trolls Yankees ace CC Sabathia

Look, we all know that CC Sabathia is man of heft, specifically around his waistline. And as someone who has acquired his own waistline heft over the last few years, I applaud Sabathia for proving that even the chubby and rotund can achieve athletic greatness.

So I found’s treatment of Sabathia tonight to be particularly unnecessary.

This was on the front page of the WWL’s website tonight while ALDS Game 3 – Sabathia versus Verlander – was going on:

gut-check-time-espn-cc-sabathiaImage source: Imgur via Reddit

Having the headline “Gut Check Time” beneath of picture of CC Sabathia that conspicuously displays the big man’s gut? I see what you did there ESPN…and it’s not cool.

Here on the Interwebs, we call that trolling.

Unfortunately for Sabathia and the Yanks, CC did not pass the on-field gut check. He pitched 5.1 innings, walking six, and giving up four earned runs. As I type this, the Yankees are down 5-4 to the Tigers and Verlander. Now is the real gut check time. We’ll see how it ends.

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