One of the most remarkable basketball pictures of all-time

If you’ve loitered around these parts for a while, you know of my unyielding respect for the late Manute Bol. He is one of the most unique athletes to ever pick up a basketball; more importantly, he is one of the most unique men to ever play professional basketball. The term “gentle giant” has never been more apropros.

And on a related note, the phrase “jaw dropping” has never been more apropos in a basketball context than when viewing the picture below of Manute and the legendary Spud Webb.

Image source: via Reddit

No Photoshop going on here folks. That’s simply one of the more remarkable mano-a-mano matchups in sports history, caught on camera.

Spud and Manute…if they’d played today as opposed to the 80s, they’d probably have their own reality show. Come to think of it, I wouldn’t mind watching…

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  1. thehangoutsportsshow says:

    That was a pretty good picture from back in the day. Spud Webb is now old and not jumping anymore and Manute Bol has passed, sadly. But that is a damn good pic.

  2. I am of just 5 ft 4 inch.. I might be second one if I was there…...

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