on the second day out. Frustrating and disappointing.Just found your blog a few days ago; I love the combination of substantial, interesting text with nice photos. Also, your grey/purple hair is absolutely fantastic!

      • I’m very pleased Consumer Reports, and also AARP, are becoming more involved in politics. If ever average Americans needed honest advocates, it’s now! The 32 billionaires who are trying to buy this election for the Republicans certainly don’t care about anything but making money. You can be sure they expect a good return on their “investment” in Republican candidates.

      • I really wish there were more articles like this on the web.

      • Sascha Lobo ist ein komischer Internetexperte, trotz seines Wissen, scheint er zu sehr etabliert zu sein und die Nummer nur für Profit abzuziehen, schließlich verdient er mit der Art seines Auftrittes sein täglich Brot.Aber das Video ist komprimiert und trifft es.

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      • Du kannst übrigens die PIN-Eingabe nach dem Start auch einfach minimieren und/oder schließen – ist ein ganz normales Programm, welches lediglich im Autostart liegt.

      • Now I know who the brainy one is, I’ll keep looking for your posts.

      • Well written story.You have nice way with words, but few typos also. Probably from quickly writing. I point out that names of very important historical figures should be correct (Viktor Schauberger).I also disagree with some speculations you make, but altogether I enjoyed reading it and brought back lot of good memories.

      • Way to go, Camille! Way to conquer your fear of what other people might think if you wore a perfectly legal piece of clothing to worship your God. Do it again if you want, don’t do it again if you don’t want. I love agency!

      • This is an article that makes you think “never thought of that!”

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      • yes indeed he was, and neither Israel nor the US nor anyone fighting terrorists can afford to play by one set of rules while their enemies play by anotherto accommodate a double standard is to accept your own persecution and subjugation

      • I know the first one wasn’t yours Doug but was the Yippee Kay Ay line an ad lib or scripted?In the early 90′s when Die Hard 1 and 2 were first televised here in the UK the f-bombs were dubbed as was this famous line even though it was shown after the watershed.So instead of one of Cinema’s best pay off lines, us Brits were given “Yippee Kay Aye Kimosabe!!!” LOL

      • Acabei de ver entrevista de Dilma Rousseff ao JN. Fez um rolo danado sobre o aborto.Prepare-se, Serra, para ser claro e incisivo na questão de Paulo, que será certamente uma das pergunta amanhã…

      • aahhh bless there hearts loving the photo of them lined up by their stockings ;-)) Gorgeous photo's i adore the old carousel's so much colour etc you can just imagain them in their hey day and all the ladies and men dresses in their best ;-) You look beautiful to love the suitcase. Glad to hear you had a merry christmas ;-) Have a great new year to, dee xx

      • That’s the best answer by far! Thanks for contributing.

      • I think that Abbott is about to create a new political fighting position, in a forced retreat from “underdog” to the new status of “underfoot” he will still have manouvering options, not only is there “up”, there is also “out”. Sadly there is no glory for Tony even in this as his mentor, JWH, completed the entire status decline sequence in an unbeatable Australian record time.

      • 10-10-11 spune: ca sa vezi ce placa video ai, intra in “START”, “RUN” si scrie “dxdiag” (fara ghilimele si da ok.In tabul Display vei gasi informatiile despre placa ta video si astfel vei sti unde sa cauti driverele necesare. daca nu sti cum, lasa aici un mesaj cu tipul si modelul placii video si te ajut eu un link. -44V-a ajutat acest raspuns?

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      • I concur. It’s fun to ride downtown if I have reason to be there, but there’s no reason it should be a destination for riding. Downtown’s fifteen minutes away door-to-door, and Latigo Canyon is twenty. Best use of five extra minutes imaginable.

      • in the 80s about infiltrating our education system, you posted that video here once I believe, Matt.He said it had achieved demoralization faster than they ever dreamed… man, he ought to see it now, the Soviets would be doing cartwheels in joy

      • “‘The One” has managed to attract — before even taking office — the sort of grand mal hysterical hallucinogenic paranoid dudgeon that it took Bill Clinton six years to accumulate. And now you’ve fallen victim. It’s going to be a long four years.”Turns out Clinton is a . Who’d a thunk it?

      • Articles like these put the consumer in the driver seat-very important.

      • I taught in Turkey, and while I believe most of the Muslims that I met in Istanbul would not go to this extreme, there are some who would. More importantly, hardly any of the ones who are not extremists would risk their lives to oppose the extremists, for the benefit of infidels.

      • Jurku, masz racjÄ™, my Å»ydzi musimy się trzymać razem, bo inaczej dzieje się tak jak w Jedwabnem gdzie polacy, koÅ›ciół i Hitler poÅ‚Ä…czyli siÅ‚y przeciwko nam, a to wszystko z zawiÅ›ci, że polak jest gÅ‚upi i niezaradny i potrzebuje Pana (polak najlepiej sprawdza siÄ™ jako chÅ‚op paÅ„szczyźniany), a Å»yd jest CzÅ‚owiekiem (a nie zwierzÄ™ciem) zaradnym!

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      • The air below your waist can be five to ten degrees cooler than the air above. Once outside in the cold Great Danes don’t appear to have much problem, they have got a really high discomfort toleration however it is pretty forlorn to see them shivering on the floor in your house.

      • The other day, while I was at work, my cousin stole my apple ipad and tested to see if it can survive a 30 foot drop, just so she can be a youtube sensation. My apple ipad is now destroyed and she has 83 views. I know this is completely off topic but I had to share it with someone!

      • Ivanovic is 1 of d fantastic player in chel bt he was a litle bit reskless against city wish actualy warranted dat dat is hw football is at tyms u ve gud n bad games ,tank god he is free 2 start d sesson.Reply

      • I'm afraid I have to agree with 'abdul. Many of the prickly pear cactus varieties are extremely invasive. This means they establish easily, but once established, can also be difficult to get rid of AND crowd out native species. While I will agree that there are harvestable products from the prickly pear (the jelly from the fruits is FABULOUS!!!), and could generate income for local peoples, control of plantings is important such that native biodiversity does not suffer. Perhaps there is another income- and food-generating solution that is more in line with the local biology?

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      • I had so much fun with this, it was great to see you girls back! Missed the Inky crew, and I hope you all had a fabulous summer break! Looking forward to the next release!

      • Watching Serenity now. Can't WAIT till you see the movie! (The last two episodes are also amazing. Can't wait for your commentary on that too!)

      • I was seriously at DefCon 5 until I saw this post.

      • I have to pay a lot of extra income tax this year because it was a good year. With a good thing comes a bad thing. I did manage to do it right this year and owe the feds so they did not get an interest-free loan from me. And I am waiting to snail-mail my check on April 16th. Like I am going to pay another $15 to e-file when I owe them money.

      • cloee dit :Félicitations jeune papa et bienvenue au petit Roman! et un grand bravo à la maman pour qui ça n’a pas du être facile! Profitez bien de ces moments magiques!

      • I feel satisfied after reading that one.

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      • kudzu bob asked: Did processed food make our brains soft?Hunsdon theorized: Yeah, but that was mostly later, I think. I trace it to the 'fencerow to fencerow' policy under Nixon. I could be wrong. That's my theory.

      • obviously like your website but you need to take a look at the spelling on several of your posts. Many of them are rife with spelling problems and I to find it very troublesome to tell the reality nevertheless I will surely come again again.

      • Alejandra26/08/2011dr. me diagnosticaron Miringitus bullosa hace 5 dias,….. estoy con trataiento de antibioticos, acido clavulonico..ya claritromicina… la Sordera aun continua..peor lo que mas me preocupa es el mareo que paro y parece que tengo una bolda de arena en el oido y pierdo el equilbrio es normal eso… es por el proceso???

      • Hmmmmmmm those muffins look delicious and so does the chicken. When I think about it I hardly ever roast a chicken in my oven. Strange because I do like it. Going to remind myself to do that someday soon.

      • YMMD with that answer! TX

      • Igen,van ilyen könyv,a Corvina kiadó Szép otthon-sorozatában jelent meg 1989-ben.Ma nincs fényképezÅ‘m,de majd lencsevégre kapom és elküldöm.Nekem a sorozat többi kötetére fájt nagyon a fogam anno…

      • Very true CS. It is as if they are all trying to get the nomination to run for the office of Jesus Christ. One of the worst offenders(as far as media darlings go) who really gets under my skin is “Bono”. I am surprised he hasnt walked on water yet. Sorry to drag a “celebrity” into this thread but I couldnt resist.

      • Guten Abend,Ich bin ganz zufällig auf Ihren Blog gestoßen, da ich mich gerade über den Jacobsweg informiere. Bis jetzt war es sehr interessant, Ihre Erfahrungen zu lesen. Aber der Ausdruck 'Eine Gruppe aelterer Russen oder sonst was Oestliches' zeigt, dass der Jacobsweg Ihnen leider nichts außer Rumlauferei und schöne Fotos gebracht hat… Schade!Besten Gruss,'was Östliches, aber nicht russisches'

      • Ã…h, den här drömmen ska fan upplevas!!Ja, tänk om man fick ha ett strandhus, skulle fan bo där jämt! Skulle hÃ¥lla koll pÃ¥ vÃ¥gorna, bara fÃ¥ springa efter stranden osv. En dag kanske!

      • I save by using coupons (of course) & also by getting freebies. I don’t have a baby, or small children, but have found that many of the free samples for them, such as baby wipes, are super handy for pet care!

      • why was he not excommunicated immediately as he boasted of commiting heresy? Please i am more dis-pleased by this ugly trend of that bishop. I expect the Primate to issue a bull of excommunication becuase he went against the law of the church.

      • I just don’t understand why this doctor didn’t even try to remove more than a smidgen of the sac. I’m guessing he wants this thing to refill so he can have more fun with it. He didn’t even pack it and it sounded like he wasn’t going to put in a stitch to close the hole. To me, that’s all kind of ridiculous!

      • Raw corn is actually pretty good. I have a hard time not eating the kernels when I'm taking them off the cob. Some for me, some for the prep bowl… I have to buy extra. They can be sooooo sweet if the corn is perfect. Yum.Mary, I'm saving this recipe to make soon. I just love corn and jalapenos. mmmmmmmm

      • I was on a trail run in the Pacific NW rainforest about a week ago with my Ambit. Someone else on the run had a Garmin 310XT. The Ambit showed ~13.5km and the Garmin ~14km (though I can’t guarantee we started recording in the same place). Hard to say which was more accurate, but the track looked pretty good anyway.Also I’ve been using the waypoint navigation feature on some runs to keep myself on track. It works well, though I’ll be happy when the route feature is added.

      • Very true! Makes a change to see someone spell it out like that. :)

      • Good luck! I am so excited to see how it goes. Wow, I’m trying to think of a question and it’s so hard. I would say try to prolong the small talk as much as possible, like ask if she had any trouble getting there, comment on the weather, etc. You can always ask if she roots for any particular sports teams or watches american idol – I feel like everyone I know goes on and on about these two topics!

      • [76] chifiNo F’ing sympathy. Say nothing, take notes, and if you think you are going to be sick, take out your phone, look at it, and quietly walk out.I did that at my 30th reunion. 5 Glenmorangies later, my wife dragged me out before I could make an ass of myself in front of people who only remember me as a dork.

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      • There aren’t any workouts that target your lower abs. Your abdominal muscle is just one long muscle.The problem with seeing lower abs is most people have a thin layer of fat across them so you can see them. You need to do cardio to lose the layer of fat.

      • Hello! I was wondering, with regards to your thoughts on journaling… I consider it more accountability as opposed to awareness. I’ve been journaling my workouts and not my diet, and I’ve found it extremely helpful. It helps me hold myself accountable for continuing and making progress, no matter how small it may be. So isn’t it more accountability, not awareness? Maybe a bit of both?

      • Le temps viendra où on sera qui est qui.Une autre phrase postée sur ce blog : celui qui n’a pas de maître seul le temps est son maître.

      • At last, someone comes up with the “right” answer!

      • I stopped smoking cigarets a few months ago. My friend bought me this starter kit with menthol refills. I was very ssatisifyed with the product. I think the battery does not stay charged long enough to enjoy a cart.

      • bien madurita ,tampoco es tan grave,no pasa nada ni tiene mas importancia,solo que aveces las cosas se pasan de color,venga un saludo y olvidado

      • You make things so clear. Thanks for taking the time!

      • Good day! I know this is kind of off topic but I was wondering if you knew where I could find a captcha plugin for my comment form? I’m using the same blog platform as yours and I’m having difficulty finding one? Thanks a lot!

      • Tapez votre commentaire Vous pouvez utiliser ces mots-clés HTML : <a> <abbr> <acronym> <b> <blockquote> <cite> <code> <del> <em> <i> <q> <strike> <strong> Ce blog utilise CommentLuvNe pas s’abonnerS’abonnerSeulement les réponses à mes commentaires Notifiez-moi des commentaires à venir via émail. Vous pouvez aussi sans commenter.

      • ja mensen, ik heb nu twee weken de training van Rob Waage overgenomen i.v.m. vakantie.dit is de reden waarom ik niet regelmatig al jullie vorderingen kan volgen.ik beloof dat ik weer eens kom kijken.trouwens weer een leuk verslag van deze avond.

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      • Odd, because I’d heard exactly the opposite from other web-based critics: that the Resident Evil films actually get better as one moves toward the future. Now I have no choice but to press on and discover The Truth. It’s probably somewhere at the other end of this giant-spider-and-zombie-infested corridor.

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      • Steve – I would enjoy reading John Lithgow’s book if no one else has dibs on it yet. I’ve always found him to be a fascinating actor and it would be fun to read his book. I just finished “Richard Burton – A Life” by Melvyn Bragg. — a long, but fascinating biography of the great actor if anyone would like that book.

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      • By 5 July, 2007 – 17:04Huh. None of those games entertained me for more than an hour or so without me getting bored… you have a tendancy towards strategy and RPG games I notice…

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  25. Big game this week gentlemen.

    Start 3 RB: Turner, Wells, Spiller, DAW, and Jacobs

    Also, shoud Stevie Johnson be benched this week? Available free agents: Nate Washington, Sidney Rice, Lance Moore, Doug Baldwin, Reggie Wayne. Do you like any of these?


    • RB: Turner, DAW, Wells (Jacobs just hasn't shown anything lately)
      As for Stevie, he has a tough day ahead of him on Revis Island. I would definitely bench him. Wayne is a sneaky play, but I'd probably go with the inconsistent Nate Washington, as he does probably have the highest ceiling of all those guys (as evidenced by his production last week)

  26. Hey jerod thanks for the basket last year. Ive decided to see where it gets me to make all my decisions without asking for help and ive done pretty well in in 2nd after a loss last week cause brees and graham were on bye. Anyway Ive come to a pretty hard decision to make and find myself needing someone elses advice so here it is. I have forte as my number one RB and have D’willi and beanie wells and cant choose .Either one is a good pick this week i think and wells is getting better and williams has shown alittle more in the last couple weeks. I cant afford another loss i need to regain my #1 spot. Please help me make a choice.

    thank you.

    • Welcome back Steven!

      Wells has not run well since he got hurt, but I do like matchup v STL. Still, I think I'd go with DeAngelo. He is not the injury risk that Wells is, and that matchup v Indy is a great one. So long as you think he'll get 10+ touches (and I do) then he's a safer start than Wells, IMO.

  27. eViL-PORCUPINE says: