Commercial Grade: State Farm “Discount Double Check” Ad featuring Aaron Rodgers

Usually I use this space to – for lack of a better, more relevant term – “hate” on whatever television commercials are being force-fed to us during Sunday afternoons.  I like to write about how stupid the ads’ premises are, how bad the performances are by the commercial actors, and how I would rather the NBA cancel the next 5 seasons than patronize any company who engages in such awful advertising.

OK, I got a little carried away there.  I need the NBA like Chris Berman needs pop culture references that pre-date my existence.

But sometimes – not often, mind you, but sometimes – companies get it right. Every once in a while I’ll stumble across a commercial that is some combination of funny, current, sentimental, informative and (gasp!) effective.

State Farm dropped one of these on the American public a couple weeks ago.

“Discount Double Check” Breakdown

I should have gotten to this last week, but I was consumed in rage all week over this commercial, and was rendered incapable of mature, rational discourse.

Clearly, Rodgers is the best quarterback in the NFL right now.  I don’t think it’s close.  That’s not hyperbole either.  I really think there is no one playing anywhere near his level.  Not Brees. Not Brady.  Not Charlie Whitehurst, Matt Moore, Tim Tebow, John Beck, Kevin Kolb, A.J. Feeley, Christian Ponder, Blaine Gabbert, Kyle Boller, Carson Palmer, and Curtis Painter all added together.  I even feel like Rodgers is sympathetic to fantasy football players, because he seems like he usually tries to get the ball to the right guys (unless you drafted Ryan Grant or James Starks).

“Oh man, I forgot to get Jermichael a score today.  Hold on a sec… there you go.  Now I just gotta get Jennings over 100 yards for all those leagues that has yardage bonuses.”

aaron rodgers state farm discount double check commercialIn the commercial, Rodgers is visiting his State Farm agent.  On his way out, some other insurance customers do his championship belt touchdown celebration to the agent, insinuating that it signifies State Farm’s “Discount Double Check.”  Rodgers, miffed by the customers taking his celebratory move and making their own, calls out the customers and the agent.

Here’s where I began being truly surprised by this spot.  Rodgers is decent at delivering his lines, which I would have never predicted.  And I’ll be damned if he isn’t pretty funny too, feigning anger over the theft of his signature move.

At this point, I’m fairly certain Aaron Rodgers would be successful at anything he wanted to do.

If I went to a karaoke bar and heard someone sing Phil Collins’ “Easy Lover” flawlessly, I wouldn’t be surprised if I looked up and saw it was Aaron Rodgers.

If I went to Taco Bell and ordered 9 cheesy gordita crunches and received them in less than a minute, in a state of tasty perfection, I wouldn’t be surprised if Aaron Rodgers was working inside.

If I saw a live panther in my hometown, and was about to be mauled by it, only to see it get tackled and hogtied by a man wearing a #12 Green Bay jersey right as it jumped at me, I wouldn’t be surprised.

You get the idea.

Part of what I like about this commercial is the lack of recognition by the dance move stealers.  When the woman says “So, you’re a dancer?” and gives the jazz hands, I definitely laughed.  Rodgers’ denial is great, too, as is the robot bit by the husband of jazz hands lady.  Well done, State Farm.

Like most commercials, they give us the graphic for the company and a recap of what they are selling, then return to a quick funny scene to end it.  This one did not disappoint.

We get to meet the lunatic Packers fanatic who, oddly enough, recognizes Rodgers but still announces “Discount Double Check” as he mimics the touchdown dance.

Complete with green shirt and cheesehead, the dude looks like a total maniac.  His dishevelment is what makes him so awesome.  I’m pretty sure that guy is about 12 beers into his day and acts just like he does in the commercial all the time.

cheesehead discount double check state farm

Final Commercial Grade

I wish I had some mean stuff to say about this one, I do.  But when something is good, I will give it its due.  I sort of hope Aaron Rodgers does something awful soon, like demand a trade for no reason or co-star in an Anna Faris movie.  That way I can find a reason to dislike him.

Because right now, he’s pretty much infallible.

Final Grade: A


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  1. I've probably watched this commercial like a dozen times a day on youtube. It's consuming my life.

  2. How tall do you think the jazz hands lady is or what is she standing on?

  3. Yendor Sknayfan says:

    I hate the actor who mocks Aaron Rodgers by imitating a robot. I wish he would DROP DEAD!!!!

  4. How can you say this commercial is anything but stupid and senseless? It certainly is NOT effective. What does Rodgers TD move have anything to do with discounts or double checking anything? NOTHING! What planet do the idiot couple come from if they don't know who Aaron Rodgers is in Green Bay? Even if they aren't football fans which they clearly aren't, they would likely know his face by now. When he tells them he's a quarterback, these fools mock him. They have already shown us that they don't know who he is or what he does, but they are so sure he's not a QB that they mock him as if he's making it up. This commercial is among the stupidest commericals running right now. The only moment in the commercial that makes a slight bit of sense is when the cheesehead in the window recognizes Aaron Rodgers, and then even he then does the stupid discount double check move as if THAT is what the move is all about. Sorry…but no…this commercial DOESN'T work on any level whatsoever.

    • I agree, except this commercial can only ASPIRE to be stupid and senseless. It would have to be substantially IMPROVED to get up to stupid and senseless. In over 40 years of rather casually watching TV, I've still seen countless thousands of commercials, and this is one of the most annoying, stupidest ads of ALL TIME. I'm giving it my Anti-Clio award for this year. Awful beyond belief.

      Rogers is a terrific QB, but his 'dance' is stupid to start with, and basing a whole ad campaign on it actually makes me angry, from the perspective that some brain-damaged mouth-breather with an ad agency actually got PAID for coming up with this idiocy. Probably the same defective twisto who hired Denis Leary to narrate the insanely annoying Ford commercials (currently running a VERY close second for this year's Anti-Clio….)

  5. Joe Dreitler says:

    Why are they still running this moronic ad? The other posters said it all. If you live in Green Bay and are so stupid to not know Rogers, you should be locked up for your own protection. I would never consider State Farm for insulting my intelligence.

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