Today’s Best: Jennifer Love Hewitt Breaks It Off, Drew Magary Breaks It Down, and a Rapping Milwaukee Brewers Fan Breaks Your Ears

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In today’s edition, Jennifer Love Hewitt gives me hope with news of her latest breakup, Drew Magary breaks down the lesson that this year’s graduates really need to learn, Brandon Phillips flashes some slick leather, and a Milwaukee Brewers fan decides to rap about his love for the Brew Crew…but fails miserably (or spectacularly, depending on your perspective).

Best of MSF

Anytime Charles Barkley shatters his driver and it’s caught on video, it’s worth watching. But today’s best here at MSF is the second episode of our MLB Trivia Challenge Podcast. Will Carroll of is our guest, and there are Chili’s gift certificates and an iPad on the line for you. So get over there, listen, and start answering questions!

Best of the Web

I’m going with two “Best of” articles today, and they could not be more different in tone and style.

First, props to Drew Magary for the latest edition of his always…inspiring…annual special graduation message. The theme of this year’s message is simply: waste more time. And you know what, he’s actually got a damn good point.

Second, an article entitled “The Love I’ll Never Know” by a female freelance journalist in Britain. 45-year old Mandy Appleyard discusses how she arrived at this stage of her life without children, what it has meant to her, and how she has dealt with the societal judgment such a life brings. I may not be able to relate on many levels, but it was still a very engaging read.

Today’s Best Beauty

If you saw the debut edition of Today’s Best a few weeks back, you know that I have always been quite fond of Jennifer Love Hewitt. What this means is that whenever I have a valid excuse to do so, I will probably feature a lovely post of Ms. Hewitt here in the Today’s Best Beauty section.

Well, she just broke up with her boyfriend, which means she’s now in the news, and so here is another lovely picture:


And in case you were wondering: yes, this scene from Dumb and Dumber did immediately come to mind when I realized she is now single:



I agree with this: why is Ozzie Guillen suspended two games for some frustrated tweets, while all six players who have had DUIs this season have skated without suspension? Bad form MLB. Fortunately, it looks like a new policy could soon be in place.

I’ll just say this: it can’t possibly be worse than Mike & Mike.

Michael Oher takes Todd McShay and other draftniks to task for discussing “character concerns” about players, especially those they haven’t met. I like Oher’s candor here, and he has a point.

Weird story here involving Hines Ward getting cuffed at gunpoint, mistakenly.

Here are seven sports “feats” that even you or I could have achieved!

From The Heckler: Carlos Boozer agrees to endorse Nike’s new line of concrete shoes.

It is absolutely amazing what Tim Lincecum has done during his 4+ years in the Major Leagues.

Bill James, yes that Bill James, is now lending his analytical mind to the study of…serial killers.


Thanks to Ari for this link. The last World War I combat veteran died yesterday. Claude Choules was 110 years old. He was born in Britain and joined the Royal Navy at 15 years old, serving until 1956.

Good stuff, and expected: donations to Navy SEAL Foundation sees donations increase.

Here is a bizarre but fascinating (and possibly untrue) anecdote about Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor, and Marlon Brando taking a roadtrip.

Whiskey…is there anything it can’t do?

50 beautiful women in little black dress? 50 beautiful women in little black dresses.

Researches have pinpointed the region in the brain that will forever keep Pete Rose out of the baseball Hall of Fame.


Pics and GIFs

This bizarre screenshot was taken during a recent Nationals-Phillies game. Kinda looks like Billy Joel, doesn’t it?

man-turtleSource: Imgur

I didn’t really find any funny GIFs today, so my apologies to those of you who come here only for the GIFs. Instead, in keeping with the theme started by man-turtle above, how about a picture of a real life ninja turtle?

real-life-ninja-turtleSource: Imgur

See? I knew you’d like it.



Did you know…Shania Twain’s ex-husband Mut Lange left her for her close friend Marie-Anne Thiebaud. Twain is now married to Thiebaud’s ex-husband Frederic Thiebaud. Alrighty then.

Did you know…Rick Ross once made $3 million in one day selling crack? That’s what he told NPR in this rather fascinating discussion about the economics of drug dealing.


Brandon Phillips further proves his fielding badassery with this stellar play from a few nights ago:

A fan of the Milwaukee Brewers made this…rap? It’s bad, on that we’ll surely agree. I just can’t decide if it’s so bad that it’s funny, or if it just really, really sucks. I’m leaning towards the latter. You decide.



As always, we end Today’s Best by paying homage to the original inspiration for this post: Hot Clicks by Jimmy Traina.

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