Jay Cutler Dominates: Celebrating Jay Cutler’s Week 1 Dominance Against the Atlanta Falcons

NFL football has returned, and do you what that means Chicago Bears fans? Watching yet another year of Jay Cutler dominating every single team, every single game, for 16 games.

And every week this season there will be a new article showing how Cutler dominates every week.

Our boy Cutler started off very strong in week one, making the Atlanta Falcons and Matt Ryan look like a Pee-Wee football team.

Let’s look at the first play of Cutler dominating.

1. Dominant Pass to Matt Forte

We see the Bears line up in a formation that’s selling the run. The defense is lining up for it as well, stacking the line and sending the blitz. What they don’t know is Cutler is about to sell the greatest play-action pass the NFL has ever seen. The play-action pass completely fools the Atlanta defense, letting Matt Forte run his screen route with no defender around him. Cutler is pressured but does he lose his head?

Hell no.

Cutler says “No thank you,” to the sack and dishes off to Forte. Forte does the rest, but don’t forget it was Cutler who made the brilliant and on-target pass. Personally, I thought Cutler should’ve gotten two touchdowns for this play.

2. Dominant Pass To Devin Hester

Next up we have another amazing pass by Cutler.

Once again, the Bears are lined up in a formation that’s selling the run. Cutler performs his famous play-action – this time a fake pitch play – and makes the Falcon defense look silly AGAIN. You would think the defense would have learned from the last video, but running the same play and having the same result every time is just one of Cutler’s many talents.

This time receiver Devin Hester catches the screen pass after Cutler gives a big middle finger to the oncoming defensive lineman. Hester runs to the right but changes his mind after and starts to run to the left where he is knocked out of bounds. They did not give Cutler a TD pass on this because, supposedly, Hester didn’t break the plane, but I know and you know Cutler deserved that TD.

Shame on you refs.

3. Dominant Pass to Matt Spaeth

Yet again, we see Cutler selling the run, but why run the ball when Jay Cutler is your quarterback? Mike Martz was asking the same thing. He calls a pass play designed to open up the tight end. Cutler knows this play like the back of his hand. He sells run, the defense doesn’t pick up the tight end, and Cutler throws a pass that no other quarterback in the whole NFL could’ve thrown right to Matt Spaeth for a TD.

Perfect spiral. Perfect pass. Put another TD for Cutler in the stat book, baby!

The Bears would win the game and Jay Cutler would be praised throughout Chicago. He’ll be going against the New Orleans Saints next Sunday, but is our man Cutler phased by those overrated players down south?

Not one bit!!

Jay Cutler’s dominant stats after one week:

  • Passer Rating: 107.8
  • Yards: 312
  • TDs: 2
  • INTs: 0 (typo on official stats says 1)


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  1. Lmfao. Big bears fan and still this is hilarious. Well done.

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