Is this the most unintentionally hilarious page layout in newspaper history? (Or just a clever ad…?)

Attention: we interrupt today’s trade deadline rumblings and grumblings to bring you a brief moment of comic relief, courtesy of Redditor thecatscratched.

Behold, the greatest copy/image/ad page layout in newspaper history.

Image source: Imgur via Reddit

And I don’t care whether it was intentional or not. It’s awesome. Bravo you perverted page editing Picasso you. Bravo.

Okay, okay…so it does say “Advertisement by AlphaGear” at the top of the page, which suggests that the entire page may be (probably is) an ad, but still. At first glance, it’s funny. And most of you will just laugh and not read down this far anyway before sharing this and then moving on about your days. So what does it matter? Should I deprive you of a quick chuckle because of a possible technicality?

Your thoughts below. Also, there is this.

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  1. The fact that the advert is framed together with the "articles" suggests that it's pat of the add. I think that one woman is in two pictures too. But it's a nice idea indeed.

  2. read the top…

    the whole page is one advert..

  3. Just read the articles…
    – Fans camping outside an airport for 2 years to see "Justine Barber"
    – The "mini golfer" is swinging the club way over her head
    – "An eco-girls-only marathon attracted over 3 gazillion girls"

  4. Is that a woman wearing those boxers?

  5. Not to mention that the sign the girls are holding in the lower right hand corner says "Show Us"…

  6. Alas, the item does not warrant being shown…where's the rest of it?!

  7. Justin Beaverhousen says:


  8. Lol, those pretty boys always seem to be tiny.

  9. The fact that at first glance the thumbi n the "pop star" photo kinda looks like an erect penis

  10. Jeffrey678 says:

    Since the picture of the golfer says they are playing Mini golf, and the picture of the “Eco girls” says it attracted over 3 GAZILLION girls… im going with its a full page add… or photo shopped.. but still very funny

  11. Troydennie says:


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