Fantasy Football Week 7 Start Em Sit Em: Start/Sit Picks, Player Projections, and Lineup Advice

Well, that was fast.

As soon as I opened up my big mouth and proclaimed that 2011 was going to be the most prolific fantasy year ever, scoring around the league plummets.  No worries.

At least I had a great week on the predictions front, as I was right on nearly 80% of my picks.

As always, here is a quick look back at last week before we move on to week 7.

fantasy football week 7 start em sit em

Week Six Recap

  • Grading Scale for Predictions regarding Best Player/Start Em/Other Guys I Liked – (Hits:  Top 12 for QBs/TEs and Top 30 for RBs/WRs)
  • Grading Scale for Predictions regarding Worst Player/Sit Em/Other Guys I Didn’t Like – (Hits:  13th or worse for QBs/TEs and 31st or worse for RBs/WRs)
  • Quick Note:  The following players got injured and have been removed from the grading scale for fairness:  Peyton Hillis, Julio Jones

Overall: 30 for 38 (79%)

Best Player Predictions: 4 for 4

  • Hits: Tom Brady, Ray Rice, Calvin Johnson, Aaron Hernandez
  • Misses: None

Start Em Predictions: 2 for 3

  • Hits: Tony Romo, Dez Bryant
  • Misses: Benjamin Watson

Other Guys I Liked Predictions: 13 for 15

  • Hits: Josh Freeman, Michael Vick, Michael Turner, DeAngelo Williams, BenJarvus Green-Ellis, Adrian Peterson, Mike Wallace, Wes Welker, Percy Harvin, Jeremy Maclin, Jimmy Graham, Dallas Clark, Jason Witten
  • Misses: Ben Roethlisberger, Curtis Painter

Worst Player Predictions: 3 for 4

  • Hits: Miami QB, Mike Thomas, Scott Chandler
  • Misses: Jahvid Best

Sit Em Predictions: 2 for 4

  • Hits: Ryan Fitzpatrick, Jermichael Finley
  • Misses: Arian Foster (although I was VERY close…), Steve Johnson

Other Guys I Didn’t Like Predictions: 6 for 8

  • Hits: Matt Schaub, Alex Smith, Sam Bradford, Tim Hightower, Ted Ginn Jr., Randall Cobb
  • Misses: Jonathan Stewart, Mark Ingram


Fantasy Football Week 7 Start Em Sit Em

Once again, “Start Em” guys are QBs/TEs outside of the Top 12 and RBs/WRs outside of the Top 25. “Sit Em Guys” include QBs/TEs that are in the Top 12 and RBs/WRs that are in the Top 25.

Remember that the following teams are on bye in Week 7:

  • Buffalo
  • Cincinnati
  • New England
  • NY Giants
  • Philadelphia
  • San Francisco

Fantasy Football Week 7 Start Em, Sit em Quarterbacks

Projected Best Performer – Tony Romo

Dez Bryant and Miles Austin came back off of injury last week and played very well.  Unfortunately, none of them could get into the end zone against the Patriots’ defense.  Week seven should be a different story as the Cowboys host the hapless St. Louis Rams.  I feel VERY good about this pick – when you can seamlessly insert the word “hapless” into a sentence and nobody disagrees, you know you are in for a good week in fantasy.

Tony Romo Fantasy Football Week 7 Projection – 380 yards, 4 TDs

fantasy-football-week-7-start-em-sit-em-ben-roethlisbergerStart Em – Ben Roethlisberger

Big Ben got off to a great start last week before Rashard Mendenhall got rolling.  Look for Big Ben to have a big day against the very average Arizona secondary.

Ben Roethlisberger Fantasy Football Week 7 Projection – 295 yards, 3 TDs

Other Start ‘Em Picks at QB for Week Seven:

  • Jay Cutler – First of all, he just DOMINATES. Secondly, haven’t you been more and more impressed with him every week?  Tampa Bay is good, but not against the pass (27th in the league), and Cutler has clearly proven that he is an elite QB.  If Mike Martz really HAS solved their offensive line problems with the heavier protection packages, look for Cutler to dominate yet again.
  • Matthew Stafford – Atlanta has the sixth worst passing defense in the league…and Calvin Johnson won’t be happy about getting shut out for the first game all year.  Big day for Stafford and Co.
  • Drew Brees – He’s amazing…and playing the Colts.
  • Matt Hasselbeck – As long as he stays healthy, he should put up some good numbers.  Plus, he’s playing the Texans who are in the bottom half of the league at defending the pass.

Projected Worst Performer – Blaine Gabbert

Rookie…who may not be that good…playing on MNF…against Baltimore.  Yikes.

Blaine Gabbert Fantasy Football Week 7 Projection – 140 yards, 1 TD, 3 INTs

Sit Em – Cam Newton

Coming off of his first rough game of the year, Cam Newton would like to be playing someone soft on the defensive side of the ball.  Unfortunately, he will be facing the Redskins, who are sixth in the league against the pass.  Look for Cam to still get his points (running the ball and maybe scoring a TD or two), but not come anywhere close to the production he had in weeks one through five.

Cam Newton Fantasy Football Week 7 Projection – 230 yards, 1 TD, 2 INTs; 40 yards rushing.

Other Sit ‘Em Picks at QB for Week Seven:

  • Mark Sanchez and Philip Rivers – San Diego and NY are ranked 1st and 4th against the pass respectively.  Don’t expect either team to really air it out in this one.
  • Kevin Kolb – Isn’t it an amazing testament to Dick LeBeau that for years you couldn’t run on the Steelers, and as soon as the league turned pass-happy the Steelers became impossible to pass against?  So far, they are second in the league against the pass, allowing a paltry 5.9 yards per attempt.  Wow.

fantasy-football-start-sit-week-7-start-em-sit-em-projections-picks-jerodJerod’s thoughts:

I agree that Tony Romo is a start this week against the Rams’ secondary, but it should be noted that I was VERY high on Romo last week against New England and he disappointed. I think there are some real confidence issues on the Dallas offense. Watch this game carefully. If Romo doesn’t have a big day with Dez and Miles, and Jason Garrett continues to be a conservative play caller, I’m going to start to worry about Romo’s fantasy potential for the rest of the season.

As for Gabbert, I think you’re over-shooting his potential. One TD against Baltimore? Only in extreme garbage time. (So I guess it’s possible…)

I don’t know if you opinions on Cutler and Cam will be popular, but I agree with them. Sound reasoning on both.

Fantasy Football Week 7 Start Em, Sit em Running Backs

Projected Best Performer – Ray Rice

Monday Night Football against the Jaguars.  Don’t get your hopes up if you have a ten point lead going into Monday if the other guy has Ray Rice.

Ray Rice Fantasy Football Week 7 Projection – 190 total yards, 2 TDs

Start Em – Ryan Torain

Torain got a lot of touches last week, and the Panthers are last in the league against the run.  Torain, and maybe even Roy Helu should have a very good game against the fighting Cam-Cams.

Ryan Torain Fantasy Football Week 7 Projection – 140 total yards, 1 TDs

Other Start ‘Em Picks at RB for Week Seven:

  • Whoever is rushing for TB – Either way, he should have a good game against a poor Chicago front seven.
  • Rashard Mendenhall – Back to back productive weeks for the Pittsburgh running game, and finally a good week for Mendenhall, who has been extremely disappointing this season.
  • Michael Turner – Detroit’s outstanding defensive line is surprisingly lackluster against the run.  Plus, ATL is trying to get back to their old, conservative ways.  Big day for Michael Turner.

Projected Worst Performer – GB Running Backs

Green Bay’s running backs aren’t good…and Minnesota’s rush defense is really good…and it doesn’t matter because Aaron Rodgers and the Packers simply don’t need to run the ball.

Packers’ RBs Fantasy Football Week 7 Projection – 65 total yards

Sit Em – Willis McGahee

The Dolphins will be thinking one thing this week: “let’s see if Tim Tebow can beat us.”  They will be stacking the box to stuff the run, and they are already great against the run (third in the league).  This is especially staggering considering they have been so awful this year and have faced offenses that have been conserving leads late in games.  Look for McGahee and Moreno to have very quiet weeks as Miami and everyone else watches to see if Timmy can beat them.

Knowshon Moreno Fantasy Football Week 7 Projection – 45 total yards

Other Sit ‘Em Picks at RB for Week Seven:

  • Adrian Peterson – Green Bay is great against the run…and might be up by 60 points in the first quarter.  Just think about it.
  • Rams’ Running Backs – Dallas is #1 against the run…and could be playing with a lead for most of the game.
  • Jonathan Stewart – Washington’s defense is solid all over, and Stewart will be left out of the mix this week.

fantasy-football-start-sit-week-7-start-em-sit-em-projections-picks-jerodJerod’s thoughts:

First off, just so we’re clear: DO NOT SIT ADRIAN PETERSON. Okay? Under no circumstances does this guy ever come out of your lineup. Is Green Bay a potentially troublesome matchup from a touch perspective? Sure. And are they good against the run? Yes, they’re pretty good. But this is ADRIAN PETERSON. Start him. Always.

Moving on now…

I would never tell anyone to sit Ray Rice, and you shouldn’t. But I am not nearly as bullish as Jon is considering the matchup. Jacksonville is many things, and most of them bad, but their defense is actually pretty good. Rice will find the going tougher than many might think.

As for Torain, I trusted him in Week 6 and he failed me. I still like him going forward, especially with the matchup this week, but just know that whenever you start a running back for Mike Shanahan you are taking on the risk of that running back getting benched for the hot hand. It’s just how it is. Still, Torain is probably a low-top 20 option this week.

Fantasy Football Week 7 Start Em, Sit em Wide Receivers

Projected Best Performer – Megatron

He will be mad after being shut out last week for the first time.  Plus, Atlanta is ATROCIOUS defending the pass (29th in the league for receiving defense).

Calvin Johnson Fantasy Football Week 7 Projection – 120 receiving yards, 2 TDs

Start Em – Dwayne Bowe

He’s big, he’s strong, he’s rested, and he’s facing a terrible secondary.  Bowe won’t disappoint his owners in week 7.

Dwayne Bowe Fantasy Football Week 7 Projection – 130 receiving yards, 1 TD

Other Start ‘Em Picks at WR for Week Seven:

  • Mike Wallace – He’s a big play machine.
  • Greg Jennings – He was left out of the shuffle a little bit last week.  Rodgers will get him involved again.
  • Devin Hester – If the Bears run more 7 and 8 man protection schemes, they will have to utilize Hester more because he is one of their only receivers that is explosive enough to beat his man one on one.  Plus, he’s money in the return game.
  • Pierre Garcon – His speed and size create matchup problems for the Saints.  Despite a huge drop, he killed them in the Super Bowl and he will do it again this week.

Projected Worst Performer – Mike Thomas

I almost feel bad for the guy.  His team is terrible, his QB is young (and possibly terrible), and he will be facing a tough Baltimore defense on national television.

Mike Thomas Fantasy Football Week 7 Projection – 4 catches for 30 yards.

Sit Em – Vincent Jackson

A little bit overrated…and facing Darrelle Revis.  Not a good combination.

Vincent Jackson Fantasy Football Week 7 Projection – 3 catches for 40 yards 

Other Sit ‘Em Picks at WR for Week Seven:

  • Larry Fitzgerald – Dick LeBeau will make it his personal mission to ensure that Kolb won’t even have enough time to throw the ball up to Larry.
  • Santonio Holmes – Rough week for Sanchez, the Jets’ offensive line, and in consequence, Mr. Holmes.
  • Brandon Lloyd – Receivers don’t do much when they switch teams mid-season.

fantasy-football-start-sit-week-7-start-em-sit-em-projections-picks-jerodJerod’s thoughts:

Yes, Calvin Johnson and Dwayne Bowe should both off this week. Solid choices. However, I cannot tell people to sit Larry Fitzgerald. I know the matchup isn’t great and Kevin Kolb is a turd disguised as a franchise QB, but Fitzgerald remains one of the five most talented receivers in football. He can pop for two TDs any week. Play him.

I also am not a big fan of Brandon Lloyd for this week, but I do like him long-term. He is back with Josh McDaniels, and Sam Bradford has been yearning for a true #1 WR, a role that Lloyd can fill. Once Bradford gets healthy and the Rams’ schedule eases up, Lloyd could pay huge fantasy dividends. Buy low, and buy now.

Fantasy Football Week 7 Start Em, Sit em Tight Ends

Projected Best Performer – Jimmy Graham

He might go for 400 yards against the Colts’ defense.

Jimmy Graham Fantasy Football Week 7 Projection – 110 receiving yards, 2 TDs

Start Em – Fred Davis

Look for whoever is playing QB for Washington to check down often and look for Davis on safe, quick passes all day.

Fred Davis Fantasy Football Week 7 Projection – 8 catches for 95 receiving yards, 1 TD

Other Start ‘Em Picks at TE for Week Seven:

  • Tony Gonzalez – Matt Ryan will look Tony’s way against the Detroit Defensive Line.
  • Greg Olsen – Cam Newton loves him, and he will be one of the only guys that has a good game against the ‘Skins.

Projected Worst Performer – Visanthe Shiancoe

Not a good matchup against Green Bay’s linebackers.

Visanthe Shiancoe Fantasy Football Week 7 Projection – 2 catches for 20 yards

Sit Em – Dustin Keller

Once again, it’s very hard to choose a TE that will play poorly when most of them seem to be playing so well, but I think Keller and the rest of the Jets’ offense will have a rough game against San Diego.

Dustin Keller Fantasy Football Week 7 Projection – 4 catches for 50 yards.

Jerod’s thoughts:

It’s very hard to quibble with any of these picks. Jimmy Graham has a ridiculous four straight games with 100 yards receiving or more. That is insane. And despite injuring his coach in Week 6, I’m sure Drew Brees will continue targeting him incessantly this week and beyond. He’s the clear #1 tight end in football right now.

Fantasy Football Week 7 Start Em, Sit em D/ST

[Editor’s note: As always, the D/ST picks are written by Jerod, not Jon.]

Start Em D/ST: Dallas Cowboys

Do you realize the Cowboys D is owned in only 47% of Yahoo leagues? Wow. When was the last time anything associated with the Cowboys was underrated? Folks, you can forget about the porous unit from last year. Rob Ryan has done wonders with this year’s Cowboys. Anchored by the spectacular Demarcus Ware and the emerging Sean Lee, the 2011 Cowboys D is solid. They also have a great matchup in Week 7 against St. Louis. Pick up and start.

Other start ’em D/ST units for Week 7:

  • The New Orleans Saints defense hasn’t been great this year, but I like a blitz-happy D against the Colts’ Curtis Painter.
  • Tim Tebow makes his first start of the season in Week 7. Considering his throwing deficiencies, the Dolphins aren’t a terrible option if the bye week has you desperate.

Sit Em D/ST: Minnesota Vikings

I recommended the Vikings D to a few people last week, thinking they’d have a field day against the Bears’ terrible O-line, but I was proven horribly wrong. So let me state the obvious to make amends: you don’t want to start the Vikings’ D against Aaron Rodgers and the Pack.

Other sit ’em D/ST units for Week 7:

  • The Jets’ D has been shaky this year – don’t let their strong performance against Matt Moore and the Dolphins fool you. Facing Phil Rivers and the Chargers, who are coming off a bye and should have Antonio Gates back, could be trouble for Rex Ryan’s crew.


That’s all we’ve got for you this week folks. Pose your questions in the comment section and we’ll be here all week to answer. Good luck in Week 7!

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  1. Good Morning Fellas,
    I'm glad I get to kick off the comment board for this week!!(been on here for a couple years and have yet to kick it off)
    Here's the lineup..QB: Big Ben, Matty Ice…RB: Ray Rice,Michael Turner,CJ2K,Ryan Torrain,Starks,Lynch…WR:Brandon Marshall,Vincent Jackson,( trying to scoop colston,crabtree,torrey smith off waivers(who is the best pickup for spot start) i'm a little iffy on Vjax this week..Standard league..Thanks

    • Well done Chris! YOU'RE #1!! YOU'RE #1!

      I would start Big Ben against the awful AZ secondary with the Falcons on the road. At RB, you can't sit Rice or Turner right now. Play them both. At WR, Marshall and VJax both have some potential, but have been inconsistent, and Marshall is especially troublesome because he's not making plays in the red zone. Definitely get Colston if you can. I'd start him over VJax, who will likely draw coverage from Revis.

      For your flex, go CJ2K. He's going to but out at some point soon.

      • Andrew Rysta says:

        Jerod why would you say that VJax should not start check out B Marshall 109 yards versus REVIS ISLAND. Sure Revis stopped a touchdown but really he did not even come close to shutting brandon marshall down. Plus B-Marsh is not a GREAT Wideout ill go with average

        • Andrew, you make a good point about Marshall, and he had some opportunities, but more often than not Revis shuts his man down. And he did keep Marshall out of the end zone, which is important when we\’re choosing between outstanding receivers. I want the ones playing with the best chances to score. Look, it\’s no guarantee that VJax can\’t succeed against Revis, and the beauty of fantasy football is that there are room for different opinions – yours may be right. But as I look at the last three years, people are USUALLY better served by sitting receivers who are going against Revis when they have a good alternative. We\’ll see if that plays out this week.

      • thedrtwitch says:

        I agree with everything that Jerod said, although I happen to be a little higher on Marshall this week than he did. While it's true that he's not getting a lot of TDs, I still think he's a viable option.

        • Andrew Rysta says:

          When I have two WRs that are great, I look at who they are playing and how many catches they had previous game. VJax should be a start if Gates is hurt this week. BMarsh had like 5+ catches on REVIS ISLAND. VJAX is 5 times better than B MARSH.

          • And VJax is not 5 times better than Marshall. Marshall has been the better player throughout their careers, he just hasn't had the luxury of playing with Philip Rivers in a dynamic offense the last two years.

  2. 8 team PPR league Start 2 Vincent Jackson on Revis island, Santonio Holmes, Brandon Marshall with his old team coming to town, or Miles Austin. Looks at first glance, Austin and Jackson, but a motivated Marshall might be big, and Revis scares me to death. Thanks.

  3. I'd go with Holmes and Miles Austin. Revis Island scares me too and Marshall just doesn't score TDs anymore.

  4. Andrew Rysta says:

    Really sit Cam, do you realize Mr. Twitch that if he has what you have predicted he has about 15 points lol so I still think thats pretty good seems how I dont need hardly any points from my Qb spot (my wrs and rbs are stacked).

    • thedrtwitch says:

      Yes, he would still get about 15 points…but most Cam Newton owners drafted him as their second QB, and probably have someone like Big Ben, Philip Rivers, Tony Romo, or Drew Brees as their QB. If Sam Bradford was your backup to Cam, obviously you would play the rookie…but I think a lot of other QB's will have good weeks in week 7, making Cam a sit for many owners.

  5. Brady- Brady says:

    Hey Jerod, I really need a win. I have lost 4 straight weeks after winning first 2.
    This is my roster
    1 QB :- Tom Brady (Bye), Matt Cassel
    2 RBs :- Matt Forte, Steven Jackson, Ryan Torain, Jackie Battle
    3 WRs or 2 WR/1 TE :- Roddy white, Stevie Johnson (Bye), Early Doucet, Steve Breaston, Damian Williams (Ten WR), I'm trying to pick up Fred Davis on the waiver.
    So, i'm reallly confused about who to play. Roddy white caused me to lose week 6.
    I'm in a 10 person league.
    Thanks a lot

    • Brady- Brady says:

      Also Do you think Jay Cutler would be a better option than Matt cassel? Cutler is available on the waiver wire

      • thedrtwitch says:

        I think Cutler is the much better player, but Kansas City has a favorable matchup. Considering you have Tom Brady and he will probably be starting for you every week, I would stay with Cassel week. However, something to consider would be picking up Jay Cutler anyway. It's possible that Brady will be sitting out late in the season, which would be terrible for your fantasy playoff chances…Look to grab Cutler who has a VERY favorable week 15 matchup against Seattle.

        • brady-brady says:

          Cool thanks.
          So, one last thing. Apparently bcoz of the bye week, Eli Manning and M.Crabtree have become available. Also , Devin Hester is available. Are any of them worth picking up now, considering long term and playoffs scenario?
          Thanks for all your help

    • thedrtwitch says:

      For your Running Backs, I would start Forte and Ryan Torain. Even if Washington's RBs split carries, Carolina is atrocious against the run and they should all have good days. Plus, Steven Jackson is playing against the Cowboys who have the best run defense in the NFL.
      For your receivers, I would definitely play Fred Davis if you can pick him up. I would also start Steve Breaston and Roddy White along with him. I know Roddy has broken a lot of hearts early on, but he's still a better bet than any of your other guys.

      • Brady- Brady says:

        Thanks a lot for the advice. Will sit Steven Jackson. Yeah i got Fred Davis on the waiver. Also, hopefully falcons will continue throwing all game to catch up with Lions. But someone else got Jay Cutler. Any ideas who might be a good QB to pick now, for later in the season for Brady?

  6. fantasy flava says:

    got 2 questons do you cut mccoy to get palmer and start 2 out of these 5 non ppr tb williams harvin Little brandon Lloyd and shonne greene i got fitzy matthews and all day also would you drop gresham to pick up demaryious thomas i have Jimmy Graham but need a backup te for week 11 what do i do ur advise helps me every week so i will go by what you say thanks

    • thedrtwitch says:

      Those are my thoughts on Carson Palmer. To put it mildly, I'm quite dubious.
      He hasn't been good for three years…now he's going to a brand new team that's very reliant on DMC…I'm just not sure about him. I think McCoy is the much safer option.
      For your receivers, I would play Williams and Harvin.
      Demaryious Thomas is interesting…I just picked him up in my own league. Since you have Jimmy Graham, I would say that that's a pretty safe risk.

      • fantasyfeva says:

        thanks i agree with that totally if you could start 1 guy would you go with little brandon lloyd or shonne greene thanks for your help you guys are like fantasy gods no kiddin

        • fantasyfeva says:

          Greg Little looks like i am sayin little lloyd lol

        • haha, Brandon Lloyd wouldn't like you calling him Little! I think I'd go with Lloyd. Even though he's on a new team, it's a system he knows, and he's the most experienced player. Plus, STL is going to have to throw often.

  7. thedrtwitch says:

    I would go with Miles Austin and Brandon Marshall. I don't like Holmes against a very good San Diego defense…that statement is more of an indictment on Mark Sanchez than Holmes, but still, a bad day for the Sanchize = bad day for everyone else on the Jets. Marshall actually had a very good game last week against Revis, and he should be extra-motivated against his old team.

  8. krazyjhawk says:

    Hey guys, good morning. Who do you think will have the best week 7… Schaub, Ryan, Flacco, or Palmer? I know they are all similar. I tried to sneak in and grab Cutler but someone beat me too it. There really isnt anything available on my FA list worth a shot since they turned Sanchez into a game manager.

    • thedrtwitch says:

      I would actually probably start Flacco. I like his matchup against Jacksonville better than anyone else.

      • krazyjhawk says:

        that is who I was leaning towards. But I actually begged and borrowed for Stafford. Any faith in Baldwin this week with Whitehurst at the helm? What about Santana Moss?

        • Faith in Baldwin? Not really. He's a decent option, but the Whitehurst factor worries me a bit. I'd rather have Santana Moss in, even though he has a new QB too, but still, he's Santana Moss.

          • krazyjhawk says:

            I have Moss at my #3 spot. I tend to swith him with James Jones. I also just picked up Burleson in a trade. Thought about dropping one of the 4 for Breaston. Any opinions?

          • I could see dropping Burleson for Breaston, but it's no slam dunk. I'd probably sit tight. Breaston is nothing special. Just a filler guy. Grab an RB for depth instead.

  9. kickin to win it says:

    need help playing top rated team non ppr who do i start qb thinking( rivers) or mccoy rbs start 2 (all day)( ryan matthews) shonne greene start 3 of this group 1 flex 2 wr Greg Little, Harvin, shonne greene,tb mike williams,(Fitzy) Brandon Lloyd or Demaryious Thomas thanks for your help

    • thedrtwitch says:

      I would actually start McCoy. While Rivers is the better player, McCoy has been solid if not spectacular this year, and he's facing one of the worst passing defenses in the league this week.
      I would start Peterson and Mathews at RB, Harvin and Mike Williams at WR, and Greg Little at your flex.
      I would stay clear of Lloyd and Thomas for a week or two at least.

  10. Need your expertise for this week's line up
    1) I have Turner, Torain and Earnest Graham starting, (Bench: felix, sproles, javid best)
    2) I have Calvin J and Dough Baldwin starting (Bench: Victor Cruz – bye,) should I pick up someone else for Baldwin or is that a safer option
    3) Phillip Rivers @ QB or someone else (I dropped Matt Hasselback to pickup Earnest Graham). Available options to pickup for QBs: Tebow, Dalton, Painter, Beck, Ponder, McCoy


    • Baldwin is a decent play. It would depend on who you could pickup. He's not terrible by any means though.

      I think I'd want Sproles starting. With how up and down Torain has been, and Shanahan's propensity to pull his RBs, Sproles seems much safer considering the targets he gets. Plus he plays in primetime.

      I like Rivers over all those options.

  11. Ben-Jam-In says:

    Hey guys, I have a question about my wide receiver #2 spot. right now I have Heyward-bey in that spot. Do you think I should keep him in that spot or replace him? the other options are Antonio Brown, Jason Hill, and Greg Little.

    also, with the addition of Carson Palmer do you think Heyward bey will still be valuable in that Oakland offense?

    • I like DHB longterm over those guys, and Palmer will help in time, though Kyle Boller starting is worrisome and adds some risk. I might grab Little and start him for the week.

  12. Hey guys,

    Lineup advice this week. I got some byes in effect:

    QB: Tebow/Romo
    WR: I only have 3 not on byes: Fitz, S Moss, and Heyward-Bey (Green and Maclin on bench) Should I look to add??
    RB: Rice/Beanie (Bradshaw on bye)
    TE: Finley/Clark
    K: Kasay
    D/ST: Dallas

    I think I look solid, do you think my wideouts might hurt me? Appreciate it.

    • QB: Romo (STL terrible on D)
      WR: That's a good trio with the bye weeks
      RB: Rice over Beanie
      TE: Finley

      I like your squad. You've got some good matchups this week.

  13. I'm in a 14-team PPR league. Can you help with my flex? Who would you start at FLEX this week- D'Angelo Williams, Damian Williams, Dane Sanzenbacher, Mohamed Massaquoi, Arrelious Benn, Preston Parker or
    Demaryius Thomas.

    Second question – who do you like better long term at WR – Jabar Gafney, Jerome Simpson, Damian Williams, Dane Sanzenbacher, Mohamed Massaquoi, Arrelious Benn, Preston Parker or Demaryius Thomas? My other WRs are Fitz and Holmes.

    Thanks for your help.

    • Out of that motley crew, I'd go with DAW. He's still the top option in CAR even though he doesn't get many catches. He's the most likely to get in the end zone. I just don't trust the other ones to get touches for sure.

      At WR, I like Gaffney the most out of those guys in terms of for sure giving you production each week. But he was not good last week, which was a bit worrisome. Damian Williams has a lot of potential with Hasselbeck calling the shots in TEN.

  14. Hey guys,

    I need to drop a bye week WR roster spot for an active WR. Should it be V. Cruz or D. Nelson?

    Thanks in advance!

  15. Hey guys,

    10 team PPR…having trouble deciding on my 2 flex positions for this week. My options left are T. Hightower, J. Battle, G. Little and B. Lloyd.

    Thanks for the input!

  16. christian says:

    Most of these starts are obvious..and Deangelo Williams and BGE were hits last week?? What's your criteria, five points?

    • Hmm…good point. DAW and BJGE shouldn't be in the hit category. Oversight by the editor. (Me.)

      I will take exception though with them being obvious. Ryan Torain had 22 yards rushing last week. I don't think it's "obvious" that he's a start. Vincent Jackson is a top-10, top -15 receiver, I don't think it's obvious he's a sit. There are others.

      Thanks for pointing out the error regarding the "hits" but I think you're a bit harsh with your other comment. I appreciate the visit and comment though, and hopefully we'll see you again soon on the site.

  17. I can’t believe I am asking this, but Philip Rivers vs. the Jets or Tebow vs. Miami? Thanks guys

    • It's a reasonable question. Rivers has not been playing great. Only 6 TDs all season and now he has to face the Jets D. The safe play here, of course, would be to go with Rivers. And I think that's probably would I would do. But I'd be tempted to play Tebow, who will basically be playing a home game because there will likely be more Florida/Broncos fans in the stands than Dolphins fans.

      I'll say this: I wouldn't try to talk you out of starting Tebow, but make sure you do it with conviction; otherwise you'll be pissed at yourself if Rivers has a good game.

  18. Hey guys, quick question.. would you go with Hardesty or Torrain this week? PPR league. Thanks again, keep up great work.

  19. Northdakota winter says:

    You guys rock by the way Rivers or Mccoy start 2 out of these 3 Mike Williams TB Harvin Fitzgerald for flex Greg Little or Shonne Greene

    • Thanks!

      Start Rivers. McCoy not on very solid footing in Cleveland right now, and Seattle's D is better than people think.

      At WR, start Williams (I'm telling you, the BIG breakout is coming!) and Fitzy.

  20. Hey Jerod

    I have Romo and Freeman as my QBs and I have been offered a trade for Cam Newton and CJ2k for Megatron. Should I take it? Megatron right now is my best player and the rest of my receiving core Cruz, Manningham, Collie, and Meachem.

    Thanks for the advice.

    • No way. You don't need Cam, and CJ2K is a total wild card. He could explode or he could continue to struggle. What we KNOW is that Megatron is awesome. Keep him.

  21. Brees or romo also need one starting forte plus either Greene L.T D.Murray or D.Thomas ppr league

    • Definitely Brees against that Indy defense, especially coming off a loss. At RB, I'd roll Murray out there. I don't trust Greene or LT, but I do trust that STL's D is easy to run on, and that Murray can produce, even if he's not spectacular.

  22. cant sleep says:

    cant sleep tonight should i go with harvin or little non ppr plse help me

  23. Hey guys,

    I'm thinking about benching Schaub for either McCoy or Cassel. With Cassel, I fear that the Raiders will blitz him on every passing down and force turnovers. McCoy, on the other hand, is facing a Seahawks secondary without Truffant. Should I stay with Schaub or go with one of the other two?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Schaub is no surefire starter this year without AJ, and Tennessee's D is pretty good. There really isn't much separating these three guys. I think I'd lean to McCoy with Hillis out, Seattle's run D being strong, and Trufant out.

  24. Andrew Rysta says:

    Hey Twitch/Jerod ….. Garcon or Roddy White ????? lol I'm going with Garcon…I like Painter AND Julio Jones is hurt again last time JuJo was hurt White put up 2 points cause he was double covered? What do you think.

    • Well, Roddy only put up two points, but he also had a few big catches negated by pass interference. Personally, I'd play Roddy because Detroit's pass defense isn't great and Atlanta is going to have to throw to keep up with Detroit, but I wouldn't argue TOO much against Garcon, who has been great in primetime games this year and because Indy will have to throw a lot to try to keep up with New Orleans. I'd say go with your gut. Mine says Roddy, but do whatever yours says.

  25. stephen_lacman says:

    Hey Jerod and Twitch,

    Stuck at 3-3 in my money league and trying to bust over .500 against the leader in my division. A few questions:

    QB: Big ben or tebow?
    Flex: Garcon, Brandon Marshall, Marshawn Lynch, or Decker?
    RB: Daniel Thomas or Marshawn Lynch?


    • Big Ben. Arizona's secondary has been gold for fantasy owners this year.
      at flex, that's tough. My first instinct is to say Marshall, but he has Champ Bailey on him and dropped all kinds of TDs. I'd actually start Garcon. He's been dynamite in primetime games since Painter took over, and he actually feels the safest of these four to me this week.
      Lynch at RB. I like Thomas, but his hammy worries me.

  26. Hey guys – have a Free Agent pickup question. Deep 16-team PPR league and I am thin all over. My RBs only consist of Best, Mccoy, and DeAngelo and my WRs are Steve Smith, Torrey Smith, Mike Williams, and Dallas Clark.

    Looking for a pickup that will help me at either WR or RB during the bye weeks and maybe more. The list includes: Meachem, Doucet, Antonio Brown, Eddie Royal, Knowshon Moreno, Tashard Choice, Felix Jones (injured i know…but as a stash), Bess, Titus, Michael Bush, Helu….

    I know its a lot of shlock, but looking for maybe some surprise value? Or a guy I haven’t listed that could be a big surprise?

    Thanks in advance!

    • James, you definitely need to go RB, because there is a chance Jahvid Best doesn't play at all the rest of the year. Personally I like Felix, because he'll play again once he's in there, but the guy most guaranteed to have value is Bush, because he produces fantasy points even as McFadden's backup…and we know that DMC gets injured from time to time, which means Bush may get a start or two at some point.

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