Video: Jamie Dukes bends over in front of female host on live TV…who does think he is? Mike Tirico?

The video below really is quite preposterous. It’s not that I’m necessarily offended by it; it’s just rather mind-boggling that someone could think this would be appropriate behavior while on the air on a major cable network.

We already have… Could be next?

Hat tip: The Big Lead

Yes, you saw that correctly.

During a discussion about Michael Vick’s injured hand, NFL Network analyst and former NFL player Jamie Dukes bent over on live television and suggested that the show’s female host come on over and see what it feels like to take a snap.

To me the funniest/most pathetic part of this video is that you can tell from the look on Dukes’ face, and him quickly saying “I’m sorry”, that he realized bending over and suggesting the female host “come on over” was a bit inappropriate.

She laughs it off awkwardly, but you can tell she’s not too pleased and not really that amused.

Yet, later in the segment, he incredibly makes a similar suggestion and she just looks out at the camera with a look on her face that says, “You have got to be kidding me.”

Jamie Dukes, in the words of the ESPN Monday Night Football crew…come on, man!

And of course, by “come on, man” I mean, literally, that the ESPN crew should ask Jamie Dukes to join them, as he and Mike Tirico would probably get along pretty well.

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  1. It's a show about football where the snap occurs every play. It's a show about football which is played by men. If a woman wants to be part of that show, and say anything about gender equality, then suck it up and deal with it. They do this play interaction all the time on other shows where it's an all men production team. I'm sick of it having to be equal, except when a women says it's not politically correct, can't have it both ways.

    • i agree completely. a former nfl player, or any man in general would have just done it because its part of the job. if women expect to be equal and take on jobs that are traditionaly a man's, they must expect to be treated as such

  2. Dear Will: you are a sexist moron.


    All human beings with common sense

  3. If you are going to report on football, in a setting where re-enactments are common place and snapping from Center to Quarterback is the topic, you had better play along. Her reaction is the problem, he is apologizing for her unprofessionalism. If Tony Dungy can take a hit from Rodney Harrison during a re-enactment then she can take a snap.

  4. Jamie is no more sexist than that female co-host is racist. $5 says she gets up under Howie Long in a heartbeat.

  5. Liberalism ( political correctness) is a mental disease affecting our world thanks to the intellectually impotent and emotionally autistic.

    • Yes, why can't he make lude, crude, sexually inappropriate comments? She was practically asking for it my being on the set. The extra comment and the extra "slapping" was particularly classy.

  6. jamie is a beast so its all good, this is sports its has its up and down moments and also its funny ones. i thought this was a very funny example and i dont think the female host was bothered by this act. this is sports and sometimes things like this happen

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