Fantasy Football Week 1: Last Minute Lineup Tips

The NFL season officially began on Thursday, which also meant the fantasy football season began as well. That might have been good or bad for your fantasy team, depending on whether or not you have Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees on your team.

If you are already losing in your fantasy league, make sure that you have the right players on your roster to counter your opponent.

Players to Avoid:

Peyton Manning: If anyone has Manning in their starting lineup, they clearly do not pay attention to the NFL, and will probably never find this article. I just felt it necessary to put his name on this list, just in case.

Chad Henne: Henne and the Dolphins are going up against the New England Patriots on Monday Night Football. Henne is not generally picked up in fantasy drafts, but MSF founder Jerod Morris selected him in an MSF writers fantasy draft, so take that for what it’s worth. Henne was never much more than an average quarterback, and that is all he will likely ever be.

arian-foster-texans-nfl-week-1-winners-losersArian Foster: This is another one that could have been picked up by simply following the NFL. His hamstring is the problem, and starting him could be risky.

Foster might tough it out and play, but that could further aggravate his injury and leave him out for a significant length of time. But remember, never let Arian Foster know that you are concerned about his injury in relation to your fantasy team, or he might call you “sick”.

Players to Start:

Colt McCoy: McCoy will begin his first full season as Browns starting quarterback against the lowly Bengals. The Browns are a better team than the Bengals on paper, and should prove it on the field. He should be able to throw for at least two TD’s, and will likely get more. Look for him to be among the Top 10 QB’s this week in the fantasy point of view.

Jamaal Charles: Charles and the Chiefs will take on Buffalo, which should be an easy win for the Chiefs. Charles is projected as a Top 5 back in most fantasy ratings, and he should prove that on Sunday.

Benjamin Watson: The weakness of the Browns’ receiving corps boosts Watson’s stock. He was a primary target for Colt McCoy last season, and should continue to be a main target this year.



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  1. Hey guys,

    I know I already asked this, but I'm in a conundrum. Who would you start Mendenhall or Best?

    Best has the better match up, but I'm not sure if I trust him. He is the healthiest he will be this season right now, though. And this could be a high scoring game.

    Mendenhall did get 2 tds last year against the Ravens, but can I bank on that or even 1? Is the Raven's D as good this year as they were last year?

    Also, I have Romo and Stafford this week, but Orton and Fitzpatrick are available to pick up. I would be dropping Stafford for one of them. What do you think?

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

    • Steve Kubitza says:

      I would have to go with Mendenhall over Best. Like you said, Best has a better matchup, but Mendenhall is a proven back. He has taken on the Ravens in the past and has had success.

      For your question on a quarterback, I think that you should start Stafford. He is projected to have a breakout year, proven he is healthy. The fantasy team on has him projected as the #7 performer in Week 1, and he is ahead of the other three QB's you mentioned.

      Week 1 is always tough in fantasy, due to the fact that players could be busts, or others could have a great game. I hope my advice is beneficial to you and your team.

  2. Thanks Steve! I'm going with Mendenhall.

    However, I messed up and wrote Stafford and meant Bradford. Romo is the higher in the rankings, but Orton put up 20 pts against them last year.

  3. I can't decide who to start at #2 running back. CJ is firmly at #1 but then it's either Shonn Greene against a Dallas team playing with a new defensive scheme or Beanie Wells against what's been an atrocious Carolina defense. I'm inclined to start Wells but he's such an unproven commodity. I'm also concerned about Greene splitting carries with LT, particularly near the goal line.

    • Steve Kubitza says:

      I think based on the matchup, you should go with Beanie Wells. Greene will split carries with LT as you said, and might not get the numbers that Beanie will against a terrible Carolina D.

  4. I have quick TE question. I have both Dallas Clark and Lance Kendricks, I am thinking of sitting Clark in favor of Kendricks this week and am wondering if you think this is a good idea. Do you think now that Kerry Collins will be throwing the ball and not Manning, that Dallas Clark's production will go down?

    Thanks in advance for your advice

    • Steve Kubitza says:

      I would stick with Clark, even though Collins is throwing to him. He will continue to be a primary target in the game. Kendricks is going up against the tough Philly D, and might not see many openings.

  5. who do i start between julio jones and mike thomas. how much of a downgrade is thomas w/o garrard around?

    • Steve Kubitza says:

      I think that Julio Jones is your best option. He has a proven QB throwing to him in Matt Ryan, while Thomas will have Luke McCown throwing to him.

  6. Who do I start as my flex rb? Marshawn Lynch or McGahee? PPR

  7. I have had Arian Foster on my roster for weeks and now he is hurt. shoud i play him or put in Cadillac Williams, or Jason Snelling???? how bad is foster

  8. should i really bench foster to start a second string RB that might not get any playing time. big risk either way with not a big reward

  9. I have a rather tricky situation at QB, I have Big Ben and Jay Cutler as my QB's.
    The only other value options at this point I have is Kerry Collins, Ryan Fitz and Matt Hasselback (if someone doesnt pick up either of those 3).

    Big Ben has already given me a loss this week with his 3 interceptions and with Steelers being Run first offense I dont see Big Ben give me average of 15 to 20 points a week.

    Jay Cutler seems to un reliable with his pics every game. What should I do?

    I also have Brandon Marshall and Steve Smith (Panthers)…should I start Smith instead of Marshall?

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