This is probably the greatest baseball photobomb ever

I was just forward this link from a friend, and since I have the luxury of a job where I can sit on my ass and open up links like this during the day, I decided to indulge. What followed were 11 pretty funny “accidentally dirty baseball photos” rounded up by the folks at

(And the only thing you need to know about to know it’s a cool site is that they have the immortal Jay Sherman featured prominently right under their header imploring people to buy their book.)

Out of the 11 photos, this is the one I found to be the most entertaining:


I’d make a Chien-Ming Wang joke, but that would be inappropriate. (Because, of course, he was born in Taiwan.)

Predictably, two out of the 11 photos make fun of A-Rod, baseball’s easiest punchline (with one of those photos including an appropriate Chien-Ming Wang joke). And then there is the photo below, which may just be the most inexplicable baseball card of all time.


Yes, that is future Hall of Famer Randy Johnson, getting ready to either kick of hump a pole. Let’s all just assume it was the former and move along.

Check out all 11 accidentally dirty baseball photos here.


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