Finally! A “planking” picture that actually makes sense

Last night, Dwight Howard tweeted out another planking picture, and for the first time this silly phenomenon actually made some sense to me.

Why? In this case, it all has to do with the person doing the alleged planking.

It’s Vince Carter.

“Planking” on a basketball court.

vince-carter-plankingImage source: Moby Picture

I can’t exactly put into words why, but this picture perfectly sums up Vince Carter’s NBA career to me. While Dwight Howard at least waits until the offseason to do his planking, Vince just does it during the season right there on the court.

Yep, sounds about right.

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  1. Chris Callawawy says:

    It looks like Stephen Jackson is eyeing up a curb stomp. Welcome to the Bucks!

  2. Thanks for the update, can you make it so I receive an update sent in an email when there is a fresh post?

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