How old is Kyrie Irving? 12?

I was just killing some time, scrolling this FOX Sports slideshow of the NBA Draft’s winners and losers when I came across a slide that described the Cavaliers as “losers” for what they accomplished last night.

The slide was accompanied by this pic, and I swear that my split second, knee-jerk reaction to seeing it was, “Who the hell is the middle schooler on the left?”

Image source: Jennifer Pottheiser/NBAE – Getty Images via FOX Sports

Something about the size disparity between Tristan Thompson and Irving, plus Irving wearing a hat and not really filling out his suit, gives him a very…Urkelesque…quality in this image.

I don’t know. This is probably a pointless post. I guess I would expect a #1 pick to have a stronger presence or stature. It’s just another subtle reinforcement that as much as Cavs fan hope he is, Irving probably isn’t going to be a Derrick Rose-like force.

Not that Cavs fans care about specific comparison. They only care if he can ball and carve out a name and niche for himself. Apparently he can. We’ll see.

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