Today’s Best: Natalie Portman, Incredible Todd Haley Animated GIF, Gangsta Kid Rolling, and the Unguardable Step-Back Jumper of Dirk Nowitzki

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In today’s edition, Natalie Portman has a new movie out, we have a new MLB Trivia Challenge Podcast out, a badass little kid is out and about, Todd Haley freaks out, and Dirk Nowitzki is unstoppable because he can step back and still shoot the lights out.

Best of MSF

Slow day here at the site in terms of new content. Since nothing really exciting happened in sports yesterday, none of our writers have been inspired to submit anything, and I’m taking this opportunity to work on some things on the back end.

But fortunately for you, we do have some Friday entertainment for you: the MLB Trivia Challenge Podcast, Episode 2. Make sure you listen and get your quiz answers in before next Thursday to be eligible for the $20 Chili’s gift certificates.

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Best of the Web

The “First World Problems” subreddit cracks me up. I’m just going to give it “Best of the Web” status today because it’s always good for an ironic laugh.

Today’s Best Beauty

Thor opens this weekend with Natalie Portman playing the lead female role. I have little interest in seeing the movie, though Portman’s presence in it suggests that it might be a worthwhile investment of a couple hours. (And it is getting good reviews.)

natalie portman

This is not the first time we have featured Portman here at MSF. A while back Portman went up against Mila Kunis in one of our Photo Gallery Face Offs. To see some stunning pictures of both and the final voting, click here.




Royals blogger Lee Judge said that Wilson Betemit should have “taken one for the team” and allowed himself to be hit by a pitch. The Royals invited Judge to see what it feels like. He took them up on their offer, and then changed his tune about Betemit.

Speaking of the Royals, their hot shot prospect Eric Hosmer makes his big league debut today. One Royals blogger is excited, but finds the thinking by team management to be a bit flawed.

Joe Posnanski has some thoughts on Willie Mays turning 80.

Are all obsessed sports fans miserable and obnoxious? Can we be a “hyperpartisan” fan without falling into those categories? Is every type of fan capable of being a total idiot? Tom Ziller explores all these aspect of fandom and more.

Awesome: hockey fan outsmarts his over-serious HOA.

Seems like a pretty reasonable explanation for Matt Kemp’s roller coaster statistics over last 2+ seasons.

The latest product being endorsed by LeBron seems…crack-like.


Good: according to his wife, Osama bin Laden had not left the room he was found in and shot for the last five years.

Sweet shit. There is now a “kiss transmission device” so people can make out over the Internet. That apocalypse draws nearer.

In the future, smart phones will probably be thin and bendable.

If you like time lapse videos, you’ll enjoy this.

This guy is the Cal Ripken Jr of UPS drivers.

Pics & GIFs

This kid is awesome.

picture-me-rollinImage source: Picchore

And so is this random, inexplicable animated GIF of Chiefs head coach Todd Haley.

todd haley animated gif


Did you know…pregnant women are advised not to each cold cuts? Damn Listeria.

Did you know…in 1904 a man from the Congo was featured in an exhibit at the Bronx Zoo.


A feature on the deadly, unguardable step-back jumper of Dirk Nowitzki.

A real-life cat burglar. (Thanks to Amanda for the tip.)


As always, we end Today’s Best by paying homage to the original inspiration for this post: Hot Clicks by Jimmy Traina.

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  2. […] today’s edition of Today’s Best, I included a video that highlights just how unstoppable the step-back jumper of Dirk Nowitzki is. […]

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