There is an old newspaper photo of Kareem giving a double bird salute? Surely you can’t be serious…

I am serious. And don’t call me Surely. (Or Shirley.)

But you can call the man pictured below many names: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar; Lew Alcindor; Roger Murdock; etc. Just don’t call him shy or mild-mannered or let his gentle speaking tone fool you.

Kareem has never been reluctant to share strong opinions, a trait he clearly had early on in his NBA career.

kareem-abdul-jabbar-middle-fingersImage source: Imgur

Credit for the above photo goes to Redditor miamiflashfan, who said he found it while rummaging through some of his dad’s “old sports stuff.”

While the image of Kareem tossing up the digits is compelling, I also enjoy the facial expression of “Lee” on the left side of the picture. His shit-eating smirk in the face of Kareem’s taught had to piss Abdul-Jabbar off even more.

Anyway, just a fun picture and a trip down memory lane. Enjoy your Monday everyone.

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