How drunk was former MLB pitcher Curtis Leskanic? His BAL was equal to Albert Pujols’ career batting average

Former MLB pitcher Curtis Leskanic was pulled over recently with an astounding blood alcohol level of .331.


For the record, the legal limit in Florida is .08.


curtis-leskanic-drunkImage source:

For comparison’s sake, here is how drunk Curtis Leskanic was while one of his daughters slept in the passenger seat:

The legal blood alcohol limit in Florida is just slightly higher than Adam Dunn’s 2011 batting average against lefties. Hell, Dunn’s overall batting average is twice the legal limit. Yet Curtis Leskanic’s BAL when pulled over equals the career batting averages of Albert Pujols, Stan Musial, and Ichiro.

Nothing can illustrate Leskanic’s extreme intoxication level more than that.


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  1. Former Brewer.

  2. Just for everyones info .375 is considered lethal.

  3. Still an absolute far cry from Lary Sorensen's franchise record (former Brewers players) of .48…

  4. beep mcbeep says:

    There was a guy in my hometown named Tom Herr (no, not that Tom Herr) who got pinched once or twice over .30. Maybe if Curt can get another DUI at .150 he'll beat Jose Oquendo's lifetime average and be well on his way to eclipsing all modern day Cardinals.

  5. here's his home phone number if you want to ask him how he's doing…..

  6. Thanks for taking the time to put this post together!

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