Tim Tebow Double Standard masks this reality: his start compares favorably with that of numerous Hall of Fame QBs

A few weeks ago, Verizon Wireless contacted MSF with an amazing opportunity.  If I agreed to try out one of their phones (equipped with NFL Mobile) and one of their tablets, and blog about my experiences, they would give me the phone, give me the tablet, and fly me to Chicago to stay in the Hard Rock Hotel and attend the Packers/Bears game.  

If you are thinking, “No way…that’s too good to be true”… you aren’t alone.  Unbelievably though, there were no “catches,” and the experience has been amazing. Over the course of this season, I’ll be updating you on my experience with Verizon’s products – the good and/or the bad, as my opinions are my own and beholden to no one – but so far so good.


I have been a Sprint man ever since I was in high school. I started out with Sprint for one reason: it was what my parents had…and they were paying for my phone.

As I grew older, I stayed with Sprint because it was what I was comfortable with. By and large, it was cheaper than all of the other companies, and I didn’t feel like trying anything new. Of course, I knew that I would drop calls constantly, and I had heard that other companies had better service…but I was stuck in my ways.

Then, about a month ago, Verizon offered me the opportunity to try some of their products free of charge. They handed me the new Droid Bionic, and gave me the freedom to do whatever I wanted with it. As soon as I made the switch, I realized one thing: when it comes to cell phones, you get what you pay for.

Really, that’s what we all desire every time we make a purchase.  It doesn’t really matter how much we spend, as long as we get what we pay for, we feel good about it.

It’s funny that I was so eager to spend $10 less a month on a device that I use almost non-stop throughout the day. Most of us wouldn’t spend $10 less a month on a car if we knew it was clearly inferior to another one, but there I was, saving money…and driving myself crazy every time I dropped a call IN MY OWN APARTMENT.

One of the greatest things about my new Bionic is that it came with NFL Mobile. What an amazing app. I can turn on the app, start playing the Red Zone channel, and then plug that into my television and watch it in crystal clear HD. In a year that the Colts have been so dreadful, NFL Mobile has saved my season.

NFL Mobile has also enabled me to keep tabs on one of my favorite players – Tim Tebow – a little better as well. And how has he fared? Well, I’m sure you’ve heard.

What may surprise you, however, is that I feel completely different about his start. I disagree with what the media is trying to sell you. In my opinion, the Denver Broncos have gotten what they paid for with Tim Tebow…and frankly, it has been mostly good.


Comparing Tebow’s first 5 games to the best QBs in NFL history

Even if we were to forget about the fact that he entered a situation where the incumbent starting QB didn’t have the least bit of interest in trying to help him improve….

And even if we were to forget about the fact that before starting his second season he had to transition to a new coach – a coach who doesn’t like him by the way – and a new system – in the midst of a lockout that made it impossible for him to immerse himself completely into the offense….

And even if we were to forget about the fact that his team traded away his best wide receiver the week before he was supposed to make his first start (on this team that had a new coach and new system)….

And even if we were to forget about the fact that the media, as a general rule, wants him to fail and has scrutinized him more than any other 25th pick in NFL history….

We could still look at his stats from his first five NFL starts and compare them to every quarterback that’s been inducted into the Hall of Fame since the year 2000 (plus two more who will be someday)…and we would realize that the Broncos, so far, have gotten exactly what they paid for.

Comps Atts Pct Yards Yards Per Att Passing TDs Ints Rushing Yds Rushing TDs Win/Loss
Tim Tebow 57 118 48.31% 891 7.55 7 3 302 4 2 – 3
John Elway 38 79 48.10% 420 5.32 1 5 41 0 2 – 3
Jim Kelly 81 138 58.70% 1127 8.17 6 5 33 0 1 – 4
Troy Aikman 58 125 46.40% 894 7.152 3 8 38 0 0 – 5
Steve Young 72 138 52.17% 935 6.78 3 8 233 1 1 – 4
Warren Moon 66 139 47.48% 1022 7.35 4 3 44 0 0 – 5
Dan Marino 87 144 60.42% 1177 8.17 12 3 10 1 4 – 1
Joe Montana 64 114 56.14% 662 5.80 6 4 40 0 1 – 4
Peyton Manning 93 169 55.03% 1129 6.68 4 12 33 0 1 – 4
Tom Brady 99 159 62.26% 1023 6.43 7 4 8 0 3 – 2

I don’t need to write 100 hyperboles about his incredible intangibles. I am not required to discuss his well-publicized faith. It’s not necessary for me to bring his incredibly decorated college resume into play.

The stats speak for themselves.

Tebow has NOT been terrible. He has not been an atrocious disappointment. He also has not been a “savior.” What he has been is, simply, a rookie quarterback, which makes him similar to nearly EVERY OTHER great quarterback in history.

When compared with the last seven quarterbacks that made the Hall of Fame, plus Brady and Manning just for good measure, Tebow measures up quite well.

A few things jump out at you immediately.

First of all, Dan Marino was unbelievable. If you think that Cam Newton is insane, just check out Marino’s stats, and then adjust them for his era. Wow. Another thing that might stick out is the rushing yardage. Of course Tebow figures to be better here, but he’s even far and away better than Steve Young – another guy who was supposedly more of a runner than a thrower early on.

But let’s look at his passing stats. I’m sure he will finish WELL behind these guys when it comes to actually throwing the ball, right?


For completion percentage, he finishes in the middle of the pack – ahead of Elway, Aikman, and Warren Moon. He looks even better when you look at his yards per attempt. In that category, Elway, Aikman, Young, Moon, Montana, Manning AND Brady all trail the young Bronco.

This is where the story actually gets interesting. It will probably startle you to find out that the only QB that threw for more TDs (seven) in his first five starts than Tebow was Dan Marino. John Elway threw a paltry one, and Aikman and Young only had three apiece.

When you factor rushing touchdowns into the whole story, Tebow only trails the great Marino by one TD total.

But none of those stats were as shocking to me as the turnover story. Unbelievably, Tebow is tied with Marino and Moon for the least interceptions thrown of anyone in the group.

Statistically, there is absolutely no evidence that says that any of these guys (besides Marino) looked better than Tebow in their first five NFL starts. Conversely, you could make a pretty convincing argument that many of them have actually looked WORSE than Tebow.

The truth about young QBa (including Tim Tebow)

Tebow has simply proven what most NFL players, fans, and coaches have believed for years: rookies generally don’t come into the league and have success right away.

Peyton Manning started every game as a rookie – and set an NFL record for most interceptions in a season. So what? That’s what rookies do. Nobody ever considered pulling him.

John Elway looked atrocious early on – completing only one pass for 14 yards and throwing a pick in his first game! Nobody second-guessed him. He was a rookie…you get what you pay for.

tim-tebowThe list goes on and on.

Troy Aikman started his career 0-11. Joe Montana couldn’t consistently crack the starting lineup until year three. It didn’t matter. Rookie QBs have always been given a ton of leeway. That is, until Tim Tebow came along.

For years, we have graded rookie QB’s on a different scale.  We accepted the fact that their stats would be mediocre, and we understood that they would make several rookie mistakes.  All we really wanted them to show us was an ability to make big plays at big moments.  If a QB could make winning plays, we would overlook a lot of the bad that inevitably came with starting a rookie QB.

Could you really, honestly say that Tebow hasn’t at least showed us he’s capable of making winning plays?  Could you really, honestly say that Tebow has shown us he is incapable of winning?  Again, out of all of the above QB’s, the only two QB’s that had BETTER records than Tebow in their first five games were Marino and Brady.

That’s right…Elway, Montana, Manning, and the rest had worse starts.

And if you look at each of these player’s teams objectively, you will have a hard time trying to say that Tebow’s Broncos are as good as Marino’s playoff-bound Dolphins or Brady’s Super Bowl winning Patriots.

Word on the streets this morning is that the Broncos want to bench him after only two starts (five total when you bring his last three games from last year into play). What an unbelievably dumb decision that would be. Really, it would just be confirmation of something we already suspect: the Broncos don’t really want Tebow to succeed…because they aren’t really going to give him a chance.

Sure, he looked bad against a 6-2 team with one of the best defensive lines in the league.  Is that really enough evidence to bench the kid and proclaim he will never be a good player in the NFL?

No matter what your thoughts are on Tebow, you have to agree that it’s WAY too early to make a judgment on him. I’m not saying he’s going to end his career as a Hall of Fame QB. I’m not even saying he’s going to end up being a good starter in the NFL at all.

What I am saying is that it’s way too soon to really know. Let’s extend Tebow the same long leash we gave every other rookie QB in history.

Let’s at least give him the chance to prove us right…or wrong…whatever the case may be.


What do you think?

Is Tim Tebow as bad as he is being made out to be, or does everyone (including the Broncos) need to have patience with a guy who has still only made five career starts?

Comment below.

About Jon Washburn

Jon Washburn grew up in Indianapolis, IN and as such, is a diehard Pacers, Colts, and Cubs fans. When it comes to college, he cheers for Notre Dame football fan and Purdue basketball. Yes, this sounds shady, but since he grew up without cable, he learned to love Notre Dame - the only team on TV. Glenn "The Big Dog" Robinson was at Purdue when Jon was in his formative years, so he latched onto them as well. Did that make him a fair-weather fan at the time? Sure. Give him a break...he was 8...and he has stayed with those teams ever since. Currently, he lives in Charleston, SC with his wife who grew up in Cleveland. Although he is no longer physically in the Midwest, his heart will always be there. Jon goes by the name "Twitch" because he has Tourette's Syndrome. Hit him up on his twitter @jwtwitch.


  1. Jon, great work here putting some objective analysis to a subject that is rarely, if ever, analyzed objectively. And I appreciate that your conclusion is nothing but objective and fair…basically saying that everyone just needs to cool their jets a bit and give the Tebow the same chance other QBs have been given.

    I will say this, having watched much of Tebow's last two games: while I definitely think Denver needs to give him time and actually act like they want him to succeed, I have been surprised at how poorly Tebow has played, even taking into account his inexperience. This doesn't mean I'm already ready to chalk him up as a failure, but I do think it's becoming evident that he simply will not be able to develop into a traditional pocket passer. So whether it's with Denver or another team, Tebow is going to need an offense and a gameplan specifically tailored to his unique skills to win, which could make it difficult for him because it decreases the likelihood of him landing in a spot conducive to him being successful as a QB (and Denver looks like it will NOT be at that place).

    Either way, despite his struggles, Tebow deserves much more time before anyone judges him. As with most things, he hasn't been as bad as his detractors say, and he hasn't been as good as the sycophants profess. He's just a rookie (in terms of experience), learning the ropes and taking his lumps. We all need more time to state definitively whether he will or will not be a success.

  2. Scottie Mac says:

    Good point in the middle paragraph above. Good coaches know how to best utilize the talent they have. Do we expect the Denver OC to have a whole set of plays drawn up for the running, playmaking QB and another set for the pocket passer? Well, colleges sure do. Pro offenses do too; it's called the wildcat. Tebow is much more dangerous than a wildcat runningback taking a direct snap. So use him to his strengths and don't force him into a situation where he will fail. If nothing else, Mike McCoy should WANT to make Tebow successful to make his own self look good to the upper brass. We'll see if someone comes to their senses on this. Then again, I think the entire fact that Tebow has played at all has been the team's sarcastic response to its own fans. "You want Tebow? You're going to chant his name during games? Ok, we'll give you Tebow, raw and uncut." So then when he fails, the team can say, "See, we told you so. Orton is our guy."

    • Scottie Mac says:

      forgot that it sorts articles from newest to oldest.
      First sentence should now read "Good point in the middle paragraph BELOW." (In Jerod's post)

  3. Thank you for putting some stats in black and white. I have been looking for this kind of comparison. I agree that Tebow needs time to prove anyone right or wrong. Denver would be silly to bench him now…they need to ride it out this season and see where they get. They have some very winnable games. If nothing more, I'd like to see Tebow vs. Oakland next week just for an apples to apples comparison with Orton. I think, with a better game plan, Tebow can go into Oakland and win. But, if they run on downs 1 and 2 EVERY single time, they are going to have 3rd and long blitzes, sacks and a nightmare of a game for ANY QB, let alone one with 5 starts. The expectations of Tebow are unreal and people need to get a reality check on what a rookie QB is expected to do. Look at Dalton's stats…he throws 25-30 times a game for about 160 yards or so and completes about half of the passes. Their D holds solid and they are in games at the end. If Denver could do that, Tebow might have a better shot at winning. If the D gives up 28 pts a game, it is going to be tough.

  4. Tebowahomo says:

    So what you are saying is Tebow is better then Kelly, Moon, Young, Brady, Manning, & Montana? You jesus freaks amaze me. Instead of Tebowing learn to play the game. Sorry it takes more then prayer to win games. Lets also not forget most of Teblows stats come when the game is out of reach like yesterday. Before Detriot D got bored he only had 85 passing yards. Sorry better pray to god for a good QB with skills just cuz your a cracker from the south who has a faith in god don't make you the GOAT QB no matter how much ESPN jams him down our throats. Look at the new conference after the game yesterday Teblows eyes daid it all . He had that oh shit god cant save me now look. Sorry timmy teabaggers but, your chosen one is about as useless as being a virgin at 25 when your future wife been gucking since she was 14.

    • thedrtwitch says:

      I actually said I WASN'T saying he would be better than Kelly, Moon, etc. I also said I didn't know if he was even going to be a good starter. I simply said it was too soon to know.
      I never mentioned Tebow's faith in the article. I never mentioned praying, tebowing, etc. I never used the namecalling tactic to promote my point.
      I simply looked up some stats and made some observations.
      Thanks for your enlightening thoughts and criticisms of Tebow as a person. In the future, please come to MSF looking to discuss what's actually happening on the field.

    • JMADenver says:

      Instead of replying to your extremely ridiculous post, I'm going to tell you the most important thing you will ever hear. The Bible says that one day every single person on this earth will bow down and confess that Jesus is Lord. You will be one of them; mark my words. And on that day, you will remember reading this, whether you remember it in gladness, because you chose to see Truth and found it, or you will remember with bitterness, knowing that you missed your opportunity for eternal life. Everyone will life forever somewhere . . . best to chose the right place now, as you never know when you'll be out of chances.

    • ReadingTeacher says:

      Do you know how to read? Do you know what reading comprehension is? Not once did the writer of the blog ever mention his faith. Have you been drinking all day or are you 9 years old and using your parents computer? That would make sense for the way you spell "daid"…I think you meant to spell "said", but then again, I hate to be critical of you if you are a young kid. Perhaps you should try reading the article again.

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    • youre just a racist, angry minority. shut up and learn how to type

    • Ok, leave Jesus, God, prayer, and all these religion aspects out of this. There is nothing wrong or gay about being a virgin at 25 either. None of that really has anything to do with his play. I thought he played terribly to, but there were no religion references in this article. I agree with JMADenver. I know he his play was awful, but that has nothing to do withreligion.

  5. Tim Teblows says:


    The fact that you refer to Tebow as a rookie when he IS NOT A ROOKIE shows how ignorant you are. This is the worst article I have ever read.

    • thedrtwitch says:

      I was taking each of these players' first five games that they started. That included Brady and Montana in year 2 as well.

      • So to you a guy that is in the league 5 weeks should have the same level of acumen as a guy that has been in the league 24 weeks? The logic of one trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, i.e. a Tebow fan.

        This is Tebow's 2nd year and he acts like the game is WAY to fast for his wee little brain. Maybe there's a scripture about throwing spirals, if not he's doomed because he doesn't seem to be able to have a creative thought on his own. Maybe all you Tebow apologists can scour "da bible" for verses on reading a zone blitz?!

        Your boy throws like a girl and runs slower than most linebackers. He's a career ending injury waiting to happen. Why don't you write an article on how many QB's missed open receivers by 10 yards or more. I bet Tebow can finish top of the heap in that poll :)

    • Are you stupid or what? It's a comparison of the first 5 starts. Multiple quarterbacks on that list didn't start a game their first year. Where were you , Moron, when Elway started? Itching your Daddy's pants? I live in Denver and watched all those games his first years; he sucked. He sucked royally. You're obviously an idiot because of your hate for a good MAN that Tebow is. Sick people like you are poisoning our society with your hate for God-loving people.

    • In fact, Tebow certainly could be considered a rookie. Yes he was drafted in 2010 and played under a coach who was fired midway through the season, to play for an interim Coach. That interim coach was not hired as the head coach a new coach was brought in to take over the job. Combine three different head coaches, a lockout which precluded any work with the new system or for that matter the old system. He had as much time in the new system (at least his second system in less than a year and possibly his third system in less than) as every other rookie quarterback drafted in 2011.

  6. Tim Teblows says:

    During all of your research on the stats of all those hall of fame QBs, did you ever come across the fact that Tim Teblows is NOT A ROOKIE?

    This is year two for this guy. You would think he would have a better grasp of the offense by now. Instead of going to third world countries to push his god on people who don't want to hear that crap, he should have been studying the playbook and working with a QB coach. Oh wait…he didn't have to do that…he has GOD on his side.

    • thedrtwitch says:

      You are right…it is year two. But he's in a completely new offense and the lockout hindered him from being able to study the playbook more.
      I'm not sure why you are so eager to talk about his religion in order to discredit him as a football player, but again, on the field, the stats say that he has been just as competent if not more so than many of these great QBs were in their first five games.

  7. Tim Teblows says:

    You should be ashamed of yourself for comparing Teblows to some of the greatest QBs to ever play the game. What's wrong with you? You should be banned from writing about football or be fired.

    • thedrtwitch says:

      I never stated that Tebow was as good as the all time greats. In fact, I stated that I WASN'T predicting that level of greatness out of him. All I said is that it's too early to tell, and if people piled it on this much with Elway, Montana, Manning, etc., we might have been robbed of watching some of the all-time greats.

  8. keithmullett says:

    It should be mentioned that Moon played in the CFL and Young and Kelly in the USFL before their NFL days, so while there were some questions about whether they could be traditional passers (Moon and Young, Kelly wasn't doubted much), they at least had some extra seasoning playing professional football before the NFL. Neither Young or Moon had the glaring problems with quarterbacking mechanics that Tebow has, and all of the others listed came into the league with solid technique and the experience of a mostly pro-style system from their college days.

    I agree that you can't write Tebow off after a handful of starts (since they invested so much in to get him they have to see it through), but I just don't see any way that he ever becomes anything above average as an NFL quarterback. It's important to note that the majority of his completions and yardage from yesterday's game after the game was decided and Detroit stopped bringing the house at him.

    • thedrtwitch says:

      Great points Keith. However, I think this helps to STRENGTHEN a Tebow supporter's case. If Moon, Young, and Kelly all played professional football before they got to the NFL, and they STILL struggled this mightily to win games and put up great numbers, it just proves the point that almost nobody comes into the league and lets it rip from day one.
      Unless you are Cam Newton…in which case, you might be the G.O.A.T.

      • keithmullett says:

        I see your point, but every coach/scout/expert not named Josh McDaniels says that Tebow will never succeed because of his poor mechanics, locking onto a single receiver and holding the ball too long/having a slow release. It definitely will take guys some time to mature into smart, effective quarterbacks.

        Let's also not forget how much easier it is to rack up passing stats now. QBs can't get hit, DBs can't play physical with receivers and tacklers can't lay vicious blows to offensive players any more. I obviously can't prove this, but I bet a rookie John Elway or Joe Montana would be able to do much better today than Tebow has so far, at least in terms of completion %, yardage and touchdown passes.

  9. Living in Denver I can tell you that Tebowmania is completely out of control and insane. The local sports announcers refer to him as Timmy. Timmy this, or Timmy that. WTF?

    Nonetheless, the Broncos should keep Tebow in through the rest of the year. When I was 15 and got caught smoking, my parents made me smoke a whole carton to teach me a lesson. Leave Tebow in for all 9 remaining games. Good or Bad. Hopefully, that will smoke out Tebowmania and the team can get back to business. Good or Bad.

    Personally, I think the real problem rests in their owner who could care less, as long as 72,000 people show up, buy jerseys and drink lots of beer. Evidenced by the fact that all players who have been cast off have gone on to bigger contracts with their new teams (Cutler, Marshall to name two).

  10. Robert Livingston. says:

    tebow will prove himself in time. All haters will eat their words.

  11. I really appreciate this article. I feel horrible for Tim Tebow right now. It is incredible to sit and watch the "experts" pile on this kid. I've never seen the like in my life. How many Quaterbacks are currently starting in the NFL that have proven absolutely nothing yet are given chance after chance after chance? I'm absolutely amazed that the kid can't get an opportunity to prove his worth in an offense that suits his skills. Is that too much to ask? I hope a team like Jacksonville trades for him, commits to him as a starter, and builds a team around him so he can prove what those who support him already know, that he can play Quaterback in the NFL.



    • Oh, please! He can't hack it in the NFL. He should just forget football and become a preacher. Or is his ego too big to allow himself to just fade into obscurity? I bet it is.

  12. James Bond says:

    Trent Dilfer, the only QB to ever win a superbowl and have a career with more INT than TD's, he can't wait to trash Tebow, yet, when you look at how he started out, the facts are that he was 20 times worst than Tebow. His first year with Tampa Bay 1 TD andn 6 INT. Second year 4 TD and 18 INT. Third year 12 TD and 19 INT. What gives Dilfer the right to talk so bad about Tim Tebow when he was a lousy QB throughout his career!!!!!

    • Double Oh Seven your youth is showing. I give you Joe Namath.. who had a LOT more INTs than TDs in his career as a Super Bowl winning QB. And HE'S in the Hall of Fame. Most young Qbs struggle coming into the NFL.. Elway stunk his first 2-3 years as a starter.. As did Troy AIkman, Steve Young, .. the list goes on and on.. Tebow needs work as a passer, that much is a given.. but you absolutely cannot deny that dude is a football player plain and simple. It's probably going to take an intensive offseason with his QB coach (something he didn't get this year because of the lockout) for him to become more consistent as a passer. But there can be no denying that he brings enough other things to the table as a football player that helps a team win that you'd have to be an idiot not to utilize that.

  13. This article was an enjoyable read, and the empirical evidence gives us a tool to contextualize Tebow's performance thus far. With that said, and while I do believe that Tebow is unfairly targeted and disparaged by the general public, it must be noted that statistics are inherently spurious without some subjective or qualitative analysis to supplement them.

    For instance, it's fine that he's putting up numbers that are similar to the early outputs of several HOF QBs, but when you consider how poorly he's throwing the ball (there was never a mechanical issue with Peyton or Elway, for example) and how inconsistent and capricious his game has been, the bigger picture becomes slightly less appealing.

    Furthermore, we can go diametrically oppose the statistical argument provided by comparing him to draft duds like JaMarcus Russell. In Russell's first five starts, he had a 59% completion percentage; 892 passing yards; and 5 TDs to 2 INTs.

    And I think that was the crux of this argument. That we need to be even keel with our analysis of Tebow – his game right now is far too ambiguous for us to decipher what his true identity is. That sort of determination requires time, and we'll need to see how he fares over 20 starts (as Michael Lombardi suggested), before we get a true understanding of what he brings to the table, as it's all conjectural at this point.

    With that said, given his poor fundamental play thus far, I'm more pessimistic than optimistic about his potential trajectory. It's just my opinion, but I hope I'm proven wrong on this one.

    • thedrtwitch says:

      Well stated Trio. I agree with a lot of what you are saying. His poor fundamentals are much more discouraging to think about than the stats he has put up. Thanks for listening to my main point…that we need to give him more time before making any concrete evaluations.
      Consider Blaine Gabbert…the guy has thrown for less than 100 yards in each of his last two games. Of course nobody is proclaiming him as a bust yet. Let's just give Tebow the same chance that we give every other rookie QB.

    • Possibly one of the most articulate and well formulated responses I have ever read on one of these sports blogs. The need for a larger body of work, data, is essential in making a determination on how he will perform in the NFL. He also needs a system that will accentuate his skill set, think about Fran Tarkenton or more recently Alex Smith. I would also make reference to David Carr, the Houston Texans destroyed him. The Texans never provided adequate supports and he was little more than meat that was pulverized for years, that would make most people develop "happy feet" in the pocket. If the Broncos are unwilling to work to Tebow's strengths then I hope they will trade him to a team that will give him a real chance.

  14. Those people that have names which refer to Tim Tebow sucking should learn to leave their personal beliefs off of mature discussions. They are obviously going to be bias against him which to me would discredit anything they say because they think they are making a point on someone they just hate for who he is. It is incredibly ignorant. I dont think that he should be judged by his personal beliefs. I thought the article was very insightful. I had huge doubts about Tebow, but when put in this perspective brings new light to the subject. People are always going to hate winners, and thats just what Tebow is.

  15. Jeff Wetzel says:

    Give him a break. Let him learn the pro game. He was a winner in college given the chance he will be a winner in the pros. Maybe put some players around him then see what happens.


  16. Jon Washburn have you seen Tim Tebow play? Forget the stats just watch him play and ask yourself does he look like an NFL QB. Forget he's Tebow and just look at him as a guy who's in his second year & getting his shot at starting. What do you see? Sunday I saw the worst Quarterback performance I've ever seen in 20 years of watching football. They were actually running the option for him. That might work in college but it doesn’t work in the NFL. He wasn’t just missing guys, half of his passes I couldn’t tell who he was even passing it too. He missed guys deep by 10 yards. He holds the ball forever looking confused. He has a slow release. He never looks off defenders. He'll focus on one guy never progressing to his other reads. I have nothing bad to say about him as a man but as an NFL QB the guy looks terrible.

    • Do you see his record? 2 and 3 in five games started. Have you seen Blaine Gaberts record? 1 – 5 in six starts. Cam Newtons record? 2-6 in eight starts. Did he look like a NFL QB with 5 minutes left in the Dolphins game? It is way to early to pass judgement. A few games here or there is not going to determine whether or not he can make it or not.

  17. Howzaboutdat says:

    To all you Christophobic people out there… yeah, Tebowahomo, i'm talking to you too bro!.. If Tebow wasn't so outspoken about his faith, he probably wouldn't be NFL newsworthy. But since he is a Jesus freak and proud of it… every Tom, Dick & Fred out there gets on his case… but then again, that is to be expected; Tim Tebow knows that and every Jesus freak out there knows that. But, since this blog/post is suppose to be for comments & opinions on sports, I won't get into how right JMADenver really is… So, if you want to trash Jesus (and/or Tebow too), there are plenty of anti-Christian websites out there for you (but I would Google 'Mark 8:38' before you do)… if you want to talk sports, great, let's talk sports… at least be intelligent about it.

    Oh… and all us Jesus freaks will be pray'in for ya too… don't you just love to hate us for that?!

    • Last nights pregame on espn was atroucious.. I can believe the other jugheads but i was surprised to hear coach Ditka not stick up for Tebow.. Flutie, Tomzack, even harbuagh all were of the same mold of quareterback. Unbelievable how a guy talks about Jesus and gets attacked…If he was knocking up women 2 at a time…he would be a hero….shows how far we have fallen as a society.

    • It's not really hating Jesus freaks for loving Jesus, it's the people who say they follow Jesus and then do everything the opposite of what Jesus preached. It's the homophobes and the racists and mysoginists and teabaggers and republicans and the people who kill abortion doctors in Jesus' name. They just pervert what Jesus preached and it makes Christians look bad.

      • Howzaboutdat says:

        annabell – You are correct to large degree; but the 60+ years I have spent on this rock, have shown me that there are people in the world that ARE just haters and they don't like to be reminded that they act like 'troglodytes'… Back in biblical times, the people YOU are referring to were called Pharisees and zealots, today we just call them hypocrites; but they are all the same type of person… self centered, egotistical, self righteous, socially, morally & spiritually blind… but also, eventually… they will wind up… very dead wrong!… And if you don't know, Tim Tebow is the real deal, he REALLY IS a good person (and eventually will be a good quarterback)… Oh, by the way, not ALL republicans are bad people ;-)

  18. On a more important note, Tim Tebow is already a success. He's openly proclaiming the Lord's Glory and giving him all the honor he can, and the insults of those who despise him earn him treasures beyond your wildest dreams in God's Kingdom. Jesus said in John 15:18 "if the world hates you, remember that it hated me first" and Proverbs 29:27 says "the righteous detest the dishonest, the wicked hate the upright". Remember the next time that you insult the "Jesus freak", you are not insulting a man who is overzealous in his faith- you are pitting yourself against a servant of the almighty God. You may judge Tim Tebow in a chartroom, but God judges you in eternity.

    • Be serious, we don't despise Tebow – we despise his pious, self-righteous, self-aggrandizing, moronic, loud-mouthed, mouth-breathing fans. People just like you. Every Tebow incompletion is a victory for sane people. Every Tebow interception proves the world is till a good place. Every Tebow sack brings smiles to good peoples faces. Every Tebow loss makes the earth that much brighter…

      Good luck living your life according to a fable and pushing your brand of bullsh!t down everyone's throats. But never forget, it ain't about Tebow, it's about pissing off mental midgets like you.
      By the way, your judgmental, angry, eternal resentment god is on his knees kissing my loving, forgiving, all-powerful Gods enormous dong.

      • "RedMan" you are one angry dude…you must have the smallest penis on earth and therefore mad b/c God didn't give you a bigger one. I bet your "all-powerful God" is a giant rubber dong you keep next to your bed. JACKASS!

      • You are an idiot. Bottom line. Judge that……….

    • Praise the Lord DB. I am sure me and you and every other Christian gets this. It has been proclaimed how the wolves will attack the lamb.

  19. Bert Capps says:

    Hi give him a few game's and see what happen's, I have seen the best QB's do very bad when they have not
    got a the teem to work with. All QB's have to get the teem that will work with them. And that will sooner later will
    know how he works. All in all I thank that he will be all right If you will work with him and have John Elway work
    with him on his passing game. John was one of the best in the game. Dever wil rebound in time they just need
    to have the time to work on geting the right player that will work to gether. Rember the best QB in the in the game
    is no good If he has no teem to work with. I say give him time and the teem and he will do just fine. I Saw John Elway have some bad year's to when he did not have the teem to work with. The QB. is not the whole tee, you need a teem as well as a QB.


    • bronco mania says:

      I agree with u give tebow a chance. Look how Elway was when he came out of college he wasn't the greatest either. So if u are truly a bronco fan u will just give him a chance. And a big maybe Orton will try to teach ormaybe even Elway, or maybe he is afraid he is going to be as good as he was so he doesn't want him to be.

  20. Does anyone recall how Terry Bradshaw was criticised when he first played as a pro? Just hold off a while and see if Denver gives him a decent team to play on.

  21. TRIO234 provided one of the most articulate responses I have ever read on a sports blog. There is a need for much more data to determine if T. Tebow (TT) will be a good QB in the NFL. He also needs the support of his coaches, that is using a system that will accentuate his skill set. Alex Smith is now in a system and with a coach who is doing that. Fran Tarkenton was not your prototypical QB but a leader and success in the NFL. David Carr was physically destroyed by the Texans by not providing him adequate supports or a system that would minimize the beating he took in the pocket. If the Broncos are unwilling to provide TT with real supports and a system that will accentuate his skill set I hope that a another team will.

  22. as a previous tebow doubter while he was in college and a lifetime bronco fan i was ticked when mcdaniels traded up to get him, after his starts at the end of last year i started believing maybe the kid has something, now im leaning back to doubting his play as an nfl qb, though the system he is playing in does not suit his style of play (the reason why he and Orton) both played better under mcdaniels i think his lack of accuracy cannot be corrected, i would however like to see what he can do as a TE a position he was considered as being more likely to play in the NFL while he was in college, since McDaniels traded off all the talent denver had, like Sheffler, Hillis, and Marshall we could use a playmaker the can run after the catch at TE, see what quinn can do at QB and if he he is a diamond in the rough (it is possible?…right?..) we can maybe grab Trent Richardson from Alabama if he declares as a HB in our first round pick as i dont think we are gonna be in the Luck sweepstakes, or even Landry Jones. I like Tebows heart and leadership and was hoping for him to work out cause it reminded me of how Elway used to command the field, but he just doesnt have the consistant accuracy an NFL qb needs with the tight windows. I say he gets a couple more starts but the glaring problem cannot be fixed quickly if ever,,,they tried correcting it in four years at Florida. Truth is he was drafted as a project, he was not supposed to be starting at this point in his career, mcdaniels was a qb guy, he thought he could could correct it in time. things changed with our coaching but not the fact that he isnt ready yet.

  23. I have known "Timmy" (yes, that's what we call him) and his family all of his life. We are all members of the same church. I am SO very proud of him for standing up for his beliefs and for living the life that would please our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! He is real and what you see is what you've got!

    I think this article is very interesting! When looking at the stats, I can see what I have believed since I started watching him play football. He has the heart and ability to be a GREAT quarterback! He wants to do whatever he can do to help make his team a winning team! I appreciate the way JarodMSF put it, "he is just a rookie (in terms of experience)". Give him the time, the support players and coaches around him, that he needs to be the best player he can be, as the other top quarterbacks in NFL history have been given!

    Wherever he ends up playing his pro football career, I feel that that team will benefit greatly from his heart for the game of football, as well as his heart for people and where they will spend their eternal life! He is a wholesome young man and any team would be lucky to have him as a part of their community and football team!

    As a christian, a follower and believer in Jesus Christ, Timmy understands the criticism, as well as, support from other believers as this is the way out Savior was treated when He lived on earth. God is in control and knows our future and wants what is best for us.

    May God use Timmy! May God lead Timmy! May God bless Timmy! May God bless you!

    • Keep hoping the wizard in the sky grants your wishes and gives him some skill. I will hang here and be a realist. Wanna see which one is right??

  24. "Statistics are used much like a drunk uses a lamp post: for support, not illumination." – Vin Scully

  25. I really do not understand what this kid did to deserve this kind of hate. What did he do to deserve to be ridiculed and made fun of by the sports news media, fellow players, and the profoundly ignorant armchair quarterbacks.

  26. christiansagainstnike says:

    I love Tim Tebow honoring the name of the MOST HIGH GOD. I hate Tim Tebow honoring the name of the evil pagan goddess Nike. By promoting NIKE… the company honoring the name of the evil pagan goddess Nike… he is essentially dishonoring the MOST HIGH GOD. A lot of Christians are seeing that wearing NIKE things are wrong. It is time for Tim Tebow to see that. I stand on God's Word on this… In Exodus 23:13, GOD says… “Be sure to do all that I have said to you. You must not even say the names of other gods; those names must not come out of your mouth.” Tim Tebow is right to honor the MOST HIGH GOD only!!! Tim Tebow is wrong for promoting a company named after the evil pagan goddess Nike. God's Word says it… I believe it!

    • You're acting like a moron. I guess you spoke to God yourself and he told you that he was displeased with Tim Tebow? As a Christian, I thought we were supposed to love one another, not judge one another. Try reading the whole bible, and not just pulling a few verses out of context to suit your misguided, judgemental opinion. You reflect poorly on the rest of us that try live Godly lives, and represent true Christianity.

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