Video: HS running back KJ Dillon scores absurd “flying” TD

@Deadspin just tweeted out a link with the descriptor “High School Running Back Believes He Can Fly.” I was already preparing a clever retort about how R. Kelly believed the same thing (and we know how that turned out!), but then I saw the video.

And holy sweet mercy the kid pretty much can fly.

Just watch the video. It’s one of the most absurdly spectacular touchdowns I’ve ever seen.


I remember watching an old video of Michael Jordan back in the day, and he was discussing whether he could actually fly or not. He said that for that split second when he was at the peak of his glide, he thought it was indeed flying.

It’s hard to watch that video of Dillon and not admit that, for at least a split second, he is literally flying towards the end zone.


By the way, if you wondering, Dillon is a 3-Star recruit and his official position isn’t even running back. It’s safety. Regardless, he has an offer from Indiana, where they don’t have a whole lot of football history, but they do have some pretty good safeties (Mike Dumas) and running backs in their past (Anthony Thompson, Vaughn Dunbar).

Hey, a Hoosier alum can dream, can’t he?

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  1. we'll be hearing from this kid in college and probably the NFL in 2016 or 2017 –

  2. TCU does a great job with 3-Star recruits! Maybe they'll snag him. Patterson looks at athletic ability as much as he does on-field performance.

  3. Alan Thomas says:

    Check out the HOT refs in this music video of "The Tailgate Song" !!

  4. R. Berger says:

    He was lifted by the defensive player and thrown into the end zone. He would have only gone about 3 yards if not for that. No great feat if you ask me.

    • Greg Kcalb says:

      Suuuuure….!!! And it was probably planned that way big guy! Get a grip pal. It's HS football and this young man demonstrates a core value that will, more than likely, take him to millionaire status "YOU" can only dream of!

  5. I agree the defensive player thew him in!!

  6. Raymond K says:

    Technically it wasn't a touchdown. His elbow was down well before the goalline.

    • the checkered blue and white boxes arent the start of the endzone, the painted white line before them is

    • Yeah, I think you confused the goal line as being the painted portion. The plane looks a couple yards shy of the paint. That said, he looked like he actually got a yard or so over it making it all the more impressive of a leap. I've never tried to do a head first dive for distance. I can't imagine getting the 5 or 6 yards he did. I doubt many could. It did look like a neck injury waiting to happen when he landed though.

    • Dumbass learn football

    • what video did you watch? Nothing on the kid hit the before the endzone. Don't be a hatter!!!


  7. @Raymond K See that white line to the right of his elbow? THAT'S the goal line, my friend.

  8. Spencer Tillman's 5 yard dive against Nebraska in the early eighties was better

    • Perhaps. Tillman wasn't a high school player at the time either. I'd be OK as a high school player being compared to a very talented Tillman. Tillman's was impressive though.

  9. Greg Roberts says:

    A GENUINE core desire…to WIN! Incredible!

  10. Mike Flanagan says:

    What the defensive players INTENT was to CATCH KJ in mid-flight…and carry him in the opposite direction the entire distance of the field….never mind.

  11. Appreciate Real says:

    It is amazing of how many non athletic dreamers actually have a comment. First the young man displayed his desire to get in, which many would have just froze up. Second for someone to say he was pushed in etc… OK the vertical leaping ability to clear the height and distance very impressive. Third. STOP comparing him to your private hero. Tillman all others much respect, however they performed on their day, he perfomed on his. I remember BACK IN THE DAY I was able to do many things, but since the ability changes with time, I still appreciate and I am glad to see a member of this current generation is actually performing. At least he is "PLAYING THE GAME" and based on his performance, he must enjoy working out or exercising, and not eating his way to the top.
    So to all you hateologist, get away from the video games, go outside and actually encourage a kid to have fun and do something. Give the young man his credit.

  12. actually, the most interesting part about this is it was totally unnecessary. his receiver was still throwing a great block and had his hands on the corner back. he easily could have ran for the corner and walked in. hurray for turning a mistake into a highlight though; just be happy the game aint on the line and he tries that again

  13. Great effort but looks like number 24 carried him three feet and then slammed him in the end zone.

  14. AthletesNetwork says:

    What an amazing display of athleticism – looking forward to seeing him play in Indy!


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