Today’s Best: Jennifer Love Hewitt, John Amaechi, Jackie Robinson, and so much more

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In today’s edition, presented with eye candy by Jennifer Love Hewitt, you get: a link to a must-read op-ed by John Amaechi; find out why Dr. Suess wrote “Green Eggs and Ham”; and, two videos that remarkable visual images but for completely different reasons.


Growing up, I was a huge fan of Jennifer Love Hewitt. This was back in the post-Party of 5 era when she starred in such classics as Can’t Hardly Wait and Heartbreakers. So despite her not doing anything noteworthy today, it is still fitting that she be the first eye candy feature in the Today’s Best series.

Here is another pic I’m sure you’ll enjoy, and a nice Maxim gallery.


Do not, I repeat do not, as KVB or this guy just how big a fan I was of Jennifer Love Hewitt. They are sworn to secrecy. At least I hope they are.


And now it’s time for some links, some of which will be about sports and and some which will be about other stuff. But all, I tell you all, are interesting.

On this date in history, the incomparable and immortal Jackie Robinson

Ex-NBA player and Penn State grad John Amaechi, who also happens to be gay, wrote a great blog post for the New York Times about Kobe’s use of a homophobic slur. While he discusses Kobe specifically, the larger point he makes about the power of words and the responsibility of the people who say them is extremely important.

This animated GIF sums up what White Sox fans feel like this season while watching their team try to protect a 9th inning lead. And this animated GIF shows a daredevil driver who is either really, really, ridiculously skilled or just amazingly lucky.

The people in Milwaukee think Prince Fielder is going to want $180 million+ once he becomes a free agent.

Umm…who wants to provide a caption for this picture? (Comment below.)

Coco Crisp’s hair is absolutely a sight to behold.

Want to get hungry and long for a day at the ballpark at the same time? Check out this slideshow of the craziest hot dogs at MLB stadiums. I feel like I need to go work out having just looked at those pictures.

The Definitive Sabermetric Guide to Managing.


Did you know…that Dr. Seuss wrote “Green Eggs and Ham” because of a bet with his editor that he couldn’t write a meaningful book using only 50 or fewer individual words?

Did you know…that only two actors have been nominated for Academy Awards in each of the last four decades. Find out who they are here.



Depending on your perspective, what happens around the 30 second mark of this video makes this either the best or the most nefarious Kiss Cam operator ever. I embed, you decide.


It’s safe to say that Ueli Steck is just a bit more a thrill seeker than me and probably you too. The scenery in this video is spectacular.


And there really is only one way to end any post purporting to honor “today’s best” for on this date in history, the incomparable and immortal Jackie Robinson broke baseball’s color barrier.

Below is a quick video done by ESPN. And here is a video from where players thank Robinson for his impact.


Finally, I realize that we have started and stopped “regular” link dump posts before. When you’re not full-time, and your editors aren’t full-time, these things happen. But I can tell you that my goal is to pump one of these out every afternoon during weekdays. Will we miss a few? I’m sure we will. But if these get a good response we’ll definitely keep ’em going. So if you like them, make your feelings known!

As always, we end Today’s Best by paying homage to the original inspiration for this post: Hot Clicks by Jimmy Traina.

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  1. Jerod, you forgot something.

    Can we just make that it's own post?

  2. The JOHN AMAECHI column is well written but pathetic. The Gay Agenda is out of control. This is a non story that, thanks to despicable David Stern, we all knew would cause the gay 'rights' crowd to never let go and push their agenda. And of course the idiot elites at the NY Times had to ask this guy to write it. These gays live wealthy great lives and are discrimanted agaisnt FAR less than blacks, women, Jews, etc. I'm tired of the victim crap. Under Obama it's all gotten worse. Let's all be Americans not balkanize into idenity groups. Even the Jackie Robinson Day is so cliche and way over the top and getting worse. Jackie would hate it.

  3. Of course, 90% of the guilt-ridden elites who read the NYT loved Amaechi's rant, but one comment made perfect sense to me:

    "This is an hysterical disproportionate response. Bryant said he did not mean any harm and apologized for any harm he did cause. It takes a person pretty far up on their high horse to impose a no tolerance standard on someone who wished to make a sincere apology and honestly relate that he did not mean any harm. The Amaechi standard is that an apology is really not possible. If you make a mistake, you can't apologize, you have to become an activist. If Kobe wants to do that, fine, I would applaud that. But if he doesn't, you can still be man enough to accept a sincere apology not try to make it into something that fits an agenda."

  4. Really enjoyed this article, how can I make is so that I receive an email sent to me when you write a new update?

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