4 Of The All-Time Best “Excessive” Endzone Celebrations

I was explaining the concept of excessive celebration penalties to my wife today while watching football. She doesn’t understand how it is okay for the players to dance around individually, but they are not allowed to do any multi-player/team celebrations.

Come to think of it, neither do I.

I mean I understand the rule, but the NFL now stands for the “No Fun League.” I love watching the endzone dances and creative ways the players come up with to have a good time. Then the dictator known as Roger Goodell tells them no more shenanigans in the endzone, and although we get some fun moments we don’t get those hilarious, laugh-out-loud touchdown dances that we were accustomed to seeing from Randy Moss, Ochocinco, and T.O.

joe-horn-phone-callImage source: SIKids.com

My all-time favorite was when Saints wideout Joe Horn’s touchdown “dance” consisted of taking a hidden cell phone from the field goal pads to call his dad and tell him he scored a touchdown. I laughed so hard I fell out of a chair.


When Randy Moss fake mooned the Packer crowd after scoring a touchdown Joe Buck exclaimed it was a “disgusting act.” Obviously Joe Buck didn’t grow up with brothers if he considers a fake mooning disgusting.


And don’t even get me started about linemen recovering a fumble for a touchdown. Fat guy endzone dances are the best. Hands down, no question about it.


I would say my favorite touchdown dance these days is the Aaron Rodgers dance. No, not the discount double check; his championship belt dance.


As a casual wrestling fan, I like the championship belt they got him at the Super Bowl and I dig the dance. He has been dancing a lot lately as the Packers are now 10-0. I wouldn’t put it past them to add another title belt to his collection.


These are just the four celebrations that came to mind after my discussion with my wife. I’m sure I missed plenty.

What are your favorite NFL endzone celebrations? Post links and videos below.

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Trevor Stewart is 25 years old and works as a corporate journalist, gathering stories and photos for magazines. He is a graduate of BIOLA University in La Mirada, Calif., with a Bachelor's degree in Journalism. Originally from Spokane, Wash., he and his wife Abigail currently make their home in Lincoln, Neb.


  1. pretty sure aaron rodgers stole that from freddy fourth and 26 mitchell

    • Het is altijd heel druk hier, ik ben eerste kerstdag jarig en mijn zus 24 de23mber&#8ce0; En dan hebben we nog sinterklaas en oud en nieuw en moeten we ook nog gewoon kerst vieren!! Pfffff , word al moe als ik er aan denk!! Beetje ontspannen kan dus geen kwaad!!

  2. How can you omit the original Spike and the Ickey Shuffle?

    • Good addition! I'm sure if Trevor had meant for this to be a definitive list that it would have been included.

      • Mange tak skal du have! Javist er det væmmeligt at sige, men det er ogsÃ¥ at tale Ã¥bent og ærlig om tingene.Jeg er glad for at du fik noget ud af min bl/gniodlæg

  3. fudgey nuggets in my pants!!!!!!!!

  4. Carlos Spicyweiner says:

    Billy "White Shoes" Johnson's "Funky Chicken", Earnest Givins doing the "Electric Glide", the Washington Redskins "Fun Bunch", Harold Carmichael "rolling the dice", and of course, anytime Neon Deion got into the endzone, you were gonna get a show. The dude who wrote this article has obviously only been watching football for a couple of years.

    • These are great additions Mr. Spicyweiner. In Trevor's defense, he didn't mean this as any kind of definitive list on the topic. These were just the first few that came to his mind.

  5. American football has become a joke! What's with all these ignorant celebrations for doing even the simplest things like making a tackle or catching a pass? It is ridiculous and don't watch the NFL anymore because of it… Why do they call it a touchdown and not a "break the plane"? How can you have respect for a sport that has a penalty for "roughing the passer"? Roughing the passer – really? please.

    • I've been watching football for 40 years and the only time you see celebrations for a 'tackle' is when it results in a loss of yardage or a turnover. The only time you see celebrations for catching a pass is if it results in a touchdown, significant yardage gain, or crucial first down. They have penalties for roughing the passer because there have been many significant hits on QBs in the past that have resulted in injury or even been career ending (although the current rules do seem a bit extreme). You're even complaining about the semantics of what a score is called??? Please! Go watch boring soccer where grown men wear short shorts and knee socks and do nothing but run around a big field. Those scores like 1-0 are really exciting too!

    • Your going to whine and b—- about football because there are too many celebrations and roughing the passer penalties?? Please STFU. And its called a touchdown because the old rules were that the ball had to be "touched" down, just as in rugby. Go back to watching soccer or basketball you fruitcake

  6. Let's not forget Mark Gastineau's sack dance from the 1980s when he played for the New York Sack Exchange (NY Jets). That dance was ridiculous.

  7. Whiskeyfire says:

    Rodgers "dance" is just plain stupid. Great QB horrible celebration, they should have put the original Lambeau Leap in there instead.

  8. Whiskeyfire says:

    I just watched the Raji dance, I need to add this to my previous comment. This is worse than Rodgers belt celebration. whoever came up with these is an obvious Packer Fan. To put the Randy Moss "mooning" in this article and the Horn cell phone just shows he is trying to make the Vikings and Saints look bad. This guy needs to go back and watch some film of the great celebrations.

    • I'm not trying to make anyone look bad. I love Randy Moss' touchdown dance and Joe Horn's. This isn't a list of the best dances ever. It is the few that came to my mind while writing this article yesterday evening. Thanks for the additions of those who took it back old school. I was just keeping it more recent for those who haven't been around as long to see the classics. These are more from the era of when they started actually flagging guys for TD dances.

  9. Pretty sure the best one was the guy who pretended to sit down on a toilet and then "shit" the ball out and threw it into the stands. I have no idea who it was though

    • I wonder what Joe Buck would have said if he saw that one..

      • you know the Packer fans and you follow football, you know that Randy was imitating the Cheese head fans that actually moon the Viking players as they return to their bus, they line up against the fence and pull their pants down. Joe Buck is an idiot if he thought that was disgusting, perhaps he doesn't know what disgusting is…maybe he should see the cheese head fans do it in person. That was great! And for those announcers that said Randy is a classless player, he was playing in a classless place with classless fans so it was fitting.
        A MN faithful who lived there and knows…….Skol Vikes

        • somebody has to do this for real this year. this would be hysterical for sure.

          i think desean jackson at the christmas eve game in Dallas as he wins it with a punt return and eliminates dallas from the playoffs.

          His only hope in assuring a multi million dollar contract with eagles fans.

  10. HAHAHA freakin Joe Horn man, i've been a saints fan my whole life and up until 2007 that was one of the only plays that made it on sportscenter that wasnt of our defense getting slaughtered or of Aaron Brooks throwing the ball backwards.

  11. These "celebrations" as idiots like to call them show an excessive lack of self discipline. As Vince Lombardi once told one of his players after he acted like a jerk on the field, "Act like you've done this before."

  12. Please don't criticize that manly game of European Football; where you act like you've been shot, roll around on the ground and scream in pain, all after someone trips you.

  13. Rodgers "belt" dance is the most gay celebration I have ever seen!

  14. Ed Reed should get a kick ass dance when he gets a pick six or a nasty hit.

  15. i loved when T.O. shook the popcorn into his helmet at Lambeau field…i think he was with the Cowboys at the time

  16. The #1 celebration of all, all time has to be the Chicago Bears WALTER PAYTON….. Yep .. thats it…


    • I have yet to actually strike up a coeoirsatnvn with anyone, but I have overheard people talking about WoW. I remember when I was at Uni in Leeds and on the bus on the way home I heard two guys talking about WoW. I was too shy to say anything, so I just sat there listening in and grinning to myself..-= Heather´s last blog .. =-.

  18. What, no love for T.O.'s pom-pom dance? Or the Sharpie incident? No mention of Ochocinco? Horn was hilarious but not better than the pompoms or the popcorn in my opinion.

  19. What a defuthglilly interesting idea! I've never seen shoepeg corn at the market, but I think I'll try this with some regular frozen corn I've been trying to find an application for.


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