Photo Story: Tim Almighty – Starring Tim Tebow and God

With our blog being called Midwest Sports Fans, I realize that Tim Tebow is not necessarily within our purview (unless, of course, you are one of those weirdos who considers Colorado to be part of the Midwest…). However, I don’t think anyone would argue that Tebow, because of his on- and off-field accomplishments, transcends sport and region into being a national topic of conversation.

We have discussed Tebow here at MSF. He was the subject of this very pro-Tebow podcast and I and other MSF writers have discussed him extensively on Twitter, always in a positive light. And when I read this article by Gregg Doyel that included Tebow’s situation within the larger context of NFL teams that try to change uniquely skilled QBs, it further emboldened my belief that Tebow will someday be a winning quarterback in the NFL…just not in Denver.

And somehow, all of this led me to sit down and create my first photo story in a while, which deals with this very subject.

In case the photo story is not displaying below, click to view in a new window.



Note that this is actually Tebow’s second appearance in a photo story. He had a guest appearance in this Kyle Orton-focused photo story from last season.

Also, I do just want to say that this photo story is supposed to be pro-Tebow, and though I use Morgan-Freeman-as-God for narrative and comedic purposes, I am not trying to mock Tebow’s beliefs. Quite the contrary, in fact. So if you had a different take, I do encourage you to comment, because something got lost in translation and I always want to know if I’m not communicating my point effectively.


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  1. O My G-d…that was solid (and I dont even follow football, but love Tebow. Orton's a jerk)

  2. I like Urban Meyer's cameo. Well done.

    P.S. Robert Littall's "Back-up Jesus" nickname for Tebow is sooo good. lol

  3. hi-larious. poor, roger goodell. he just wanted a little cotton candy…

  4. Absolutely brilliant!!!!!

  5. hi-hilarious. poor, roger good ell. he just wanted a little cotton candy..
    Thanks for post.

  6. Haha the Urban Meyer slide was fantastic. Awesome job.


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