Video: Think you’re excited about Butler winning? Not nearly as much as one of their male cheerleaders is

The 8th-seeded Butler Bulldogs beat the 2nd-seeded Florida Gators on Saturday to win the Southeast Region and advance to their second straight Final Four.

In overtime, with less than a minute to go, a Butler male cheerleader saw the camera while transitioning from a timeout to the action…and he let his Bulldog pride go on full display for the entire nation.

You know what, Excitable Butler Male Cheerleader, we’re all with you!* Go ‘Dawgs!

* – Unless, of course, VCU beats Kansas on Sunday. Then Butler becomes just the “old guard” favorite and everyone will rally behind the underdog Rams. I’ll still root for the kids from Indiana, but America will have Shaka fever.



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  1. Butlerstudent says:

    his name is steve pelych

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