Quick Rankings Update for MLB Trivia Challenge Podcast Sponsored by Generational Equity

Episode #12 of the MLB Trivia Challenge Podcast, which is sponsored by our friends at Generational Equity, will be posted tomorrow morning as it is every other Thursday. But since I just tallied up the rankings I figured I’d do a quick post so everyone can see where they are.

Here is how the overall season-long rankings look heading into Episode #12:

  • Dan Greenham, John Krampf, Louie Tartaglia, and Tony Nelson remain tied in 1st place with 68 points
  • Jeff Wallack, Andrew Schwartz, Chuck Dombrock, Kevin Luljack each have 67 points
  • Pedro Diaz has 63 points
  • Adam Swank has 62 points

Click here to see it all broken down.

I think you’ll really enjoy tomorrow’s episodes. Ari really has some great, challenging questions, and our guest is Brewers fanatic and former MLB Network personality Trenni Kusnierik.


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