Blogging Fitness: Shedding pounds for the Royal Wedding

American Laurel Wright may not be on the guest list, but she will be flaunting her new figure in her wedding dress

When a young bride is on the brink of her big day, she is often shedding pounds for her stroll down the aisle. But what happens after that dress comes off and is packed away neatly in a box? Naturally, as years progress, a woman may not be as trim as her wedding day. This is not the standard, but a common occurrence.

With Royal Wedding nuptials on the brain, an American gal wanted to don her finest wedding attire as well, so Laurel Wright was struck with the idea that she too would wear her wedding dress for the big event.

The only problem was, the dress didn’t fit anymore. Unless Wright would be strapped in with duct tape, it wasn’t going to close. So, Wright decided she was going to fit in that dress, just as she had once on her wedding day. And once the dress fit, she would wear it to celebrate Prince William and Kate tying the knot.

Now, Wright wasn’t going to pull off this shindig alone. She encouraged many others to take control and get in the best shape of their lives. And this wasn’t exclusive for the ladies, she encouraged the fellas to fit into their tuxedos too.

When I heard about the feat Wright was trying to accomplish, I thought “you go girl!” I was watching an interview on NBC5 in Dallas and she mentioned that the first time she wore the dress years ago was for her husband. This time around, it was all for her. What an inspiring notion to cling to. And she had an elegant glow to her during the interview – just like it’s her own wedding day.

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We all know that having a goal to shape up and slim down is easy. It’s the hard work, sacrifices, sweat, and knowing how to lose weight naturally that can be tricky. Wright turned to Slimming World as her partner in this weight loss challenge. With her Slimming World buddies, they were all encouraged to stick to their guns and lose inch after inch, pound after pound.  The organization provides both online and physical group support with meetings.

The before and after photos are ridiculous (videos below). When watching the folks on the NBC5 news cast, they all look naturally sleek and toned. When they flash their before picture, you have to throw down a double take. Their gumption and determination to drop the pounds is utterly inspiring. Just thinking about all they accomplished makes me want to drop everything and dash on over to the gym.

Since these men and women are sporting their finest attire and in the best shape they’ve been in decades, they are partying it up with a regal affair. Wright and her Slimming World posse will be attending the wedding stateside via television. She planned a large party to celebrate both the royal wedding and the triumphant weight loss all involved accomplished.

With all the hype about the Royal Wedding, Wright’s story caught my attention the most. This decision she made is going to have a lasting effect on her life. She will feel happier, healthier and more confident. I say cheers to Wright and her Slimming World crew!

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    What a motivating story! What is the time frame of her weight loss? She looks amazing, good for her.

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