Video: Watch “Epic” Reaction of Harold Reynolds & Dan Plesac to Culmination of MLB’s Greatest Regular Season Night Ever

What a night!

September 28th, 2011, will live forever as one of the greatest – if not THE greatest – nights of regular season baseball ever; and it doesn’t even seem like hyperbole to type that.

The video shows how Harold Reynolds and Dan Plesac of the MLB Network reacted to the two biggest plays of the night, which occurred within minutes of eachother. I think it sums up how all of America reacted to this amazing night.

My favorite still:

MLB may not be “always epic” as the slogan claims, but it sure as hell was epic tonight.

We’ll have coverage of each playoff series coming tomorrow. I don’t know what else to say about tonight. Just…wow. Outside of the White Sox winning it all in ’05, that’s just about the most exciting night of baseball I’ve ever experienced.

Wow. I feel bad saying this but…I don’t believe what I just saw.

Wow, wow, wow.

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  1. Chicago Zach says:

    I've watched this clip a few times and it cracks me up every time. Even guys who cover and played the game for a living have a genuine love for baseball and are still fans. I know that the NFL is taking over in popularity, but baseball needed a night like last night. What a great slate of games. Glad to see Harold Reynolds doing well…he was always the best on BBTN.

  2. What a night of Baseball – it shows how baseball is one of the greatest sports around. "There is no clock in baseball" is so true. Each team gets 9 chances to do something and 9 chances to shut down the other team. You can't sit on the ball and run out the clock, you have to play all 9 innings (or more).


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