Scorned dog illustrates the #1 rule for fantasy football players

Fantasy Football Rule #1: Don’t let personal feelings, team allegiances, and other personal biases influence your draft strategy or lineup selection.

Clearly, the scorned dog on the left understands this.

Image source: Imgur via Reddit

Of course, three of these four dogs are not illustrating fantasy football rule #2: don’t reach for QBs early in Round 1. Unless their league settings count passing TDs for 8 points, I’d be more offended by Rodgers and Brady going with picks 1 and 3 than a dog looking past the Vick hate so obviously expected of him.

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  1. Hey Jerod! My league is drafting tomorrow and I'm looking forward to another FF season with you and the MSF folks – huge fan of the Sunday morning chat sessions, helped me through some tough calls on who to play – take care!

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