QuickCast #5: Why Don’t We Have a National Siblings’ Day?

In the 5th MSF QuickCast, I explain the origins of Brother’s Day, an August 1st tradition of the Morris family, and why it is silly that there isn’t a national day set aside to appreciate siblings.

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For those who would rather read than listen, here is the transcript:

In Appreciation of Brother’s Day, A Morris Family Tradition

Today, August 1st, is a very special day in my family. It’s Brother’s Day, a tradition we started about a decade ago. Basically, it is a day when my brother Joshua and I, and our little brother Bryce, show our appreciation for eachother as brothers.

And for the record, we would call it Siblings Day or Brother and Sisters Day, but it’s just us dudes; so we call it, simply, Brother’s Day.

Back in our younger years, Josh and I decided that while Mother’s Day and Father’s Day were great, worthwhile holidays, it was pretty lame that there was no day set aside for us. Little did we know in the immaturity of our youth that, in reality, for parents the other 363 days of the year are all about the kids, which is why it is important to set aside days like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, so the often underappreciated efforts of moms and dads can be properly recognized.

Nonetheless, we aired our grievance and were fortunate to have it fall on the empathetic ears of our dear mom who loved it for two reasons. First, she saw it as a unique family tradition that, if properly respected and celebrated annually, would be something to bond Josh and I forever. And secondly, my mom loves any excuse to slip us an iTunes gift card or a little bit of cash.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: setting up Brother’s Day was just a diabolical plan by Josh and I to finagle some gifts with almost half the year still to go before Christmas. But I am not being disingenuous when I say that is not what this day is about.

We either exchange gifts or just hang out together, and take some time to appreciate the positives we’ve brought to eachother’s lives. And when Bryce became part of the family a few years back, we were glad to make him part of the Brother’s Day tradition as well.

As I’ve gotten older and gained more perspective, I’ve come to appreciate Brother’s Day more and more, and it’s made me wonder why there isn’t a national Sibling’s Day or Brother’s and Sister’s Day.

Why Don’t We Have a National Siblings’ Day?

Think about it: for most of us, the family members and loved ones that we will spend the most concurrent time on this earth with are our siblings. So if we are going to celebrate moms, and celebrate dads, and celebrate love and giving thanks, and celebrate anniversaries and important religious days, and presidents and historical figures and veterans, and, heck, even secretaries…why shouldn’t we take a day to celebrate siblings?

The fabric of humanity and the through-line that connects generations is family. And in many ways our greatest lifetime connection to family is our siblings. That absolutely should be celebrated. The more I think about it, the more silly it is to me that it isn’t.

Now I know that some will say that you shouldn’t need a holiday to appreciate your siblings, and you’re right. And I’m sure that the majority of siblings are able to show proper appreciation for eachother without having a specific day to compel them to do it. And some people would probably chafe at having yet another day on the calendar for which they feel obligated to send a card or buy a gift.

But all of that misses the point.

As a society, setting aside Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and all of the other myriad holidays we celebrate not only gived us designated days in our busy schedules to focus on celebrating love and family with those we are closest with, they also give us a shared societal experience that helps us define, on a macro level, what we collectively value and honor.

There isn’t much that is more worthy of valuing and honoring than the lifetime connection we have with our siblings. That’s why Brother’s Day took hold and has become an important tradition in our family. And I bet it would in most other families as well.

Regardless, my goal with this QuickCast is not to preach or say that our family is somehow better than yours. We’re not perfect, far from it, just like your family too I imagine. But I do think we figured out something pretty special with Brother’s Day, and my hope in sharing our tradition is that, whether you start one of your own or not, you take a moment to appreciate your siblings. Forget about the rivalries, the arguments, and the strife. All brothers and sisters experience that on some level, and overcoming it is part of what makes these relationships special and built to last. But that stuff should never overshadow all the positives.

If you have a second, call you brother, call your sister; let them know they’re important to you. Tell them you appreciate them. Tell them you love them.

That’s what this day is about for us. And I look forward to spending some time with my brothers today, on our day. Brother’s Day.

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