John Steigerwald’s incomprehensibly bad article about Bryan Stow proves author to be clueless, heartless hack

And that headline is me trying to be kind.

I could have said a lot worse after reading the mind-bogglingly awful drivel that John Stegerwald — name misspelled out of principle, not idiocy or laziness — wrote today for (Washington, PA).

Steigerwald tries to present a contrarian take on the tragic story of Bryan Stow, the San Francisco Giants fan who was savagely beaten at a recent Giants-Dodgers game in LA and now lies in a coma. Steigerwald’s take? That Stow is somehow at fault for his current plight because he dared to wear the jersey of his favorite team in a rival’s stadium.


Here is the most ridiculous passage in this utterly incomprehensible waste of an article:

Maybe someone can ask Stow, if he ever comes out of his coma, why he thought it was a good idea to wear Giants’ gear to a Dodgers’ home opener when there was a history of out-of-control drunkenness and arrests at that event going back several years.

Well, maybe someone can ask John Steigerwald why the original posting of his article had Stow’s name misspelled. It referred to “Bryan Snow” for a while until suddenly changing. So better late than never, I suppose. Bravo editors!

However, these same brilliant editors at the who let this article be published still have not corrected the title, which erroneously reads:


Outgrown, perhaps?

So let me get this straight:

  • You criticize a guy in a coma who was senselessly beaten by worthless thugs.
  • You wait until the post has 20,000 views to change his misspelled name.
  • AND you cannot even respect the subject of your post enough to write a simple grammatically correct headline.

Bravo John Steigerwald and the Observer-Reporter. Well done. Maybe someone can ask you, if you ever come out of your coma, why you thought it was a good idea to write an article about a guy whose name you cannot even spell while violating your own commenting terms of service.

These are copied directly from the bottom of the article. Notice number #3.

  1. Keep it civil and stay on topic.
  2. No profanity, vulgarity, racial slurs or personal attacks.
  3. Comments that harass others or joke about tragedies will be deleted.
  4. Keep it brief and turn off all caps.
  5. No URLs.

Making sarcastic reference to a comatose man’s condition? I think that constitutes a form of harassment, don’t you? And how about this little nugget of awfulness from the article:

Remember when it was the kids who were wearing the team jerseys to games? It was a common sight to see an adult male coming through the turnstile dressed as a regular human being with a kid dressed in a “real” jersey holding his hand.


I don’t know about you, but that seems like a joke about a tragedy to me.

You may be wondering why I am wasting so much time linking to and writing about an article that never deserved to see the light of day. Maybe I shouldn’t be. But it did see the light of day, and thus it deserves to be spotlighted and held up for what it is: one of the single worst articles ever written about sports.

John Steigerwald, get to work on your apology/retraction article. You’ll end up writing one, but after reading your poorly written, poorly researched, and downright cruel article about Bryan Stow, I don’t know why anyone would waste another minute reading it.

Update: As a Reddit commenter pointed out, there is one way that Steigerwald’s article can make us all a little bit more hopeful about humanity.

At the top of the article readers are asked to provide a rating on a scale of 1 to 5. The article’s current rating after being viewed nearly 35,000 times? 1.02.

And yes, like you probably are, I’m wondering who the hell thought it deserved above a 1.

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