In the Midwest, this is how we view the 2011 NBA Finals

Does anything sum up the just-completed NBA Finals more than this image?

cardinal-lebronImage source: ImageShack via Reddit

Fact: Brian Cardinal’s +/- in Game 6 was +18. LeBron’s was -24. And it wasn’t fluky. Cardinal did more to help his team win than LeBron did, and the Mavs won.

Pretty much sums it up, huh?

I will also take this opportunity to momentarily put aside my Purdue hate and congratulate Brian Cardinal. Even when he was wearing the black and gold, I always secretly admired his heart, winning attitude, and underrated skill level. I hated him, of course, but always respected him. Now that he’s no longer wearing those god awful colors, it’s a little bit easier to appreciate his game. His grit, toughness, and poise in the clutch epitomized these Dallas Mavericks, and it’s the reason why I’m so happy they won.

Congrats to Brian Cardinal, the anti-LeBron.

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