Today’s Best: Kate Middleton lives every girl’s dream and Michelangelo explains the “greatest danger” (which is not, apparenlty, teasing wild cheetahs…)

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In today’s edition, Kate Middleton gets to live out every young girl’s fantasy, you get to learn some valuable laptop safety tips, Michaelangelo explains the “greatest danger”, a hockey player struggles mightily to drink some Gatorade, and a woman shows us all the proper way to tease wild cheetahs. And much, much more.

Best of MSF

Our very own Jon Washburn is headed to Richmond this weekend to cover the Crown Royal “Your Name Here” 400. And the two men who get there name “there” are most certainly deserving.

Best of the Web

We’re going non-sports with today’s best of the web, as I link you to one of my favorite non-sports blogs: Small Hands, Big Ideas by the adventurous, thoughtful, and inspiring Grace Boyle.

She recently wrote about having her laptop stolen, which was of course a bummer, but as she always does Grace turned lemons into lemonade. In her post, she provides some great tips for how to prevent your prized possession from being pilfered as well as what to do if that unfortunate occurrence happens.

Today’s Best Beauty

Earlier this morning, Kate Middleton achieved every young girl’s dream: with the world watching, she married the balding 28-year old son of divorced parents. Oh, and she also officially became a princess.

No matter how annoying the incessant coverage of the Royal Wedding may have been, I think all of the dudes out there would applaud Prince William for doing quite well for himself.


If you’re interested in additional pics of a woman who is not your princess but who the media is telling you to care about anyway, go here, here, and here.

And finally, speaking of the Royal Wedding, here is an animated GIF that sums the whole thing up pretty well for those of us who missed it:

royal wedding gif kate williamGIF Source: Tumblr

Really, what more do you need to see? You get to see Kate’s dress and Will’s M Bison costume. Apparently they are going to a Mortal Kombat theme party after the nuptials.



Here is a look at each first round pick and who they are represented by.

A Major Leaguer got popped for a DUI last night.

This John Daly interview will not be well received by the women, but will most likely have the guys nodding (silently, to themselves)

Want to feel better about there potentially not being a 2011 NFL season? Take a look at how much money you’d save!

Round 1 is over, but we still have two more days of this.

For those of us who drafted Ben Zobrist higher this year than many thought we should have, yesterday was a day for back patting.

Braves pitching coach Roger McDowell recently had some ‘splainin’ to do.

Here is a handy-dandy flow chart to determine if your team’s draft pick will be a bust or not.


It seems that back in the day U.S. officials were pretty interested in the “playboy” ways of Barack Obama’s father.

This is pretty spot-on: Kid World v Grown-Up World

A rather apt comparison of the Queen’s attire for the Royal Wedding. Oh, and here are some hats.

Seth MacFarlane has a formula and, by golly, he sticks to it!

Pics and GIFs

I posted this over at Picchore, but it warrants posting here too. Randomly came across this image and quote this morning. That Michelangelo was a pretty enlightened dude, huh?


Hey buddy, you might want to rethink your in-game Gatorade strategy. Your current method does not seem to be working.

gatorade fail gif

It would not surprise me if this animated GIF is someday dubbed the Official Animated GIF of Black Sports Online.


Did you know…that the Dallas Cowboys once drafted Carl Lewis in the 12th round?

Did you know…that lions can mate up to 40 times per day? Looks like Earl Woods could have picked a more appropriate jungle nickname for his son than Tiger.


I could listen to this song every day and I’m not sure it would ever get old or unfunny. Because even Rocky had a montage.

This really is a mesmerizing 3:48 of video. I cannot decide if she is brave, foolish, lucky, or just some sort of mutant who controls the minds of powerful animals. Either way, I was pretty much terrified watching this and imaging myself trying to do something similar.


As always, we end Today’s Best by paying homage to the original inspiration for this post: Hot Clicks by Jimmy Traina.

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