Female White Sox fan treats her camera like Adam Dunn has been treating lefties

That’s right. She struck out.

Hey, if I’m going to rip Cubs fans at every turn – and I do – I have to be willing to shine the spotlight of mockery on my own fan base from time to time.

So sit back, relax, and strap it down…and then prepare to laugh at this hilarious moment of imbecility from last night’s White Sox-Mariners game. (Hat tip: Guyism and today’s Hot Clicks)


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  2. Copertop_88 says:

    OK was it proven that she wasn’t looking at pics that were already taken? if that’s the case then she had it right 

    • william lamb says:

      when you replay photos on your camera you dont stick it up in the air as if you are taking a photo .most people hold that camera down and from the light or sun to be able to see the pics .most times it takes two hands to hold the camera while advancing the photos.

  3. William King says:

    nice :)

    had to watch a few times.

  4. what the fuc#S..cant even watch the video?? PRIVATE??? BS!!

  5. who cares whether she’s doing it wrong? She’s wearing that tank top RIGHT.

  6. cameras nowadayz can take pictures that way

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