The 10 Most Unrealistic Sports Scenes In Movie History

After Jerod posted about Blue Chips, my favorite sports movie of all time, I began mentally running through my favorite sports scenes in movies.

Unfortunately, I ended up thinking more about the bad sports scenes in movie history.  The more I thought about it, the more I was surprised, and then outraged, that such bad representations of athletic prowess had been splattered all over our television and movie screens for years.  I decided to make a top-10 list of the least realistic sports scenes ever shot.

[And this post was so successful that I had to do another one! Click to view Part II of the Most Unrealistic Sports Scenes in Movie History.]

I need to explain the ground rules before I start the list.

  • I have not seen every sports movie ever made.  I’ve seen a bunch, and what follows is my list.  I would love to hear your opinions in the comments below.
  • I am purposely leaving out intentionally absurd moments, such as Michael J. Fox morphing into a werewolf and dominating his high school basketball games, or Andre 3000 playing a Darryl Dawkins/Julius Erving hybrid in Semi-Pro and somehow having a 65’’ vertical.
  • Comedies are disqualified unless their sports scenes are supposed to be realistic.  For example, Major League is a ridiculous movie, but the baseball scenes are intended to mimic real-life baseball, so theoretically it could count.
  • The scenes don’t necessarily have to come from a sports movie.  The idea here is to highlight any sporting moment in any film that could never in a million years happen in real life.

Here are a few who barely missed the cut (click each for video): White Men Can’t Jump’s half court hook shot, Damon Wayans dunking prowess in Celtic Pride, the Top Gun volleyball scene, Best of the Best (basically the entire movie), Matt Damon’s uncanny shot-shaping ability in the Legend of Bagger Vance, and Leo DiCaprio’s drug induced hoop skills.

On to the list:

10. The Program – Final Play

The Program is supposed to be to college football what Blue Chips is to college basketball – a reasonably accurate portrayal of the good, bad, and ugly sides of big time collegiate athletics.  But The Program fails to have the same impact as Blue Chips because it is thoroughly absurd.

Witness the final play of the movie, a broken play turned into a buzzer beater touchdown by star quarterback Joe Kane.  Never mind that the play should have been whistled dead with Kane’s incomplete pass at 1:40 in this clip.  Bonus points for bad dubbing of Omar Epps’ character too.


9. Karate Kid – The Crane Kick

So we’re supposed to believe that Johnny Lawrence, the toughest of tough guys in Reseda, would run his face into a near-crippled Daniel LaRusso’s crane kick and lose this fight?  I mean, I know William Zabka tends to shrink in the clutch (see Just One of the Guys, Back to School), but this is too much.


8. Tin Cup – Hole Out From 235 Yards

Tin Cup straddles the line between believability and improbability.  Unfortunately, it seems like the most improbable moments are presented as major plot devices.

When “Tin Cup” McAvoy stubbornly attempts to clear a water hazard, he flushes his chances of winning the U.S. Open down the drain.  The filmmakers decided that having him finally clear the water wouldn’t be enough, they had to have him hole out from 235 yards.  Even that wasn’t enough – they also conveniently made the hole-out land him in the top 15 for the tournament, automatically qualifying for the next year’s Open.


7. The Fan – DeNiro Impersonates Umpire, Stabs John Kruk

Youtube doesn’t have a video of this entire scene, but I can assure you that the highlight is when John Kruk, trying to thwart an obsessed fan (Gil, played by DeNiro), gets stabbed to death on the baseball field.  Gil then goes into a diatribe, seen here, about Wesley Snipes’ character, Bobby Rayburn.

The fact that Gil was able to kidnap Rayburn’s son, impersonate a MLB umpire, and stab a player – and subsequently be killed by police while throwing a knife at Rayburn – is an affront to all logic.


6. Any Given Sunday – The Eyeball Scene

Any Given Sunday actually did a good job in most of its casting and football action scenes.  It’s certainly better than most football movies.  But when a player’s eye gets gouged out during a pileup, all bets are off.

I still can’t figure out why both sides of the line just dove on the ground in a heap as soon as the ball was snapped.  The scooping up of the eye and placing it in a cooler were nice touches.


5. American History X – Norton’s Reverse Dunk

There are a whole lot of things that are unrealistic about this scene.  First, Derek Vinyard would have been killed the moment he took his shirt off.  Second, I’m not going to believe that a guy who dribbles the ball as high as his head can complete a reverse dunk in the flow of a fast break.  Third, said guy is Edward Norton.


4. The Natural – The Final Home Run

Roy Hobbs might have been the greatest player ever, but I refuse to accept that his greatness included the ability to make sparks turn into a fireworks display that follows him around the bases after he crushed a homer about 600 feet.


3. Gladiator – Cuba vs. Brian Dennehy

Most boxing movies are unrealistic, even the good ones.  This is because most real fights are boring.  In the course of a 30- or 40-minute fight you might catch a few fleeting seconds at a time of intense action.  Not in Gladiator.  This whole movie is ridiculously bad, even for a boxing movie, but this scene is my favorite.


2. Driven – Take Your Pick of These Crashes

Sylvester Stallone isn’t necessarily known for making true-to-life dramas.  Driven is his foray into the world of CART racing, and boy does he liven things up.  My favorite crash in this video starts at 7:00, but they are all laughable.


1. The Last Boy Scout – Billy Cole’s Homicidal/Suicidal TD Scamper

During the most torrential downpour in Cleveland’s history, Billy Cole, played by Tae Bo guru Billy Blanks, catches a pass and starts toward the end zone.  For reasons that are totally insane (you’ll just have to watch the movie), Cole needs to score by any means necessary.  So, naturally, he pulls out a gun and shoots three defenders, and once he scores, himself.

Strangely, the least realistic part of the whole scene, for me, is that they are playing in almost total darkness.  I can’t imagine any professional league allowing that.  (Click here to go straight to the play)


There you have it – the top 10 most unrealistic sports scenes.  Did I leave something out?  Let me know in the comments below.

Click to view Part II of the Most Unrealistic Sports Scenes in Movie History.


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  1. Ronnie Dobbs says:

    What about Teen Wolf? Warewolves can’t play basketball.

  2. Days of Thunder, Talladega Nights… There is no shifting, during racing, in any NASCAR event with the exception of road courses

  3. Brandon C says:

    Was Rocky IV too unrealistic to make the cut? I loved the movie but Stallone and Lundgren traded about 500 punches that would have individually ended any real boxing match.

    • Keith Mullett says:

      Any Rocky movie could have made it, especially III or IV. I think Lundgren actually crow-hopped into some of those punches. Good call.

      • I can’t believe the scene when rocky literally runs up the mountain to get away from the KGB agents didn’t make the cut or get an honourable mention.

    • Dr. Hustenkranz says:

      You're right. I loves me some Rocky movies but IV is a bit too much. The final fight was like 15 rounds of Hagler-Hearns.

  4. Harry Jarvis says:

    Per the previous argument, you should not have included "The Natural" as it is allegory, magical realism. We are not supposed to believe the fireworks were really caused by the ball hitting the lights, just that his redemption is complete and all is well with the world again.

  5. Munn Selout says:

    Watch Lyotto Machida vs Randy Couture and tell the crane kick isn’t real.

    • I don't think he was implying that the crane kick's not real (thing's freaking devastating when delivered well), just that no one would have walked into one like that, especially against an opponent with such limited mobility.

  6. Chris Diller says:

    Sudden Death, Jean-Claude Van Damme pretends to be the Penguins goalie to escape the bad guy and ends up on the ice to make a save.

    • Keith Mullett says:

      I feel like an idiot for not including this one, at least as an honorable mention. Well done.

  7. The Flying V would never work.

  8. Robert Jones says:

    With regards to Tin Cup: A club I play golf at rather frequently (my dad's a member) actually has a plaque on the 10th hole where someone made a double-eagle from about 225 yd. (I can't remember the actual distance, but it's on the plaque.) Just goes to show that, while improbable, sinking shots from that distance is possible.

    • Keith Mullett says:

      The shot is possible, but under those circumstances (plopping 5 or 6 balls in the drink, needing to hole out to gain admission to next year’s U.S. Open) I’d say the chances are much more slim than doing it in anonymity.

  9. anil507 says:

    Nice post.Makes a lot of sense.

  10. Brookdalepark says:

    A) The final play in "Lucas," which also should have been whistled dead long before Lucas got clobbered.

    B) C. Thomas Howell's winning point in the volleyball movie "Side Out." Carry the ball much?

    • Keith Mullett says:

      Whoa, Side Out! Great call! This is why I said for people to leave omissions in the comments.

  11. Here the real crane kick, UFC style.

  12. Michael says:

    What about the last play in Remember the Titans? 75 yards on a reverse? With the quarterback making BOTH of the key downfield blocks at the end of the run? Especially with the other team having given up only 3 points the whole game to that point?

  13. nightfly says:

    Besides the incomplete pass by the QB in "The Program," there's also the church-quality silence when he shushes the crowd before the snap (yeah, right)… the guy "jumping" to try to knock down the ball (he gets about two inches off the ground and bends his legs at the knees to make it look like a Dwight-Clarkian leap)… the list goes on. No wonder there's that empty seat in the crowd. I'd have left early, too.

    My favorite unrealistic sports moment may not qualify, since it's pretty much the whole movie: "For Love of the Game," where Kevin Costner's character tosses a perfect game. There's just no way on earth, Kevin. Bless your heart, but there's no way.

  14. wildman says:

    I would add "Mystery Alaska" to the list just for the fact that an NHL team would NEVER allow their million-dollar players to play in a competitive game like that.

    • Not to mention that the Mystery Alaska team had, I believe eight players, and played the whole game with few substitutions. And while the profession team, I beleive the New York Rangers, shuffled in and out of a warm locker room, the Mystery team stayed out in the cold. The Mystery team would have been so exhausted that they would have had to carry them off the ice after the first period. Most Players only spend 40 to 60 seconds on the ice per shift. But all in all it was a good movie.

    • How about "Vision Quest"? Only Hollywood could have that dork pinning the returning State champion. As an ex-wrestler, coach, and fan I liked the movie but there is no way that one trick pony beats the stud.

  15. Molette says:

    Quack Quack Quack. The entire series of Mighty Ducks movies.

  16. Dave Iman says:

    This isn't a scene, but there is no way Eddie Harris could ever strike anyone out with that sweet windup of his.

    "You tryin' to say Jesus Christ can't hit a curve ball?!"

  17. Actually the hole-out from 235 is the least unrealistic thing about that scene from Tin Cup! The most ridiculous thing was his first shot that landed on the green and then spun back into the water as if he hit a wedge and not the 3 wood that he did hit and would've have never backed up like that. The hole-out was possible, the string-pull with a 3 wood – not so much.

    • Watch the Pros play on that course today… The slope is a lot more than it looks on TV, and it happends multiple times a round

    • Best comment on the board yet. Nice wedge from 235… must have been the 75 degree slant of the green.

  18. What about The Replacements? I know it's a comedy, but the game scenes were supposed to be realistic. My favorite was the Lucy and Charlie Brown field goal moment where Nigel breaks his arm on the whiff. The mob still woulda broke his kneecaps!

  19. Dennehy's backhand reminds me of this Stone Cold stunner

  20. The reverse at the end of Remember The Titans. I love that movie, but when the Marshall coach says "COVER DEEP! Watch the deep pass!" I lost it. Um, YA THINK? 75 yards on a reverse? If I'm the defensive coordinator, I'm in a prevent anyway, so 7 of my defenders would have been at least 35 yards off the ball anyway. Great movie, terrible ending. That play would have been more exciting from 20 yards out.

  21. Any sports movie where the big dramatic play is shown in slow motion, but the in-movie commentators are commenting at regular speed. A 6-second play somehow has 45 seconds of commentary over it.

  22. Billy Banks is where they go in the Last Boy Scout? No mention of the 150yd throw into the stands, in the turential rain, while injured, while riding a horse, thrown on dime, that stops a bullet?

  23. Davon Smith says:

    Those are amazing. I'd love watch sorts scenes in movies. I love damage's scenes though it's not supposed to be a sports movie.

  24. Guy Incognitus says:

    How about Iceland being a hockey juggernaut in D2: The Mighty Ducks? Or at one point a scoreboard says Trinidad & Tobago beat Canada 14-1. Somehow they even put a guy in a Trinidad & Tobago jersey on the poster.

  25. Mike Mendez says:

    As previously noted, not just once but twice the Crane kick has been used to finish an opponent in MMA (UFC). Machida KO'd Randy Couture and Anderson Silva KO'd Vitor Belfort. Both fights are very recent. Crazy thing is for both fights, both fighters credit STEVEN SEGAL, for the move.

    • You're a freakin' retard if you're comparing the kick Anderson Silva delivered to Vitor Belfort to the crane kick scene in "The Karate Kid". Nowhere will you find anyone with any iota of credibility in the world of MMA who would call the front kick of Anderson Silva a "Crane" kick.

      • Ok, I'm a bit buzzed, so I apologize for stating that it's not called a crane kick, when it is, however that does not negate the point of comparing it to the "Karate Kid" scene…

    • seriously? UFC? UFC isn't any more realistic than the crap on this list. anyone who's ever been in a fight should be able to easily recognize that all but maybe 2 or 3 punches and kicks in each match are pulled. they do just enough every now and then to draw blood. compare the injuries professional boxers get to the injuries UFC "fighters" get and then think about the different gloves they use. if you cant figure out just from the glove size compared to the injuries that its largely fake, then you need some help.

      • Are you high? Or some type of conspiracy theorist? Boxers get knocked down, have time to gather themselves, get back up, get pummeled on some more, go down, get up etc. Of course boxers generally show more damage, MMA fiights are stopped before their brains have a chance to get scrambled, the first time the fighter gets knocked out. Have you ever been choked out? Or received an arm bar? You can win a fight without ever even throwing a punch

    • That wasnt a crane kick in that fight it was a front kick similiar but different. A front kick is actually used whereas a crane kick is utter bs.

    • They didn't use the crane kick. They used a standard front kick. Both work because both fighters leave open a straight line to the chin. In Machida's case he faked before kicking. Machida also greated his father not just Steven Stegal

  26. DeJordy says:

    The Natural had a deliberate air of the unreal in it.

  27. What about the final hole from Happy Gilmore?

  28. You can add the new Karate Kid movie in there with that little Smith kid doing a complete backflip while kicking his opponant in the face and then landing on the same leg. Ridiculous. Even more then the orginal Karate Kid.

  29. Nah, I believed the sparks show was caused by his ball hitting the lights. And i'll bet everyone else who saw the movie believed that too.

    • The worst thing about the ending to "The Natural" was the entire ending. It had absolutly nothing to do with how the novel on which it was based ended. In it, Hobbs took the dive. Disappointed all of the children of the world and was banned from baseball and all of his records stricken from the books. That is a lessen that kids need to be taught about cheating. Not that if you hit the ball into the lights setting off a fireworks display that all will be right with the world.

  30. Rockstar4$ says:

    What about the kid from Rookie of the Year breaking his arm on the field to correct his ligaments healing wrong and then striking out a MLB batter with a softball-esque floater?

    Goldie Hawn as a high school football coach in Wildcats? Or that fat guy jumping high enough to block a field goal?

    How about the scene in "Legend of Bagger Vance" when Walter Hagan walks out to what appears to be an estuary and hits the golf ball back onto the green? Wouldn't that have been out of bounds?

    In "The Greatest Game Ever Played", I'm pretty sure it'd have been impossible for Ted Ray to hit a golf ball through a dictionary-sized book. In a bar, while drunk, off a shot glass, no less.

    I know Forrest Gump isn't a sports movie, but the scene when the Alabama fans show the word "Stop" when Forrect is returning kickoffs for the Crimson Tide to stop him from running through and over the marching band. Like Forrest would look behind him to see them say stop.

    • JakeOClubs says:

      Water hazards aren't out of bounds and you can always play them where they lie. That he went out there and hit it is plausible, they go down to the seaside at Pebble Beach. The part that is terrible in that movie is when the fictional Bobby Jones tells Junah to not call himself for hitting a moving ball. The problem with this is that Jones had this happen to him in the US Open and nobody saw it except him. How then do I know it happened if no one saw it? Because Bobby called it on himself. It was a one stroke penalty and he ended up in a playoff he lost. A writer complimented him on his action and Jones said, "you might as well praise me for not robbing banks." Incidentally his playing partner was Walter Hagen. That is the worse than the stupid Tin Cup shot.

    • The course they played was in Calf. and the beach is open to the hole not out of bounds. Same as pebble beach when Tom Waston hit his shot from the beach a few years back !

  31. Lucky Louie says:

    How in the world did ALL the Rocky movies get left out?

  32. Go back and watch Vision quest one of the best wrestling movies made. But the final scoring sequence is all wrong. Two points should have been given for the take down. the match would have been over.

  33. PJ Book says:

    Is that Steve Nebraska? Sitting in the f***ing lights at the top of Yankee Stadium? Oh, right, he's just getting focused to strike out 27 players in a row. Awesome.

    Great point on the last Remember the Titans play. Made me puke all over that movie.

  34. seriously says:

    wow no Rocky?? but yeah i mean rocky is way more beleivable then tin cup

    • rocky was the worst boxing movie ever, he gets his but kicked in every last one then some how he comes back to win. yeah right.

  35. kristenlea47 says:

    This is the worst list ever made. Seriously. Think of more movie most people haven't seen and put them on this list.

  36. First off the ruling for that being an incomplete pass was created in the NFL in the AFC championship game featuring the Raiders in the Patriots. Basically the original Brady rule. By the rule of the time it would have been a fumble because he was pulling the ball. You need to take the historical context of the movie.

    • Doesnt college football have a rule that you cannot advance a fumble?

    • You got Served

    • That rule wasn't created in that game, just applied. It was already a written rule.

    • David Lafleche says:

      Raider fans went to the Superdome for the Bowl game. Patriots announcer Gil Santos was accosted by a Raiders fan, who said, "You guys don't deserve to be here!"
      Santos replied, "Oh, yeah? Well, I remember that playoff game in 1976, and YOU guys didn't deserve to win THAT! Payback's a bitch, ain't it?"

  37. Ummmm… They are MOVIES! They are all fictional stories meant to emit a certain emotion from the audience. If you want real or believable then go watch a documentary or see a real sporting event.

    • All right fine. If that's your attitude, "evoke" is the word you were looking for, not "emit." "Emit" is something you do. For example, the commenter emitted the usual comment-board, douchebag point of view. "Evoke" is something that is inspired in others.

      And, ummmm … this is a blog post and comment section. It is meant to inspire a discussion and hold interest.

  38. I think it was The Sandlot where Benny tells Smalls to put his glove up and he hits a fly ball right into it. Never in a million years…

    • callen bret hodge says:

      Iv’e umpired for 20 years, seen many a game, especially co-ed. the ball is hit to the outfield and the girl sticks her glove out closes her eyes, and the ball goes into the glove, most surprised person? The girl catching the ball.

  39. mmmmmmmm says:

    Invictus' portrayal of rugby was pretty atrocious.

  40. For #10 have you not seen Virginia Tech Football for the past ten years? That happenend like 5 times a game every game. Except for the “fumble”…

  41. For those of you that commented on Happy Gillmore/Mighty Ducks/Talladega Nights….. WHAT PART OF COMEDIES DON'T COUNT did you not understand?

    You talked about Karate Kid part 1 but what about two and three where he fought a ninja in a death match and a hired assasin???????

  42. How about Tom Selleck in "Mr. Baseball" or Bernie Mac in "Mr. 3000"

  43. "Airborne", had too many impossible plays for "Moon Doggie" to do.

  44. How about the beach volleyball scene in Top Gun where Maverick leaves the group of shirtless guys and goes on a sort-of date with a woman?

    • keithmullett says:

      I had it on my list mainly because Tom Cruise is like 5'6" and supposedly is able to spike a volleyball. I left it out because Slider was a surprisingly competent volleyball player.

    • Actually, I heard that in that particular scene, the volleyball net was lowered so that Tom C would not look that short.

      • Yeah, the net in that scene is somewhere around 6'8" or so. A WOMEN's volleyball net is ~7'4" and a men's net is ~8'… None of the volleyball in the scene is very good. Unfortunately for the volleyball community, there is little to no good volleyball in films (despite beach volleyball originating in California)

  45. Gladiator = most ridiculous thing I've ever seen. Throwing a Raggedy-Anne doll out of the ring would have looked more realistic.

  46. Karate Kid II was way more unrealistic. He has to fight a man to the death for the glory of love. Everyone knows, in the Far East, the glory of love usually costs less than $100. Hardly something to kill over.

  47. GuilinChina says:

    Okay, I'm a little older than most here I suppose. But did anyone ever see "Fear Strikes Out?" Tony Perkins (Psycho) played troubled 50's Red Sox shortstop Jimmy Piersall. It was an interesting story, but there was one big problem: Perkins couldn't even throw a basebal. To say he "threw like a girl" would be an affront to women.
    Every sports scene involving Perkins was totally unbelievable.

  48. This could really be one of the laziest sports articles I have ever read….and I've even read some of Mitch Albom's stuff when he pretends that he has ever seen a hockey game.

  49. Movies are movies, they do things for sensationalism. If you want the real thing go to the real world….just like that crazy college student who is in Libya to experience war first hand….

  50. How about "Fear Strikes Out". Tony Perkins throws like a girl, runs like a girl and swings like a person who never saw a bat. The most unathletic actor ever. Jimmy Pearsall is rolling over in his grave.

    • Hey Joe B, I can't disagree with you on Anthony Perkins, but the last I saw, Jimmy Pearsall is alive and well and still sticking it to the Man!

  51. Mighty Ducks and the infamous Flying V or Flying Wedge or whatever the heck it was called that they did.
    Of course in the same movie, you cannot forget the knuckle puck either.
    I understand its a kid movie but what a laugh.
    The hardest part I have coaching kids in hockey is to absolutely forget EVERYTHING you ever saw in the Mighty Ducks movie.

    • we used to do the flying v with my tournament teams (from 12-u thru 17-u) when we were close to mercy-ing the other team. opposing teams hated us, but we had to do something to entertain ourselves when smashing other teams.

  52. Transporter 2 the car flip can anbody really predict that the car is gonna do a flip and knock a bomb off by hitting a freakin crane hook just right and land perfectly without any damage to the car whatsoever Bo and Luke Duke eat your heart out see what a European car can do with half the horsepower of the General Lee !!!!

  53. Rocky has some of the most unrealistic boxing scenes ever. Stallone at times just takes punch after punch without putting his gloves up.

  54. Kevin Costner says:

    your wrong about Tin Cup, he took a 12 idiot. You must not play golf! And the Natural, what the hell are you thinking. You never seen a walk off homer!!!

    • keithmullett says:

      How am I wrong? I never mentioned how many strokes he took. I actually do play golf, including 4 years of high school golf. I think most would agree that the homer in the Natural was a little more than your standard walk-off. I'm sorry you're mad that your movie career has fallen off, Kevin, but don't blame me for Waterworld.

  55. Hey, all I can say is that's Hollywood. Many movies don't require the watcher to think too hard or have a critical eye. They are supposed to entertain you and hook into your dreams. They lack reality so the little wins, the not so physically gifted scores, the wallflower scores the stud or studette etc. When you go to a magic show do you allow yourself to be entertained or do you miss most of the show because you try and figure out the tricks. As for me, I lead a rich fantesy life. Everyday reality mostly bites.

  56. 1992's 'The Cutting Edge' The final skate includes a throw and catch that would not be possible

  57. David Lafleche says:

    Conversely, the MOST realistic sports movie was "The Bad News Bears." (The superior 1976 original, not the crummy Billy Bob Thornton remake.)
    The scenes with Vic Morrow were downright chilling. The way he used negative reinforcement to goad his team (KIDS, mind you!): "If you lose this game, you'll have to live with it the rest of your life!" In the big game scene, the bratty pitcher picks a fight with the fat catcher, then tries to bean him. Morrow rushed out and SLAPPED the pitcher (his own kid!) to the ground.
    Yes, Little League parents often DO act like cold-blooded, overly-competitive JERKS. And the movie wisely portrayed the "Yankees" (Little League team) as arrogant, hateful and hated…just like the "real" Yankees.

    • David Lafleche says:

      Oh, and I might also add that "Tanner Boyle," the Bears shortstop, was a mean, potty-mouthed, racist dirtbag. Just about every line he had contained a racial epithet. He behaved EXACTLY like former major leaguer Ben Chapman, who vehemently objected to Jackie Robinson (black) and Hank Greenberg (Jewish) "integrating" baseball, and shamelessly said so to their faces.

    • Yankee Fan says:


    • Douglas Kopf says:

      With regard to the bean ball. You can seriously injure or kill a player that way. I don't think you can sugar-coat the response to something like that. Of course, if he hadn't been such a jerk, the kid never would have gotten the idea that this was ok.

      • a 12 year olds fastball…..people get beaned with 95 mph heaters every day…..Ive only ever seen one bean ball obituary….

    • shegundala says:

      So, David, what's it feel like to be a certified asshole? (The reply to this is about as predictable as your success with women)

  58. What about any basketball scene from White Men Can't Jump? OK. don't count the scene where Sydney is tanking on purpose. Every other time it's like the Washington Generals are stunt doubling for the losing team.

    Then there is Remember the TItans where "Sunshine" ducks under the middle linebacker's rush, and that, basically a fall from 4-5 ft in full protective gear, somehow knocks the kid out of the game.

    Finally, Top Gun. Everyone knows Tom Cruise is too short to spike a volleyball if he were buck-a naked and jumping off a trampoline. In the sand wearing jeans … no chance. Then they all, at some point, dive into the sand to save the ball. Yet seconds later, oiled up as they are, not a grain of sand on them. But mainly it's just general principle. This scene is so disturbing it needs to be on any list of sports dishonor.

    • Tom Cruise is to short to spike a volleyball? By that logic I guess Spud Webb shouldn't have been able to dunk a basketball, but some how he one at least one slam dunk competition.

      • I actually know Spud and have met Tom and can tell you Spud has at least 2 inches on Cruise. But putting that aside, Anthony Webb was blessed with a superlative, downright freakish vertical leap. I’ll give you the fact that Cruise has enough hops to clear the front rim of Oprah’s couch, but as stated, spiking on a sand volleyball court…in jeans…I think even Spud would find that exceedingly difficult if not impossible. Now pick up these names I just dropped.

  59. ruthlessonfurburger says:

    How about "The Scout", with Albert Brooks and Brendan Frasier? A perfect game with 27 strike outs? come on!!!

    • keithmullett says:

      I missed that one. Completely my fault. I have no excuses, so I offer an apology instead. That might have been the most ridiculous movie in history, sports scenes or not.

  60. I hit driver to a 315 yd. par 4 hole landed on the fly backed it up 10 ft. It's possible.

  61. CallmeLennie says:

    Love the halftime scene in "Remember The Titans" when defensive Will Patton asks Denzel for assistance because "Ed Henry (the opposing coach) is kicking my ass" Ri-i-i-i-ght! The score is 7-0, which by anyone's measurement, is a shootout. The defense is getting it's ass kicked becaus it gave up 7 points; meanwhile, the offense has everything well in hand on it's way to being shut out. Kee-rist. Look, if you want to have that scene at halftime, make the score 24-7. Now, the defense really is getting it's ass kicked

  62. how about jerry maguire and the cuba gooding catch and dance

  63. Lyoto Machida earned KO of the night against Randy Couture at UFC 129 on Wikipedia it originally stated KO by Crane kick, now says "bore a distinct resemblance to the Crane kick from Karate Kid" also after the fight it stated on Yahoo that Machida called it a Crane kick.
    I would say that about eliminates your #9 sir!

    • Manchida's crane kick was not even close to the karate kid's.

      • keithmullett says:

        Couture didn't maim Machida and then inexplicably walk face-first into the kick with no defense. Machida's kick was certainly awesome, but as I've stated, the circumstances are what contribute to the ridiculousness of the scene.

      • Maybe not, but Machida's crane kick was spot on with the karate kid.

    • Yeah…but what about those "amazing" losers mets? does 12 games ahead of philly with 20 games to go rings a bell? and the 2000 subway series? THE YANKEES TOOK MANHATTAN more easily than the MUPPETS did ahahahahaha (y)

      • PeoplesChamp says:

        Douche of the day award goes to u David. Thats about the gayest thing Ive ever heard in my life. Go suck the yankers.

    • Bullshit. That was a back leg power frontkick. A real Crane Kick used in Wushu is a kick executed by hopping off one leg, kicking with that leg, and landing on that same leg. In Karate Kid, this was supposed to protect his bad leg and still score. However, if you look close, he didn't pull it off as he lands on his bad leg.

  64. booby traps says:

    number 9 i guess you never saw Randy Couture vs. Lyoto Machida

  65. I agree with Rocky. No man could take 1/10th of those punches and remain upright. Also Ryan, didn't you read the disclaimer about comedies. Happy Gilmore doesn't count.

    • Jakeoclubs says:

      Watch the 30 in 30 film about Chuck Wepner. He did not take as many but Clay tried to knock the shit out of him. After Clay went down (it looked like a slip or trip to me), he was really pissed. Now to you point the champ did end up with the KO in 15 but it is interesting to see. The thinkg that bothered me about Rocky was that he didn't defend.

  66. Rocky has em all beat…..everyone loves a cinderella story…..

  67. if you are a fan of MMA you will know how ironic your karate kid comment is. The match between machida and coture, sadly randy’s last fight, silenced 30 years of laughing at the “crane kick” .With the brash young newcomer vs. The grizzled vet, It couldn’t have been a better situation of life imitates art.

    • I was going to make the same comment….

      Machida sure as shit did it, writer probably never even trained in any martial art and maybe has a schoolyard fight or two lol

  68. varsity blues: Let's just assume we can get a head coach to leave because an 18 year old got an attitude with him. In Texas, where a head coach can make around six figures, you got a bunch of assistant coaches to take a back seat to the back up quarterback to fill that coaching position?

  69. The ending to Miracle was so typical a Hollywood ending. With some of the other flicks on this list, I am surprised you left it out…

    • If your talking about Miracle, the hockey movie, thats a true story. At least thats what i was lead to believe@!

    • "Miracle" is a true story. Try looking up the 1980 USA Olympic Hockey Team.

    • Miracle was a true story it acally happened in 1980 Winter Olympics You might want to to look it up. This list is all fictional movies.

    • I'm with Gator on this one…Yes this is a true story but the actual USA/USSR game wasn't the way they made it out to be.I have the actual footage of the match and it is too Jack O'Callahan's character had his helmet off when he celebrated,in real life its on.When Jim Craig is looking for his dad with the girl after they win the gold he finds him and waves,in real life he didn't find him.Good movie though.

  70. Patrick C. says:

    Ok so 'The Natural' is one of my favorite movies, but when Pop says to hit the cover off the ball, and Roy is actually able to hit it off is pretty far fetched. Made for some good entertainment though.

  71. How about the scene in Days of Thunder when Tom Cruise pulls off pit road just in front of the pace car and manages to weave his way through the entire field in about 3 laps to win Daytona. It was nice of all the drivers to move over and let him pass. Totally unrealistic.

  72. How about the scene where Mookie Wilson hits a ground ball thru Buckner's legs and the Red Sox lose ??? Oh wait THAT REALLY DID HAPPEN!! The Red Sox suck

  73. Disagree with #5. The dunk…not only improbable but a great example of poor cinematography. However, stick to what you purportedly know (sports) and refrain from extraneous comments in an attempt to appear to know more than you do. Your presumptive comments about the character being "killed the moment he removes his shirt" are not only ignorant but highlight your obvious ignorance to the dynamics of gang affiliation. Don't confuse your desk job and the pressure you feel to memorize sport statistics and pen literary masterpieces such as "The 10 Most Unrealistic Sports Scenes In Movie History" with the occupation of those who occupy careers that attempt to better our society. Leave your wannabe criminalist comments out of your editorials, stop watching CSI, and refrain from belittling people who do truly dangerous jobs by thinking you can do their job better than them with less effort.

    • keithmullett says:

      Clearly, the idea of exaggeration and humor is lost on you. I have great respect for those who serve and protect our nation. Two of my best friends are police officers, and several of my friends serve in the different branches of United States Armed Forces. At no point did I say anything disrespectful, and at no point did I even remotely insinuate that I am capable of doing a better job than anyone in law enforcement or the military.

      Also, I've never watched CSI. I get my "wannabe criminalist" ideas from The Wire. Duh.

    • cacklepunch says:

      cool story bro..

      agree with "killed the moment he removes his shirt"

    • Gern Blanston says:

      Wow. What a dick.

    • Kookie LaBlanc says:

      You sir… are a do do bird


      I have to say your a cross between several types of these just because "clueless, arrogant, douchebag wasnt" on the list. 1. This isn't a reference material piece on gang violence in america. 2. Sports statistics can be googled so the author memorizing them is simply your opinion. 3. He's not talkng shit on Police, Firemen or any other occupation that attempts to make our society better. 4. This isn't an editorial it's a fucking top 10 list. 5. What does CSI have to do with saying Ed Norton wouldn't be able to two hand dunk a basketball or that racist/nazi tatoos wouldn't go down well with the people that they are meant to be predjudice against. 6. Even by internet standards you are ignorant. Please get together with the guy who made fun of Make A Wish kids in a comment thread and kill yourselves.

    • stylist760 says:

      Boy 4a12 sounds like he's an expert and very passionate about skin heads, gangs and prison,I wonder why?

    • get off your fucking high horse you self-important douche.

    • You are a complete idiot.

    • dailydriver says:

      I think maybe someone is hurt by you picking on one of the best victories in "skinhead" history,4a12 probabaly still eat his lunch on those courts.

    • Wow really ?? Sounds like you have some anger issues. Get over it !

    • Mind if I do a J?

    • You sir, are a dick.

    • BrettFavresDong says:

      4A12: Relax, douchebag!

  74. Gracias Mike… lo que dices es correcto.. Este amigo solo quiere que su nombre aparesca y su ego lo lleva a decir puras estupideces.. que no tendrán otra cosa que hacer…?

  75. what about the scene at the end of The Sandlot where Benny the "Jet" Rodriguez steals home? I could understand a suicide squeeze, but that spic with the suspect mustache steals it like it was a routine play…. pretty suspect….

    • ur a dumb ass racist


    • hey why does everyone scream racist all the time its really getting old. now i wouldnt use that word or nig*** or cracker, either, but why do spanish or mexican people get bent over that? what does it mean? im asking a legit question and want an answer to understand it. my mexican friends, and i have 2 good ones, have no idea! but liberal america has told them to be pi ss ed off! so they are like sheep. i think its a derivitive of word hispanic. and everyone is out of freakin control! and john, just because he used a widdle word you dont understand, why would you call him dumb? thats not true. i mean i could think your a crybaby idiot but it would not be true because of it. liberal name calling is out of control and non productive. you people calling names are doing the exact same thing you cry about! does hypocrisy know no bounds? i mean dumb ass is as derogatory as racist ignorant uneducated schmuck and spic or nig ger or cracker. i just think you racers are just plain silly over this…. i mean sticks and stones people! jeez grow up babes plz!

      • Stealing home is not impossible.Jackie Robinson did just that when he played for the Brooklyn Dodgers. Or his he the wrong color to given this credit. There have been many unbelievable great plays made in all sports. By many different players. To bad you can only see what race they are.

    • Ignorance and stupidity should not be allowed in America, you should leave and make my country a better place.

  76. they are movies you fucking idiots who cares

  77. How about Rocky's corner cutting the swell ABOVE his eye. Never knew a corner that wanted blood to run into the eye of their fighter. Also there is no way you can give any heavy weight boxer so many clear shots and not have a knockout in the first round. This being said it was a great inspirational little guy over coming odds,.

    • StalloneAjoke says:

      Very true, Rocky's fight scenes are the most unrelaistic I have seen. Especially in Stallones movie. "Over the Top", where Stallone out arm wrestles human gorillas twice his weight and WIN!!!! What a joke that movie was!!!!

    • The cut was below his eye, not above.

  78. It is a shame that you included the Natural in your critique – yes it is doubtful that the lights would explode as they did to form visual fireworks but that is part of the magic of this moment. It is the moment that Robert Redford's character finally gets justice and victory – it should be dramatic and celebrated, even if it is somewhat improbable

  79. The Natural shouldn't have been listed on here, and I don't have a problem with Tin Cup either, I could see someone like John Daly pulling a stunt like that .However…movies you missed. Any Rocky Movie (i'm amazed none are listed) and Days of thunder immediately come to mind.

  80. Rick James says:

    Hey your wrong when it comes to the movie Tin Cup…. Roy never finished the round; after sinking the shot he walks to the pin and retrives his ball then throws the ball in the water hazard. So technically he never qualified for anything.

    • reepthebeneftits says:

      The round was over when he holed the shot. The only thing that could have affected his round after that would be signing an incorrect score card. Credentials: Played competitive golf for over 10 years. PGA Apprentice. Employeed at golf courses for over a year. Worked as a tournament rules official on many more occasions.

      • Right. Mr. James doesn't know golf. The hole out was on the 72nd hole of the tournament, so his final round and tournament was over. Tin Cup could do anything he wanted with his holed golf ball, including throwing it in the lake.

    • As soon as the player removes the ball from the cup, the hole is over…. and in the case in the movie, it meant the end of the tournament for McAvoy.

      What did you think he had to do with the ball??

  81. shegundala says:

    Reseda has tough guys?

  82. john deluna says:

    It is absolutely possible that the Karate Kid could pull off that kick if his opponent did not expect the kick or think he could pull it off. I know from first hand experience, since I did the same thing at an Ed Parker Tournament in Long Beach CA. My opponent was not looking for the reverse heel thrust I placed in his groin to break his cup and win the match.

  83. gordonhtgr says:

    How could you leave off Rocky? There is no way a fight would be allowed to continue as in the original with that much blood.

  84. Tin cup- I sunk a hole-in-one from 253. Not impossible.

    • Guy I know holed out on a par 5 over 600 yards, driver, driver from 290yards out off the fairway, ran up and walked in. Most unrealistic part of Tin Cup is the final scene but not because of the hole out. During Roy's challenge to Don Johnson he hits a 7 iron like 223yards on the range, yet on course with a 3 wood he can't carry 225yards?

    • A 3wood backing up off a green from 235 is whats crazy

  85. what about wesley snipes character knocking out the heavyweight chapion of the world, and anything leon kennedy isaac was in that he was a winner at.

  86. Another thing unrealistic about the Last Boy Scout is all of the fans with umbrellas at the game. If anyone ever tried to raise an umbrella at an NFL game there would be a riot by all of the fans behind him who could see the game!

  87. Somebody must have lost a bet for a pitiful story like this to be published. They are MOVIES numbnuts. You want reality sit and wathch a soccer game

  88. Every scene of every movie is not necessarily supposed to be believable. The Natural was supposed to have a supernatural, fantastic element to it. The home run light show fit perfectly within that context. (By the way, just so you know, Field of Dreams was not supposed to be taken literally, either. I'd say a bunch of ghosts playing baseball was a lot less believable than any of the scenes you describe in this article).

  89. coogans bluff says:

    Actually, the best pitching ever in a movie was Charlie Sheen. Even in slo mo he looked every bit a real pitcher. He actually threw the ball at 85mph, which in Hollywood seems like 110mph. Whatever you thought of the movie, His was the best actor pitching I've seen. Tom Selleck wins for most beilevable batter. Can't remember the movie name, but he played in Japan.

    • Have you seen "For Love of the Game"? I watched the special features on the DVD, and Kevin Costner did about 90% of the pitching in that movie. He really is a good pitcher, great baseball player, period.

    • CHARLIE SHEEN hired KENNY MEDLOCK as his personal pitching coach that's why he looked so good! Medlock played pro ball in the 60' & 70's with the DODGERS-GIANTS-ANGELS-PHILLIES orgs. PITCHING COACH in college-pro-us national team ect so no accident SHEEN a former high school player looked good!.
      MEDLOCK also has a big part in $MONEYBALL with BRAD PITT coming out soon.

    • Sheen also admitted he did a roids cycle for that movie so he could get over 80 on the gun. The Selleck movie was Mr. Baseball and had some of the best one-liners as the Japanese players try to learn american baseball phrases and mess tem up.

      • keithmullett says:

        Sheen and Costner both did admirable jobs pitching. I read that Costner also hit a legitimate home run in batting practice while filming the movie.

    • Tom Selleck did play baseball at my high school in Van Nuys, CA. He was a very good player and graduated in 61.

    • Hoosier Daddy says:

      I believe "Mr. Baseball"

  90. BiscuitBandit says:

    I agree with your analysis of the list as unrealistic but when I watch a film I have to suspend my disbelief. These films exagerate the effect for emotion and dramatic reasons. Watching some of the clips again, such as, The Nature or Tin Cup I was able to relive the emotion which is what film is all about. Films like Any Given Sunday try to place us into the action with editing, music and meladrama which is what films do. If I want realism I'll watch ESPN but for entertainment I watch a good ole' American film

  91. Norton would NOT have been killed instantly, NAZIs run shit in jail!

  92. pretty much any and every Stallone sports movie should be on the list. Not just the Rocky movies – I doubt even the real Rocky could've survived more than 1/2 a round taking those shots – but what of 'Over the Top', the ridiculous arm-wrestling movie Stallone made back in the '80s? Only good thing one can say about it, is that at least it's title tells you what to expect: over the top acting, over the top plot and script, and over the top arm-wrestling scenes.

  93. one time greens keeper about to become the masters champion
    "It's in the hole!"

  94. How could anyone leave out Million Dollar Baby from a list of turkeys? Clint Eastwood is great but that
    movie sucked.

  95. 2 inch Vert says:

    Any basketball movie that Zac Efron is in. If anybody thinks that's how a player should dribble a basketball or take a jump shot then they have never ever picked up a basketball. Please lets ban Efron from ever picking up a basketball again.

  96. tommy the salami says:

    How bout the coyote in the Roadrunner cartoons. He has a 5,000 lb rock fall on him from about half a mile up, and the next scene he's fine and without a mark. Kill me.

  97. My problem with the Tin Cup scene was that some of the shots he hit, WITH A WOOD, actually go past the hole then roll back down the hill and into the water. If that was the case every missed putt would have rolled into the water.

  98. robert schmidt says:

    you forgot to mention mj’s halfcourt dunk in space jam… lol

  99. What about Field Of Dreams??? Wanna talk unreallistic, Costner playing baseball with resurrected, iconic baseball players in their prime.. Still I love the movie, I always get choked up when Ray says “Hey Dad, wanna have a catch?”

    These are movies, they contain guns that never run out of ammunition (one of my pet peeves), ugly/poor guys getting the beautiful women, cars that explode because they fall or roll over and sex scenes with people falling on the floor and continuing to ‘engage’ (well trained porn stars would have to call for a time out). Relax, enjoy movies for what they are, entertainment.

  100. I think you wrote this just to show us numbers 1 and 2. Thank you so much. Seriously laughing here.

  101. One of the best sports movies is For Love of the Game. Costner shows excellent athletic ability and a great pitcher's motion during the whole movie. None of the movie would fit your criteria, except perhaps the likelihood that an aging pitcher would throw a perfect game in his last career outing.

  102. I would have to say the scout with Brendan Frasier throwing an 81 pitch perfect game with 27 K's, that has to be the most unrealistic!

    • keithmullett says:

      Definitely. A couple people have mentioned it in the comments below, and you're absolutely right. I missed that one big-time. The whole movie is awful and unrealistic, and Fraser's hair looks so awkward under a baseball hat.

  103. If you thought the Crane kick from the original Karate Kid, then you should watch the kick at the end of the new one with Will Smith's kid (who can't act at all) and since it takes place in China should be called the Kunk Fu Kid. His kick you'd have to be able to fly and shut off gravity at the same time.

  104. The Movie "Just Wright" Not possible… Common hit Latifah??? We know what team she plays on…

  105. This was a waste of my time. And I cant have the past 15 minutes of my life back that I just wasted. Thanks.

  106. The problem with TIN CUP is that Don Johnson's character never holed out!!! Cosner holes out, throws the ball into the pond…the idiots jump into the pond to somehow find the ball and Cosner walks off the green arm in arm with Cheech! When does "Crockett" finish his round????!!!!!

  107. What about that movie *61 about Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris….like anyone who was not on HGH could have hit that many homers in a single season! Total fiction!!

    • Awesomely funny. I guess nobody appreciates sarcasam any more.

    • they didnt have hgh in 1961 u momo

    • Joe Krupinski says:

      Mickey Mantle/Roger Maria really DID happen, knucklehead, I lived through it as a sportswriter in New York City. What kind of accusation are you making when you know nothing about these two athletes. Go back to watching table tennis.

      • Really?! It DID?!?!

        His comment was funny. You'll probably insist it wasn't, because you clearly didn't get it. But it was. You would think as a writer you would understand comedy.

    • Uh…Babe Ruth did it on beer and hot dogs dumbass! And that was 1927!

  108. How about Rocky and Creed, Clubber Lange, Drago, Morrison and Tarver? He got through the fight without a concussion? UNREALISTIC. Rambo was more realistic!

  109. Every sports scene from Forrest Gump has to be at the top of the list from running no-stop for several years, to ping pong, to his football prowess.

  110. What about the ridiculous ending of "The Replacements" where a deaf, white tight end manages to get behind the entire secondary in a prevent defense? Worse is that Keanu Reeves threw a perfect strike.

  111. jlynch1170 says:


  112. Can't believe Driven isn't #1. What a pile of dog manure. Pretty much like every Stallone movie since he stopped making pornos.

  113. I havent read all the way through so dunno if its been mentioned. BUT,. The most unrealistic movie and scenes are from the very classic Vision Quest. I was a wrestler back in the day,lol. And there is NO WAY that Mathew Modines character whom only was in his 2nd yr. of Wrestling in HS. could EVER beat a 2-3 time state champion Chute. Whats even more ridiculous is that the entire movie is about him LOSING weight to drop down to Chute's weight class. WHy is it stupid? Because Chute is already about twice the size of Modines small character,lol. Anyway all of us wrestlers love this movie, but the end is bullshit!!

  114. Going through the list I was just waiting for 'Rookie' and 'Facing the Giants' but that must be in part 2.

  115. Don’t forget the entire premise of Rookie of the Year: A 12 year old boy named Henry Rowengarner jacks up his shoulder and because of his injury he miraculously ends up with the ability to throw 100 mph gas. He somehow gets picked up by the Cubs and is immediately placed on the 25 man roster, where without missing a beat he becomes the team’s closer. He singlehandedly gets the Cubs to the playoffs and, after losing his powers by tripping over a stray baseball, he (taking the advice of his mother in the upper deck, whose lips he could somehow read perfectly) ends the movie by striking out a league leading slugger with a slow pitch softball throw.

  116. EVERY racing scene from "Days of Thunder"!!! The movie should have been about demolition derbies. There were better (and more accurate) scenes in "Talledaga Nights"…nuff said!

  117. Not that happy gillmore was meant to be taken serious anyway but after he hits it in deep rough over water and trys to get out? he whacks the ball 4 or 5 times then proceeds to hit it into the water. when they show score being posted he only drops 1 stroke? what was it a par 9?

  118. billie2Hats says:

    They would of called that game due to rain in "The Fan"

  119. poop stinks

  120. In the natural the fact that his wonderboy bat lasted 40 years of baseball (possibly 60years as old as roy hobbs looked) without breaking till the last at bat of his career. Of course the lightning infused wood may have made his bat like thor's hammer.

  121. Mattfactor says:

    My least favorite sports scene is in "Remember the Titans" – it's a long running play (probably at the end of the game) where the quarterback throws three or four demolishing blocks with the good ol' forearm shiver. It infuriates me every time I see it.

  122. Don't forget the movie 'Side Out'. Painfully, one of the worst movies ever. How can 2 nobody with zero volleyball skills go and win the Jose Cuervo beach volleyball tournament. They even showed (in slow motion) a set that was a double. As strict as the umps are with calling sets, they should have been called for one and game over. Lame. If it wasn't for the beach setting and the ability to see some real pro beach volleyball players (e.g. Stoklos, Sinjin, etc.) it would have been a bigger diaster.

  123. Should we point out that Lyoto Machida just beat UFC Hall of Famer Randy Couture with a crane kick? Yes, the scene in the Karate Kid was alot more stylistic, but who would have thought the kick would ever work against a champ?

  124. Best Boxing Movie….Cinderella Man. Baer was not correctly portrayed, but the boxing scenes were outstanding.

  125. You forgot the fight scene at the end of Youngblood!

    • The second "You are funny" I've given today !!

    • …and how about that game winning penalty shot! The drama of waiting to see if a slow-motion, spinning puck that's already completely over the goal line (and thus a goal) will actually stop spinning and land fully over the goal line… as if that f'in matters at all! I'm a huge hockey fan and every f'in scene in Youngblood is so f'in unrealistic that I can't help but watch and laugh every time I run across it on cable.

  126. The crane kick did happen. At least without the arms in the air.

  127. Yes of course you did, most of the Rocky movies have the most ridiculously unrealistic scenes.

  128. Karate Kid doesnt belong on this list!! PERFECT MOVIE !!!!! SMH @ U

  129. The end of Kung Fu Panda still pisses me off! How the hell did the Panda beat Tilon??

  130. Yes you forgot the MOST UNREALISTIC sporting event ever. the TRIPLE LINDY by Rodney Dangerfield in Back to School…lol

  131. I thought that the scene where Damon Wayans threw a football 80 yards into the air to stop a bullet at precisely the right moment was a little more far-fetched than the scene you mentioned.

  132. THE most ridiculous boxing scene is from Rocky 3. Clubber Lang looks like he's giving himfelf whiplash out of time with the punches Rocky is throwing.

  133. I got one more. Days of Thunder is the prequil to Driven except you insert Nascar for ridiculous accident scenes

  134. You choose the original Karate Kid movie as being unrealistic over the re-make? really?!?

  135. Since the 15 car airborne wreck that cost a driver his live recently, some of the Driven crashes don't look so unrealistic anymore

  136. I agree with Paul who commented earlier that the Rocky movies have the most unrealistic boxing scenes with the surreal punishment that a person's body could withstand.

    On another note, I know it would not be considered a qualifying sports scene since it came from a comedy, but what about the Triple Lindy dive (3 separate springboard jumps) performed by Rodney Dangerfield in Back to School, a 1980's flick. Improbable and highly dangerous, but it was funny with trick photography.

  137. I love the Karate boy.

  138. Bob Stanley says:

    What about when Buckner let the ball go through his legs in '86??YAH, THAT could happen!!

    Wait, what? THAT wasn't a movie???

  139. Really!!! A strip dance in hockey doesn't make the top ten!! Trade me right F*ckin now!

  140. HOw about the Oopty-Oop from Varsity Blues?! Solid play.

  141. back to school — "the triple lindy"

  142. "Gus"—the kicking mule–mules can't kick field goals wqith their hind legs.

  143. what about "vertical limit". all the movie is a bullshit, but the biggest shit is chriss o'donell jumping to a mountain cliff with this ice axes!!

  144. Walks-in-Storms says:

    Come on, this is the U.S.A., where people (yes, almost entirely women, but that's what we've become) buy tabloid newspapers, watch (and believe real) "Mixed Martial Arts" clown shows nonsense, and think Democrat-Republican politics is real. If you think today's "Major Leagues' and today's "music" are real, and that we really elected president an incompetent ideologue like Barak Obama, why do you find it unusual that Hollywood would foist this kind of crap on the viewer?

  145. all the boxing scenes from ''rocky'' movies, take all 10 positions. duh! just watch them again, this time with your eyes open. then watch an actual boxing match. double duh.

  146. crappy research says:

    As someone already brought this up….I will reiderate, the Driven scenes for kart and indy racing are very real. Those cars are so light and fast that if any air gets under them they became airborn. Unfortunately, people found that out first hand when Dan Wheldon died in that massive crash where cars ACTUALLY became airborn. So do a little research before making your lists.

    • keithmullett says:

      The accident involving Dan Wheldon was tragic, and on occasion cars do get into the air during KART and Indy races. But never have I seen one fly hundreds of yards into a pond outside the race track. Granted, I haven't seen more than a couple dozen KART/Indy races, but I would think a crash like that would have been replayed often throughout the years. Nevertheless, thanks for visiting and taking the time comment.

  147. Are people really saying that the Karate Kid scene could have happened? The unrealistic part of that scene is that Danny Russo sets himself up in a stance from which the ONLY thing he can do is kick forward from his back foot. And then his opponent walks right into it rather than simply move sideways and force Danny to hop around ridiculously in order to face the right direction.

    • keithmullett says:

      That was why I included it. It's not the kick, specifically, but the combination of the kick and the circumstances are what made it ridiculous. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  148. what was wrong with the triple Lindy? He nailed it, dude.

  149. what about lou gosset jr. boxing 10 opponents in one day in diggstown?

    highly improbable but still the best boxing movie………..never con a con

  150. The Cutting Edge……….I believe the throw in their final performance was called The pamchenko or something like that. Certain death if attempted in real life.

    • Beerdujour says:

      I believe Chazz Michael Michaels & Jimmy MacElroy could land that one, I mean, they did nail the "Iron Lotus"

  151. Does the A- hole writing this realize that these are movies, make to entertain. I hope he never finfs out that donald is not a real duck……………….

    • keithmullett says:

      Yes, the "A-hole" writing this realizes they are movies and that they are made to entertain. I'm not sure what you were expecting from an article titled "The 10 Most Unrealistic Sports Scenes in Movie History," but I appreciate you checking it out and taking the time to comment. If you have any specific criticisms, I'm all ears.

  152. Lyoto's kick is sort of similar… but he wasn't set up standing in the middle of the ring with Randy charging into him… those Karate Kid fight scenes are too much!!

    Enjoyed the list and comments with other funny sports movies moments/scenes/whatever

  153. LOL. I'm still laughing at #5. The entire description is hilarious.
    One I would have liked to have seen on the list: Henry Rowengartner's underhand pitch against the Mets when he can't throw heat anymore. (Rookie of the Year).

  154. Thanks for the link to the Youtube footage of The Natural. It is great to see that again and be reminded of the story of redemption in that special movie. I thought the movie was not as dark at the Malamud novel–which was just fine with me. You are probably right about it being unrealistic, although in picking The Natural, didn’t you miss another unrealistic scene–the creation of Wonder Boy? And while I am all about realism in paintings, I don’t remember ever going to the movies seeking realism. I find more entertainment from movies like The Natural or Field of Dreams.

  155. Apparently you have not seen any of the Rocky movies…

  156. I take exception to Tin Cup being on the list. Have you ever been in one of those golf events where they have a closest to the cup or hole-in-one contest? Some let you buy extra chances because the more swings you get the more you get a read on the distance, roll, wind, etc. The more reps the closer you usually get. Costner took like 10 shots or something at clearing the water, so I could see that happening. Besides, he's got a pretty sweet swing for an actor, so that adds to the realism.

  157. You probably missed this one because it is a niche sport (beach volleyball), but the ending scene of Side-Out the Movie, with C. Thomas Howel completing a 360 degree hand set was pretty ridiculous (was not even close to a legal set…no player would ever spin around while hand setting anyway, serves no purpose and only makes setting the ball that much harder). All of us in the Volleyball world are pretty much in agreement that, while the entire movie was poorly done in nearly every facet, the ending just magnifies the terrible 1000%.

  158. Totallymoney says:

    Youngblood. Worst hockey move EVER….if you can even call it a hockey movie. It was really more about the fight than the hockey….but either way…both the hockey AND the fighting were ridiculous, so maybe this wins on two counts? Anybody who's ever played hockey before can not watch this movie without rolling their eyes and laughing out loud. The only redeeming thing in this entire move is Cynthia Gibb's rear-end…which was worth the ticket price alone.

    • If you didn't post this, I would have. Watching a puny Rob Lowe stand toe-to-toe with what is probably an average size hockey goon (but who dwarfs Lowe in the movie) and then seeing Lowe somehow be able to pin the guy's arms and LIFT HIM COMPLETELY OFF THE ICE with repeated punches to the stomach is the stuff of movie producer acid trips, not reality.

  159. Chuck Norris' Chin says:

    How about the movie where the 2nd year rookie QB "leads" his team to the playoffs (on the foot of the kicker), makes a 4 yard pass which the receiver runs for a beautiful TD after breaking 3 or 4 tackles and the he's hailed as the saviour of football? Anyone see that one?

    • Norris fears Tebow says:

      Did you see the sequel where once in the playoffs he threw for 316 yd, 2 TDs another rushing TD and threw a game-winning 80yd TD on the first play of OT that hit his receiver in stride 30 yds downfield? That one was great too.

      • The one where they lined up in an illegal formation that wasn't called? Where they had only 6 men on the line of scrimmage?

        • Norris Fears No One says:

          In stride 30 yards downfield? It was 18 yards. Any 3rd stringer in the NFL could hit that pass. That TD was a direct result of the receiver's speed and poor coverage. Not the QB

    • Tony fucking Wood says:

      How about the movie where the pompous asshole, who still thinks fucking Chuck Norris jokes are funny, gets the living shit beat out of him by the legendary Tony Wood?

      p.s. You misspelled "savior", dipshit.

  160. 5thcommjarhead says:

    The crane kick pose was ridiculous and I never even saw or heard of it until the movie. (I have a black belt in Okinawan Karate, earned in the late 70's). But the truth is, the jumping front kick works, it's just that most MMA guys are so slow with their feet that they telegraph their kicks and their kicks are just feints anyway. But this year there have been two spetacular knock outs by fighters who have actually practiced their front kicks. Victor Belfort went down from a kick just like the Karate kid's, just without the theatrics.

  161. HERE'S MY FAVORITE: In the Kevin Costner movie 'American Flyers,' the financial sequence is the conclusion of a three-stage bicycle race, the 'Hell of the West.' (Phony name, but a real event.)

    After leaving the pack behind one by one, the hero and the 'evil' rival racer are left one to one on a hill for the final sprint. they get into a push, shoving and punching match, which is probably against the rules…

    But no one knows, because suddenly they're alone. no lead vehicles. no chase cars. no spectators. none of what you'd see on the final leg of a big race.

  162. Yes the Karate Kid was far fetched but the new Karate kid was just complete bullshit! How does the kid do a standing (one legged) backflip, kick his opponent and win the match, and land the one legged backflip? In about two weeks the kid goes from being an average kid to a martial arts expert that is also a supreme athlete that can land standing backflips while one of his legs is seemingly broken! So not only does he land the heroic flip and ko the opponent but he does it all with one leg! Imagine the strength and agility it would take to land a one legged back flip! Only in the movies!

    Side Kicks was another one where I was like Yeah right. Chuck Norris comes to the aid of the boy! The boy breaks like 38 boards with one chop! BULLSHIT

    • Sorry, but the new Karate Kid's ending was far more realistic than the Ralph Machio one. First, Dre Parker's leg was not "broken", which was the problem for his opponent. econdly, the writers did a good job of preempting your objection to Dre's lack of athletic ability. This kid was admittedly too fast for his opponents to catch him during the chase scene, and only got stopped because he went into the wrong back yard. Secondly, he showed that he was an exceptional athlete (as he had maintained at the outset of his training) by enduring the grueling workouts that Mr. Han had put him through. ou obviously know little about eastern methods of martial arts training. It IS possible for someone to gain an incredible amount of knowledge and ability in a very short period of time.

      • True, many people are not aware of eastern training and unfortunately don't even know the difference between kung fu and karate. That's what killed the remake for me. Wasn't even karate or had anything Japanese to do with it.

    • ACtually a couple of UFC fighters have been utilizing the "crane" style front kick, champ Anderson Silva, and former champ Lyoto Machida both knocked people out with that kick. Now it wasn't set up the same of course but the execution effect was the same.

  163. GreekMonkey says:

    In the clip of The Program, that actually was not an incomplete pass at the 1:40 mark. It was a fumble. At that time, 1993 to be exact, Tom Brady had not yet invented "the tuck rule". The game of football has evolved many times since then with more and more rules coming into effect. Who knows, maybe Joe Kane screwing over Georgia Tech was the inspiration for that rule to be created. Blue Chips was by far worse than The Program. Watch the scene where Nick Nolte is coming up with the defensive game plan for their game against Indiana. His plan is to double team just about everyone on Indiana's team on the court to prevent them from getting the ball. I find that hard to do with only 5 players. Bad writing and even worse acting.

  164. Why in the Karate Kid clip with Jaden Smith, music from Karate Kid 3 is playing?

  165. rocky and apollo knocking each other to the canvas at the same time.

    • I admit that was a bit far-fetched until I was watching "The Smoking Gun Presents The World's Dumbest…(don't remember what) where two mma fighters landed identical head blows simultaneously and knocked each other out. Bout was called a draw. IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED!

  166. PatrickLA says:

    First off, Keith MULLET? Really> We are supposed to take YOU serious???

    And if you think the Crane Kick in Karate Kid was not realistic then you never watch MMA or UFC!

    Just a few months ago in a PPV event, A fighter was kicked right in the face with a FRONT KICK and knocked out! So it happens and it is realistic.

    You are an idiot!

  167. Don't forget the triple lindy!

  168. The gladiator bitch slap that sends Cuba flying over the top rope is easily the funniest and should rank as number 1.

  169. I have got to comment on the motorcycle stunts and fights in Torque. Sport bikes running across the desert, jumping onto moving trains, running 200 mph without any eye covering? Bike fu with the girls. That movie was so BS that me and my boys watch it just to laugh at the unrealisticness of it all

  170. BaseballGuy says:

    I watch sports movies strictly for the entertainment, but I do laugh or get annoyed when something doesn't come off too kosher. In the movie "Bang the Drum Slowly" with Michael Moriarty and Robert DeNiro they kept showing the same game setting over and over throughout the whole movie! Jeez! Were the producers on that cheap of a budget that they couldn't do more and different game footage? And those of us that are Cleve Indians fans know that the "home" games in Major League were not filmed at the old Municipal Stadium (can you say "County Stadium in Milwaukee"?). But the funniest to me was the beginning of Karate Kid Two and they decide to show the ending of the first movie with the winning kick and at the start of the second movie the coach and the kid walk out of the gym, and the kid is clearly two feet taller! Instant puberty (wax on… wax off…)

  171. How could you leave out the new Karate Kid. Daniel just performed a move Johnny had never seen. You trying to say that little boy in the new version was doing back flip kicks in less than six months. That was just retarded.

  172. Paladintx1 says:

    Hasn't it always been that way? I remember an old Elvis movie where he was a race car driver. It might have been in Viva Las Vegas but he was 3 or 4 laps down in the 'big' race, then he drove past all other race cars, lapping them 3 or 4 times to win by a nose! Ridiculous!!! I don't care how good a race driver you are, your car can't be that much faster than all the others!

  173. I always thought the skinny, unmuscular Matthew Modine beating that hulk in Vision Quest was a little ridiculous, too. And how did George Plimpton run that TD through an NFL defense, diving and grabbing at air against a sports writer? Oh, yeah. It was the Detroit Lions!

  174. How about Joe Pesci dunking the ball in The Super. I have a pretty good suspension of belief during a movie and even I was uncomfortable watching that one!

  175. #10 the program is actually a plausible situation.

    a) the tuck rule was not made up until 1999. Prior to that, the decision of incomplete or fumble was based on the qb’s intent.

    b) the tuck rule is only valid in the NFL anyway. NCAA still doesn’t have it and so decision is still based on qb’s intent.

    So that just leaves the scrambling which leads to a pass to a receiver who breaks open… That happens quite often.

    To close, the program was an awesome movie! Lol

    • The Program was indeed an awesome movie, and it helps to know what it was about – which Mullet evidently does not. I was working full time in my field of addiction rehab when I tried out as an extra for the movie just for kicks and, to my amusement, got hired. I had the opportunity to chat with one of the principal actors about the movie's theme of addiction rehab, and learned that everyone involved with that movie was savvy to the issues of addiction & recovery – which really shows in the finished movie. Unfortunately the audience was not to savvy, and people like to strut by knocking the movie when all it proves is their ignorance. Great idea for an article, but Mullet's' comments about The Program are a bad QB call on 3rd down – Mullet is three and out.

  176. You are forgetting "The Annexation of Puerto Rico" from "Little Giants". The greatest play ever conceived by John Madden and an 8-year-old!

    • Um, you maybe missed than the Carolina Panthers ran that play – and scored on it – in an NFL game this year. Dope.

  177. I love this list and the comments are even funnier! #5 is ridiculously insightful and the Billy Blanks scene in #1 brought me to tears……because the scene was soooooo insane!

  178. speaking of bily zabake..what about the final diving scemne in :back to school" Your telling me the great rodney dangerfield who has since pass and in the movie was a big and talll customer himself could do the triple lindey dive..that is easily the most unrealistic sport scene ever

  179. crazyryder2 says:

    The karate Kid – The Crane Move – you just don't get it. That's the whole point of the movie in one scene. He won with the Crane Kick because he had learned discipline and honor and found a new way to overcome adversities while the other kid was being taught only how to be a bully and he had no idea what ancient customs and cultures can produce in life. That other kid had no idea what was happening…all he new was how to rush in….and he did exactly what he was taught to do…rush in without thinking

  180. These are movies. Purely for entertainment value. Not reality, not a biography, not the history channel. No one said these were actual accounts or can actually be done. We go to movies to escape from reality. If you want realism then stop going to the movies and attend the events or live a boring normal life.

    What the writer has written is nothing but pure dribble, no pun intended.

    • First off, idiot, the word you were looking for is "drivel," not "dribble." Second, if you bothered to read the intro to the list, you would see that the author only considered scenes from movies that attempted to make the sports scenes realistic. Bash yourself with a cluebat a few time before commenting again, por favor.

      • derpderp is the greatest! Mr. internet toughguy!! I would say more but I am scared of his hide behind the internet tough guy lifestyle.

  181. Two words for you….."American Anthem"

  182. How the hell did Sudden Death not get mentioned????!!!! The JCD scenes where he is the goalie is a crime against humanity!

  183. How about Rocky getting beat to a pulp by Drago and Clubber Lang and the ref never stops the fight

  184. Leslie Neilson in The Naked Gun as the umpire…. too funny

  185. I refer you to the latest Tae Kwon feats on dance steps. BACKYARD, youi better take a look again there is definitely egg on your face,and how do you like your crow cooked?

  186.… here is the video that makes the karate kid look so much more legit, don't limt reality with you short sightness

  187. You left out Julius Erving's "The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh, especially the first sequence shot after the new team was formed!!!

  188. the only reason Edward Norton wouldnt be able to do it would be because he couldnt jump high enough. what you said made no sense. Obviously they wouldnt kill him, it would turn into a bloodbath all around, and they didn't want that. Your arguement is invalid.

  189. diggstown


  191. Red2million says:

    Anybody who writes "Most real fights are boring" should not ever make any comment about sports in any way. One of the dumbest comments I've ever heard in my life. What have you watched, like four fights in your life? What a moron. If you think boxing is boring you should quit trying to pretend you know anything about sports and from now on watch only Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock, and Reese Witherspoon movies. I can't even consider you to be a male, and certainly not a man after that comment that I'd only expect to hear from a female.

    • korupt187 says:

      Have you ever watched a fight??? 1 out of 10 are good and by that math, most are boring. I love watching them and hope to catch that exciting moment but 2 guys leaning on each other is not exciting. I'm a huge sports fan but by my counts it doesn't make you a female if you find some sports boring, you're just a dumb ass who thinks he is a bad ass and needs his ass kicked

  192. How can you say the finale of "The Natural" was unrealistic? Did you not see Kirk Gibson in 88' World Series? Real life can be even more improbable than a movie yet it sometimes happens. The Maz, Fisk, even Puckett had greater moments then Roy Hobbs.

  193. The Crane kick was actually used at UFC 129 when Lyoto Machida knocked out randy Couture with it. See it here

  194. Don't ever disrespect The Natural like that again.

  195. How about any basketball scene involving Scott Howard not as the Teen Wolf?

  196. Are you kidding me?  Any fight scene in any Rocky movie is far worse than everything on this list put together.  And as an honorable mention, you need to look at Brad Pitt playing basketball in ‘Cutting Class.’

    • Yes!  Cutting Class is one of my favorite cheesy 80s horror movies.  Great call on that one.

    • Susan Camblin says:

       My thoughts exactly.  One unimpeded full force punch to the head from a professional heavyweight boxer would probably kill most people.  Rocky and Apollo never duck, dodge or block any punches.  They just stand there and take them over and over and over…

  197. Letsparley says:

    It looks like its 310ft down the rf line where did the other 300 ft come from?   The lights seem to be right on the edge of the roof. In the 50’s life magazine had an article about Mickey Mantle hitting a ball 507ft into the rafters of old yankee stadium, add 20 or 30 ft too that and it doesn’t seem that unbelievable that he hit the lights.  Just Saying…….  Also it does not seem any more believable that some club fighter could go 15 rounds with the HW champ than somebody running into a crane kick….  But your entitled to your opinion.

  198. As for The Natural didn’t Reggie Jackson hit one into the light deck at Tiger Stadium in an all-star game?

  199. Robbie Benson, where are you? Annette O’Toole could have taken him, “One on One”.

  200. MarkRutledge says:

    Pick 10 scenes from The Slugger’s Wife and you can have an entirely new list.

  201. The final scene in D2 when somehow during a timeout, the Ducks/Team USA have time to completely swap gear and hide their secret weapon as the goalie. Then when he rips his helmet and gloves off and shoots the knucklepuck all the way down the ice to win. There are 100 reasons why that could never, ever happen.

  202. Jacob M. says:

    A hidden gem of hideousness is in the film Wildcats, on a play where the slot back runs a counter. The player with the ball starts out as an African American, then after he is tackled becomes…Woody Harrelson. I’ve never seen a player change ethnicities during one play in a real football game.

  203. G ghost says:

    The problem with the Tin Cup scene is the action on the ball. He’s hitting a wood 250+ yards out of a fairway. That ball is coming in hot. No way it has backspin to back up in the water.
    And the problem with The Natural is Robert Redford is the Tim Robbins of hitting. Watch his head fly out when he swings and misses. A guy like that couldn’t hit a beach ball off a tee.

    • I’d have to go back and watch again but Robert Redford was apparently quite a good baseball player who got a college scholarship offer from Colorado (OK, it’s not USC, but it’s something.) Sibby Sisti, the former major leaguer who was the consultant for “The Natural,” and played the Pirates manager in the last scene, told me Hobbs could play.

  204. I continue to find it amazing that sports writers always put down “The Natural”.  A sports film that embodies the thrill of hitting a home run in the last inning of an all important baseball game.  Young boys to men will always remember the thrill of hitting a home run.  Perhaps sports writers don’t remember the feeling in the age of big business sports. Many years ago, I was on a flight from Philly to San Fran and “The Natural” was being played on the flight.  We landed and we were at the gate before the movie ended. Everyone on the plane sat and watched the end of the movie instead of rushing off the plane. You just don’t get it. 

  205. Any final play in a sports movie done in slow motion automatically gets my thumbs down.

  206. Scheckebach says:

    C Thomas Howell 360 degree spike in Side Out…Brutal

  207. RHO1953 says:

    Oh yeah, I totally forgot about the Slugger’s Wife. Soooooo bad. You easily could have thrown in Stallone’s portrayal of a wrist wrestler. He’s about eighty pounds light of being credible there too.

  208. How about The Scout where Brendon Fraser’s character pitches the ultimate perfect game, 27 strikeouts! 

  209. chuck_h says:

    Game Day has one of my all time favorite terribly unbelievable moments in it. It’s an awful movie that stars Richard Lewis as a college basketball coach but totally worth checking out for a few laughs. During the final game, a gunman in the stands fires a bullet through the ball, through the backboard (which somehow causes the glass to rain down on cheerleaders below) and into the head of some woman wearing the most ridiculous school outfit ever. People then slip in blood, the cheerleaders cry, the gunman is captured and the play is run again.

  210. Good call on the Brian Dennehy boxing movie. My view of him as an actor was forever tainted after I saw him box like a gay dancer in “West Side Story”. It is truly horrific!

  211. I feel dirty for reading this garbage…. Boxing is boring? Are you kidding me? Why don’t you step in the ring for a couple rounds, then write about how boring it is. I could go on but why waste anymore of my time. 

  212. Sometimes, the unbelievable can be hilarious. If you can find it, check out Harold Lloyd’s THE FRESHMAN. Silent movies are an acquired taste, but when Harold finally gets into the football game after the obligatory rash of injuries, it’s pretty funny. See also Buster Keaton’s COLLEGE.

  213. I love boxing and agree with the point Kieth makes that 95% of the time, boxing matches are not non-stop slug fests where haymakers and roundhouses are the only punches in a fighter’s arsenal. Digstown with James Woods and Louis Gosset Jr. is hilariously unrealistic in which Gosset as a 40-something ex-fighter from the 70s-80s unretires to take on 10 fighters of varying weight classes and beats them all in one night. Having said that, I count it only second to Raging Bull as far as my favorite boxing movie.

  214. You’ve obviously NOT seen the movie THE SUPER where Joe Peche’ (spelling) dunks the ball during a pickup basketball game…(SOOOO FUNNY)

  215. Escape from LA. Not a sports move but, Kurt Russell throwing a basketball the length of the court to make a all net shot with no time on the clock, really!!!!???

  216. Michael J Fox obviously has zero idea of how to dribble or shoot a basketball in Teen Wolf (let alone his teammates)! – this should be number one!

  217. any scene in basketball diaries where DiCaprio is playing basketball…

  218. Don't Play Me Weak says:

    Kung Fu is Chinese. Should had been called The Kung Fu Kid. As far as Dre performing such moves in a short period of time…complete BS. The Karate Kid (original) was more realistic but the remake I would say had better fight sequences even though unrealistic. Too bad Taijutsu wasn’t used in movies…that’s right, majority of our moves involve breaking bones and possibly killing someone in a matter of seconds and there are rules for competitive fighting.

  219. My god man- putting down the karate kid? Have you no shame?!?!

  220. Sherman Taylor says:

    Who cares, the author totally misses the point of the movies. Unrealistic is what most movies are about, your choices simply do not matter. I thought I was going to find something interesting here, I was wrong. A complete waste of two minutes of my life. By the way genius, go to some of these street clubs and you may well find “EXACTLY” what you saw in Gladiators. Throw a couple hundred in front of poor kids and you will be surprised at what they would do.

    • Keith Mullett says:

      If I go to a street fighting club I can see Brian Dennehy backhand slap a young boxer so hard that he flies out of the ring and into the stands? Please send me an address, because I need to see this.

      In all seriousness, I’m not sure what you were expecting out of this article, but it is just meant to poke fun at some goofy scenes from (mostly) goofy movies. Most of these movies I like, in fact. I didn’t take myself too seriously in writing it, so I apologize if you didn’t find it entertaining.

      One thing I will urge you to do is check out other content on this site. We have a lot of passionate writers who do a great job of covering a variety of topics, so if my article missed the mark with you, perhaps one of our other writers will have what you’re looking for. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

  221. I disagree with your selection of the Karate Kid. Mr. Miyagi clearly states early in the movie that if done correctly, there is no defense. Johnny must have known this, thus that is why he seems to lean into the kick. He was just getting it out of the way. Apparently the kick also makes him realize the Daniel isn’t such a bad guy after all.

    • Keith Mullett says:

      You have made the best argument so far for having the crane kick stricken from this list. Any kick with the magical power to make mortal enemies accept each other deserves more credit. Thanks for reading!

  222. 5 words – The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh !!

  223. Thanks. Entertaining article.

  224. How could you leave out the remake ok The Karate kid? The kids does a back flip kick that he learned in a few months. Talk about bad fight scenes.

  225. How can this be an unrealistic sports movie blog without Happy Gillmore?

  226. The Cella says:

    Karate Kid 1, 2 and 3 sihould’ve had the top 3 spots… and how is Sudden Death with Van Douche not on this list????? Him being a fire inspector and amazingly sneaking onto the ice and play goalie for the Penguins can’t be deemed unbelievable enough? Disappointed at you pal

  227. I got one. The Bad News Bears part 2 where the kid takes a lead off first base while the pitcher is on the mound and the first baseman tags him out. Thats illegal.

  228. pat cartier says:

    You can choose any hockey movie, Slap shot, Youngblood, Mighty Ducks, They are so unrealistic that I don’t even recognize it as hockey.

  229. Anonymous says:

    Crane Kick unrealistic? Granted he doesn’t start off standing on one leg, Machida actually used a crane kick to knock out Couture:

  230. Mike Jones says:

    What about Vision Quest? Louden Swain repeatedly used the head lock to hip toss move in his matches. First of all, the headlock rarely works at the high school level and up and is easily defended. Secondly, Shute is supposed to be a stud, he for sure wouldn’t have gotten headlocked and hip tossed like that!

  231. Bob Price says:

    How can you leave out the most ludicrous sports movie of all time (and the most overrated movie of any type) — Rocky? Start with the big showdown in the (yecch) Academy Award-winning first edition and move to any sequel you want – utter trash. Rocky makes professional wrestling look distinguished. And if you want to see a really pathetic attempt at representing basketball, watch Brad Pitt in the 80s slasher movie Cutting Class (and he supposedly played ball in high school).

  232. Actually, the way lighting was done back in the time that “The Natural” was set, the lights were rigged in series with each other (vs in parallel like they are today). So when his home run hit a bulb and suddenly blew it out, it would likely have caused an instantaneous surge though the entire light system that could have caused the other bulbs to start blowing out just like they show in the movie.

    Now, would EVERY light in the stadium start blowing out like that, or would it just be one tower that would blow out? I don’t know–it would depend on how they wired the stadium. But lighting was a bit rudimentary back then so it is hard to know exactly. But it isn’t IMPOSSIBLE to think that a sudden freak event like a baseball smashing a bulb might cause a catastrophic failure of the system and cause bulbs to start blowing out all over the place.

  233. You failed me. Watch the Longshot with Leif Garrett. He somehow tosses the foosball ball up in the air and then it lands in the opponents goal. Come on! These lists always have an obscure film on them, it’s practically a prerequisite!

  234. All these have been replaced by the amazing Manti Te’o story.

  235. Keith Hillmann says:

    What about the “Triple Lindy” in Back To School???

  236. Tin Cup was inspired by Gary McCords melt down. Silly but hey where is the scene form Rudy where players gave Devine their jerseys – that was pure fiction

  237. T Brown says:

    The American History X basketball scene is laughable for one painfully obvious reason. Wink Wink!! Like that would happen (it could, but really!!!??)

  238. Wow Eric. Really? Just except that you’re wrong. Or maybe adjust your previous statement to something like…the shifting was unrealistic. Which it was.

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