The 10 Funniest Dancing GIFs of All Time!

We’re going non-sports here for a moment. Why? Because we can.

I just ran across this post at Funny or Die entitled “The 120 Best Dancing GIFs of All Time!” And while all of them are compelling in their own way, 10 in particular stood out among the rest for me. So I’ve re-posted them below for your amusement.

Click over to FoD to see the other 110 that did not make the cut.

In no particular order…

Ace Ventura Dancing


Cam from Modern Family Dancing


Carlton Banks Dancing


Steve Carrell, Jon Stewart, and Stephen Colbert…Dancing?


The Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff Dancing


Hammered Ron Swanson Dancing


Slater, Kelly, and Jesse Dancing


Snoop Dogg’s Last Supper Dance


White Girl Dancing Like a White Girl


And last but not least…

Zach Galifianakis Dancing (or Prancing)



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  1. You need to watch more Parks and Rec

  2. heheheh………….. they all are gays :DDD

    a2z Stuff

  3. Whats up with the ufo in the background of the white girl dancing….

  4. You need Angel (Angel and BtVS) on here.

  5. Carlton's dance is the best *-*

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