Fantasy Football Week 1 Start Em, Sit Em Lineup Advice, Player Projections, and Roster Q&A

Week One is finally here. You have done all the research (you know, the usual: waiver wire picksinjury updatescomparing QBs to Michael Jackson songs…), you have gone through your draft, and most importantly, you have started talking smack to everyone in your league.

You only have one job left to do: start the right guys.

Nothing could be worse than having an awesome team…on your bench.

Each and every one of us has a fantasy sob story or two, and it’s almost a guarantee that one of them revolves around sitting the wrong guy.

So who are you going to start this week?

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fantasy football week 1 start em sit em lineup advice player projections roster q&a

Fantasy Football Week 1 Start Em, Sit Em Lineup Advice

Obviously, if you have Adrian Peterson, Tom Brady, or Larry Fitzgerald, he will be in your starting lineup. But who is going to have a better week THIS week? Pierre Garcon or Malcom Floyd? Mike Tolbert or Shonn Greene?

Overall season predictions won’t help you win this week; so as we do every week here at Midwest Sports Fans, here are the guys to start and sit in Week 1.

One theme you will see this week is that I am really downplaying two groups of players: players on new teams and rookies.

While Julio Jones, AJ Green, and Mark Ingram may very well become great players, I just don’t see them doing much early on this season. Rookies already have a hard enough time adjusting to the NFL. Now you add a four month lockout, and it’s almost an insurmountable deficit they have to make up.

(The “Projected Worst Performer” – a new wrinkle in our Start/Sit coverage this year, is obviously chosen from among guys who will be in their team’s starting lineup this week. Of course a guy like Brady Quinn will be a poor performer…but hopefully, nobody will be starting him this week.)

As always, follow me on twitter @The_Dr_Twitch and @FantasyMSF for updates on this week’s fantasy goings on and to get any last minute lineup questions answered.  Or feel free to comment at the bottom and I will try to answer as many of your thoughts as possible.

Fantasy Football Week 1 Start Em, Sit Em – Quarterbacks

Projected Top Performer: Philip Rivers

My overall #1 QB should have a fantastic week at home against a soft Minnesota secondary. He may get sacked a few times, but he will also hit on at least two or three home run balls.

Philip Rivers Fantasy Football Week 1 Projection: 340 yards, 3 TDs, 1 INT

Projected Worst Performer: Chad Henne

I actually don’t think he’s as bad as everybody thinks, but the Patriots should win this game walking away and their new and improved defense will absolutely love pinning their ears back and getting to the QB throughout the entire second half.

Chad Henne Fantasy Football Week 1 Projection: 150 yards, 0 TDs, 3 INTs

Now for the tough calls:

fantasy football week 1 start em sit em lineup advice player projections roster q&aWeek One Start Em QB: Ben Roethlisberger

Don’t be too scared by the “vaunted” Baltimore defense. A quick look at their lineup reveals a lot of flashy names and not nearly as much production. While Ed Reed will still be running around and may even come up with an interception, Big Ben and his new and improved passing attack should be flying on all cylinders. Look for Baltimore to do a reasonably good job stuffing the run and Pittsburgh to adjust accordingly by throwing the ball all over the field.

Ben Roethlisberger Fantasy Football Week 1 Projection: 285 yards, 3 TDs, 1 INT

Other Start Em QBs for Week 1:

  • Tom Brady (#2 by a hair)
  • Colt McCoy (home against Cincinnati)
  • Matthew Stafford (will explode at Tampa)
  • Matt Schaub (no run against Indy? No problem)
  • Jay Cutler (shootout with Atlanta)
  • Matt Ryan (see Cutler, Jay).

Week One Sit Em QB: Tony Romo

It pains me – as a guy that drafted Tony Romo and NO OTHER QBs in his own league – to say this, but Romo will not have a good Week 1. I’m actually very high on Romo this year, and have him as the sixth ranked overall QB, but I don’t think he will be able to overcome everything in New York Sunday night.

Not only is the Jets’ pass defense one of the best in the league, but you also have the whole “9-11” thing. A few years ago, the Saints played the Falcons at home, shortly after Hurricane Katrina. It wouldn’t have mattered if the All-Madden Team walked out onto that field that day…the Saints weren’t losing. I have the feeling it will be more of the same in Week 1.

Look for Romo to have a decent amount of yards, but break down late near the red zone.

Tony Romo Fantasy Football Week 1 Projection: 245 yards, 1 TD, 2 INTs

Other Sit em QBs for Week 1:

  • Peyton Manning (obvious reasons)
  • Michael Vick (on the road…in a dome…against an underrated defense…without a few weapons)
  • Josh Freeman (Detroit’s line will be too much)
  • Mark Sanchez (he’s just not good)
  • Joe Flacco (Pittsburgh has his number).

Fantasy Football Week 1 Start Em, Sit Em – Running Backs

Projected Top Performer: Jamaal Charles

To be honest, Charles would be my #1 running back if I wasn’t so scared about him getting hurt or worn down halfway through the season. Good thing for Charles owners he opens up the season at home against the Buffalo Bills.

He is probably the best home-run threat in football outside of Chris Johnson, and if your league rewards big plays, Charles could REALLY stand out in Week 1. I could easily see Charles rushing for over 200 yards, a-la Arian Foster last year against the Colts.

Jamaal Charles Fantasy Football Week 1 Projection: 22 carries for 190 yards and 2 TDs; 4 Receptions for 39 yards and 1 TD

Projected Worst Performer: Fred Jackson

There’s just not a lot going Jackson’s way this weekend. First, he’s not that good. Secondly, he has no quarterback so an already good run defense in Kansas City will be able to load the box against him. Third, CJ Spiller will probably be a better matchup against the Chiefs’ defense so FJax will get less touches. Fourth, I expect KC to win handily. And fifth, he’s not that good.

Fred Jackson Fantasy Football Week 1 Projection: 9 carries for 23 yards; 2 catches for 12 yards

Week One Start Em RB: Tim Hightower

He recently won the starting running back job in Washington and will be rushing in Mike Shanahan’s famous “zone blocking” scheme. You might be scared to start him week one because of Ryan Torain and Roy Helu; and I agree that eventually, as Torain and Helu will end up stealing carries from Hightower, but not until later on in the year. Helu is still a rookie that missed an entire summer’s worth of practice. Shanahan will need to rely on a running back that can pick up the Giants’ pass rush and Hightower will do the job. Also, the Giants’ rush defense is surprisingly mediocre, and Washington will rely heavily on the running game as long as John Beck and Rex Grossman are their quarterbacks. Don’t be scared to start Hightower early on in the season as the talented Helu struggles to learn the offense.

Tim Hightower Fantasy Football Week 1 Projection: 18 carries for 92 yards and 1 TD; 5 catches for 34 yards and 1 TD

Other Start Em RBs for Week 1:

  • Peyton Hillis (home against Cincinnati)
  • DeAngelo Williams (look for him to get a lot more touches now that he is healthy and Fox has moved on)
  • LeSean McCoy (only player for Philly that will have a good game in a shocking loss at St. Louis)
  • Chris Johnson (I think he sends a message to all the “fake” Tennessee fans).

Week One Sit Em RB: Ray Rice

Rice is my #4 ranked RB, and he will have a fantastic year, but facts are facts: nobody runs against the Steelers. Rice will probably be a decent threat out of the backfield, and may end up getting close to 80 yards on the ground and in the air, but that’s not exactly what you are hoping for out of your #1 running back.

You may not have much depth at the RB position, and you may feel compelled to start your first round draft pick…but don’t be scared. Nobody runs against the Steelers, not even Rice. Sit him with confidence, and try to hit a home run with a wild card.

Ray Rice Fantasy Football Week 1 Projected Stats – 12 carries for 42 yards; 4 catches for 18 yards

Other Sit Em RBs for Week 1:

  • Rashard Mendenhall (Pittsburgh will begin throwing early and often against the Ravens)
  • Knowshon Moreno (as soon as McGahee gets hurt, Moreno will break out…but the platoon system will hurt his value early on)
  • Arian Foster (obvious reasons)
  • Colts running backs (Houston will load up against the run with no Peyton Manning)
  • LeGarrette Blount (Two words: Ndomakong Suh).

Fantasy Football Week 1 Start Em, Sit Em – Wide Receivers

Projected Best Performer: Larry Fitzgerald

Kevin Kolb isn’t great…but he is better than me…and that’s really all Fitzgerald needs this season…especially against the Panthers in Week One.

Larry Fitzgerald Fantasy Football Week 1 Projected Stats – 11 catches for 176 yards and 2 TDs

Projected Worst Performer: Dwayne Bowe

Not that it will hurt the Chiefs in any way…but I really don’t expect KC to be throwing the ball around too much against the Bills. Look for them to march out to a comfortable lead, and Bowe to take a backseat in the offense, at least for one day.

Dwayne Bowe Fantasy Football Week 1 Projected Stats – 4 catches for 35 yards

Week One Start ‘Em WR: Reggie Wayne

fantasy football week 1 start em sit em lineup advice player projections roster q&aYes, I’m serious.

The Colts will definitely struggle in Week 1, especially without Peyton Manning. Houston will almost definitely stack the box to stuff the run, and if they get an early lead, the Colts will be forced to throw the ball a lot. Whether it’s Painter or Collins, one thing is for sure: Wayne will have a good day.

He has been outspoken in his defense of Painter, and Painter has clearly trusted him in the pre-season. Clark, Collie, Garcon, and Gonzalez may have bad days, but you can start Reggie with confidence this week.

Reggie Wayne Fantasy Football Week 1 Projected Stats – 14 catches for 145 yards

Other Start Em WRs for Week 1:

  • Calvin Johnson (statement win for Detroit)
  • Mario Manningham (he and Nicks will take turns having mammoth games…it’s Super Mario Week in Week 1)
  • Brandon Marshall (Dolphins will be playing from behind so he’ll rack up yards)
  • Percy Harvin (probably 8 catches…and he gets to return the ball against San Diego)
  • Roddy White (obvious reasons)
  • Johnny Knox (shootout in Chicago).

Week One Sit ‘Em WR: Dez Bryant

It was either him or Miles Austin, and I think Revis Island will settle on Bryant for most of the night. Romo still trusts Miles Austin a little more, and will look to him and Jason Witten on hot routes while trying to escape pressure all night.

It’s definitely possible that Bryant will be able to make something happen in the return game on Sunday night, but if not, look for Bryant to have a frustratingly poor opening night.

Dez Bryant Fantasy Football Week 1 Projected Stats – 2 catches for 14 yards; 1 rush for -2 yards

Other Sit Em WRs for Week 1:

  • Greg Jennings (just a weird game for the Packers…I think their rushing attack and role players get more touches against Sean Payton and Gregg Williams’ D)
  • Anquan Boldin (because Joe Flacco’s awful)
  • AJ Green (not yet…just wait for him)
  • Santonio Holmes (because Mark Sanchez is awful)
  • Mike Thomas (new QB in Jax).

Fantasy Football Week 1 Start Em, Sit Em – Tight Ends

Projected Best Performer: Jason Witten

Romo and his best friend will connect on a lot of underneath passes all game long. If Witten can even get into the end zone once, he should have a huge day.

Jason Witten Fantasy Football Week 1 Projection: 12 catches for 125 yards and 1 TD

Week One Start Em TE: Aaron Hernandez

I have been very outspoken about Hernandez, so I will just keep it simple with facts: nobody in the entire league has caught more balls than him this pre-season; he’s the more talented of the two tight ends in New England and wants to prove it this season; and Tom Brady will be throwing the ball all over the place against Miami.

Aaron Hernandez Fantasy Football Week 1 Projection: 8 catches for 110 yards and 2 TDs

Other Start Em TEs for Week 1:

  • Vernon Davis (against Seattle)
  • Owen Daniels (against the Colts)
  • Jimmy Graham (GB shuts down the Saints’ WRs and Graham gets a lot of touches)
  • Greg Olsen (Cam Newton’s new best friend)
  • Brandon Pettigrew (everyone in Detroit will have a good fantasy week).

Week One Sit Em TE: Jermichael Finley

Finley has been getting lots of love this season because in the past he’s been a TD machine. However, Aaron Rodgers adapted quite well without him, and with the extended lockout I think it will take Finley a few weeks to find his niche in the offense again. Finley won’t have a HORRIBLE week, but he won’t be blowing anyone away either if you another good option.

Jermichael Finley Fantasy Football Week 1 Projected Stats – 5 catches for 43 yards

Other Sit Em TEs for Week 1:

  • Zach Miller (normally, bad QBs equate to good days for TEs…but Tarvaris Jackson hasn’t even attained the “bad QB” level yet)
  • Marcedes Lewis (I just don’t think he’s good, and the new QB will be rough for him)
  • Tony Gonzalez (you are starting him for his name, and nothing else…so don’t start him
  • Dallas Clark (rough day for the Colts and Dallas)

So there you have it. The first Start Em, Sit Em post for 2011 is in the books. The comment section is now yours.

Best of luck in Week 1 everybody!

About Jon Washburn

Jon Washburn grew up in Indianapolis, IN and as such, is a diehard Pacers, Colts, and Cubs fans. When it comes to college, he cheers for Notre Dame football fan and Purdue basketball. Yes, this sounds shady, but since he grew up without cable, he learned to love Notre Dame - the only team on TV. Glenn "The Big Dog" Robinson was at Purdue when Jon was in his formative years, so he latched onto them as well. Did that make him a fair-weather fan at the time? Sure. Give him a break...he was 8...and he has stayed with those teams ever since. Currently, he lives in Charleston, SC with his wife who grew up in Cleveland. Although he is no longer physically in the Midwest, his heart will always be there. Jon goes by the name "Twitch" because he has Tourette's Syndrome. Hit him up on his twitter @jwtwitch.


  1. where do i go for lineup advice?

    • You have come to the right place. Comment here and someone will answer you.

      • Jerod's the man! Jerod! do You agree with benching Mendenhall this week? I understand he's going up against Baltimore but they're aging and this is Baltimore vs Pittsburgh man! Mendenhall 45 yds 2 td's that's my line

        • Aging? Baltimore got a lot younger the past couple of years. There are only two old timers in the Baltimore defense now in Lewis and Reed, and they both are playing at a young level. As of this year Pittsburgh is the only “old” team in that division, but it’s hard to bet against a team that just went to the Superbowl. That being said, A team with Ngata and Cody up front is very good at stuffing the run, and with two youngsters starting at CB for Baltimore in Smith and Williams, I think most teams with a QB are going to have to test them. Look for Pittsurgh receivers to have a decent day and Mendenhall to have a very bad one. Jerod’s on the money here.

          • Gotta give credit to Jon for this one. He is writing the Start/Sit columns this year; I am serving more as a comment section consultant. ;-) But excellent points Jojo!

          • Had to come back at JoJo here, Mendenhall avg's 64 yards and 0.75 TD's a game vs Baltimore in his last 4 startts, an average of 12pts in my league, i'll take that to the bank, have a nice day!

      • ryan grant vs n.o. or mcgahee vs oakland ??

        • thedrtwitch says:

          Personally, I would take Ryan Grant vs. N.O.
          Both guys will split carries with another RB, but Grant is the starter, and I think GB may surprise the Saints and everyone else by coming out a little more run-heavy than we are expecting.
          Last season, the Seahawks hit the Saints in the mouth with the running game to end their season, and the Packers may try to do the same thing.
          Both guys offer a little bit of risk due to platoon systems…but I think Grant offers the opportunity for more points this week.

  2. I disagree with sitting M. Vick and R. Mendenhall, I believe these two are must starts every week, For me personally Mendenhall is my RB1 followed by Bradshaw, Felix Jones and Ingram, I believe Mendenhall will get 45 yards and at least 2 TD’s against Baltimore this week.

    • I will say this: Jon and I differ on Mendenhall. I think, despite his workload the last two years, that he'll have a solid season. With that said, Baltimore is outstanding against the run, and even sitting great backs like Rice and Mendenhall has made sense in this battle before. I would make sure I had a really good option in place of him (in your case, I would NOT start Felix Jones or Mark Ingram over Mendenhall), but if I did, I would be okay sitting him.

      Remember, all start/sit recommendations are relative. You wouldn't sit Mendenahll if your alternatives were Fred Jackson and Reggie Bush, but you would if your choices were MJD or a guy like Ryan Grant. So when Jon says "sit" it really means that you should just make sure, based on YOUR roster, that you really want this guy playing if you have him slated to start.

      • Thanks for clarifying, I'll make sure to let you know how I do, but in case you're curious here's my starters and my bench feel free to chime in:

        QB A.RODGERS
        WR1 MEGATRON
        WR2 B.LLOYD going against a OAK pass D that got torched this pre-season. the irony, i'm a Raiders fan
        WR3 S.JOHNSON
        RB2 BRADSHAW
        FLEX F.JONES
        TE J.GRAHAM
        K. M.BRYANT
        DEF. LIONS

        B M.INGRAM
        B. B.JACOBS
        B. L.MOORE
        B. N.BURLESON
        B. A.BROWN
        B. J.COOK
        B. ARIZ DEF

        • I would change nothing about your lineup. I'd consider Arizona's D against the rookie QB, but they're no slam dunk.

        • I would take a serious look at Nate Burleson in the starting lineup. I think he is going to get a lot of looks with defenses trying to take away Calvin Johnson. Other than that, your lineup definitely looks solid.

          • Mendenhall 45 yards rushing but no TD's lol…luckily I have megatron and stevie johnson and rodgers, staked me to a huge lead, plus ahmad bradshaw just ran in for a score, I should be ok despite starting mendenhall vs baltimore, but you guys were wrong about Rice he went off

  3. I am starting Jamaal Charles, Peyton Hillis, and Vincent Jackson over Legarrette Blount, Chris Johnson and Dwayne Bowe…. For Blount I think that DET run defense will be still this year, DBOWE will take a backseat while the KC run game tears up Buffalo and Chris Johnson may have limited carries since he hasn't been in training camp, but even if he doesn't he may be an injury risk….What do you guys think?

    • Personally, I wouldn't quibble. Your reasoning is sound, and you have two backs good enough to start over CJ given his holdout. Good calls.

    • This comes back to something I wrote about a few weeks ago. Trust the expert advice…when you DON'T have an opinion. You already have strong opinions on your guys, and Charles, Hillis, and Jackson are all good players. I would still consider Chris Johnson with Peyton Hillis because he only needs to break one against Jax to have a good day, but either way, you are in a good situation.

  4. Hey Jon and Jerod,

    Just wanted to say thanks for last years advice, helped me win my league!

    Since you were pretty much spot on with your advice last year, I have some questions for you.
    First here is my squad:
    Romo and Bradford
    nicks, b marshall, m williams(tb), garcon, and s moss.
    Mendenhall, Gore, Best, Ingram, Tate.
    owen daniels

    Second how do you feel about S Moss this year? Should I just play the match ups on him or is he a starter for my team?

    Third Best for Mendenhall this week? My gut is telling me noo, but my match up is telling me yesss.

    Forth should I drop Tate and pick up Jimmy Graham? Owens was pretty bad in the beginning of last year and I do not want to see a repeat of that.

    Thanks again for the advice- Now lets win some Fantasy Football!

    • I think Moss is a matchup play, and he will have some good games this year, but he is not an every week starter. I can see the argument for Best over Mendenhall in a PPR league, and even in a non-PPR league Mendy's matchup makes him a potential sit. Plus, Best did go nuts early last season. Sure, why not? It's no slam dunk, but I can see it. Go with YOUR gut on it. I would most certainly grab Jimmy Graham, and I think it's fine to drop Tate for him. Daniels is too good to just drop and Graham is still unproven over a full 16-game schedule.

    • Also: congrats on winning your league!

    • I definitely echo Jerod's thoughts with Jimmy Graham. You gotta pick him up, he is just too valuable on the Saints high-powered offense. However, I wouldn't necessarily drop Daniels until after he plays the Colts in week one. I know it's not usually a great idea to keep two TEs, but if you think a guy like Tate is expendable, I think that's definitely a great play.
      As for your team, Romo will be great (he's my QB as well)…but don't be too disappointed in him if he has a tough week one up against the world in NYC.
      With the WRs you have (I would say well above average in terms of depth), Moss is a matchup play. He had a very underrated year last year, and his QB play will probably be better this year, so keep an eye out for him to surprise a lot of people.

  5. Kennedy7080 says:

    I need help on my line up.

    QBMatt Ryan, Atl QB@Chi
    RBRay Rice, Bal RBPit
    RBShonn Greene, NYJ RB Dal
    RB/WRPercy Harvin, Min WR@SD
    WRDeSean Jackson, Phi WR@StL
    WRSantonio Holmes, NYJ WR Dal
    TEVernon Davis, SF TESea
    D/STGiants D/ST D/ST@Wsh
    KNate Kaeding, SD K
    BenchPackers D/ST D/ST NO
    BenchMark Sanchez, NYJ QB Dal
    BenchDustin Keller, NYJ TEDal
    BenchColt McCoy, Cle QB Cin
    BenchAnquan Boldin, Bal WR Pit
    BenchJeremy Maclin, Phi WR P@StL
    BenchMario Manningham, NYG WR

    • I'd be a little wary of Mr. Hit or Miss Desean Jackson myself. I'd rather have either Anquan Boldin or Mario Manningham starting for him this week. Jon would say Mario, and I'd say Anquan. I give the edge to Anquan becuase he's the clear #1 guy in Baltimore.

    • I would definitely start Mario over DeSean Jackson this week, and I might even play Boldin over Percy Harvin as well.
      I do have one question though…why do you have three QBs? Matt Ryan will be a safe bet for you nearly every single week, so you probably don't need that much depth at a position where you can only play one guy.
      I would drop Sanchez (better real life QB than fantasy guy) and try to pick up a young RB that you think has potential. Look for backups that play behind a guy that's injury prone like Michael Bush or Thomas Jones. Or, take a swing at someone random like Kendall Hunter on the 49ers who has had crazy stats this pre-season.
      Just an idea. Having 3 QBs will often handcuff you more than it will help you.

      • Kennedy7080 says:

        Will do. So keep Colt McCoy instead of Mark Sanchez?

        • thedrtwitch says:

          That's a close call. I think Colt will definitely have a better week one than Sanchez, but they may end up being pretty close. Honestly, with a QB as solid as Ryan, you will probably be starting him every single week other than his bye week. You really will only need McCoy or Sanchez for one game.
          Matt Ryan's bye week comes in week eight…and so does Sanchez's. Meanwhile, the Browns will play a winnable game at San Fran.
          Unless you have a fantastic feeling about Sanchez having a breakout year this year, I would keep McCoy and jettison the Sanchize.

          • Kennedy7080 says:

            What about DeSean Jackson week 1? I feel the Eagle offense will run over the RAms and Jeremey Maclin is sick so.. Isnt Jackson and Celek the main people Vick can throw to?

          • Kennedy7080 says:

            Also, last 2 question sorry. Giants D or 49's D week 1? Also do I need another Running back? I feel like my rosters a litttle weak..

          • thedrtwitch says:

            Close call…I would probably go with San Fran against Tarvaris…but both may end up having good weeks.

          • thedrtwitch says:

            I actually don't have that good of a feeling about the Eagles' offense in week one. Their O-Line is completely new and they have a new line coach. They will be playing on the road in a dome against a very under-rated defense in St. Lewis.
            If anyone has a good week, it will be Jackson, especially considering the other Eagles' weapons aren't that good/healthy right now. But as Jerod said before, I'm very wary of Trick or Treat DeSean.

  6. In a td format would u play brandon jacobs or thomas jones?

  7. Kennedy7080 says:

    IDK why you don't like Mark Sanchez. He lead his team to the playoffs two years in a row and I feel he might cut down on his interceptions alot this season.

    • Actually, Sanchez had one of the highest totals of DROPPED interceptions last year, suggesting that he may throw even more this year unless he makes some pretty serious changes. (Another guy high on that list: Michael Vick). Sanchez is a better real life QB than a fantasy QB. The Jets' offense and gameplan just isn't built for a QB to put up big numbers.

    • I'm much higher on Sanchez as a real life QB than a fantasy guy. He's a very good leader, and his team seems to respond to him. However, just based on numbers, he was even with Chad Henne last year….so in FANTASY terms, he is awful.
      I should have clarified that in my article :)

  8. In a td format would u start brandon jacobs, dwayne bowe or thomas jones?

  9. ok so i am new to this whole fantasy football thing….all my friends are into it and dont get me wrong i love football but i dont know all these players! im the only girl in the league and i really want to win so i need your help!!

    so heres my team…

    QB Rodgers
    RB Foster
    RB Gore
    WR Jennings
    WR nicks
    WR Bowe
    TE Clark
    FLEX Moreno
    FLEX matt forte
    FLEX Jahvid Best
    K mason Crosby
    DEF Baltimore

    wes welker
    santana moss
    lee evans
    marshawn lynch

    now…i heard foster might be hurt this week?? and you are not recommending bowe so any suggestions??


    • I'd sit Foster. Even if he plays, he's now hurt the hamstring twice since camp started. Marshawn Lynch is a better option this week. BTW…do you really have three flex starting spots? That's crazy. I don't like Bowe, but personally I'd start him over Welker or Moss unless you are in a PPR league. His potential is simply too great to sit for the unexplosive Welker and the up and down Moss. Jon may disagree though.

      • Wow. All I have to say is that for a girl that's new to fantasy….wow. Great team.
        As to your team this week, I would definitely play Lynch over Foster. He is too valuable for Houston and they will try to save him as much as they can, especially if they get out to any sort of lead against the undermanned Colts.
        That's really the only change I would make to your team. When Welker gets completely healthy, I think he will be a gamechanger for you. But right now, make the Lynch switch and I think you have a great chance at winning week one!

  10. Should I start Tony Romo or Kevin Kolb? And at receiver should I start Mannningham or Bowe? Thanks for any help.

    • I'd play Kolb myself. We know that Jets are hell against opposing passing games, and don't you just know Kolb will want to earn trust with LFitz in their first game together? I'm start Manningham, but then again I "hate" Dwayne Bowe (in fantasy terms) and still do not trust him, so take that for what it's worth.

    • Romo vs. Kolb is a very close call. Romo will definitely be the better option all year, but as a guy that has him as his QB, I have to say I would play Kolb in week one against Carolina. Much better option.
      I also think Manningham is your guy. He is one of my "guys I like" this week, and I don't feel that Bowe will be too involved in the offense if and when KC gets out to an early lead this week.

  11. I have Dallas Clark and Aaron Hernandez in a 14-team, PPR league. I know you like Hernandez to start over Clark, but don't you think Collins will look to Clark as a reliable option against a suspect defense?

    • thedrtwitch says:

      Man, this is an incredibly tough one.
      Dallas is perennially a top 3 fantasy tight end, and usually a better option, but I would start Hernandez for two reasons:
      First of all, I honestly think Hernandez will jump into the discussion along with Gates, Clark, and Witten for "elite status" this year.
      Secondly, the matchup favors Hernandez this week. Personally, I think that the Texans will try to make Indy's receivers beat them and take Dallas Clark out of the game. They know that Collins will be looking for Clark a lot, so they will try to make Indy beat them with deep throws and out patterns. Meanwhile, Hernandez could very well be Brady's #1 option, especially with Wes Welker dinged up. Look for Hernandez to catch a LOT of balls underneath that would normally be going to Welker, as well as beating Miami's defense up the seam for a score or two.
      Close call, but I would play Hernandez over Clark…at least until Peyton comes back.

  12. So…if you're projecting Witten to do well, with 1 TD, how can you project Romo to get 0 TDs? That just doesn't seem to make a whole lot of sense to me.

    • thedrtwitch says:

      That's a very good point Doug. It makes no sense to me either.
      I wrote my QB predictions the day before my TE predictions, and as I thought through everything, I felt like Dallas would get into the end zone once, and Witten had as good a chance of anyone to get in there.
      Unfortunately, I never went back and changed Romo's projection.
      Completely my fault, thanks for the insight. I have now changed Romo's projection to him having 1 TD. It makes his game slightly better…but not really the Romo that all of us Romo-owners would like to see out of him.

  13. Scottie Mac says:

    Ok, I didn't see any of the guys on my fantasy roster get a mention AT ALL. Hope that doesn't mean I have a bad fantasy squad!?! Anyway, these are my projected starters for Sunday, where I have an opportunity to sub:
    QB Brees
    RB Jones-Drew and S. Jackson
    WR Marshall, S. Moss, Kenny Britt
    TE Gates
    K Janikowski

    Backups are
    QB McNabb
    RB Green-Ellis
    WR Branch, Amendola
    TE Shockey — I noticed you think the Panthers will go Olsen over Shockey, but from an experience factor I'd expect Newton to trust Shockey for the check-off. (Olsen's no slouch, but I just feel that QBs and TEs form some kind of bond like pitchers and catchers. I saw Newton and Shockey hook up in the preseason and can't recall Olsen making a catch … or I just didn't see it.)

    Tell me if you'd replace anybody in that lineup, please. And Twitch, I'm not competing for your Lincoln, so you can be completely honest with me!

    • Scottie Mac says:

      and Vinateiri is my kicking backup in case Sebastian blows up one of those massive thighs. I expect Indy to move the ball just enough to get into field goal range half a dozen times in the game.

    • thedrtwitch says:

      Your team is very solid. The only thing I might think about would be switching Amendola for Kenny Britt or Santana Moss. Amendola is one of Bradford's favorite targets, and he lines up in the slot a lot so Asomugha probably won't be much of a factor on him.
      You had a good strategy of getting a QB and TE that you can always count on, and then going for some home runs on WRs and RBs that might be under the radar. Jackson and Mo-Joe will also give you good value this week in my opinion.
      As for Olsen vs. Shockey…I saw Olsen make a few catches in the second to last pre-season game, and he's younger and better than Shockey. You are right about QBs forming a bond with TEs, and if you think you saw something with Shockey, that's completely a gut feeling that you should go with.
      In my opinion, Olsen is the better option, but I would definitely go with my gut if I were you.
      Hope everything works out!

      • Scottie Mac says:

        Our league was done by autodraft, so some of these players I didn't pick myself. I did edit my pre-draft rankings so that I could get Brees in the first round, Stephen Jackson in the third, and Janikowski around the sixth/seventh maybe. McNabb was a free agent that I got off waivers who should be protected pretty well in Minnesota, and if not, nothing lost.

        Olsen was already gone, and I got Shockey off waivers, so it was really just a bonus in case Gates does not produce (i.e. does not play). I expect Rivera to rotate guys somewhat the first few weeks to see what he's got, especially in the absence of a full training camp. If Shockey is half the player I think he is, he's not going to be happy being second string to anybody and will hopefully work for the spot.

        NOBODY in our league drafted Cam Newton, and I specifically blocked him so he wouldn't kill me if Brees went down. He will complete a long ball every now and then, but the majority of his fantasy points are going to be check-downs and scrambles IMO.

        I read that Britt may not be 100% by Sunday anyway so I'm glad for what you said about Amendola. Didn't know if he or Deion Branch would be the better option.

        Hoping Brandon Marshall is happy in Miami.

  14. Hey Jerod, football is back. So I'm back to bug you for advice.

    My squad this year is as follows:
    QB: Romo/Stafford
    WR: Fitz/S. Moss/Green/Garcon/Williams(seattle)/Williams(chicago)
    RB: Rice/Bradshaw/D. Williams/ B. Wells
    TE: Finley
    K: Alex Henry
    D/ST: NYG

    My league is 1 QB, 3 WR, 2 RB, 1 TE/K/D. Thoughts?

    • thedrtwitch says:

      I'm not Jerod, but I will try to do my best :)
      You have two great QBs, but I would start Stafford in week one. Romo may struggle a lot against the Cowboys, and I think the Lions will score a lot of points in Tampa Bay.
      For WRs, I would start Fitzgerald, Williams, and Williams. That really is a much tougher call though. As a Colts fan, I don't think Garcon will give you much without Peyton Manning, and AJ Green will struggle early on with a rookie QB in a system he himself really doesn't know that well. Moss is a sleeper. If you have a good feeling about him, play him.
      For running backs, I would play Bradshaw and Williams. I don't think Beanie is very good, and while Rice will be a great back for you all year, nobody runs against the Steelers.
      Good luck this week!

      • Would you move Bradshaw to get Stevie Johnson to add depth at WR?
        I could always grab another RB after an injury.
        Or should I wait and see how things play out?

        • thedrtwitch says:

          I would not. You already have 6 WRs and only 4 RBs, so an injury to one of your runners would really handicap you in the future. I might consider moving one of your QBs though. Both could potentially be top 10 guys, and they each have a lot of value. If you could move Stafford or Romo and get a top 10 WR or RB, that would really help your team a lot. It is very nice to have two good QBs, but the fact is that you can only play one of them, and you are stuck with a lot of points on the bench each week.
          Try to dangle one of them out there to somebody that's starting a Kevin Kolb/Josh Freeman type.

  15. I have Green Bay as my starting DEF, but I'm considering picking up the Arizona or Cle defense this week because of the favorable match-ups. Which DEF do you recommend for week one?


    • thedrtwitch says:

      Green Bay has one of the top 5 fantasy defenses, and if you have to drop them to pick up Arizona or Cleveland, I would just stay with them this week.
      After the top five, there is a huge drop off, and it's really a 50-50 flip every single week.
      If you want to have a solid defense you can count on all year, I would go ahead and roll with GB this week. The reality is that no defense is fool-proof, and even the Steelers will get lit up occasionally. But if you have a top five defense, you should stick with them. It will make your life easier for the rest of the year.

      • thedrtwitch says:

        All that said…if you could pick up Cleveland this week and KEEP the GB defense…that could be a great option. I think Cleveland will really shut down a Cincinnati team featuring new guys all over the field.

  16. Thanks for the help. I'm looking to bolster my WR corps with a wire pick up. I have Fitz and Holmes as my starters in a PPR league. On my bench I have MSW, Breaston and Greg Little. On the wire I'm looking at Nate Washington, Jabar Gaffney, Earl Bennett, Demaryious Thomas, Eric Decker, Mohamed Massaquoi, Ben Obomanu, Donald Jones – Buffalo. Which receivers have the most upside and most likely to be consistently in the mix?

    • thedrtwitch says:

      If I were to rank everyone you just mentioned, I would do so as follows:
      1) Fitzgerald
      2) Holmes
      3) Breaston
      4) MSW
      5) Washington
      6) Greg Little
      7) Demaryious Thomas

      And nobody else.
      I think LIttle has a lot of upside considering the complete lack of weapons in Cleveland. The QB change in Jax worries me a little bit with MSW, and I think Breaston will be a good play all year. I think that Washington will be the most consistent of the guys in my bottom four, but maybe have the least amount of upside.
      Hope this helps!

      • MSW is in STL now as bradfords #1

        • thedrtwitch says:

          Wow. This is really an inexcusable mistake on my part. Thanks a lot Chris.
          I still think Breaston is ahead of him, but both of them are very close in my opinion.
          Again, thanks a lot Chris for pointing that out. Little things like this could definitely undermine my credibility tremendously. At MSF, we strive for the best, and I promise to not let something like this fall through the cracks again!

          • all good lol there was alot of moves this season in a little bit of time. mistakes will happen early in this season. its no biggie

      • Thanks. MSW is with STL now. Should be interesting to see how he works out.

  17. Jerod / Jon – as always, great site, and great advice. I have a couple that I'm already struggling with this week. I too have Romo and Kolb and will most likely go with Kolb for this week. At RB, I have MJD going, but for my 2nd I need to pick between Moreno and Beanie Wells. Neither of them are projecting well, and I've already read your comments about Beanie not being that good, but relative to each other, which one do you think is a better start this week? At WR I currently have Roddy White, Reggie Wayne and Boldin active. Would you sub Kenny Britt in for any of them? Lastly, I have two average TE's, Pettigrew and Olsen. Do either of these guys have an advantage over the other week 1? Thanks again, keep up the great work!

    • thedrtwitch says:

      I will answer these questions quickly because I think you have thought really hard through all the options already and are just looking for what I think.
      I would definitely go with Kolb over Romo (I have Romo myself…I think he will have a tough opening week).
      At RB, I would go with Moreno over Wells because Moreno has more natural ability and I think he will get a lot of touches in John Fox's new offense, especially against the Raiders.
      At WR, I would leave White, Wayne, and Boldin in the starting lineup. I think they will have have good weeks.
      Pettigrew and Olsen are tough calls. I think both will have good weeks, but Pettigrew has the better QB so that might give him the edge, especially early on.

  18. What's the better defense to start this week, Detriot or Cleveland?

    The rest of my team:
    Flex-F. Jones

    Micheal Bush
    Julio Jones
    Lance Kendricks
    Antonio Brown

    • thedrtwitch says:

      Both defenses should be solid in week one, but I think Detroit will rack up more sacks and turnovers so I would go with them.
      As for the rest of your team, I think you have the right starters in. Michael Bush could be worth a look later on, especially if McFadden goes back to his incredibly inconsistent and injury-prone ways, but right now, your team looks good.

  19. Please help with these RBs. Which 2 would you start week 1? Blount, Tolbert, Lynch, Reggie Bush, or Pierre Thomas?

    Also, please pick 1 WR to start week 1. Lance Moore, Plaxico Burress, Jacoby Ford, or Mike-Sims Walker?

    Right now I'm starting Aaron Rodgers, Vincent Jackson, Mario Manningham, RB, RB, FLEX, Gates, K, Patriots D. Need to figure out how to fill in the blanks this week. I'm thinking Blount and Tolbert at RB? Not sure this wk on the 1 WR for the flex, Lance Moore is dinged up or to me he would be a no-brainer. Would you go with one of the WRs in the flex, or one of the RBs?

    Also, would you rather have Delone Carter, Kendall Hunter, Deji Karim or Antonio Brown stached away on the bench, for later in the year (I had drafted Rashad Jennings about 3 days before he went on IR, I have since replaced him with Carter)?


    • thedrtwitch says:

      Delone Carter and Kendall Hunter are definitely the two guys I would be looking at out of those four. If forced to choose one, I would probably give the edge to because the Colts will be more consistently explosive once Manning comes back, but I am really high on Hunter too so either guy would work.
      As to your question about who to start, I would probably start Pierre Thomas and Marshawn Lynch. Blount is in for a tough day against Detroit's defensive line, and Tolbert and Bush will be splitting carries. For your flex, I would stay away from MSW because of the QB situation and Plax because you just can't be sure about anything with him yet. Even though Lance Moore is dinged up, I still think he might be the best play, narrowly edging out Jacoby Ford who could put up some numbers if Oakland falls behind to Denver.

      • I was ruling MSW out this week because of Nnamdi Asomugha. I didn't know there was anything wrong with Sam Bradford. MSW plays for STL now, not the Jaguars. If that's the QB situation you were referring to. Where's Jerod?

  20. Jerod/Jon,

    I have a question about my flex play this week. I have Charles and Sjax at RB, leaving me Best and Hightower to plug in at flex. Which one should I go with?

    Thanks for the advice guys!!

    • thedrtwitch says:

      Wow. I really like both guys. I think Hightower is going to be a good player early on this season, but I am more confident that the Lions will have a lead against TB. Because of the possibility for him to eat up yards while running out the clock, I would give Best a slight edge, but if those are your two flex guys, you are in really solid shape with your team.

  21. Jerod/Jon,

    Help me I'm stuck. I know I don't have the best team. But what is the optimum starting situation with my team? Thank you.

    Mark Sanchez QB
    Fred Jackson RB
    Pierre Thomas RB
    Mohamed Massaquoi WR
    Andre Johnson WR
    Todd Heap TE
    Donovan McNabb QB
    Matt Bryant K
    Pittsburgh Steelers DEF

    Joseph Addai RB
    LeGarrette Blount RB
    Deion Branch WR
    Roscoe Parrish WR

    1QB 2RB 2WR 1TE 1Q/R/W/T format

    • thedrtwitch says:

      Looks like you are in a large league with lots of depth. No problem, we always have to work with what we have.
      In my opinion, these would be my starters:
      Donovan McNabb (Minnesota will probably trail much of the game and have to throw it a lot)
      Fred Jackson and Pierre Thomas (Good call there)
      Andre Johnson and Deion Branch (Pats will likely sling it around and he's always one of Brady's favorite targets…especially with no Welker)
      Todd Heap
      LeGarrette Blount (don't particularly like his matchup against the Lions, but he's by far your best player available)

  22. strongggly disagree about KC buff matchup. buffalo just got that monster dt in the draft and ive read merriman is shredding it up again. KC's line just isnt that much better than an improved Bills line imo

  23. ok jerod im back i made it to the championship last year and got served pretty is my team brees,jennings and megatron,forte wells or hightower,NO te,chicago def and matt bryant. my question is should i start wells vs carolina or go with hightower who is on a roll? thanks for the gift basket last year and thanks for all your advice!sincerely MSF fan steven H

    • thedrtwitch says:

      I would go with Hightower over Wells. Shanahan's offense will once again be RB-friendly, and I think that Wells will have his carries split a lot with Ryan Williams early on. Obviously there is definitely a platoon threat in Washington as well, but Helu is a rookie that will take a while to learn the system and Torain is not as good as Ryan Williams.

  24. RB i can start 2- F.Jones S.Greene and M.Forte PPR LG

    i can start 3 WR's cant really figure out the last slot

    Nicks (Obvious start)
    A.Johnson(Obvious start)
    Ocho cinco

    • thedrtwitch says:

      Wow. I think you have an embarrassment of riches. I really like Felix Jones, but he may not prevent great value against the Jets defense. Greene and Forte would be the "safe" picks.
      As for your WRs, I think that Marshall will be the best option in week one. The Patriots will probably cruise to an early lead, and Miami will have to throw the ball a lot to stay in the game. Marshall may even outperform Nicks or Johnson in my opinion.

      • yea i was thinking britt because of the jags terrible secondary but i think thats a great opinion on marshall ill most likely go with him thanks!!

        one more for another team i have its a 12 team non PPR format

        Flex- S.Greene
        D/ST-Lions Def
        K-D. Carpenter

        Ocho Cinco
        J.Harison (DET)

        i handcuffed all my starting RBS but for week one would you make any changes to the starting lineup

  25. Hey Jon/Jerod,

    Here’s my squad in a 10 team PPR league-
    QB Matt Ryan/RBs Charles, McCoy/ WRs Wayne, Harvin/TE Gates/ BN SJax, KMoreno, ACollie, KBritt

    How does it look, and do you think this is the correct starting line-up?

    I feel my WR corps could be stronger but I ended up picking McCoy in the second round and let go an opportunity to pick a top 5 WR. Do you think it is worth picking Amendola from waiver by dropping either Collie or Britt? Or should I rather wait it out and see how the current squad fares for the first couple of weeks?

    • I think you have a good looking team, excellent RB's for PPR.. picking up McCoy in the 2nd round was a steal. I wouldn't be too quick to drop Britt, he has the makings of a beast and may find his way into your starting lineup before you know it. Amendola is a great PPR player and should be owned in your 10 man league. With Peyton on the skids I'd look to drop Collie for Amendola.

      Good luck!

    • thedrtwitch says:

      I'm a HUGE fan of Amendola, especially this week. Asomugha will be on MSW, and Amendola will be running around underneath, killing Philly's mediocre LB core. Also, Bradford loves him. I would definitely drop Collie for Amendola as well.
      Other than that, your team looks great. A lot of people would kill to have SJax and Moreno as RBs…and you have them on your bench. Nice job.

  26. MarcinJersey says:

    Hey guys! So which 2 of these 3 would you start – Moreno, Fred Jackson, and Brandon Jacobs
    ANd who would you start at tight end – Jimmy Graham or Aaron Hernandez?

    • thedrtwitch says:

      I would take Aaron Hernandez easily…even though I love Jimmy Graham this year.
      For RBs, I would take Moreno and Jackson. Jacobs will have his carries split in NY, and Moreno is the most talented of the bunch.

  27. Jerod/Jon

    I'm back after a year off.Good to be back!

    My starting lineup so far is:

    QB Shaub
    RB Forte and J Charles
    WR Roddy White, B. lloyd, S. homes
    TE K Winslow
    flex 1 Shonne Greene
    flex 2 T Hightower
    K N.rackers
    Def Giants

    E. Manning, Fred Jackson, B Jacobs, Malcolm Floyd, S. Rice, D. Mason, J Shipley, B. Celek

    Do u think Shaub is a better choice over Eli? Also is Forte a better choice over Fred Jackson and Jacobs?
    I heard Vick wants to get Celek more involved in the offense as well. Jon I read your column but I may not have better 3rd wr options now than S. Holmes and the cowboy pass coverage is not that great.

    Thanks for the input!

    • thedrtwitch says:

      I definitely think you have the right starters. I love Schaub against the Colts in week one, especially if Foster is hurt more than we know. I also like the choice of Forte over Jackson/Jacobs. He's the safest pick, and also will get a lot of yards through the air.
      Celek vs. Winslow is close, but I think Winslow will get a lot more looks this week as Freeman is scrambling to stay alive against N-Suh.
      I think HOlmes is a good choice, although I MIGHT take a look at Malcolm Floyd. I expect SD to put up a lot of points this week, and Rivers may look to him more than Jackson, especially on. But you are exactly right about Dallas' secondary…extremely suspect.

  28. Kennedy7080 says:

    I need help on my line up.SD over Ray Rice this week?

    • thedrtwitch says:

      San Diego defense?
      I would play Rice. Even though I don't love his matchup, I gotta think he will get more points than a defense…barring some crazy 5 interception game.

  29. Kennedy7080 says:

    Would you start Mike Talbert of SD over Ray Rice week 1?

    • thedrtwitch says:

      Even though I don't particularly like Ray Rice this week, I think he will have more yards than Tolbert. It's really an uncertain prospect to "chase touchdowns" in fantasy…Tolbert could have 5 carries for 7 yards and 3 TDs…we just can't predict it. I would still play Rice in week one.

  30. Who to start: AJ Green or Thomas Jones?

    • thedrtwitch says:

      Tough. AJ Green is really the only offensive weapon in Cincinnati right now, but he's going up against a pretty good defense and he's entering the battle with Andy Dalton as his QB.
      Personally, I think Thomas Jones is the SAFEST bet, as he gets a lot of goal line carries for KC, and Haley loves to run. But if you think Green is capable of a huge breakout game, a-la Randy Moss in his rookie season, he's not a bad roll of the dice. I saw him in high school in person…and watched him all the time at Georgia…dude is gonna be SUPER special.

  31. Firstly; great site followed a lot of comments and advice on here last year and most of it was spot on, so I thought I'd post my first Q!
    Thanks to injury and a weak line-up in some positions any advice on who to start would be great.
    I need 1 QB, 1-3 RB, 1-3 WR from the following:

    QB's – Fitzpat, Cassel, Flacco
    RB's – Foster, Hillis, Shonne G, Tomlinson
    WR's – Bowe, S Johnson (Buf), Sid Rice, Garcon, Jordy Nel

    Any help would be huge!!

    • thedrtwitch says:

      QB is a tough call. Flacco and Fitzpatrick will probably have the most yards/TDs, but the turnover area concerns me greatly. Cassel, on the other hand, will probably have a somewhat modest game in the vicinity of 180 – 220 yards and 1 TD. It's up to you, but I would probably start Flacco and cross my fingers. There's a good possibility that Pitt stuffs the run and he ends up throwing a lot more than Baltimore normally does.
      For your RBs, I would start Hillis and Shonn Greene, unless you have a VERY good feeling that Foster will be completely healthy. I would stay away from Tomlinson.

      • thedrtwitch says:

        For your WRs, I would definitely start Johnson from Buffalo. The other guys all have a little risk this week. Garcon will be Peyton-less, and I'm incredibly down on Indy receivers not named Reggie Wayne. Sidney Rice will be playing with Tarvaris Jackson…so that's a concern. Jordy Nelson is incredibly hit or miss…but this game against NO is the type of game where he could stand out. Bowe is your best WR, but I don't particularly like his matchup against Buffalo. I think KC will get up early and grind out the game with the run under Haley's conservative play calling.
        If forced to choose two, I would play Johnson and roll the dice with Jordy Nelson. Bowe is your best WR though, and if you think the KC game will turn up differently, you should definitely play him.

        • Will definitely start Stevie J and take your advice and leave out Bowe (for this week) I am tempted to play Jordy Nelson but just managed to pick-up Driver which Packer do you guys prefer for week 1.
          Thanks for the micromanagement, I need it.

  32. hey, guys,
    here's looking forward to another good season (with a little help…). this week i'm torn up over my flex: jahvid best or deangelo williams. my gut says williams because he's more proven (i guess) and it's hard to be nervous about arizona, but i've been burned by him and stewart in years past so i'm gunshy. OTOH, i remember how best looked early last year when he was healthy and it isn't like the bucs' d is that fearsome either. i dunno…thoughts?


    here's the rest of my lineup:

    QB – freeman
    RB – mccoy
    RB – mcfadden
    WR – roddy
    WR – manningham
    FLEX – ???
    TE – winslow

    m austin
    d williams
    b jacobs
    michael bush
    jahvid best
    deji karim

    • thedrtwitch says:

      Williams vs Best is indeed a tough call. Personally, I would go with Williams for two reasons. First of all, John Fox is gone, and he's the guy that really split the carries between Williams and Stewart. Secondly, I think the Panthers will be feeding Williams a lot because they will want to justify spending 30 million dollars on him. Add to this the fact that Cam Newton will be starting and they will probably be more conservative…Williams could be in for a monstrous day against a defense that isn't that great against the run.
      One other thing I noticed about your team…I might consider starting Bradford over Freeman. We saw what the Lions' defensive line just did to Brady a few weeks ago, and Freeman might be in for a tough day. Meanwhile, Bradford will be playing at home in a dome against a defense that has some big names, but also lots of holes in it's LB core.
      Just a thought.

      • Interesting…i had the same thoughts on Bradford vs freeman. Tough call. Yeah, cam Newton was actually one of the reasons I was thinking of benching williams. I assume they’ll stack the box and make cam throw it. Doesn’t bode well for the rbs unless he can make them pay with his arm, which I have a hard time picturing in week 1, you know? Thanks for the input.

  33. Should I start Sanatonio Holmes week 1? Why and why not

    • thedrtwitch says:

      It completely depends on who your other wide receivers are. I do like his matchup against the Dallas secondary, and I think he will be the most talented guy on the field when the Jets offense and Dallas defense line up, but to be honest, it will depend a lot on the Sanchize.
      Braylon is gone, so Holmes will definitely be a more primary option, but if you have Megatron and Andre Johnson, I wouldn't tell you to start Holmes :)

  34. Who should I start: Miles Austin (who everyone is telling me to sit) or Vernon Davis?

    • thedrtwitch says:

      This is a tough one. If Revis Island settles in on Miles Austin, it's a no-brainer. However, many people (including myself) believe that Revis will be locked in on Dez Bryant for most of the game, and that makes Austin a much more valuable commodity. He is still, by far, Romo's favorite WR target, and he will probably get a lot of looks since Bryant will be completely shut down.
      In two games last year against Seattle, Davis combined for 13 catches, 143 yards, and 1 TD. I'd say he's probably good to exceed his average a little bit and catch 8 balls for 90 yards or something close to that since Alex Smith will probably be looking to play things safe early on.
      Davis is probably the SAFER bet, but if you are going for the home run, I think Austin has much greater potential for a big game…so long as he's being covered by Cromartie and not Revis.

  35. ppr league ray rice vs. pittsburgh or beanie wells vs. carolina ? austin miles vs. jets or britt, santonio, or brandon marshall ? always have heard play your studs but pitt run defense and revis and 9-11 have me wondering. my team romo,qb gore,rice, rbs austin, vjax, wrs lewis,te forte, flex carpenter, k philly,def bench- flacco. cedric benson,ryan mathews,kenny britt. rate my team if you like. 8-team ppr

  36. Hey Jerod,

    I just need a little help for my WR2 and Flex positions.

    I'm in a 6 team league so I've got a lot of good players and I know I'm going to be in a toss up week after week as to who to start.

    For WR2 I've got Brandon Marshall, Dwayne Bowe, Mike Williams (TB), or Steve Johnson.
    For Flex I could start LeGarrette Blount, Jahvid Best or any one left above.

    And for DEF, do you think I should drop NYG and get either SD, or NE for this week?

    Thanks for the help,

    • marshall and bowe

    • I'd play Marshall and Best myself. New England is not a bad option on D against what should be a struggling Miami offense with little ground game. They'll do enough to get Marshall worthwhile numbers, but that's probably about it I think.

      • Thank you for the advice. That is exactly what I was planning on going with but…..

        It looks like Foster isn't going to play who is my RB 1. I'm moving McFadden to RB1 if Foster doesn't play but do you think I should move Best to RB2 and play Blount in Flex or would you rather play a WR that I have above in Flex over Blount. I know you like RBs but I'm not sure how I feel about Blounts newly exposed time share.

        Thanks again,

  37. Hey Jerod/Jon,

    I went RB heavy for some reason in my draft and picked up CJ2K, Best, Blount, DAW, and Shonn Greene due to their availability and potential trade value. This left me with Eli or Stafford at QB.

    In a standard league, with 2 RB, 2 WR, and 1 Flex play, would you go with CJ2K, DAW, and Best at RB and Flex or play Greene for one of them? I have Wallace and Megatron at WR.

    Also, which QB do you go with this week. Thanks!!

    • At QB, I'd play Stafford. I think he'll come out guns blazing in Week 1.

      I would play Greene for DeAngelo. I don't trust Carolina's offense with a rookie at QB and Dallas' D will likely have some hiccups early with their new D Coordinator, and Greene should have a good year, starting in Week 1.

  38. So I'm in a pickle. I have Frank Gore as my #1 RB and either Ryan Grant or Reggie Bush as my #2 RB. I'm in a .5PPR league. Should I start Grant or Bush? I know Grant's supposed to split carries with Starks and Bush is the clear cut #1 in Miami but I know Grant's potential and Bush hasn't really done much with a starting job before…

    • bush and dont look back

    • The PPR bit does help Bush, and I do think Miami will try to get him involved a lot in his first game with the team…but Grant is safer, and the better bet to get an easy TD or two. Personally, I'd roll with Grant, but if you're feeling especially daring then Bush could isn't a TERRIBLE option.

  39. Love the site !!! Really needing some help this week. Ray rice vs. Pittsburgh or choose among Beanie, Ryan Mathews, or Cedric Benson ? At wr i am in a quandry about Miles Austin or choose among Kenny Britt, Santonio Holmes or Brandon Marshall ? I have changed my lineup 4 times, so i thought i would come here for a little advice. I am in a ppr league. Thanks in advance for your help !!!

    • I don't love Ray Rice v PIT, but I do like him more than any of your other options. At WR, I think Santonio Holmes could have a big day against a Dallas secondary that is still suspect. I like ALL of your WRs. Why do you have to play only one of them? Must be one hell of a roster you've got.

      • only an 8 team league. my other wr is vincent jackson, a no brainer this week. thanks for your reply

      • i know you are a busy man answering all of the posts, but if i may ask, why do you like holmes instead of marshall ? thanks for your earlier replies.

  40. Morning to all on this wonderful opening Thursday..Been waiting all summer for this!! Jerod you took me to the Championship as a rookie fantasy player last are my "Guru" for sure..
    so what do you guys think. QB:Schaub..RB:addai,Foster,Bush,Jstew..WR:Bowe,Vincent Jackson,Hakeem Nicks,mike thomas..i can start 3 rb's and 3wr's or 4 wr's…so what do you guys think? thanks again..Good Luck to all!!

    • First off, pay attention Sunday morning to Foster's health. Definitely start him if he's healthy. I would also want Addai in the lineup, and Bush has sneaky potential.

      With no Garrard, I'm not big on Mike Thomas, so I'd play the 3 WRs and then sit JStew if Foster is able to play.

  41. Abraham Lincoln says:

    Hey Jerod,____I am the victim of being an owner of Peyton Manning. He was my keeper in my PPR keeper league and we drafted before all of this nonsense. I need a second opinion on the following:____QB: Matt Cassel or Colt McCoy?__WR: Boldin or Burleson?__DEF: Giants, 49ers, or Chiefs?____Thanks, all my eggs are in your basket.

  42. so hightower or wells?

  43. i need to pick one BJGE hightower or wells

  44. status:one says:

    Need a flex player PPR: Fred Jackson RB, Johnathon Stewart RB, or Steve Smith WR ?

  45. Finley and Jennings on the bench WIth AARON RODGERS throwing the ball. I dont know about that advice. Not to mention the fact that I doubt anyone is going to have a good enough 4th WR to play in Jennings place. I do like alot of other calls though. i didnt get hernandez in either league because i couldnt pass on davis but i do think this is his year to shine in Ne.i dont know about Finley but i think jennings is good for 80+ yards and a score. we will see. i am new to this site so I will take a look after this week and see how well things go.

    • Well, it is Week 1, and a lot of times offenses start out slow. People would have called you crazy for saying sit Brees and Favre in Week 1 last year, yet it would have been a good call. But your point is well taken.

      • I agree with Aaron, benching Jennings would've been a bad call…I don't consider myself an expert but if history has taught us anything, never bench your studs! Why, because great players make things happen, Jennings made at least 3 HIGH degree of difficulty catches, these are things we will never see in the box score. This is why I will not bench Mendenhall against Baltimore…He's my 2nd round pick for one, and two, like I stated earlier great players make things happen. Aaron Rodgers got me a huge headstart against my opponent so even 40 yards and a TD will be sufficient enough from Mendenhall to get me the points I need to win this week. On another note, I started Jimmy Graham and this guy is going to be special, Please God let him stay healthy.!!

      • I see what your saying but I have a rule. Start your studs. You are right about week 1. Its always crazy as we saw again this year. Among other things, i think we will see alot more from Vincent Jackson and jeremy maclin this week. We shall see.

  46. Here's my lineup for this year:

    QB: Josh Freeman/Sam Bradford
    RB: Jamaal Charles/Darren McFadden/Jahvid Best/Fred Jackson/Willis McGahee
    WR: Mike Williams (TB)/A.J. Green/Devin Hester/Mike Sims-Walker/Kevin Walter
    TE: Brandon Pettigrew

    I'm not feeling so strong on my WR core. I'm kinda banking on Sims-Walker and Green making huge strides this year to help me out. With my RB core, do you think I have any good trade bait available to try to pull in another WR?

    • I think if Jahvid Best has a great Week 1 you could try to trade him. Remember, he dominated early last year before being bitten by the injury bug. With his injury history, I'd try to sell high if he shoots out of the gate strong.

  47. PPR league Santonio Holmes vs. Cowboys or Brandon Marshall vs. Patriots ? a short explanation why would be appreciated. your replies to my earlier posts are greatly appreciated. thank you in advance.

  48. Sup, guys? Need some help at flex in two leagues. Santonio Holmes or Fred Jackson? In the other league I have to chose one between Ryan Mathews, Willis Mcgahee, or Brandon Jacobs. Thanks!

  49. Frank gore or Shonn Greene? Week 1 RB2?

  50. Good morning,
    I've got Ryan Grant and Marion Barber riding my bench so far. The following guys are available on waivers:
    Jerome Harrison, Kendall Hunter, Deji Karim, and Montario Hardesty. Would it be worth it to drop either Grant or Barber and pick up one of those 2nd stringers? I have Frank Gore as my RB1 so I'm leaning towards dropping Barber and picking up Hunter as a handcuff. What do you think?

    • I'd drop Barber. He's garbage. He was washed up in Dallas and I don't know why the Bears go it him. I don't know about Hunter though, as Dixon would be in line for carries if Gore went down. Harrison is a guy I'd want.

  51. Thanks for doing this guys. You are an awesome source. My league changed the scoring, and so I'm back again this year for more advice. NO penalties for turnovers, so I went ahead with Eli at qb. After reading your rankings, I might go with Stafford. Is Cobb worth using a waiver claim after his week 1 burst?
    QB – Eli, Stafford
    RB – Rice, McFadden, R Bush, LT, Ricky Williams
    WR – Mike Wallace, Mike Williams TB, B Marshall, Amendola
    TE – V Davis
    D – Chargers
    K – J Brown

    • Sorry, we start QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1RB/WR,
      I also have Jason Campbell (remember, no penalties for turnovers). We have a 3 QB limit, and I usually don't keep 3, but other the best QB's left over are Hasselbeck, Grossman, Newton and Dalton. Yikes.

      • At QB, I'd play Stafford. I think he'll come out guns blazing in Week 1.
        RB: Rice and DMC
        WR: Wallace, Williams
        Flex: Mashall

        I'd wait on Cobb. Week 1 is always filled with special teams guys who go nuts. It's a crowded roster in GB. He'll be up and down

  52. MightyMouse says:

    QB: Sanchez, Cassel, McCoy
    D: 49ers, Giants, Browns, Chargers

  53. ok i put once b4 and got no answer. please help me i need to pick one BJGE hightower or wells thanks


  55. Hey guys,

    First off good luck on a new year of fantasy football. Two questions:

    1. Starting RB are Ray Rice and Frank Gore with a flex of BJGE. Should I use Beanie Wells in my flex spot instead of the lawfirm?

    2. My starting QB is Roethlisberger. My bench QB is Orton against the Raiders. Should I stay with Ben this week or am I already over thinking things this early? LOL


  56. frank gore or cedric benson in week 2 ? i drafted gore #4 and benson alot lower, but the offense in san fran scares me, and looks like benson could be poised for a big week. i know, i know, start your studs, but this being a PPR league, maybe gore can redeem himself. waffling back and forth on this one. replies and reasoning from ANYONE would be helpful in making a decision. thank you all

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