Final 4 Preview: Kentucky-Connecticut Ticket and TV Info, Tip Time, Analysis, Spread, and Prediction

This was not supposed to be one of John Calipari’s better teams.

This was not supposed to be one of Jim Calhoun’s better teams.

Yet somehow, some way, John Calipari and Jim Calhoun have led their Kentucky and UCONN teams to the 2011 Final Four to play the winner of Butler and VCU.

There are plenty of pejorative statements to be made about the checkered history and reputation of both Calipari and Calhoun, but for now we’ll stick just to basketball. And one of these two embattled men will be coaching for a national championship next Monday.

As Gus Johnson might say, this is college basketball.

kentucky-uconn-final-four-preview-predictionHere is the game info, some ticket links and discount codes, a statistical comparison, and then our prediction for who will win Saturday’s game.

Final 4: Kentucky v Connecticut Game Info

  • Kentucky-UCONN Date: Saturday, April 2nd
  • Kentucky-UCONN Tip Time: 8:49 ET
  • Kentucky-UCONN TV: CBS
  • Kentucky-UCONN Announcers: Jim Nantz, Clark Kellogg, and Steve Kerr
  • Kentucky-UCONN Location: Reliant Stadium in Houston, TX
  • Kentucky-UCONN Point Spread: Kentucky -2
  • Kentucky-UCONN Over-Under: 140

Final 4: Kentucky v Connecticut Tickets

Kentucky v Connecticut Statistical Analysis and Comparison

Here is a quick statistical breakdown of Butler and VCU via the ESPN Bracket Predictor:


kentucky-connecticut-final-4-four-preview-prediction-point-spread-tv-tip-time-announcers kentucky-connecticut-final-4-four-preview-prediction-point-spread-tv-tip-time-announcers

Kentucky-Connecticut Prediction and Spread Pick

One our college basketball-obsessed writers will have a more complete analysis and prediction for this game later today or tomorrow morning (at the latest). Until then, we want to know what you think:

Who do you think will win the FInal 4 matchup between Kentucky and UCONN?

  • Connecticut Huskies (39%, 84 Votes)
  • Kentucky Wildcats (62%, 133 Votes)

Total Voters: 215

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Update: I’ve been hesitant to come here and offer a prediction, but the game is less than 10 hours away now, so I guess I can’t hesitate any more. The reason for my hesitation is that I really have no clue how this game will go.

UConn has the best player, Kemba Walker, which means I’ll most likely end up giving the edge to UConn, but with so much raw talent on the floor it certainly is not that easy. Brandon Knight, although certainly not as consistent, has been just as clutch at Walker in the late minutes of games during Kentucky’s tournament run, and he’ll need to do so again.

I also like UConn because of their terrific ability to crash the offensive glass. If Kentucky allows UConn to get a bunch of second shots and put-back points, it’s going to be a long day for Coach Cal’s crew. The emergence of Josh Harrellson down low, however, has helped to sure up a Kentucky rebounding front line that was already pretty solid.

I could go on and on analyzing different aspects of this game, but I’m not sure how much it ultimately matters. This game is going to be hard fought and it’s going to be close. Both teams have dynamic players who will be able to take over small portions of the game and stop runs from the opposition. And both coaches and programs have some bad karma on their side, so certainly no one has the edge there.

I’m going with UConn because of the Kemba factor, because Jim Calhoun has been there/done that before, and because UConn making it to the title game during the same season when their program was whacked for NCAA violations seems like the most appropriate possible ending to the most salacious year in college sports that I can remember.

  • UConn-Kentucky Prediction: UConn 74, Kentucky 72
  • UConn-Kentucky Spread Pick: UConn +2
  • UConn-Kentucky Over-Under Pick: Over

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