Video: How to outsmart your child, the old-fashioned way

All I have heard discussed on the radio and TV this morning is the unfortunate Josh Hamilton injury and the inevitable should-he-or-shouldn’t-he have gone home. Yes, it’s a worthy debate…for about five minutes; but then let’s move on.

However, since this is a 24-36 hour sports dead zone – March Madness over, no football, end of NBA regular season, April baseball – the Hamilton injury is the story of the day and all anyone is talking about, because it really is all there is to talk about.

Rather than pile on, I’ll take this opportunity to post some random entertainment while we await Devon’s sure-to-be-badass NBA Playoffs Preview (to be posted later today).

Here is the first bit of random entertainment, a funny video teaching all of the parents out there how to outsmart their children…the old-fashioned way.

Who says you don’t learn anything from cartoons? This is straight out of Loony Toons and the kid falls for it hook-line-and-sinker. Well done dad. We salute you.

Video hat tip: Reddit



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  1. kristenkouk says:

    works on adults too… including myself.

  2. Good lord that kid is a spitting image of what I looked like around that age. I would still fall for that trick today as well.

  3. He should have let the kid drive while he walks. Win win.

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